sat, may 1, 2010

May 8/9

A. Power Clean Cluster - 1.1.1 x 4; rest 4 min
B1. Russian KBS Heavy x 20 x 3; rest 2 min
B2. Close Grip Bench Press @ 30X0; 2-3 x 3; rest 2 min
C. Row 500 x 2; rest 3 min b/t efforts
(for rows - 1st 100m is 60%, 2nd is 70%, 3rd is 80%, 4th is 90%, 5th is 100%)

Late May
Power Snatch - 3,3,3,3,3; rest 3 min
3 rounds for time:
12 power snatch - 115#/80#
12 burpees
12 box jumps - 30"

post loads, times and notes to comments
double tomorrow for late May only


joey warren said...

For Power Clean cluster, 10 sec b/t reps, stay with the same load for all 3 reps?

DeeJay said...

That's right Joey

Anonymous said...

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Denny0417Mahurin said...


Paul Klein said...

Go hard today Brent and Unit. We are all cheering for you.

DAVE X said...

Allow me to translate Paris' post for you all:

Good Luck Brent and Unit!

Robs said...

May 8/9

A. 80kg, 90kg, 94kg, 95kg
B1. 40kg, 48kg, 60kg
B2. 90kg, 95kg, 96kg
C. 1000 m row, 3:16.

I taped my swings with the titan.


Rory Hanlin said...

Team Brent/unit

give 'em hell

Roch said...

I just read the Thursday text over the polar bear and husky video and notice that coach had the privilege to listen to John J. Ratey the author of the book ''Spark''

I did read the book and I think its a major tool full of solid studies to help people understand about:

1. Improving mental acuity, improving neural connection in quantity and quality trough physical activity.

2. Natural solution for actual society problems (depression, anxiety, ADHD (attention/deficit/hyperactivity/disorder),...).

3. Ratey and Hagerman (that also contributed to this great book) deliver lots of info about hormonal action, what does what and a great deal of hope regarding helping trough our common passion ''physical activity and healthy lifestyle''.

5/5 Stars :)

PTS said...

ps -115,125,135, 145x1, 145x1.
I can snatch 135 all day and then for some reason wehn I get to 145 everything goes south.

metcon- 8:47.

Marshall said...

Late May
PS 135,135,135,145x2,155X0

Metcon- 8:30

PTS- I feel your pain. Same problem here, I was determined to get 155 today but no luck. My form starts to fall apart at 145.
Metcon felt good, felt like I was getting under the weight well and catching it pretty well. I might sub squat snatch for PS next time, I need to get more comfortable getting under those higher weights.

OPT said...

PTS, place a video on here of your snatch next time and we can take a looksie at it...
by end of summer the new OPT website will have online capabilities of coaching through "dartfish-like" technology which will help all of us immensely on these things...

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with my clean once the weight gets heavier for me. I can do 125 easy, but 135 seems impossible. Are there any exercises for the clean (or snatch!) that will improve my quickness getting under the bar?

Rory Hanlin said...

Unit just ran a 4:08. After he finished he was the fastest by 8 seconds. No word yet on final results or how Brent did.

Rory Hanlin said...

Unit won WOD 1 with a 4:08. Brent ran a 4:38 for a 17th place finish.

ken c said...

brent 4:38. pretty damn good. places him pretty high in the pack. unit's 4:08 is just plain sick. sub 5 min mile pace right there.

now go throw some heavy weight overhead!

Mike Molloy said...

Give 'em hell today Unit/Brent!

Late May

Power Snatch:
95x3 115x3 135x3 145x3(PR) 155x3 (PR)


Felt really good today as evidenced by the double PR.

Burpees and box jumps were unbroken. Snatches went (12) (4-4-4) (6-3-3).

Steve said...

Good luck unit and brent!

rwcorson said...

Great work Unit & Brent. Representing.

Paul Klein said...

Late May:

A. 135 / 145 / 150 / 155x2 / 155

B. 9:02

I smashed the bar into my knee real hard on the first rep of round 1 in the metcon. I split it wide open, that slowed me down the rest of the wod.

Stephen Flamm said...

May 8-9th:

A. 185, 195, 200, 205
B1. 100 lbs., unbroken for all
B2. 165, 205, 225
C. tried to hold a 2:05/1:55/1:45/1:35/1:25 pace

Held everything on the rows until the last 100m, which were between a 1:27-1:29 pace. Felt good throughout the entire workout.

Dr Lisa said...

Awesome work Unit and Brent keep it up we are all cheering for you

Did WOD today at crossfit Ramsay with sHELLY and Jeff and Ken and Lindsay

Part 1 65/75/80/87.5/92.5. Last set was not pretty but got it up

Part 2 11:32 slow as frigging molasses Shelly kicked my ass with a smokin 8:15 I think. Snatches were god awf awful and were what slowed me down I could do burpees and box jumps all day long. Having said that going from burpees to 30" BJ was very hard the first couple of reps til you got your groove. Tweaked my knee again it is now very swollen and as I attempted to run to get my daughter I almost fell to the ground with the pain - this is not good!!!! Hopefully a couple days of ice and rest for it and it will be ok????

Nathan H. said...

UNIT! Kill it man!


unit said...

Brent and I both c&j 255 (pr's for both of us)...
Brent is in 20th, I'm in 11th...
watching Nate beard c&j 355 was insane... nearly a dozen guys 300lb or more!...
thanks y'all!...

ken c said...

brent and unit

congrats on the pr's. you guys are in the hunt for sure. stay focused. catch em on the metcon.

Erik Luber said...

Brent/Unit, nice work dawgs! Keep givin'r

Snatches: 40 kg, 42, 45, 47(2+f), 47(2+f)
13:40 @ 80#

Snatches felt good, just couldn't get that 3rd rep. Metcon was harder than anticipated. Legs were toast. Snatches were pretty broken up.

Michael McCabe said...

late may
further evidence i don't know how to snatch

115, 125 (sloppy), 115, 125; frustrated, no 5th set

decided not to scale the metcon: 11:35

humbling wod... hope i don't embarrass myself out in calgary in a month like i did today...

rwcorson said...

Unit & Brent, you're doing great. As Ken said, keep your head in it and crush the triplet.
12 guys over 300#, insane!

unit said...

my bad ... 8 guys over 300...

Brent Maier said...

Thanks for the support dawgs! Resting up for the last wod. By my standards I crushed the run today. Hey, I got my looney tunes in this morning too! Unit looked like freaking Roadrunner when he came over the last hill to the finish line. Good times!

Aaron said...

Late May-

Triplet- 9:57

I just finished watching nutrition 101 and 201 with 301 coming sometime today. I am going to fix some pre and post fueling and do some investigating into my food log. Good work today Big Dawgs!

Melisa C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sean G, this is your gimmie. Next time you don't sign out I'll tell everyone about your pink underwear.


Geoff Aucoin said...

Started at 132 and worked up to 157 but failed on the 3rd rep.

Exploded on the WOD, I'm obviously under-recovered due to our big week with the new baby. I can deal with that, I knew I didn't have it early so I just focused on good reps and finishing. 9:14 was the final tally, probably 2 minutes under my ability level. It will come back quick.

Give 'em hell, Unit and Brent!! Big Dawgs are cheering for you. I'll do your WODs later today for some fun...

Rory Hanlin said...

I hit 2 of the North Central WODs today:

Max ground to overhead:
fail 340


Really felt this last week of training today. 325 felt great. 340 is there, just need to be more aggressive thru the middle. soon...

Nathan H. said...

Nice work brent! Keep it up youre doing great!

PTS said...

video of todays snatches

135 seemed easy, 145 impossible after 1.

Awesome job Unit and Brent. congrats on the pr's and those are great 1400m times.

Melisa C said...

Late May



12.30 with a 28" box. So scared on box jumps, I really wanted to rx it and it was only 2 inches but I just mentally could not get past that block. :(
But I am happy I did 36 snatches at 80#, that a big step as snatches are not a strength for me.
Ah well, c'est la vie.

MikeE said...

Late May Male 32/5'7"/174

Warmup - 3 rounds for time of 10 medball cleans, 10 pushups, 10 double unders - 2:05... Quads were pumped after this...

Power Snatch - 95/115/135/145/145 (missed my 3rd rep on 4th round but made it up immediately)

Triplet = 6:49 (Dropped every single Power Snatch)

Brent/Unit.. Go get em!.. 355 overhead? What is this guy, a navy seal and olympic gold medalist wrapped in a suit of body armor? hehe.

OPT... Dartfish = Cool! I have the program and it rocks.

Chad Hall said...

Keep going Unit and Brent! This last one is yours for the taking to rise up!

McCabe, I seem to recall we did 135 at our sectionals and you were handling that alright. Just a bad day today, no problem. Calgary will be a different story!

DeeJay said...

Nice work Unit and Brent, I know you will both crush that last WOD!

Late May-
176-186-196-206(f)-206(1) - my overhead at high loads is sloppy, which also the reason I can't jerk worth shit compared to my clean... This needs some work... I will try and post a vid of my attempts at 206...

Metcon - 6:30
head to head with Mike and he pushed me hard!

LuLu said...

Late May:



I was sooo happy with these. I got a new pr today :) My old 1rm from about a month ago was 80lbs and I managed to do 3 touch and go @90lbs. Nice to see prgress from working hard on technique.

Part 2:

11min 36 sec

Snatches were the hard part here, burpees ub and box jumps not much rest. Was hard at 30" for these little legs :)

LuLu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Optimum Performance Training said...

Late May
I still need to get under the bar about 6" lower.
6:35 - keeping up with DJ on the PSn killed my legs.

Jenny said...

I was out on my summerplace and did my workout outdoors.

3 rounds of
300 m run
20 boxjumps
100 m run
20 kb swings 24 kg
30 double unders

über Bania said...

Wow, Mike and DeeJay, nice job on the triplet! 2:07 was my fastest round :(

Power Snatch 3x5sets, 3min rest
135, 155, 165, 175, 175lbs
4th set was sloppy so I stayed at that weight, barely got 3.

Triplet - 8:57

Pouring rain and driving winds in Iraq on first day of May? Gimme a break :(

Jonathan Burns said...

Late May
-Form was sucky here. About 15-20lbs short of where I have been before.

9:55 for the triplet. Burpees and box UB, snatches were an abortion.

Great WOD, made my teeth hurt


Emilie P-B said...

Late May

60x3, 70x3, 75x3, 80x3, 85x1(PR)

Metcon: 17:18 (Rx)
I'm glad I did all 36 snatches at 80# as my 1RM is 85 pounds.
Thanks to Roch, LuLu and Mizar for staying during my metcon. Merci pour vos bons conseils et vos encouragements!

Ben Priestley said...

Late May:

PS: 95#, 105, 110, 115, 120(1)

Metcon: @80#PS - 7:51

Notes: On 120#PS, I failed twice and hit the third. Metcon was scaled to 80#, was a good one.

Good luck competing today guys!

OPT said...

PTS, from side view only, start with bum higher and hamstrings more engaged; at 135 as all folks like myself when this happened, there is a "critical weight" point where 1-2 #'s compounds the little things you are doing wrong at this point. your set up should be TIGHT and SOLID...move the weight off the floor in patience
when your bum is low and you start to stand up, your bum goes up but the weight does not, so you have no knee bend for the quads to re-extend and create that powerful hip placement for hip extension
little thing too, keep your shoulders and rhomboids tighter at start, as weight gets up on 3rd rep and these guys fail, you'll see a slouch on your 3rd pull at 135 as i did...this is also where the correct structural balance of rhomboids to pressing is IMPT!!!

OPT said...

PTS, from side view only, start with bum higher and hamstrings more engaged; at 135 as all folks like myself when this happened, there is a "critical weight" point where 1-2 #'s compounds the little things you are doing wrong at this point. your set up should be TIGHT and SOLID...move the weight off the floor in patience
when your bum is low and you start to stand up, your bum goes up but the weight does not, so you have no knee bend for the quads to re-extend and create that powerful hip placement for hip extension
little thing too, keep your shoulders and rhomboids tighter at start, as weight gets up on 3rd rep and these guys fail, you'll see a slouch on your 3rd pull at 135 as i did...this is also where the correct structural balance of rhomboids to pressing is IMPT!!!

OPT said...

Lulu, these are not touch and go reps
i should state that but when an exercise is written and explosive, it is 1 rep, reset, 2 reps, reset, 3rd rep, done...good thing is your 3RM is higher than 90, i'd suggest 105 actually....

Michael McCabe said...

chad - thanks for the encouragement, i'm keepin my head up, just frustrated b/c i know i can do more than i did today. i'll be sure to crush whatever comes up tomorrow!

sHELLy said...

I'm going to try to follow along...

PS: 75,80,85,90,95#
PT2: 8:17

The box jumps were very scary for me - especially without my shin guards. Good work today Lisa M, I hope your knee gets better fast.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Fun times watching the Wyld Stallions go at it today. After seeing their times I'm convinced I was 2 minutes under my ability level, but little Maisie has kicked my butt this week!

Kendra said...

Late May
Snatches felt awesome today..I actually could say I actually loved them!!
Power Snatch: 75, 80, 85, 90, 95
I think I could have went even press outs or anything like that, was really happy

Metcon: 10:30
did this in my boyfriend's box so I used the stairs, third stair up..better than nothing!

snatches were UB, 8/4, 8/4...everything else UB

Martin Altemark said...

Brent & Unit - way to go guys!

late may:

3x40kg, 3x45kg, 3x50kg, 3x55kg, 1x60kg

metcon: 13:26. 50kg tad bit too heavy for me to use in metcons. Should've scaled I guess.

funbobby said...

late may m/40/188/5'9


met-con 7:50

it felt good to feel crappy after doing something fun rather than just feeling crappy after doing nothing at all. video on FB later today

notes: 155 was a nice weight triple allowed me to work on popping my hips (had 2 oly coaches to train with today so that was sweet) met-con was what it was, "im just happy to be here, taking it one day at a time and good Lord willing ill be able to help out the ball club"

competing dawgs compete with furiousity and honor!!!!!

Katrina Burton said...

Late may
75, 85, 95, 100, 100
Need to catch these a bit lower... More like a muscle snatch today.

Metcon 8:38 no boxes yet so jumped onto 30" stack of plates... A lot harder for these little legs than I anticipated.

Nice to see you posting today shelly!

Garage Crossfitter said...

PS 115 125 135 145 155(3)pr

metcon 8:41 ouch

up at 4am turkey hunting(6.5 hrs of sleep), moved furniture out of my wifes aunts apt as she passed away at the young age of 50 unexpectadly Friday, was going to sit this one out today but i knew that Unit and Brent were suffering through the pain at regionals so i gave this a go anyways...

awesome times dj and mike

crush em unit and brent

Alex Duncan said...

Late May
100,110,115,120,125 Felt heavier than it should have today

Metcon: 13:17
One of my worst performances ever!
Went for a 5k run with my girlfriend (she follows main site, might have tired me out more than I expected)

Brandon said...

Late May -
PS: 125/135/145/155/165(f-3rd)

Met-con: 9:43

Touch and go reps on PS...makes sense that it wouldn't be on this, but I didn't think about it. 165 with a grip reset is doable for 3.

Met-con was an all-out effort today as I got to a new level of pain tolerance. Wanted sub-9, but the burpees were really slow today. Everything else felt good.

Nathan H. said...

May 8/9:
Powerclean cluster: 110, 120, 114, 116

all kb swing with 1.5 pood each hand (3pood total)
bench press: 100/3, 110/3, 110/3

rows projected pace: 1:55, 1:45, 1:35, 1:30, 1:25
maintained pretty close to these
1st 500: 1:38.5
2nd: 139.4

great work today at the regionals today brent and unit!

Steve said...

Late may

Power snatch: 131/138/143/153/160
Time= 7:09

*nice work mike and dj u guys smashed that!!

Anonymous said...

Late May

PS. 3/105, 3/115, 3/125, 3/135, 3/140PR
Snatches felt really good today

Metcon 9:00
Wasn't real happy with this time

Great job Unit and Brent

Roch said...

Ankle rehab day 4:

Balistic leg swings no support front/back X 50, side/side X 50.

A. Strict press 135(5)-140(5)-145(5)-150(5)PR-155(5)PR

B. 3 rounds for time of:
-12 Strict presses 95lbs
-10 Muscle ups
-50 Air squats

Time 10:36

Tretment for my ankle yesterday.
Calf raise where not a good idea Thursday it was a bit to fast to stretch my stiff ligaments and tendons.

Lauren said...

85/95/105/105 - last set of both 105 was pressed out.

met con 8:26 - this hurt, ug burpees!

some good times out there, well done guys!!

Julian Cruz said...

PS: 130,135,135,140,145PR


joey warren said...

Nice job today Brent and Unit, keep up the hard work through tomorrow, keep us updated!

May 8/9
A. 225, 235, 245, 255
B1. 88lb for all
B2. 255lb for all
C. 1:40/ 138.5

unit said...

Brent is in 17th... I'm currently in 7th (10 sec off of 4th with a real tight grouping from 2-14th)

wod 2morrow
4 time:
10 snatch 145
20 c2b pullups
30 stick jumps 24"
40 ball slams 45lb
30 stick jumps 24"
20 c2b pu
10 snatch 145


Benn said...

Late may:
P. snatch: worked to 155.

Metcon: 9:04. Gassed myself on the second round snatches going for unbroken and fell apart after that.

ken c said...

late may

did a lot of snatch and ohs work today. got up to 175 power snatch and 185 squat snatch.

metcon 8:55

box jumps were slow. can't really string them together at 30".

Geoff Aucoin said...

Well that looks like a fun WOD for tomorrow's guys, 40 ball slams is going to be SOOO noisy!

Give 'er!!

Chris Dunkin said...

Great job today maier and martin.

Mizar Fuentes-Ortega said...

105, 110, 115, 120, 125 - touch and go

triplet: 8:40

Eric Montgomery said...

May 8/9
A. 70kg, 80kg, 84kg, 88kg all for 1.1.1
B1. 2pd, 2pd, 36kg all unbroken
B2. 84kg, 88kg, 94kg each for a set of 3; gripped with middle finger inside edge of knurling
C. 1:40.2 and 1:38.7; tried to pull about 1:50-1:45-1:40-1:35-1:27 for the 100m splits

Stephen B. said...

135/145/155/160(f)/160(2)...just read coach's post about 3RM not being touch and go. I'm embarrassed to say it, but since I started the program I've been doing touch and go on these kind of workouts. Didn't know any better. Being able to reset will def make a difference.

9:01...gave me a beating...first set of ps unbroken then broken. As always, burpees and bjs were a blast.

Nice work Unit and Brent! Good luck tomorrow!

Paul Klein said...

Good luck tomorrow Brent and Unit.

Dont leave anything on the table Unit, you will make that top 4!

Heavy Evy said...

121,131,138,143,153 Did touch and goe s well duurrrr!

Metcon: 7:53, no gaming just floored it 1st round, had some ah ha! moments with the power snacth in the last round though, as form was terrible 1st 2 rounds.

Box Jumps and Burpess are like Mustard and Milk.......they should't be mixed together

Chad Hall said...

Late May

125, 135, 145, 155, 160(2)
Not great, slow to get under. A couple press outs at higher numbers.

Deadly combination. Form was crap on the power snatch, tons of press outs.

Worked out tonight ... tired ... glad I did though because I'm going to be tired in Calgary.

david83 said...

body weight 194
Power Snatch
touch and go- could have gone heavier if not>>

I totally did not push myself hard enough and I was taking way to many breaks as you can see by my time. Its bad I know. I was not happy. I was resting before the power snatchs and what not. I know no more EXCUSES man up and grab the weight lets go. I will be better
time 10:38

Sarano said...

late may

snatch - all triples at 70kg

metcon - 8:23

Mack Lar said...

PS 145/150/155/160f 3rd rep/160f 2nd rep
Triplet 8:19 PS's broken in 2nd and 3rd rd. Burpees and BJ's unbroken throughout.

Bear said...

may 8/9
A 100 kg - 100 kg (failed third on both, but tried again directly after) - 90 kg - 95 kg

B1 40 kgx3, unbroken - easy
B2 80-85-90 kg, 3 reps - surprisingly easy

C 1:37.3 min on both (1st 1:47-1:28, 2nd 1:45-1:31 so a bit to hard in the beginning)

Did a few extra reps with the cleans because I got some help from a real lifter.

Jason Buzzard said...

Metcon: 11:22 I think.

This one crushed me! I missed my first box jump and nearly ran my shin down the front of the box. I had to really focus to get the explosion to be able to jump on the 30" box.

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