up and at 'em

A1. Push Press - 5 x 2; rest 90 sec
A2. KBS - 10 x 2; rest 90 sec
A3. Box Jumps - 20" x 10 x 2; rest 90 sec
A4. Chin ups - 10 x 2; rest 90 sec

OPT Big Dawg Championship Series # 1 - Sep 26th/27th

1. Fight Gone Bad
2. OPT 3
3. Rhiannon

FGB - sit to ball on wall balls (20#/14# to 10ft), 75/55# BB, 20" box
OPT 3 - completed in 60 minutes after first set of front squat begins; OPT 3 is front squat 3RM, snatch 2RM, 1 attempt max rep chin ups (they have to be completed in this order); front squat hip crease below knee cap, snatch - only 2 sec max b/t each rep and chin must break vertical plane on chin ups; athletes must show control of weight overhead for snatch on both reps
Rhiannon - as many double unders in 10 minutes

Highest Total Number Wins
FGB score + front squat high in kg + snatch high in kg + chin up reps + double under reps
(i.e. 400 + 100 + 90 + 40 + 500 = score of 1130)

Calgary and surrounding area
There is a dedicated 10:30 am start time slot for FGB at CrossFit Calgary for all local big dawgs, you can start warming up at 9am (contact kris@crossfitcalgary.ca to give him a heads up if you are attending)
OPT will be open and have available coaches for 3-6 pm on Saturday and 10am-2pm on Sunday for the other 2 events
The events HAVE TO BE DONE IN THIS ORDER - FGB, OPT 3, Rhiannon b/t sat AM and sun PM

Out of town (in town and unable to attend FGB at CFC or OPT time slots)
Video record each round of FGB, your high in front squat 3, high in snatch 2, chin up and double under reps and store on vimeo or youtube. Post link to comments as well as total score on video description.

Prizes awarded to top male and female athletes
Points awarded for event # 1 go towards overall championship points


Gord said...

for the snatch- is it full squat or ican it be power. it like the crossfit games standard where as long as it doen't touch an part of your body from ground to overhead? And the most important question....Can I split snatch?

rwcorson said...

Good luck to all Dawgs, leave it all on the field.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Surrey said...

Nice! In FGB does the whole foot have to be on the box? or is half the foot ok? Do stepups count?

Joel B. said...

Can anyone please tell me the height of a dynamax med ball? My med ball is a sand filled basketball. I will need to rig something to squat to that is the same height as a d-ball for the wall balls in FGB. Also...I'm about to order a stud pull up bar I think...does anyone have one? Is it good/bad?

My current pull up bar will be a bit tricky getting part of my face in the vertical plane. I think it can be done though. I'll do my best...not like I'm in contention for the top or anything though. hah.

Brent Maier said...

This is freaking exciting! Ouuuuu

Brent Maier said...

I'm going to take a shot at a few of these:

Gord: I am guessing that a split, squat or power snatch is acceptable as long as you are in full control of the bar at full extension.

JoelB: Dynamax is approx 13.5"

Pullups Question: I know the Calgary qualifiers required that the chin had to break verticle plane. That's going to cut my speed for the first 20-30 down by half. Was anyone able to butterfly those and meet that standard?

Garage Crossfitter said...

HOWLLLLLLLLLL while banging the chest like King Kong


Sweeney said...


I have the Stud Bar in my basement.

It's very solid.

One downfall though: the bar is powder coated. I taped it. They suggest sanding it down to achieve desired grip.

PTS said...

I also have the Stud Bar. The bar is excellent. Once I out a little tape on it, it was fine.

Leighanne said...

OPT is carrying them now as part of home equipment stock. Where do you live?

email me: optadmin@optimumtraining.ca

Joel B. said...

Thanks Brent, Sweeney, and PTS! I appreciate the information.

Leighanne: I'll email you, but I live in the Seattle, WA area.

Sweeney said...

Did 1 rd of FGB today as a little test.

It was rough: 135 reps but I didn't have any gas left in the tank.

All this moderate training I've been doing has temporarily set me back.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!!

Gord said...

did some modification to todays wod to ensure right shoulder is good to go this weekend.

PP - only did 65# X5
KB-skipped this....is hit and miss with shoulder. So I did a 10 DU
box jump--did as rx
chins -did as rx

Good luck all this weekend

Erik Luber said...

Brent: To the best of my memory I didn't see anyone manage to do butterflies and cross the vertical plane of the bar.

Gord said...

Brent- I used the butterfly at the regionals. The number of unbroken chins was not where I hoped it would be that day. It makes the move a little more difficult.they became almost CTB chins. Traditional kips seem not to have to change as much.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I'm hoping step-ups don't count...

Jefff said...

A1. 115/135
A2. 2pd
A3. Rx'd
A4. Rx'd (Chin break vertical plane of bar)

Surrey Sterling said...

I here you Geoff I think stepups are BS as well. I'm just wondering about the full foot on the box or toes only. We can crank out more reps if you don't have to land complete on the box.

PTS said...

PP 155, 145
KBS 1.5 pd.
chins and BJ good smooth and unbroken.

For those looking, we last did an "OPT 3" on 6-30-09. The chins then were CTB.


This link is the standards from the West Canada Quals. Box jumps and chin up standards can be seen here. If the standards are the same this weekend this link should describe what will constitute a good rep.

My current plan for the weekend is to work 12 hours Friday. Get FGB done Sat morn. work 12 hours Sat. Sunday morning get My OPT 3 done, rest about 10-15 mins get Rhiannon done and then work 12 hours Sunday.

Brent Maier said...

Thanks Gord/Erik, I didn't figure this was a skill worth working on or even attempting for this event. It's not worth the failed reps.

Box Jumps: I too disagree with step ups should be disallowed. Full extention at the top whether you stand up or jump off is certain. I've got the feet of a sasquatch, so trying to get the entire foot onto the box without lippage will be a challenge!

Scotty Hagnas said...

PP: 125/145
KBS: 2p
BxJ & Chins unbroken

A little practice and stretching.
PWO: ~30p/22c Acorn squash stuffed w/lean grassfed beef.

Good luck to everyone this weekend. This should be fun - looking forward to it!

Surrey Sterling said...

Well the boss makes it pretty clear in the video. Thanks PTS. Whole foot must be on box. Thats that! Good luck BD's! May the CF force be with you:)

Geoff Aucoin said...

The standards from the Western Regionals have never been applied to WODs such as FGB so I'm not going to follow that unless told otherwise. That standard was put in place so competitors (who may have poor form or have strategized otherwise) would not jump up and let their heels dangle below the full height of the box. As long as you jump up and ensure your entire body jumped at least 20" (heels included) I think you're golden. Western Regional standards for box jumps would significantly reduce box jump numbers; for me, at least.

EvanJ said...

A1. 105 x 10 (work on form)/ 115x5
all the rest unbroken

Good luck to all this weekend. Really excited to finally be in a CF competition.

Ryan B. said...

decided to do 3 instead of 2..

A1: 115, 135, 155
A2: 70, 75, 80 (DB'S)
A3: 10 X 3
A4: 10 X 3

kind of tired from the 5000m row i did yesterday...

Surrey Sterling said...

Ok I'll wait to here to then. Thanks Geoff! That would slow us all down I think.

Wes hendricks said...

Bwt - 145

A1. 155/170
A2. 80 lb dumbbell
A3. Unbroken
A4. Unbroken CTB

Did this one in school gym since I was crunched on time today. And sparked the only other person in theirs interest. Think I may have recruited my first client super excited. Super excited also bout this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Bummer...No rower here. Going to have to modify, which will put me out of the comp I'm sure.

Open question though: Which would be better for FGB, leave out the row and accept the reduced points, or sub SDHP and just do it twice?

Competition makes us better people. Good luck everyone!

rwcorson said...

A1. 188/130
A2. 2 pood, unbroken
A3 & A4. unbroken

rwcorson said...

A1. 188 should be 118.

Anonymous said...

full foot does not apply to FGB, only regionals
chin ups are vertical plane only, NOT chest to bar
steve, i'd suggest trying your darndest (sp?) to get to some area that you can do all movements...i'll pay for your globo gym drop in if need be to get to that rower...otherwise sub burpees in place (chest to deck, clap overhead)...do what you can...where do you live?


Anonymous said...

snatch - do it any way you want, just as long as it is one movement to get it overhead, catch it as you wish, as long as control overhead at extension...a modified "pressing out" will NOT count; show me how you can perform a great snatch and do not focus on how it might look as opposed to how it is SUPPOSED to look


Anonymous said...

Wes...well done, spread the news!


Pfeifalife said...

no light wod today as my back is still f'd up, hopefully i'll be good to go by saturday...

Hixy said...

Awesome, can't wait.

I have a question though (not regarding the coming championship):
After my training today (did an intense WOD), my heart rate remained relatively high. It fluctuated between 80 and 120. When I started walking it reached 115-120.
Now, 6 hours later, it's at 70-80 when sitting down.

Any ideas as to what could cause this?
Is this a serious problem?

Supplements I've been taking:
Protein & carbs
Creatine (5g/day)
ZMA (the same dose 30mg Zn 450 mg Mg and 10mg or so B6)
Piracetam (5-6g/day)
Lecithin (choline source for the piracetam)

What I think so far:
1. Could be a result of overtraining.
2. The creatine could effect my heart (the heart is also a muscle)
3. The Zn and Mg in the ZMA could be doing something to my heart.

Any response highly appreciated! I really want to resolve this issue. I'm afraid to go max intensity for now because of my heart maybe going into cardiac arrest or something terrible.

Any questions, just ask.

Thanks guys.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hixy my first instinct was over-stimulation, which could be from overtraining. I now call overtraining, 'under-recovering,' so get your sleep and focus on the basics.

Brent Maier said...

Steve Smith: Don't let a rower take you out of this weekends dawg funfest dude. There is no rule that says you MUST perform each exercise. Use the extra minute to rest and give up your 11-18 calories per round. Yeah, it may cut into your score a bit but as long as you lay it on the line, thats all that matters!

Garage Crossfitter said...

155 165
unbroken with 2pd
unbroken smooth
chins-tryed the "breaking vertical" plane, felt good

good luck everyone!

Aly Jansen said...

Ha-mez, aka James!
My shoulder is messed but I want to still do what I can this weekend. Cool if I do it but modify if need be? I'm anticipating PP may need to be modified to DBs rather than a barbell. (Palms facing in = no pain...or not as much anyway)
I realize this puts me out of the running for earning points but I don't want to miss out on the energy!!
Let me know.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ali pain is a message you should pay attention to!

Joel B. said...

PP: 135, 145
KBS: 1.5, 2
Had to try out my new 2 pooder. No more crushed hands trying to hold db's and a kb!
BJ's: 10, 10
PU's: 10, 10
tried breaking verticle plane which is a challenge as my pu bar is in a doorway type opening in my garage. 5" clearance between bar and doorway. I think I got it, but I'll need the wife to look and check.

CrossFitBWI said...

2 pood unbroken
box jumps unbroken
chin unbroken

I am doing this as a circuit is that correct? No rest between exercises, making sure I make it back to the beginning in 90 seconds.

Hixy said...

Thanks for responding, Geoff. You're probably right. I talked to my parents about it, and they're uneducated in this area. I've been lucky I've convinced them to eat paleo. They're now claiming I'm eating too "one-sided". I eat all kinds of fruit, vegetables, seeds (not so much nuts because they're darn expensive), meat. I don't eat a lot of different meat, though. Mostly ground pork, ground beef. I'm thinking of giving it some variety by adding fish. Is this meat-eating too "one-sided"? So they say. All we're feeding the animals with today is crap which is going to accumulate in me. Is there any reasoning to this?

Now they tell me to reduce my training intensity during WODs. Can working out at max intensity be a cause of heart problems? My heart rate is back to 60 even though I'm angry and frustrated.

I'm going to stop taking creatine and ZMA.

God damnit. No matter what happens, I'll do ALL I can to qualify next year. That is my goal, and I want to reach it!!!

Hopefully this'll all work out for the best.

DeeJay said...

CrossfitBWI - 10 PP - rest 90s - 10KBS - rest 90s - 10 box jumps - rest 90s - 10 chin ups - rest 90s - repeat...

EvanJ said...


I understand your motivation to try and qualify as I'm attempting to eventually do the same thing. As a fellow younger crossfitter I suggest you keep the big picture in mind especially if overtraining is the source of this. Rest is one of the most important (and underrated) things that is important to building and improving as an athlete. Listen to your body.

Wes hendricks said...


I can relate with you. All last year my goal was the games and I made huge gains with that motivation in mind. But I had nothing else dialed in other then the fact I was training my ass off. Which without a doubt sent me in the wrong direction for awhile. I am not sure what you are doing for recovery, but most days I spend more time on recovery (icing, foam rolling, trigger point therapy, stretching, chiro visit, today for the first time accupuncture) then I do on my actual WOD.
Use the games as motivation for your training it will help you at the end get those last seconds off a WOD or add a few more reps to your AMRAP but don't stress about it because that is just added stress you don't need and it is going to take away from your training. Or it did for me at least.

dontpanic356 said...

Camera is the issue here. Gotta find one. Otherwise ill rip the one out of my patrol car and use it.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1: 95/115
A2-A4: smooth, focused on form, and breathing.

Looking forward to this wknd.

Scotty-felt like you catered my birthday feast the other day. My wife and friends put together a great couple of meals using a bunch of your recipe's. festivities included a "filthy forty" as well.....sucks much like the 50 incase you were wondering.

Pfeifdog said...

A2: 2pd
A3: unbroken
A4: unbroken

Dave X said...

A1: 145, 155
A2: 1.5 pood
A3: Unbroken
A4: Unbroken

I'll post my first vids. I appreciate any and all honest feedback. I know my kipping is ugly as f---.

Surrey Sterling said...

Geeze, I've got another questions. Does it matter where we start on FGB?

Michael McCabe said...

Have been doing the OPT wods for a month now so I figure this weekend's comp is a good time to start posting my progress here...

Need to track down a wall ball and a video camera, otherwise I'll just post my results for fun... I am training out of Toronto, I don't know if there are any other big dawgs in T.O. that would want to knock out FGB together...

Surrey Sterling said...

Eh Mike right on man, welcome! Good luck this weekend dude. Best of luck finding another dawg in TO man!

I think there are only Rumble and I in the Vancouver area. Are there any other dawgs out there residing in the Vancouver area/lower-mainland?

rwcorson said...

Start @ wall balls, SDLHP, box jumps, push press then end with row.

Brent Maier said...


A1: 115/115
A2: 2 pood
A3: Unb
A4: Unb

Took it light tonight and then called it an evening. If there are any lurking dawgs in the Colorado Springs area this weekend, send me an email.

Dave X said...


Scotty Hagnas said...


Happy birthday, and good luck this weekend! Wish I was going to make it down....

Aly Jansen said...

You're right. I'm just really frustrated that it has decided to flare up right now! Point made though.
I still want to be involved but perhaps I'll just be a cheerleader with the hopes that I will be 100% for the next one.
Booking an appointment with Cuskelly ASAP.....

KSC said...

A1)135 as rxed
A2)1.5 kb rxed
a3)23" as rxed
a4)chin over vert as rxed

Anonymous said...

OPT and Brent: Thanks for the encouragement.

OPT - Coach, in all sincereity, I'm honored by your offer. Unfortunitly, I'm in Baghdad right now, so there is no option of getting somewhere else with a rower. While my gut says to go with Brent's suggestion, I will *gulp* do the burpees.

A1: 165
A2: Unbroken, 80lb DB
A3: Unbroken
A4: Unbroken

Question: For clarity's sake, chin-ups are completed with palms facing towards the body, correct?

bso said...

I'm doing the swamp donkey adventure race (http://www.swampdonkeyar.com/display.php?nID=1&sSID=969d200c92c72801970fddb552f6c441) on Saturday and the CrossFit Winnipeg grand opening is all day Sunday.... can I do the tournament Sunday and Monday and still have my points go toward the overall championship?

Jefff said...

Steve - Hands can be supinated or pronated. Your call.

rwcorson said...

Steve Smith,
Good luck and stay safe!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yeah David, you need to work on those kips. It looks like your arms don't fully extend which takes a huge amount of zip out of the movement. I'd actually go as far as saying that they may not actually count because your arms aren't straight. Do you have any injuries to your shoulders you are trying to protect, I've seen some of my clients do that because of an injury.

Oh and the video titled push press was of you doing a strict press. Strong dude!

Dave X said...

Thanks for the feedback guys. Garage has been helping me with my kip for some time. I do have an existing shoulder injury from my football playing days and maybe it's limiting me here getting an extension at the bottom, but that is one ugly kick. I'm adding way too many steps here. I'll take all this info into account when I practice.

YoungManRumble said...

Hello Crew:

Just to ease my parinoia the correct order of FGB is:

Wall Balls
Box Jumps
Push Press
Row for Calories


rwcorson said...

YMR, You got it right.
Hey Dawgs,
I still have some of the original Big Dawgs Poster for sale, $25 CAD + shipping.
Let me know if you are interested.

Unknown said...

First WOD in 10 days due to flu bug[?]
PP = 75/85
KBS 1.5 pood straight
BJ - step down
C-ups 1st rd broken but on the bar, 2nd rd straight [finally warmed up]

unit said...

wu- du, hspu, pullups

A- OH squat 5 sets ~ 192 x1, x2, x2, x3, x3 (3 min rest bw sets)
B- power clean 223lbs, 7 sets of 2 (90sec rest bw sets)
C- met con ~ 7 rounds of the following with 60 sec rest be rounds...
7 x single arm KB snatches each arm with 2pd kb
7 x 2pd kb swing
7 x L-pullups gripping on softballs
7 x k2e, gripping on softballs
1:55, 1:52, 1:51, 1:55, 1:50, 1:59, 1:57
D- 10 HSPU on parallettes with head 2 ground
E- hang board work

my grip is toast...


Surrey Sterling said...

Gripping on Softball Unit? The Hell? Show us the vid'...

Jefff said...

The calm before the storm or what????

Where are the the guys in the east vids? Looking forward to seeing something soon from Garage, David X, Hixy, and Martin in Sweden.

Brian H said...

OPT crew,
This is exciting stuff. I've been crossfitting over 3 years, and it was attending the regionals that made me decide Crossfit is my sport. Your programming is great, next level stuff.
Thanks and good luck to the big dawgs!

Surrey Sterling said...

I'm smashed. Rumble and I just finished FGB. I got nailed by that one!

Dr Lisa said...

Wow it took almost two hours to get my video downloaded and uploaded I sure hope it works. I guess having HD isn't great for quick uploading.

Double Unders

Thanks OPT this was a blast.