WODs and standards...and updates

WOD 1 - "every rep counts" - Saturday, May 2nd - AM
AMR in 20 minutes:
10 Wall balls to 10ft (male-20#, female-14#)
10 Box Jumps - 20 inches
10 Dead Lift (male-205#, female-145#)
10 burpees
goal: achieve most rounds and reps possible in 20 minute time frame

WOD 2 - "the Kanadian" - Saturday, May 2nd - PM

1K Run sprint (5 laps of a 200 m track - Talisman Center)

goal: achieve fastest time possible

WOD 3 - "pick it up and put it overhead" - Sunday, May 3rd - AM

3 attempts of a 1 repetition maximum effort lift from ground to overhead

goal: achieve highest 1 rep load possible

WOD 4 - "Jackie" - Sunday, May 3rd - PM

for time;

1K row

50 thrusters - 45 lb barbell

30 chin ups

goal: achieve fastest time possible

go to http://www.crossfitcalgary.ca/ for a handout on specific information of events, time of heats for each athlete and sign in information

all events will test all 10 physical fitness domains; all energy systems will be covered; it is up to each athlete to ensure legitimacy of each repetition and the best possible personal performance for themselves

the SIFF weightlifting formula will be used for WOD # 3 in which each athlete will be compared to their peers in this event based on the value of how much they can lift in relation to their body mass; their are a number of calculations out there on how to do this, we have tested this formula to best fit the comparison of non specialists in the sport of weighlifting....which is what CrossFitters are

the BOCCIA world ranking system will be used to rack each athlete after each event; it will ensure athletes get awarded for each event won but to also ensure that there are no runaways based on scoring well in one event (i.e. awarding the specialist in a certain energy pathway) Scoring is: 15 points for 1st place, 13 points for 2nd, 11 points for 3rd, 9 points for 4th, 7 points for 5th-8th, 5 points for 9th-16th, 3 points for 17th and 18th place and 1 point for 19th place onwards

Updates (no big ones, just some clarifications):

What happens if two Athletes have the same number of Points?

In the event of a tie in points, the Athletes’ times in WOD 4 – “Jackie” will be used to determine placement. If there still is a tie after using the WOD 4 times, the Athletes’ times in WOD 2 “The Kanadian” will be used to determine final placement. If there is still a tie after using the WOD 2 times, the Athletes reps in WOD 1 – “Every Rep Counts” will be used to determine the final placement. (changes to this statement is the last sentence ""...using the WOD 2 times.."...this used to say"...using the WOD 4 times..")

Why is the Siff Coefficient used to compare athletes in WOD 3?

Strength is related to the cross-sectional area of the muscles and, consequently, indirectly to body mass. The Siff Coefficient is used to compare the performances of lifters of different body mass. SIFF is the percentage of the world class lift achieved by each lifter. (this used to say in question/statement "...athletes in WOD 1..." and it now says "...athletes in WOD 3...")

standards - what if I throw the ball above the line, is it counted?

the wall ball in this event is performed for height and accuracy; if you throw over the required "target", the rep will count BUT you will be notified to fix this on subsequent reps; if you throw under the line, there is no tolerance and this will NOT be a rep; remember if you throw too far over, you will miss the target AND have to retrieve the ball yourself as the target is NOT on a wall but a suspended fixed target steel beam

standards - bodyweight will be measured to the nearest 0.5 lbs for ALL athletes, NOT 0.25 lbs as stated in standards sheet

standards - can I wear weightlifting shoes for "Jackie"?



Geoff Aucoin said...

Like I'm sleeping tonight...

Dave X said...

Wow. I wish the NOrtheast Qualitier looked like this one.

With coaches training program you guys will rock these WODs.

We make our own luck, so I expect you guys to be very prepared. I just wish I could watch the competition for myself.

Anonymous said...

Cool looking shirt in the vids...

Is that a new OPT shirt you're wearing James?


Chris G

Brent Maier said...

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend. Put your heart and soul into these events guys! Everyone has trained too hard for anything less.

Geoff, get a few chick flicks to watch with the wife the next few days. Surely, they will help you get some shut eye. :)

Hixy said...

That looks like some great WODs. Nice presentation of the correct form, coach. Good luck everyone!

I'm going to do them by myself this weekend too. Would it be okay for me to scale the DL, as my 1RM deadlift is somewhere around 240? If yes, how much should it be scaled?

I'd like to raise my DL numbers to do the wods as RX'ed in the future. Should I add a few strengthening exercises to the program or just follow the program strictly?

OPT said...

hixy, follow as is, #'s will come up as you progress your skills, use #185 for DL in WOD # 1

chris g, that's the sweet new crossfit calgary shirts - our main man Kris Haley put those together

Anonymous said...

How can I order one?

Can't find a store on the CFC site.

Chris G

Rory Hanlin said...

I think these WOD's are my favorite of all of the qual's so far.

Lets go Dawgs! Get 'er done!

Optimum Performance Training said...

To bad it wasn't just some part of your face that has t pass through the frontal plane of the bar... then the FitzGerald nose would give me an advantage. Oh well...

PTS said...

I agree with both Gummo and Rory, would love to see thes as the Northeast Quals and they are my favorite set thus far.

Legs will surely be shot at the completion of the weekend.

Geoff Aucoin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OPT said...

geoff, if you go above the red line, there will be discretion by the judge based on how many times you do that (they will yell at you to correct it)...anything below is no tolerance - not counting

OPT said...

Chris G, contact Trevor Salmon at optclientsupport@gmail.com and he'll hook you up with one, thx

Garage Crossfitter said...

Why isnt OPT or AFT on the schedule for the qualifier?

Sweeney said...


Thruster ok for lifting weight overhead?

Alvaro said...

No pressure Mike, but you are next to me on almost every heat and I am putting my money on you for this qualifiers! I hope you are ready and up to the task :)

Geoff Aucoin said...

Don't know where I left myself logged on but nice one to whoever was using my name today.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Anybody seen this? I'm not sure how I feel about this...


Brent Maier said...

I saw that this morning and I'm opposed to that decision. Personally I think if they can support a higher number of competitors at this years games, those slots should be granted to the qualifying runner ups.

OPT said...

sweeney, as long as you show control for 1 sec at top along with body movement standards on posture at top i'm fine with it

Anonymous said...

I like it alot! Nice work.


Rich Vos said...

Love'm. Best WODs I've seen for a qual yet. I was wondering if anyone would throw up a non-metcon WOD. It doesn't surprise me that OPT takes the charge. "... across broad time and modal domain"

Dave X said...

@Brent, Geoff...
Interesting... I'm not one to buy into conspiracy theories or to judge the integrity of CrossFit HQ, but this new wrinkle in the qualifying process smells rather fishy to me.

I was mentioning to "Garage CrossFitter" earlier this morning that this could be the year, of all things, the garage CrossFitter. Some big names that the mainsite has been profiling haven't qualified for the games, for example, Jeani Bassi & Chuck Carwell.

Again, I'm not trying to overreact, but is the deck being stacked for someone they want in rather than someone earning it?

Chris Dunkin said...

I know that everyone is focused on the tasks at hand, but I figured I'd bring this up and see what you'all think.
If the goal of CF is to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains, why isn't an athletes height/limb length/center of mass taken into account rather than (to use a current example: wod 3) bodyweight, or body mass? If an athlete with a higher center of mass, and most likely longer limb length clean and jerks the same weight that athlete has done more work. I know that wod 3 is a test of strength (one of the 10 components of fitness, and admittedly a clumsy model) but wouldn't it be a better test of CF stated goals to bring work into the equation? Any of the other qualifier wod's would apply as well. I could see taking an athletes weight into consideration on wod 2, for instance, to determine who does more work, and power output over the same distance.

And, this isn't entirely motivated by the fact that I'm taller than the average CF'er.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as well; how come OPT and AFT aren't on the qualifier list???

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say what a great job was done in picking the qualifying events. The variety is excellent and I think the true essence of crossfit has been captured. I love the fact that everyday exercises and movements have been incorporated. Not only that but it also gives "anybody" a chance to compete. Very well done!!! What a competition it's going to be. Looking very forward to watching the event!!

Sean Andrews
Crossfit Lethbridge client

Garage Crossfitter said...


Dave X said...

Have fun today fellas and kick some serious ass.

AMR in 20 mins of:
10 WBs/Box jumps/DL/PUBs
6 rounds + 10 WB

Not exactly the results I wanted. Felt strong in 3 of 4 movements, then all momentum came to a screeching halt at the burpees. I have no explanation, but I feel like shit about it.

Geoff Aucoin said...

8 rounds flat.

Pacing is key, this is a brutally tough WOD.

The atmosphere at CFC right now is amazing.

Brent Maier said...

Thats smokin! I'll be feeling your pain in the next 3 hours. My hair is standing on end today, I can feel the flames down here.

Keep it up, one more heat to go today!

PTS said...

exactly 8 rds. absolutely brutal.

90 mins rest

1k run - 3:21.

Ryan G. said...

5 rounds 9 DL.

Total- 229 reps

- my first WOD in a week. It feels/tastes. like my lungs are bleeding. Very difficult time maintaining form on my DL's, I am going to hurt tomorow.

unit said...

Brutally pleasurable!...

ERC = 9 rounds + 2 wbs = 362

20 min rest

Kanadian = 3:04 (pentagon indoor flat 160... 6.25 laps... Still disappointed though... PR is 2:33)

5 min rest

PIUPIOH = 205 x1, 225 x1, 245 fail

10 min rest

Jackie = 5:58 (row was much slower than hoped... Legs were feeling it at this point)...

Good luck y'all!... Hey coach, how do I get a shirt?...


christopher dunkin said...

Wod #1 7rounds, 6 DL's.

I have to admit that was very good test. Good balance of strength and bodyweight over long duration.

Good luck to everyone. Really looking forward to seeing how the OPT programming will fare.

Geoff Aucoin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brent Maier said...

ERC: 7+20 = 300 as rx'd

I could have used a coach on this one to help me keep pace.

If the rain doesn't stop, I'll be doing the kanadian indoors this afternoon.

rwcorson said...

8 rds + 8 box jumps.
That has to be the worst WOD I have done for rds in 20 mins. There was no exercise that gave you a break. I almost met Pukie after the 5 rd of DLS and then again at the end. I'm glad that's over.
Great work Dawgs.
Unit, you're not human. Check an earlier post for shirt directions.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yes unit, I think it's time for some video proof if you're going to post sick times like that.

unit said...

geoff... Guess I could say I did closer 2 400 reps on the 1st wo, but did extra reps in order 2 meet the standards... Clean and jerk isn't much 4 weighing 188 (did 275 in college weighing 178)... I've def run a lot faster (ran track and field 4 USC and was on the crew team as well and have kept up w my track training till this yr...) and did 3 extra thrusters and 2 pullups 4 jackie... Did them straight... (btw, thanks Rory 4 teaching me the butterfly)... Guess I could say that but I wish I just had a video 2 show u as well... Someday I'm sure ull c... Is that what it takes 2 make u swallow? [\8^D]


unit said...

Ok... There r some that have seen me workout... Will work on getting video capabilities...


Ryan G. said...

Run- 4:11

- These would probably feel much better if I could breath properly.

Rob Sifton said...

6 + 4 Wall balls - just mashed afterwards

WOD 2 @ Talisman
Mike did a great pace, I had him in my sights, but could not pull the trigger!. Great Run To all. The effort was amazing.

rwcorson said...

WOD #2-3:06

bLing said...

i'm going to attempt the first WOD tomorrow, but can't do wallballs @ gym, is knees 2 elbows an ok sub?

Geoff Aucoin said...

WOD #2 in 3:19. I was shooting for 3:20 so I'm pleased. Legs are shot, looking forward to the heavy lifts tomorrow; which take place 15 hours after the run...

rwcorson said...

bLing-the sub for wall balls is either DB or BB thrusters. The wall ball for women was 14#, so you should use double the weight as you aren't throwing the weight in a thruster as you would in a wall ball (15/hand DBs or 30 # BB).

Sweeney said...

WOD 1: 7 rds + 12 reps = 292
Tasted blood after.

Wod 2: 3:25
Huge PR for me.

This crossfit community is awesome. Atmosphere is incredible at CFCHQ!!

There is an opportunity to qualify for the games via video WOD. You should consider it.

Rob Sifton said...

Just took a peek at the Eastern Canada Qualifiers, seems to have a bit of discussion regarding event selection and the event organizers participation. Seems to take away from the event as a whole. Glad that we have the community out here that we do!

Push it to another level again today everyone!

Hixy said...

Awesome unit. Your times are to me incomprehensible. What's your fueling methods before, during and after the WODs? Sincee you're not just doing 1, but sometimes 2, 3 or more, how do you do? Drink a protein/carb drink after the 1st WOD?

My times:

WOD #1: 5 rounds 9 burpees, 239 reps total.

WOD #2: 3:41.

WOD #3: 60 kg (135#), 65 kg (145#), 70 kg (155#)

WOD #4: 9:40 - A bit disappointed about this one.

Well done everyone, you're kicking ass! Good luck today.

Dave X said...

5/3 AM WOD:
C&J: 145/175/195
BWT: 205

Dave X said...

PM WOD- 8:13 (PB=8:03)
1k row was strong and I had a good pace, and transition into thrusters was smooth. About 1/2 way through them I started getting gassed and pace slowed down. I had to fraction the pullups into two sets.

Geoff Aucoin said...

215, 225 (PR), 230

Super happy with that, now I play the waiting game...

Hmm, my word is 'quita'. That one thing I ain't gonna do. It's balls out for Jackie.

Sweeney said...

Nice work Geoff!!!


BWT - 156

That's about 30lbs over my PB jerk, so clearly the adrenaline was flowing.

Out of contention, but it's been a great competition for me.

Learning sh*tloads about the importance of each and every rep/second.

Rob Sifton said...

PB by a fair margin.
Missed on 169 because I dipped Fwd on the Press (Wish I had pictured Burgener holding that dowel in front of me. I would have had it for sure)
The adrenaline is definitely flowing. Need to relax for 3 hours and then leave it all on the table. Great work guys, so many PB's around. The atmosphere around CFC is infectious. Stoked for this afternoon.

unit said...

how/where is the video qualifying available?... i appreciate the heads up on this...

nice work on the c&j!

u said ur 16?... i trained for 5 years in collegiate athletics [decathlon] where one of the goals of training was to be able to recover quickly and give maximum sustainable effort [as close to one's personal best as possible] through 2 days of competition from morning til evening. i think it was this training that has carried through... but at your age be patient... it is something i have grown accustomed to and continue to train that way b/c that's what my body 'knows'... partially secondary to overtraining in college as well as my times/events got better throughout medical school as i had to take more rest between workouts... lastly, also due to time constraints these days, since i can no longer workout for 4 or 5 hours a day mmy goals haven't always to get a PR [PB] out of a workout, but to monitor my heart rate and get that up and sustained... with that in mind, PRs will [and have] come... for me at least...

Hixy said...

Nice sweeney and Geoff!

Okay unit that explains it :) What's your fueling strategies through that kind of training?

Brent Maier said...

WOD1 ERC: 7+20 = 300 as rx'd
WOD2 Kanadian: Today
WOD3 C&J: Today
WOD4 Jackie: 6:55 as rx'd

I did Jackie as my second WOD yesterday because it was raining and I wanted to do the run outside.

James, tried so hard to beat 6 minutes on Jackie. I'm happy with what I got. This time was about 5 minutes faster than my last PR.

Give it hell guys, this is your last day! BALLS OUT!

PTS said...

C&J 197, 205(PR), 210f
Bwt=187 SIFF score = 10.2393

Just wondering if this is the proper increments to go up in weight or if there is a different or better strategy for 1RM with only 3 attempts.

Sweeney said...



Good luck.

Dave X said...

Good luck with the submission, Unit! It would be awesome to have a few people who post here make it to The Games--both through the standard Qualifiers and this video submission version.

rwcorson said...

WOD # 3 - 199# PR. Failed on 209# on the 3rd attempt.
Very pleased, but I still have a load of work to do on the Oly lifts and my strength.
Great work this am Dawgs, I saw a lot of PR's!
Only one left....time to get Junkyard Dawg Aggressive!!

Dave X said...

Not really Games related, but I wanted to share something that a friend of mine said last that almost made me shit my pants. We were watching the race when a commercial for Pepsi came up advertising that it was now made with "natural sugar." My buddy looked at me and said, "natural sugar? Awesome, I'm gonna to have to start drinking that! It's about time they made soda healthier!" I proceed to bitch slap him with my copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Rob Sifton said...

4 and last event
7:26 PB by over a minute....
4:00 row right on my planned pace
got through the thrusters, 1 break
then 30 straight Chinups
I had Sweeney in sight (not that i knew it though)Just could not get the 2 chin ups fast enough.

An amazing weekend from all the competitors. The big Dawgs represented awesome.
James, thanks for the encouragement and support. I cannot speak for everyone, but I am very appreciative of what you put out for us.
Congrats to all who competed and had PB's

Woof Woof!

fasth is my word - because of course there is no slowh allowed

Brent Maier said...

WOD1 ERC: 7+20 = 300 as rx'd
WOD2 Kanadian: 3:35
WOD3 C&J: 110kg (242#)
WOD4 Jackie: 6:55 as rx'd

This mornings weigh-in: 194#

I'm most pleased with Jackie and least pleased with the kanadian. I should have pushed harder on the run. I saved too much up for the end sprint.

I bet everyone is glad it's over. Great job today everyone!

Brent Maier said...

Fat-fingered the kanadian: 3:25

PTS said...

jackie - 7:28. my first jackie
row was at 3:30. thrusters and chins were broken.

I had no power during this workout. This weekend I learned a little lesson on how I will need to fuel better for my qualifiers.

wod 1- 8 rds
wod 2- 3:21
wod 3- 205 lbs pc&J (PR)
wod 4- 7:28

OPT: congrats on running what by all accounts was a great qualifier. These 4 workouts will defintely send the 3 most fit from your region to the Games.

rwcorson said...

WOD #4- 7:11 I had no gas left. Row was 3:33 and both thrusters & pull ups broken.
Congrats to DJ, Mike and Lauren for qualifying for the Games. I know you will rock in Aromas!
Congrats also to all the other Dawgs. You have done yourself proud with your showing over the weekend. You really represented. Let's keep building on what we've already accomplished.
And to James, thanks again for the excellent programming. I know we couldn't have gotten this far without you.

Ryan G. said...

Jackie - 7:43

- This was my first kick at jackie. Aside from some difficulty breathing my body felt good. I gave it everything I could muster.

- nowhere to do the lift today.

Geoff Aucoin said...

'Jackie' in 6:32, not my best effort but the chin-up standards were a bit more strict and I was gassing hard after doing 20 straight.

Ended up 8th overall and I have to admit I'm disapointed I didn't reach my goal of qualifying but I am definitely still proud of my efforts. In the end it was a difference of a few seconds here and a wall ball there that put me into too deep of a hole to come out of. The fires of determination were burning in my heart but I just couldn't squeeze out enough juice from this battered body to stay with the Wild Stallions.

Huge kudos to all the Big Dawgs (you ALL did yourselves proud so never forget that) especially DJ and Mike for their amazing performances and final placings. Also, way to go Lauren P!! Special mention goes to Michelle Savard for placing 6th overall in the females, no small feat for a 40-something mother of two.

Unbelievable gratitude, love and respect to the FitzGeralds and their crew for putting off a spectacular event. They have set the bar for how something like this should be programmed and run.

And James, from the bottom of my heart, no words can do justice for my appreciation for all the attention you've paid to getting us in the best shape possible for this weekend. You're a brother for life and I will never forget that.

Gord said...

My week end in a nut shell

wod 1 - 6 rounds +10 wb+10 box jump+10 dl and 6 burpees. Thought I was going to die. I looked at the clock and saw 12 min and though I can make it for an other 8 and then realized it was counting down-want to throw my self under somebody elses DL bar.

Wod 2 3:26 - a PB by 40 sec- happy with that.

Wod 3 - 185/190/199 PB by 15 lbs
BWT 154

Wod 4 Jackie -6:28 I think. Tough wod as I struggle with rowing and thrusters but happy with the time. Pushed the thrusters and chins, but may have paced the row a little too much around 2:05

Thanks James for the programming, all the CFC crew for the support, and all the volunteers who helped out. It is fun to be part of this community. What other sport to you cheer for somebody to beat you?

Congrats to the 6 winners

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh and how could I forget thanking Sweeney and his wife for suprising the stragglers after the event with BEER, PIZZA and ICE CREAM CAKE! You are the f%$king man for doing that. Thank you so much.

rwcorson said...

Darren and Monette,
Thanks for the beer. Emma & Sarah loved the ice cream cake.

DeeJay said...

Since we are dishing out that thank-yous. Thanks you to everyone who helped me along the way, couldn't have done it without you guys....

Lauren said...

here is my stuff...
wod 1- 7.0 rounds
wod 2- 3:28
wod 3- 145, 150, 155(F) (bw 155)
wod 4- 8:48 (I think...)

The atmosphere at CFC this weekend was amazing and I am very grateful for all the support!! thank you!!

Thanks to James for the awesome programming and coaching and to the rest of the CFC crew, volunteers and sponsers for putting on such a great event!!

And of course thanks so much to my fellow Raiders!!! You all did awesome!! yah!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

No prob DJ, too bad none of us gave you any fashion advice. That Blue Jays hat you're wearing in like every pic just takes away from your pretty face!

Now my word is 'quity.' What's with the quit shit today?

Chris Dunkin said...

Congratulations to everyone who competed, and to James for the great programming and wod choices. I'm really looking forward to all of your insight into fueling and rest. I've got my qualifier coming up on the 16th and really appreciate all of the information you post. So, two days rest for me. Here is how my wods went this weekend. I had company for wod's 1 and 4, but had to go it alone for 2 and 3.
1: 7rds 10dl's
2: 3:19
3: 235
4: 5:59
The journal article on rowing strategy was a big help: "Race to Your Potential" By Alex Dunne, from June 1st, 2008. As it turns out, until today I had only rowed using "Fly and Die" strategy.

Michelle said...

Hey Big Dawgs,
Just wanted to congratulate all of you on your performances this weekend at the 'Canada West' qualifiers. Your dedication to your training was truly inspirational!!! DJ, Mike, and Lauren - well done!!!

Geoff, Rob, Mike, and Trevor...I can't thank you guys enough for the times you've been there to help me with my CrossFit journey.

Monette and Darren, loved the Marble Slab. Thanks!

And James and Leighanne...I so appreciate everything that you, the volunteers, and sponsors did so that we could all experience such an amazing weekend!

Sweeney said...

Wow, lotsa love in this chatroom.

See how happy Marble Slab makes you?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to those who qualified, I hope we can see some video of the event, sounds like it was a blast for those involved. Huge props to OPT for the programming, very original and covering all the facets well.

Unit: You should seriously try to qualify through the video thing, your results are sick. Thanks for the insight on your past training history, never thought of a decathalon in that way before (having to recover fast from multiple events of max exertion), must totally prepare you for something like a series of CF wods.


Chris Dunkin said...

Pretty interesting comparison of wod choices, and the qualifiers that were produced as a result, between Canada west and NorCal. hate to have been a lightweight in the NorCal events. Of course I don't think anyone saw a 235pounder with an engine coming down the tracks either.

Brent Maier said...

Great job everyone and congratulations DJ, Mike, Lauren for the top spots and everyone else for your commendable efforts. While the love is in the house, I'd also like to thank James and everyone at OPT for the motivation and fantastic programming that is second to none.

I'm still 12 days out from my event and looking forward to the big sigh of relief when it's finally over.


Grant said...

Event couldn't have been run better. From the programming to the volunteers/ref's to the max efforts. Top notch. Congrat's to Lauren, DJ & Mike. See you in the Dawg House!

WOD#1 6rnds+10+10+10+6

1km run slow @ 3:27. Will have to look back for previous 1km times. Seems like you are running like the wind at the time but then you get your time & reality hits (& bites). Maybe with summer...more running

215# Clean & split jerk (looks like 214# is the official weight due to collars). This was my previous max clean PB & didn't have a PB jerk so I am happy with this. Heading in the right direction.

Jackie 7:19. Previous July '07 @ 9:36 so big improvement but goal was 7 flat.

Gord said...

screwed up my numbers again. My Jackie time was 7:28 I think. Again Im not much for numbers. I said it all weekend the only thing me keeping from finishing first was that I had a counter and didn't do the counting myself. HA

Bernie said...

1: 6 rounds
2: 3:36
3: 215
4: 8:19 Way worse time than last time which was 7:44. Did worse in almost everything Ive done before.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Gord there's a preview button you need to look into. Look hard; look reaaaaaaaaaally hard.

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