day 31/45

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Press Strength Update:
Everyone please get their true 1RM on the 14" close grip bench press @ 30X0 tempo
The ex's in the video are:
1. DB Ext Rot @ 3010 tempo - one arm at a time; weaker 1st - should be 10% of close grip bench press x 8 reps/arm; elbow below shoulder in height, elbow stays at 90 deg
2. Powell Raise @ 3010 tempo - one arm at a time; weaker 1st - should be 10% of close grip bench press x 8 reps/arm; arm straight at all times; arm in line with chin
3. Trap 3 Raise @ 3011 tempo - both arms at once - should be 9% of close grip bench press x 8 reps total; shoulders remain down and back; try not to use trap 1 in the movement; hence the reason for the no shirt look

find out where you sit, test it sometime when you are fresh
if you are out of whack, report it in comments as we go by %'s compared to the bench press


Ryan B. said...

should we be doing these exercises all the time?? or are they just to see where we stand for now??

Thanks again for everything u do!!

Ryan B.

Ryan B. said...

i hate asking alot of questions...
but does 14 inches mean 14 inches between your 2 hands on the bar??


Ryan B.

Mike Molloy said...


I'll let coach or someone else handle the first one but the general rule as you probably know is:

move large loads over long distances quickly.

As for the second question. Yes, 14 inches refers to the space between your hands... which also happens to be pretty damn close to the knurling free center section of most barbells.

Ryan B. said...

Thanks mike, thats what i thought..

but what does "move large loads over long distances quickly" have anything to do with what i asked?? (i hope that doesnt sound rude haha)

what i meant was, should we be doing the exercises in the video on a daily basis/during a warmup? or are they exercises that coach will be programming into our workouts?? or is it just like a one time thing so coach can see where we stay percentage wise....

thank-you mike, and evryone else in advance!!!

Ryan B.

Dr Lisa said...

I don't have a lot of experience with 1RMs and eapecially not at tempo. So if someone could help me out on this it would be great. So say I get to 120 # and I can bench it but can't "x" out of the bottom but I can still lift it does that mean I need to decrease the load to be able explode out of the bottom and them that is my 1RM for that tempo but not necessarily my one rep max ??

Oh if anyone is interested on some very interesting and scary info regarding the H1N1 vaccine let me know and I can forward it to you

Rob Sifton said...

Lisa, please send me that info on H1N1,thanks.

as for the X Question. It is more about the explosive intent of the movement. You are trying to recruit more of the muscle fiber from what I understand about it. You might not be able to move the weight any faster, or it might not seem to move any faster.
Only my interpretation though

EvanJ said...

Id be interested in hearing some thoughts on the H1N1 vaccination

Kyle F said...

I would too lisa

Mike Molloy said...

I'm an immunologist by trade so I'm extremely curious Lisa


Dr Lisa said...

Ok for those of you who are interested here is the link:

The pdf that comes up as you will notice is the GlaxoSmithKline who are the makers of the vaccine. It is the government/public document regarding the H1N1 vaccine that was produced in Quebec. So this is not heresay it is the facts about the vaccine straight from the horses mouth. If you do not feel like wading through all the stats here are some of the scarier points that i noted:

The vaccine has NEVER been tested on anyone under the age of 3, over the age of 60, or pregnant women.

The vaccine is NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone under the age of 6 months

Listed ingredients include: Formaldehyde and Mercury

21 Days after the shot less than 30% of those vaccinated showed immunity to H1N1

The sample size for children ages 3 – 9 was 49 kids. In that group just under 10% of them developed serious side adverse reactions including permanent brain injury, hepatitis, and severe gastrointestinal disease. However these side effects were conveniently determined to be unrelated to the vaccine by the “investigators” (the makers of the vaccine)

Mike i would be interested on your take on part of the research in there that says that after the shot if blood serology is taken they might have a false positive HIV Hep C or HTVL test. Does this mean that the bodies immune system is launching an immune response against those because it thinks that what the vaccine is??? Must brush up on my immunology.

Anyways don't mean to be on a soap box - just thought as most of us are very conscious of what we put into our bodies you might want to think twice about this one.

Dr Lisa said...

here i am back again. did yesterdays workout due to time issues yesterday

A1 96(6)/105(5)/110(4)/115f at 4
A2 30/35/40/45 all 7s
A3 5/6/5/3 man my pullups have come a long,long way
A4 12/12/12/12 man i am dumb and forgot to add weight to this plus didn't read the wod right and ended up only resting 30secs at the end of each cycle. HMMM i don't think i got enough sleep last night.

Off to a halloween party will try and behave.

Pfeifalife said... we just do this on some day when we feel fresh? Is this do be done today or at a later convenient time? Also, I suppose it's about time I either made or purchased a bench...

Mike Molloy said...

Good find Lisa! Rather than fill this space up, here's the link to my personal workout blog where I basically just log results. It's a better place for me to get on my own soap box.

Dave X said...

Lisa, thanks for the link. My wife and I have been seriously debating whether we should immunize our 2 year old daughter for this flu strain. I think you just helped me make up my mind finally.

Garage Crossfitter said...

David X, stay away from it. My wife and I have researched this and spoke with many area physicians and Lisa is spot on, and there are may other reasons to avoid that vaccine. NYS just uplifted their law making it mandatory to get the H1N1 Vaccine, there were thousands of lawsuits.

Chris Fodera said...

I have a couple nutrition questions, but not sure who the resident expert is, so I pose these to the group:

Background: Did Zone for a while and was good about staying with the "favorable" foods. Began losing too much despite playing with the blocks and fat prescriptions. Moved to Paleo about 2 months ago and the only variation is a little bit of salt here and there.

Goals: being lean and making the most possible strength gains without sacrificing too much METCON. I honestly don't care what my weight is, just the improvement in my training.

Q1. What are thoughts on Whey Protein Powders if doing Paleo?

Q2. For PWO nutrition, should you be looking to eat real solid food or are Protein Powders more beneficial.

Q3. Same as Q@, but in relation to Carbs. I generally go with sweet potatoes, yams, or applesauce (or some combination of the three) with cinnamon.


April said...


Just an FYI...

The H1N1 vaccine does NOT contain mercury. Some of the manufacturers use thimerosal as a preservative, which is a mercury derivative. The live nasal vaccine has no preservatives and is therefore thermosal-free, if that is your concern. Also, the single dose syringes contain far less thimerosal than the multi-dose vials.

No influenza vaccines are recommended for infants <6months old. This is one of the many reasons why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding to at least 6 months (baby gets mom's antibodies).

The serious adverse effects listed for children, if you read the reactions, includes a child that had a traumatic brain injury. A TBI means TRAUMA occurred to the brian, not a brain injury related to vaccination. Same with the other SAEs. I can see why they were determined to be unrelated.

As a health care professional, I think it is important for everyone to make informed choices.

I'd be curious to see what Unit has to say.

OPT said...

Chris, your goals answer your question about food vs liquid and my position as well; allow your food over a period of time to match continually great performances and stick with that plan...whether whey/malto or chicken and yams

Dr Lisa said...

Hey april. I too am a heallth care professional so I try my best to only stick to the true facts and sound research. The Canadian version of the shot does contain mercury as stated by glaxo. They are apparently trying to get some of the non mercury vaccine for pregnant women. However if the vaccine is not safe for an infant under 6 months how can it possibly be safe for a fetus??? My suggestion to my patients is eat clean exercise and boost your immune system and worse comes to worse you might actually be healthier for doing so

Aly Jansen said...

1RM close grip bench - 130#
Wanted to try 135# but the gym was a ghost town and didn't feel comfortable trying it on my own.
Also attempted the 3 exercises.
DB rotation: 8 reps easy with 12.5# (.5# short but no 13# dbs)
Powell raises (12.5#, should have been 13#): L side I was able to get 8 but right side I was only able to get 5 - tempo was also a little iffy
Trap 3 raise (10#, should have been 12#): got 8 reps done but was a challenge, doubt I would have been able to do the full 8 reps with 12#