tues, oct 12, 2010

macronutrients after eccentric work

Big Dawg Comp # 2 Registration now open!

thanks to everyone who signed up for the last Big Dawg event (raising almost $1000) and helped support some people who need it most; as well as those who attended the CrossFit NYC chat I had in September where we raised $1500 for the dish, awesome stuff, onward and upward!

Base Strength:
A1. Clean Grip DeadLift @ 21X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 15 sec
A2. Ring Dips + weight vest - your choice @ 20X0; amrap (-1) x 5; rest 3 min
B1. KB Pistol - 16 total alternating per rep x 4; rest 1 min
B2. Ring HandStand Push Ups @ 31X1; amrap (-1) x 4; rest 1 min
C. L Sit - amsap x 5 sets; rest 45 sec b/t sets

post loads and notes to comments
double on Wednesday

"NOTHING is impossible to a willing heart!"


Stahl said...

Any tips on timing for coming back after illness? I am anxious to get back in, but I typically push it too hard too soon and make myself worse. Don't want to do that now and miss more time.

Bear said...

Glad to hear that it was so successful! Martin and I and a few other dawgs are competing in Stockholm 13/11, the Swedish CrossFit Cup: http://www.crossfitnordic.se/event/crossfit-sm-2010/

Stahl, it´s probably different for everybody but I always try to ease my way into it and not go from 0 to 100% and not worrying too much about weights and sets, and I´m especially careful when coming to aerobic activity.

A1 110-115-120-125-140 kg
A2 7,7,7,6,5 reps (8.5 kg, strict)
B1 5 kg plate in front of me
B2 fail (skipping rings), 1, 1, 2 reps on floor
C 11, 3, 7, 2, 2 sec on floor

Started out way to easy on the CGDL, 3 reps on all. No weight belt or west so a dumbbell between the legs which prevented kipping. No KBs, but managing to do that many pistols without holding my foot is BIG improvement. Had a RHSPU set up, but it was seriously dangerous, had a try and skipped it, but as it turned out my shoulders where fried from yesterday. Should´ve just done handstands+some eccentric work. L-sits was just embarissing, thought I had at least 20 sec on first ;)

Soren Kristensen said...

Stahl; go easy, I have lost heaps over a week, so be kind to yourself!

A1: 110,130,135,140,145 (ran out of weight)
A2: 7,9,9,9,9 (10kg)
B1: 12kg, for first set, then 5kg for the last 3 sets
B2: Ha ha ha ha! On floor, 5 reps all 4 rounds

C: 17,22,19,20,21


Angelo Fosco said...

A1. 295#, 315#, 335#, 345#, 365#
A2. 14, 12, 12, 15, 11 (20#vest)
B1. On plates on floor against wall: 5, 5, 4, 4
B2. BW, 10#, 15#, 15#
C. On rings: 17, 13, 11, 15, 12

Gord said...

A1. 198/220/240/250/260
A2. 5/5/5/4/4
B1. did to a 14 inch box. Left leg easy/right leg a struggle
B2. 0/1/2/1 -not sure I did the pace as I was more concerned with not breaking my neck.
C. didn't do ---Abs are way too sore

Chris Dunkin said...

A2. 30lb vest 13,11,11,10,9
B1. 35lb kb
B2. 2,2,2,3
C. :15,:15,:15,:16,:17

Lars said...

Nice to be back after 16 days in Greece. Feel refreshed and ready to tackle some workouts.

Didn't do any training while away, just lots of hiking, swimming, and sleeping.

A1. 275x3 - 2 sets, 295x3 - 3sets
A2. 13,10,10,10,10 + 30lb vest
B1. 16 no kb x 3 sets,16 w 8kg KB
B2. 2 x 4 sets
C. 10 sec x 5 sets

Deadlifts felt terrible on my lower back. Might be part of the 14hrs on a plane yesterday or the super hard beds in Greece, but it's been sore for awhile now.

Ring dips felt great.

Pistols felt suprisingly good, but worse with a KB.

HSPU's felt terrible and weak.

L sits didn't feel great either, partly because of low back being sore.

Up and down day, but good to be back.

Lars said...

Nice to be back after 16 days in Greece. Feel refreshed and ready to tackle some workouts.

Didn't do any training while away, just lots of hiking, swimming, and sleeping.

A1. 275x3 - 2 sets, 295x3 - 3sets
A2. 13,10,10,10,10 + 30lb vest
B1. 16 no kb x 3 sets,16 w 8kg KB
B2. 2 x 4 sets
C. 10 sec x 5 sets

Deadlifts felt terrible on my lower back. Might be part of the 14hrs on a plane yesterday or the super hard beds in Greece, but it's been sore for awhile now.

Ring dips felt great.

Pistols felt suprisingly good, but worse with a KB.

HSPU's felt terrible and weak.

L sits didn't feel great either, partly because of low back being sore.

Up and down day, but good to be back.

dmarsh said...

A1. 374,379,384,394,404
A2. 50# x 8,7,7,6,6
B1. 12kg x 8/leg x 4
B2. 1,2,1,2
C. 30s,20s,15s,12s,11s

Deads felt very strong. No break in back position at all. Hook grip throughout.

Ring dips strict.

Pistols games standard with a few hiccups on each set.

First time attempting Ring HSPU. Had to play around for a while to get in them. Next is figuring out how to use legs for assistance as opposed to legs fighting against me and creating friction the whole time. Anxious to try these fresh.

L-sits done on 6" parallettes and terminated once feet touched floor.

OPT said...

stahl, it only takes one hard nail to finish someone's coffin..the fact you are asking means you are aware...so listen to that gut instinct
immune system drop takes weeks to get to "unbeatable" again...but still ask the question why was my immune system compromised in the 1st place

BK said...

Are they the Elite Longs that have ripped at the seam, or the earlier model?
Contact me at bsc@crossfitperformance.com

A1: 315x3,365x3,385x1(lost the 2nd grip),365x3,365x2
A2. 4,4,3,3,3 (40 # vest)
B1: 35 ,35,35,35
B2: 1(head to floor off 45's),3,3,3(hands on floor)
C:20 sec,15,15,15,15

Never given the ring HSPU even an attempt and would be on major struggle street anyway at this stage.
Weighed myself at OPT Sat and suprisingly 208! Comp in 30 days , dropping 8 -10 pounds

Martin Altemark said...

A1. 110, 120kg, 125kg, 130kg, 140kg
A2. 8kg chain around neck, strict - 10, 9, 10, 9, 8

B1. 16kg KB, 16kg KB, 8kg medball, 8kg medball
B2. 2 rings, 0, 0, 0

C. 11 (floor), 6 (floor), 15 (parallettes), 14 (p), 11 (p)

Felt weak all over. Couldn't even get up over rings to start a rep on second round forward. L-sits was tragic. Taking tomorrow off.

Rudy Tapalla said...

A1. 275x3,295x3,315x3,315x2,315x2
(pain in left thumb in hook grip was limiting factor)

A2. 5,9,5,9,6 (20#vest)

B1. 15#,15#,25#,25#

B2. 3,3,3,3

C1. 15,18,16,18,14 (Tight hamstrings, cramping in hip flexors for last 2 sets)

Joel Krigström said...

A1. 3x110, 3x120, 3x130, 2x130, 2x130 kg
A2. Strict with 11kg db b/w legs
5-6-4-4-4 reps
B1.Only 5kg plate (which is easier than nothing..)because a pain in my shoulder. All reps easy.
B2.Eccentric HSPU against wall 3 reps.
c.Nothing - a joke. My abs were sore even before yesterdays training, and today they cramped after 1 sec.

But i´m happy anyway and looking forward till tomorrow´s WoD

Michael said...

A1. 275, 305, 325, 335, 345
A2. 20# vest- 25, 20, 16, 13, 13 (first 4 sets strict, last set kipping)
B1. 1pood KBell all sets (went a hair light due to tendinitis in left knee but felt good)
B2. Fist length between rings and ground- 7, 5, 5, 5
C. 15, 15, 13, 12, 10 seconds

Low back was tight yesterday and today.
L-sit felt terrible, bent knee; please more consistent work on this.

Jon Sinclair said...

A1. 225, 255, 275, 295, 305(x2, no chalk so grip slipped)
A2. 14, 14, 13, 13, 12 (BW, didn't want to hurt rib with vest)
B1. 8kg kb
B2. 2, 3, 3, 2 (Don't know if I was doing them right, had trouble making legs slide up straps so was bending them)
C. 10, 8, 11, 12, 12 (unflexible, can't even straighten my legs)

Chris Castillo said...

A1. 275-315-365-415-435 all x 3 hook grip
A2. 15#x12-26#x8-26#x6-26#x5-26#x5
B1. 26#x4
B2. 5-4-2-3
C. 31-21-19-14-15

nice work on Saturday everybody. Hella B/W OHS!! Nice work!

Sean LeFloch said...

A1 315#,325#,335#,340#,345#(1)
A2 12,13,12,12,10 reps (20# weight vest, on tempo)
B1 Standard pistols (So terrible it these)
B2 6,5,7,7 (on tempo, no kip)
C 15,10,12,15,11 (on parallettes)

My overhead squat and my failure to hit pistols and definitely correlated. But why? Could it be ankle flexibility, or maybe tight iliopsoas/flexors.....or both?

Drew said...

A1.245/260/275/290/305 all for 3

Started out to light on deads.
HSPU done on 6" boxes with head to floor. Tried on rings during warm up and almost killed myself.
L-sits done on 6" boxes

matt shannon said...

Yesterday's WOD

A) all unbroken but did hang power snatch @115 because pulling the weight from the ground brought back the headache. Felt pretty easy and was able to rep them all out @ the hang with problem.

Subbed row @ 80-85% averaged 400 meters.

B) push press was easy. Burpee broad jumps were a no go so I just continued rowing at the same 80-85% pace.

The 5 sets of knees to elbows and push ups were pretty easy and took about 6 minutes.

I did the push ups with the games standard "hand release".

My right Eustachian tube is clogged and is what's giving me the terrible headaches. Hopefully it will be gone soon so I can do these wods as RX'd.

Saw deadlifts, pistols, dips and HSPU's and really wanted to do this one today but am just sticking to being a day behind.

Anonymous said...

A1: 305,315,325*3
A2: 11,12,12,11,10 (25# db strict)

B1: 1pood held @ shoulder level*4
(Strict to ankles)
B2: 3,3,3,3 (1st time on these)

C: 13,16,14,13,10,15

Jonathan Thom said...

A1. 245, 275, 285, 290x2, 290x2 - pounds
A2. + 20lb - 6,4,4,4,4
B1. 4, 8, 12, 16 - kilos
B2. Subbed 3x5sec full rom negatives on parallettes for each set
C. 15sec, 11, 10, 9, 10 - on rings

Feel pretty good about today. Focused on keeping perfect posture on the cln dl's. Stoked to get up to 16kg on pistols, although my chest started to dip in the later reps of that set - not good. Have a 3 1/2 pound grass fed roast in the oven that I can't wait to dig into tonight...

PTS said...

A1. 275,285,305,325,345(2)
A2. 25lb(12) 35lb 8,8,8,7

B1. I messed this up and did it with db in each hand. 10lbs x2 , 15lbs x 2.

B2. strict against wall 3,4,3,4
I have regressed in these big time.

C. 12,11,3,10,4.

joey warren said...

A1. 315/320/330/340x2/340x2
A2. 40lb vest- 11/10/9/8/7
B1/ 26lb KBx2 sets/35lb kb x 2sets - started getting sloppy
B2. fist height- 5/5/5/4
C. :11/:11/:12/:10/:10

Joel B. said...

A1: 225, 240, 255, 275, 295X3
A2: (25# vest)7, 6, 6, 6, 5
B1: no kb, assisted for balance (pathetic but what can I say) 16X4
B2: 3.5 added ROM 22" apart at thumb regular hspu: 3, 3, 3, 2
C: 17, 13, 14, 9, 13 secs on parrellettes

Stahl said...

Thanks, Coach. I definitely don't want to make it worse - just always tough to sit on the sidelines and feel like I'm losing the gains I've made.

I definitely know why I became vulnerable and my immune system dropped: stress has been through the roof with work, side business, kids got sick, and I'm trying to coordinate my family's cross-country move.

Kind of a lethal cocktail to the immune system, or another version of that SNL skit "Bad Idea Jeans."

David said...

A1. 3 each @ 287, 298, 309, 320. 331
Clean grip (double overhand) but no hook.
A2. 10, 9, 9, 7, 7 with 20 lb vest.

B1. BW, 8kg, 8kg, 12kg. First time doing weight pistols, sure it wasn't pretty but it went.
B2. The last time I tried ring hspu I nearly killed myself, had burn marks on my legs for a week. So, with a 20lb vest, against the wall:

C. 32, 23, 20, 13, 13.

Brandon said...

A1. 315/365/385/405/425(f-2)
A2. 35# 9/9/8/9/8
B1. BW/8kg/8kg/8kg for 8 reps, BW for last 8
B2. 3/3/3/3 rings about 6" off ground
C. 9/8/10/9/9 on rings

Deads felt great. First time with unassisted pistols. Can improve alot. Also first time with ring HSPU. Took awhile to figure out how to get up, but really happy that I gave it a shot. Proved that I can do two things I didn't think I could with pistols and the rings today.



Geoff Aucoin said...

So, in regards to the abstract, are we left to gather that post-exercise nutrition (resistance training) ratios should be less than 75% C but more than 6%? What is biggest fact to gain from this info? How would the ratios apply after a good bout with Cindy?

Steve said...

A1: 100kg/105kg/110kg/115kg/120kg
A2: 9/7/7/6/6 all strict with 20# vest
B1: 16#x 2 sets/20#x 2 sets
B2: 2/1/1/1
C: 20/18/15/15/15

* kept the dead lifts light today to really work on the clean set up and pull

Pete @ CFN said...

A1. 245,265,285,300,315…3 reps on all
A2. 15,12,12,10,10 w/ 20 lb. vest
B1. Complete
B2. 1 on rings + 1 floor, fail on rings + 1 floor, 3 floor, 3 floor
C. all 5 sets between 9-15 seconds

OPT said...

sean lefloch, post a video of both your OHS and pistol and lets have a look at the issues...

stahl, bad idea jeans - funny shit

geoff, it depends on too many factors, height, weight, how many rounds one does, gender, is it in a competition or just a workout day, lifestyle...etc...the idea behind the post is to see the population it was done on an use the info as needed when applied to that group...most interesting were the findings on WHR which i usually see as cortisol/insulin/estrogen management areas...

Danny Davis said...

A.1. 275,295,335,355,375 all 3 rep/rnds.

A.2. 20#DB B/T Legs 14,14,10,9,7

B.1. 8#,12.5#,15#,18#

B.2. Parrellettes 4,3,3,3

C. Parrellettes 31,20,25,19,14sec.

unit said...

geoff- also, the study looked at the response after maximal eccentric contractions... though the abstract doesn't say how the performed that loading or the number of times loaded, other than bicep/triceps were involved... I'd presume it'd ignite a different or similar but slightly different metabolic response if a different muscle loading strategy was performed (ie Cindy) or if different muscle groups were involved (quads/hamstrings)... just some thoughts...

A1- 315/ 365/ 365/ 385/ 400(1)
A2- 90lb- 8/ 6/ 6/ 5/ 5
B1- 20/ 20/ 20/ 30
B2- 5/ 4/ 4/ 4
C- :12/ :10/ :14/ :14/ :13

form went 2 $#!+ after the first DL at 400 so stopped... 385 felt pretty gd...
haven't done weighted pistols before... but found them easier than regular pistols... I think I may have a balance issue that I use the weight 2 counter balance... hopefully will video sometime for some pointers/suggestions...


Anonymous said...

A1. 315 x 3, 365 x 2, 365 x 2, 365 x 3, 375 x 3

A2. 9, 10, 11, 10, 9

B1. 20#, 25#, 30#, 35#

B2. 5, 0, 4, 4

C. 8, 10, 14, 8

Anthony Skvarka said...

did this wod right after completing yesterday's - trying to catch up. This obviously impacted my output on the below.
a1. worked up to 365
a2. did not add weight. set 1 14 reps followed by 4 sets of 12 reps
b1. did not add weight
b2. all on parrallette 1st set 4 reps remaining sets of 3 reps
c. .40, .24, .21, .22, .12

DSC Staff said...

A1 - 305,325,335,355,365 all x 3
A2 - 12,10,7,8,7

B1 - BW, +25lbs, +36lbs, +36lbs
B2 - 0, 1, 3, 3

C - 23,18,16,10,11

Shoulders seem to still be recovering, can't get any strength behind a HSPU yet. Only got some reps from kipping.

Jay said...

A1. 275(3),295(3),315(3),335(3),335(1)
A2. 6,5,5,4,4
B1. 8kgx4
B2. 2,3,3,3
C. 20,17,17,15,15

Michael McCabe said...

a1. (kg) 120, 130, 140, 150, 155x2
a2. (with 15# DB) 6, 6, 5, 5, 5
b1. 12kg kb for all sets
b2. regular hspu - 0 (tried E-ROM), 3, 2, 2
c. 10, 12, 8, 11, 10

dips felt okay, haven't done ring dips w/o pain in my trap for a long time, so that's positive. still can't do hspu

Brian Gregory said...

A1. 275, 300, 315, 335, 355 all 3 reps
A2. 5@30#,7@25,7@25,7@20,9@15
B1. 20,25,35,40#
B2. 3,3,3,2 - not Rx'd
C. 21,17,14,13,13s - on rings

Notes: Sore upper body from yesterday. Hook Grip on all DLs; Dips were hard with tempo; Pistols all UB and fast until 40# then slightly slower; HSPU on perfect pushup handles and head about 4 inches below hands and very hard, kipped last rep on all.

Coach said...

-back is sore
B1)Used a 25# KB for al sets
C) 35-22-15-13-12

Coach said...

20#-25# vest

Heavy Evy said...

A2.10,11,10,8,8 20#backpack
B1. 20#,25,35,45
B2. 4,3,3,3,
C. 18,20,22,10,8 on parallettes

Back has been tight all day, and 396 didn't feel like I should do another. 45#KB Pistol got sloppy and I had to break. The rest were good.

I had to tell everyone that was snikering at me in the gym that I was in the circus.

mhamilton said...

From Monday.

A. Started at #115 then scaled to #95 after first set. Subbed with rows. All rds broken. 398-363m on rows.
B. Scaled to #115 PP. All broken. 12,7,8 bjb.
C. 9:39 total.

Was brutal after a lazy Thanksgiving wknd.

no part 2

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that the vest was 45#

This was an exciting workout - given the back recovery.

Thanks, coach.

Brent Maier said...


A: 150/160/170/180/190kg (418#) - 3/3/3/3/2
B: 8/8/7/6/5 - w/42# vest
C: 1.5pd KB for all sets
D: 2/1/1/1 - Ankle cramped in a place I didn't know your ankle could cramp on round 1. Going back to C worked it out.
E: :30/:20:/:20/:15 - Fought right tricep cramp.

Must not have drank enough water today and pretty sore from yesterday. Tough, Tough workout though. Nice to see you back Gordo!

Poly said...

A1. 335, 345, 355, 365, 375x3
A2. @BW 14, 13, 13, 11, 10
B1. Did not use KB, but very happy with my progress
B2. 3, 4, 4, 3, 3
C. 10, 13, 14, 15, 15

Anonymous said...

A1. 245, 265, 275, 275, 285
A2. 10/+25#, 6/35#, 6/35#, 5/40#, 4/40#
B1. 25#, 11/44#, 35#, 35#
B2. 0, 1, 2, 3 never done Ring HSPU before, after 1st attempt lowered rings so knuckles were just touching floor
C. :37, :24, :19, :14, :13

matt said...

A1 275-325-335-345-365
A2 20-20-15-15-15 20lb vest
B1 16-16-16-16-16 BW
B2 3-5-8-4-3
C 20-15-10-10-15

A. DL felt light
Ring PU are difficult. Got better w practice.
Core lil sore fromm K2E yesterday.

Dustin said...

A1. 275x3, 315x3, 335x2, 365x2, 370x2
A2. 20lb vest: 12, 11, 9, 8, 8
B1. 36lb Kettle bell (very hard)
B2. 5, 4, 4, 4. (Very hard - struggled)
C. 12, 12, 10, 11, 10.

Robin Lyons said...

1A. 225,235,245,255,255lbs
1B. 8,8,8,6,6
2A.height 12' box
2B. Ecc. Ring HPSU 1.1.1 x3

walking on hands practice 10 min

Christa said...

A2: 5/4/4/4/3
B1: not able to do with weight of KB. I have to hold my toe to balance to successfully complete these
couldn't press up very well..had to pull with my feet then straighten my arms. Def will work the depth more!
C: 30sec/27sec/23sec/17sec