fri, oct 8, 2010

OPT Coach/Client - DJ Wickham - 115kg Snatch - CrossFit USAW 2nd place

Anaerobic Alactic Endurance
AirDyne Sprints:
20 sec @ maximal effort
2:40 rest spin lightly x 6
rest 6 min
20 sec @ maximal effort
2:40 rest spin lightly x 6

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matt said...

Sub for Aerodyne?

Eric Montgomery said...

Obvious guess is row, but no idea on what kind of tempo/pace.

Bear said...

This question came up the other week and hill sprints was recommended over row as sub for the Satan´s Tricycle.

Bear said...

Hill sprints:
1-2: max distance, reference
3-4: -5 m
5-6: -8 m
Rest 6 min
7-8: -5 m
9-12: -8 m

Really explosive and fast 1-2, loosing speed after 15 sec 3-4 and also loosing explosiveness in the start of 5-6. The second part, 7-12, was easier for my breath, but with more acid in my legs because I compensated with shorter steps.

I was a bit disappointed with the 2 k row the other day. I felt I could do better, but then I realized that sub 7 is kinda big for me so a did a short film for my rememberence :)

Alex Duncan said...

Taking a few days off. Almost broke my wrist yesterday on my final Hang Squat Clean. Elbow came crashing down on my knee and wrist got caught. First time it ever happened.

Pete Seguin said...

Matt, I think Bear is right. Uphill Sprints would be a good sub. Actually any sprints at all would get the desired effect.

A row isn't bad but its not ideal because it takes a little longer to reach maximum power output compared to the airdyne or a sprint.

The pace is 100%.

PTS said...

cals: 20,20,22,20,20,16

what are the post wod recommendations for this kind of wod? Today I went 15g P and 50g carb. I'm approx 9% bf.

Drew said...

subed row sprints, no airdyne and no hill.
ass slipped off the seat on the last sprint

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I'm at about the same BF (6-9% depending on the day) and have been using an approximate 1:4 ratio (protein:carb) with good results. Generally I'll take in about 80g carb (refuel) - I know, it seems like a lot.

I'll actually use this same ratio on just about all the workouts, but will adjust sometimes for doubles/triples (decrease total amount with each workout), or maybe heavy days where I'll increase protein in the ratio to 2:4.

Probably depends a bit on where your body holds the fat? I generally store on the upper back.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a big rock today. Anyone remember what Coach's recommendations were?

If I remember right, the stone should be big enough to take about 5 seconds to lift from ground to shoulder height?


OPT said...

matt, Pete's answer is correct, the idea to to "elicit" the right training response...for this time domain the hills/stadium stairs/sprints are better...

PTS, the post wo fuel is based on a lot of factors per person: i.e. what are you doing afterwards for life, your current BF% and where you store it, the depletion of glycogen in workout...etc...for this one being high CNS demand and low glycogen usage, ease more into a moderate to high protein and moderate to low carb post wo...kind of like what i had steve do for a while of 40gP;60-80gC which is moderate for carbs based on 9% BF

steve, that is about right for stone

Heavy Evy said...


"Over 5sec to shoulder"

I really need to dial in my nutrition, cause I'm no where near that many g's of carbs post wod.

And I have a million one-liners for where I store my body fat, but for today I'll keep them to myself.

Rory Hanlin said...

Nice work out there DJ,

Way to represent the Big Dawgs

PTS said...

Steve and OPT thanks for the response. I think your explanations give me a little better handle on how to fuel post-wod.

Anonymous said...


Only did half due to time restrictions.
Not. Fun.

Last round my RPMs got up to 93. That was the only round I monitored. I was more focused on not falling off the bike.

Stahl said...

Sub-row; no hill/airdyne:

Almost all at 1:24 avg. split, and meters ranging from 116-122.

Rudy Tapalla said...

Really wanted to catch up but yesterday body said rest. Still came in to today with a little ab and bicep soreness.



BW/broken at 7
10/broken at 5
10/broken up very ugly

Jonathan Thom said...

Subbed row sprints...will try to find a hill/steps the next time something like this comes up though!

Focused on using a big leg drive and landing back in the same catch position every time. No idea of my numbers, but at "max power" during my best rows I was around 1:25/500m, which is good for me.

Brian Gregory said...

Today´s wod
Cals - 17,17,17,16,17,16,16,16,16,17,17,16

10-7 wod


B. 230#

C1.4repsx4 all @ BW
C2.All unbroken but not very fast after 1st

10-6 WOD

3rds @ 308, 340, 441
Did not attempt

10-4 WOD

A1. 105, 120, 135(1), 110, 125(4), 135(1)
A2. BW all sets 5 reps

Geoff Aucoin said...

Watching DJ snatch is always fun for me, it's a thing of beauty. Way to represent, buddy.

Geoff Aucoin said...

There is no sub for the evilness that is the Airdyne. Unless drinking a flask of rum and doing sprints blindfolded in a field that may or may not have a pool or land mines in it is considered a sub...

Michael said...

Back on board after the USAW/CF comp

still a little sore from the back squat/rope climb .com wod the other day so I took extra rest yesterday

A1. all 3's- 225, 225, 225, 235, 245, 255, 255
A2. 5, 4, 4, 5, 4, 4, 3
A3. 5, 4, 4, 5, 4, 4, 4 (terrible, the L-sit is a huge weakness)
B. 135, 185, 205, 225, 235, 245 (felt real good)
full clean PR is 285, never done heavy hang clean
C1. all with 35lb's for 4 reps
C2. All butterfly and fast, unbroken

joey warren said...

20 sec sprint on track/2:40 light jog x 12
6 min rest b/t set 6 and 7

Anonymous said...


Maintained watts between 95-105.
Came out to 125cals on my airdyne for both groups.

Brandon said...

Hill Sprints:
20s up, 2:40 walk down - 6 min between 6/7

First 8 were great, last 4 hurt a lot.

Pete @ CFN said...

rest 6 min, then:
jogged/walked the 2:40 rest periods

BK said...

Looking for OPT address, misplaced address last visit.
Can anyone give me heads up on address, looking to get it done?

Arjuna @ Calibrated Training Systems said...

Felt like Death!
Total Calories= 228
1. 26. 7. 18
2. 21. 8. 18
3. 20. 9. 17
4. 19. 10. 16
5. 18. 11. 17
6.18. 12. 20

mhamilton said...

No airdyne or hills. Subbed row sprints for 30 secs at max damper. Measured cals although maybe that wasn't the best measure.

rest 6mins

Sean LeFloch said...

Just picked up my Airdyne today. I got it from a little old lady and it was probably manufactured well before I was born. No calorie count, but it has RPM trip meter that seems to be pretty close to calories. Avg. 17 rpm per 20 sec sprint. Never thought that I can like and hate something so much.

Michael McCabe said...

today was my first date with satan's tricycle... by the last couple rounds i think i would have preferred to be doing the activity geoff described above.... good stuff, hopefully the trike will stay available to me (property of the rowing team here)

Anonymous said...

Going to have to find an Airdyne. Looking into refurbished models.

Sub hill sprints at prescribed times.

No luck finding a rock today.

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm going for the rum and blindfold combo. Didn't know that was an option.

Steve said...

Subbed AirDyne for hill sprints for rx'd effort time then jogged for rx'd rest time.

matt shannon said...

Nice work DJ. Glad to they had it streaming live -- great to see it.

No hill or airdyne so I was back on the rower.

Rows were between 115-124 meters for all 12 rounds. Still sick but getting better.

joey thanks for the email man -- appreciate the thoughts.

brandon thanks for clearing up when to add weight to the low rep range pull-ups.

looking forward to the triple tomorrow.

Coach said...

Did Hill Sprints Sub



BK said...

Devils Tricycle at OPT.
Micheal was there and advised avg miles. Not gonna argue. Nasty as always. Headaches persisting late in the game for me around set 9 thru 12.

Janet Kelly

Eric Montgomery said...

No tricycle so subbed row.

116m, 119, 120, 120, 117, 118; 118, 118, 119, 117, 119, 121

Pfeifdog said...

Sub'ed Rowing for 20 sec portion
and jumped SU for 2:40 portion

Distances in meters:


Rudy Tapalla said...

8 hours after doing yesterdays, I got todays in on a rower (no Airdyne).



Tried different combinations of rowing hard vs. rowing fast with the same result.

Stephen B. said...
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Stephen @ CFN said...

Eight weeks post-microfracture surgery on the left knee. Still limited and cautious, but it's progressing well enough to have re-introduced good mornings, light KB swings, and some higher-intensity work on the AirDyne recently. Jumped in on this one with Pete and Arjuna:


Felt like the right leg did 80% of the work, and my shoulders were smoked. Hoping to be 100% by January 1st...

Stephen B. said...

yesterday's wod
250(2)/3/6...all squats ass to heels...found this quite tough

got to gym time for B...jumped in truck, went looking for pullup C1/C2 at an empty playground...pullups done on VERY fat bar

C1. complete...all at bwt.
C2. problem and fast...although bar made grip slightly more challenging

rest 5 min

today's wod:
sprints complete...felt good

notes: subbed running sprints for airdyne...cut rest in between sprints to 1 min jog at Z1/Z2 pace and rest between sessions to 3 min...short on time and it was late

Pete Seguin said...

Still one day behind.

185 3/6/6(didn't dig deep enough on BS)
195 3/6/5
205 3/5/6
210 3/5/6
215 3/4/6
220 3/4/6
225 2/3/6

B 155/185/195/205/210(f)
C1 4x4 @BW
C2 4x10

First evening workout in a while, not as much juice as usual but not bad. Front squats definitely need improvement. Squats in general are weak. Good form but not lifting the weight I would hope.

HSC felt good but just didn't have much push left out of the bottom. Caught 215 but bailed to the front.

Already feeling an improvement in scapular movement for pull-ups. Felt a big difference in the bottom of the L-Pull ups. Great session overall.

Joel B. said...

Completed on Airdyne. No working meter so no metrics. Looking for a newer model that has a monitor then re-sell the one I have. Legs shot.

Been doing goat milk (1 pint only) PWO for about 2 weeks now. Before that I was doing 40P (whey), 40-80C (yam)depending on the WOD. I am feeling slighter and don't feel as recovered in general. Added a yam with the goat milk today and will try for a while with the goat milk and bolster the carb/pro with real food based on the workout demand and see how it goes.

Heavy Evy said...

Nasty nasty hill sprints. School kids asked if I was training for the Olympics, and cheered me on, it was pretty funny.

Last 3 sets were lung burners, and drops in distance.

Chris Dunkin said...


Pete Seguin said...

@ Brent Maier.

Brent I'm not an expert either but I've been struggling with this for the last 3 years and I think I figured out how to manage it. For me it came about one day after over doing it on a run/squat/box jump wod.

Running still occasionaly flares it up as well as squatting or deadlifting if I don't warm-up properly or stay on top of the mobility stuff.

I've found alot of relief from doing mobility work. Specifically I get good relief by foam rolling along the IT band and the outside part of the quad, from the hip all the way down to the knee, with a focus on the outside of the quad just above the knee and at the hip attachment. I also work the top of the calf just outdise the knee. Basically at the attachment sites.

I sometimes have to really emphasize doing the same around the hip/glute area because I find that if I'm tight up there I feel it in the knee area.

When I started strengthennig the hammies with GH Raises, things also seemed to improve.

I target all of these areas with stretching as well and and when it flares up, I hit it with ice (I have styrofoam cups with ice on stand-by in the freezer so that I can target the exact spot on top of that knee cap.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

No airdyne decided to sub exercise bike instead of rower set resistance to a point where it was very challenging.

Christa said...

Completed with Prowler since there are no hills around. Put 50lb total on it to maintain a solid pace to sprint.

Chechi said...
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Jesse J WellRock said...

all sprints completed reached my peak at around 8 seconds and was able to sustain it until about the 17th/18th second. rounds 1-6 peaked at 102 RPM's ,7-12 about 98 RPM's...this one was tough.

Siu said...

1. 14 cals
2. 13
3-8. 12
9. 11
10. 12
11. 11
12. 12

Then some MU attempts, 3 in a row (PR).