fri, oct 15, 2010

Anaerobic Alactic Power:
2 Power Clean - 85% 1RM
Sprint 40 m @ 95% effort
rest 3 min x 5
Rest 10 min
Power Clean x 1
Front Squat x 1
Hang Power Clean x 1
(every 90 sec on the timer for 5 sets - 90% effort)
Rest 10 min
10 burpees AFAP
Static Ring hold to fatigue
rest 2 min x 3

post notes and loads used to comments
tester tomorrow


Heavy Evy said...

Static ring hold, are the arms locked, or are you at the bottom of the dip?


Nathan H. said...

Heavy Evy, locked.

Have to say, Rory is a freaking beast.

Rory, you will dominate! Good luck!

Unit, 16 rounds on yesterdays wod? Dude!

Still training specifically for the olift meet on the 30th. Might do something longer tomorrow/today.

Martin Altemark said...

warmup - roll/steer/flip a 200kg tire to our box. About half a mil, took ~30mins

2 tire flips+sprints

PC-FS-HPC: 75kg, 75, 75, 80, 80

no time for burpees/support

Angelo Fosco said...

A. 225#, 230#x3, 240#
B. 225#x2, 230#x2, 230#(1-1-F)
C. Burpees:19s, 18s, 16s
Static Hold: 52s, 34s, 25s

Rested 5 minutes between sets instead of the 10 b/c of time constraints.

Gord said...

A. 175#
B. 160#
C. 27, 26,23 seconds

Lars said...

A. 245 on all 5 sets
B. 225 on all 5 sets
C. Hold times 37, 26, 23

My backs been bothering me, so the power cleans felt off.

I really liked the second part, that was cool.

Surprised how crappy I was at the static holds. Chest was a little sore, but still.

Coach said...

is there a difference we're supposed to make between fatigue and failure for the static holds?

Chris Dunkin said...

245 for PC's
205 for complex
:35, :32, :32

Brian Maier said...

PC's - 225
PC/FS/HPC - 205
first 2 sets at 225 but failed on HPC both times so dropped to 205
static - 70,50,45 seconds

Brandon said...

A. 195/205/210/210/210
B. 215(f-HPC)/195/200/205/210(f-HPC)
C. 40s/33s/31s

Notes: the cleans felt really heavy today. Not sure why. Loved the ring holds.


Michael McCabe said...

pc - 87kg (nowhere to sprint so did 20 double unders afap after each)

pc/fs/hpc - 80kg, 85kg x4

hpc was sloppy

did muscleup into static hold - rnd 1 easy enough but 2 and 3 i didnt stay up there long!

Drew said...

A. 195 for all
B.185 for all
C. 31s/40s/38s

Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought their cleans felt heavy today. For the static holds, rings turned out. The first set I had the right ring lower than the left. Need to remember to double check rings.

Stahl said...

All weight in kilos:

A. 85 x 5 (20 m down and back)
B. 80 x 5
C. Done - burpees, MU into static hold

Kept the intensity at about 80% since this was the first real workout since getting sick. Definitely not 100%, but this workout and the intensity level felt about right for getting back into it.

Have to miss the tester to compete in a team WOD tomorrow, and I'm hoping that won't slow my recovery.

Jay said...

PC/SPRINT 190 all sets
PC/FS/HPC 205 all sets
RING HOLDS :38,:22,:24

Jay said...

Are any dawgs competeing at the mid atlantic hopper challenge at crossfit bwi next month? Just found out this morning im off the wait list and will get to compete.

Fraser O said...

A. 115kgs
B. 2 sets at 100kgs, 3 sets at 105kgs
C. Rx'd but I subbed hangs for 5 ascents rope climb

Thanks for the WODs

Bear said...

Flippin tires with my main man Martin on a perfect autumn day!

A. 200 kg tire flips x 2 + sprints
B. 80-80-85-90-90 kg
C. AFAP burpees + 54-32-23 sec

Hard to get a good grip for the HPC otherwise ok. Suck at supports, have hard time locking out my elbows. Some pretty damn good results on B from a lot dawgs considering 90% effort!

Bear said...
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Bear said...

Also pretty sore lower back btw. Me thinks it´s the rowing sprints on damper 10, perhaps a bit too high for me.

BK said...

A. 200
B. 200
C. 25,30.30

matt shannon said...

A: 225 and 5 seconds or less for the sprints

B: 225 for all

C: 1) :18 & :24 2) :18 & :27 3) :17 & :23 4) :18 & :24 5) :18 & :26

Yesterday's sprint row wod:
620, 605, 620, 636 - avg: 620

matt shannon said...

forgot to add the first 4 rounds of sprints from yesterday.

605, 636, 667 and 636.

Michael said...

A- 225 all sets- felt good
B- 185, 205 for last 4 sets- felt really good, limiting factor was the grip and hang power clean
C- burpees in 15 sec every time
Ring hold- 60 sec, 30s, 30s

felt fast today, looking forward to tomorrow

Chris Castillo said...

A. 255#x5
B. 235#x5
C. :58-:43-:35

Sinus infection last couple days. Needed rest. First day back that felt good. On anti-biotics and allergy meds. Don't notice it effecting me negatively.

joey warren said...

A. 225x4, 235x1 set- 40's felt good to open up hips got a little tight
B. 205x4sets, 215x1 set
C. burpees fast- :35/:30/:29

Joel Krigström said...

A. 70kg
B. 65-70-75-72,5-72,5 kg
C. Burpees 20,5 - 21 - 19 sec
Ring holds 55-29-19
Loved the AFAP Burpees
Thought my chest should burst on the ring holds

Brian Gregory said...

A. 205x2,210x3
B. 205x4,210x1
C. Burps <20s
Rings 1:05,:50,:45

Notes: A in Vff's,felt good and def could have done more weight but kept at 85%. Ring holds felt like chest was gonna explode, first time with these.

PTS said...

210 used bike 5 sec airdyne sprint

185 for all sets

45s,29,21. went to about -10 secs on these as I figured there was a distinction between fatigue and failure.

Sean LeFloch said...

A. 185# for all sets
B. 165x2,175x2,185x1
C. burpees fast- :30/:20/:32

All sets felt light. Didn't want to go too crazy. Want to be fresh and mentally ready for the tester tomorrow.

David said...

A. 200 all sets
B. 200 all sets
C. 35, 21, 10

Everything was a struggle tonight.

ryandrew11 said...

Hi everyone. I wanted to quickly introduce myself. PTS introduced me to CrossFit and I have been woking out under his guidance in his gym since the beginning of this year. I did mainsite workouts for much of that time, but have begun following OPT in order to increase my strength, which is a huge weakness for me. My goal is to compete in the 2011 CrossFit games, but I have a lot of work to do between now and then to be prepared. Anyways, glad to be here and looking forward to the challenges ahead.

A. 135x3,145x2
B. 115x3,125x2
C. Rings 15s, 10s, 8s

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A) 155
B) 145
C) 36sec, 25sec, 19sec.

Jordan said...


Steve said...

A: 91 kg
B: 91 kg
C 46s/30s/27s

Power cleans felt heavy today.

Christa said...

A: 115 on all sets
B: 105/115/115/125/125
C: 20 sec burpees/30sec hold on all rounds

calebg said...

1: 205 all sets
2: 185 all sets (worked on speed and tech.)
3: 1:08, :33, :23

Anonymous said...

A: 205#*5

B: 185#,185,190,195,200

C: 60s,43,40

Felt like I was moving a freight train on cleans today.

Burpees and Sprints were really good though.

Danny Davis said...

A. PC 210 all 5 sets.

B. PC/FS/HPC Cluster 190,190,200,210,220

C. In Dip Stand
All sets 60sec. Ist set held 20# WB b/t legs. Set 2 and 3 b/w only.

DSC Staff said...

Part 1 - 1 set at 185, 4 sets at 205
Sprints done on airdyne

Part 2 - 165x3, 185 x 2

No part 3, still leery of my shoulders

Heavy Evy said...

216# rushed warmup, my tech was junk, had 3 failed reps. So dropped some weight for the complex and worked back up.

177 back to 200, better.


Heavy Evy said...

216# rushed warmup, my tech was junk, had 3 failed reps. So dropped some weight for the complex and worked back up.

177 back to 200, better.


Jonathan Thom said...

Power cleans - 180#
Complex - 175#
Support - 48/22/21 sec

PC's felt good...sprints a little slow/akward...Complex might've been slightly too heavy for hpc. Transition from burpees to support felt an awesome sort of way.

Anthony Skvarka said...

A. PC 210 first 3, 230 last 2.

B. PC/FS/HPC Cluster 190,190,200,210,220

C. In Dip Stand
All sets 60sec. Ist set held 20# WB b/t legs. Set 2 and 3 b/w only.

unit said...

thanks nathan... it was a fun one!...

good luck at the meet in a couple weeks... keep us updated!

today's wod:
A- 225/225/235/245/245; form is slowly coming on the 40s.
B- 205/205/215/215/225
C- ~15-16sec for the burpees, ring holds: :50, :40, :30... ouch...


Pfeifdog said...

Part 1: 250x2,260x3
Part 2: 245
Part 3: 25sec,24sec,20sec

I felt really good today, the best I have felt since coming back from Scotland.
Wish the static holds on part 3 where longer, next time.

Craig said...

A week Behind oct 9

A. 75% BW. 135# - 5 sets
B. 9 reps at 85#
C. 30 reps - 155 shoulder to overhead.

Finished with half Oct 8
6 x :20 @ 100% 2:40 rest
treadmill @ max incline, 11 mph.

Anonymous said...

A. 245# x 2 each round.

- Used about 10-20# less than PR 1RM due to recovery
- Felt good and fast
- Backwards jump crept back in to movement

B. 205#, 215#, 215#, 225#, 225#

- First PC felt fast
- Limiting factor was HPC

C. Burbees took about 10 seconds, static hold lasted about 40 seconds till fatigue was noticed

Incorporating mobilityWOD into cool downs

Anonymous said...

A. 180
B. 180 x 5
C. :69, :47, :48

Kyle F said...

A: 195 X 5
B: 205 X5
C: As required

Note: Moved to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago. Been playing catchup but I think I'm back. Couldn't move all my equipment (damn appartment)

Any dogs in Vegas?

Dom said...

A. 225
B. 185, 195, 205x3
C. 30x3

burpees done in 16-17 sec each round

Ace said...

A. 115 for all
B. 115 for all
C. 21s/20s/18s

Anonymous said...

first post
5'5", 155lbs

A)power cleans 155lbs
Sprints in seconds 6,6,6,6,6

B)Complex 135,145,150,155,160

C)10 Burpees afap in seconds19,20,21
Muscle up to static ring hold
1 minute, 43 sec, 35sec

Soren said...

A bit behind, have been at conference.

2 power clean + 40 m sprint. 80kg PC

1PC,1FS,1HPC; 85 kg

Burpees: 21,20,19 sec
Static ring hold: 56,47,40