tues, oct 5, 2010

part 1:
5 sets @ 95%:
20 ring dips
20 unbroken chin ups
20 GHD sit ups
20 squats
20 GHD extensions
rest 2 min b/t sets

rest 8+hours

part 2:
for time/reps:
Row 2K
AMRAP Double Unders in time remaining in 10 minute time cap
(row must be done to its entirety before starting DU's)

post times and reps to comments


Cocopuffs said...

Been away for a while, still training hard just not following the programming here. Saw this workout and really wanted to do it even though its my day off.

Part 1)


2 minutes rest between each set ring dips got REALLY hard on the last set broken into 5,3,2,2,2 then singles.

will do part 2 in the morning when I wake up. Good night, miss you guys.

PTS said...

yesterdays wod

A1. 105,115,135 115,125,145(1)
A2. 10, 25x4, 25,x4,25x4, 25x4, 15x4

tempo at top of chins was very hard.

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1:


Everything unbroken except GHD situps....HOLY CRAP. I didn't think I was going to survive the last 2 rounds on them. Did them in 2's and 3's. After the last round couldn't move for a good 5-6 minutes, still lightheaded and huge headache. Work should be fun.

mhamilton said...

Yesterday's WOD

A1. 105,115,135,115,135,150
A2. BWx5

Could not pin my chest on any of them. Even at just BW.

Martin Altemark said...

3:07, 3:06 - crash - 4:17, 5:20, 6:17

Had to wait for gear which I shared with a partner on last two rounds, but still...

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1:

BK said...

Part 1;
4th set I hit struggle street at 5th rep of dips, nothing there . Waited 30 secs to start pullups and just made them but with zero pop. Nothing doing on GHD and with banging headache at end of 4th , I saw no benefit of hitting 5.Felt like absolute shit really, stomach ache also.
Not enough hydration yesterday and this morning for sure. Will rest up, get a nap and see how part B treats me.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

part 1 ...
20 ring dips are A LOT for me so i did first two rounds w/o a band and just so i woulnt have any elbow/shoulder issues later today i added a band. times r slow vs. all the guys ..stupid ring dips!!!! think it took me 4 mins to get the rd on the 1st round haa
1. 7:37
2. 8:33
3. 6:15
4. 6:45
5. 7:44

row later ...this will be tough!

Marcus Filly said...

Part 1.
*Birthday celebration last night... too much wine. Caught up with me on round 3.

Unknown said...


Great meeting James, Rob, and the rest of the Calgary crew on Saturday at CF NYC, as well as fellow big dawgs like Drew. Good people all around.

Unfortunately, as pumped up as I was coming out of Saturday, my daughter's been pulling a little bit of AMRAP sleep for two hours cry for 15 mins the last few nights. I haven't had the heart to ask my wife to do all-night duty and then leave at 5:15 to work out and go to work and come back at 6 pm.

Pissed that I missed the last few days of programming, but I didn't want to keep playing catch-up. Did part 1 today at 7 in our apartment building gym with subs:

40 Bench Dips
12 Strict Pull-ups (15 first two rounds)
40 Straight leg sit-ups
20 Squats
20 Reverse Hypers on T-Ball

3:51, 4:11, 4:24, 4:46, 4:32

Lack of sleep and some head congestion made this a long one, but I was glad at least to move around and sweat some of it out.

Hopefully do Part II tonight.

NorCal Chris said...

Part 1:

Dips with small band to protect lt shoulder. Thought I would crush this and it owned me!

Brian Maier said...

Part 1:


GHD situps crushed me after round 2. Busted a nut on round 1...knew I was in trouble for rest of workout.

Coach said...

Pt 1


Crashed hard after 5th round. Definitely slipped into 100% and Redlined

Drew said...

First 2 sets of ring dips unbroken, pull ups felt pretty good, GHD sit ups wrecked me after round 2, squats and extensions were all unbroken. the GHD was were I lost my time each round.

Arjuna @ Calibrated Training Systems said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

part 1;

total working time = 12:11

Sit ups were there slowest for me
Ring Dips went:
10/10x 2 sets
10/5/5x 3 sets

Sean LeFloch said...


My elbows are killing me!

Aly Jansen said...

Part 1:
Had my ass handed to me.
Completed 3 rounds (used band for dips and subbed ring rows w/feet elevated for chins as my hands are torn)
After round three I was seeing spots.....this usually means I'm on the fast track to a migraine so I pulled the pin.

Feel alright now so will give Part 2 a go on by break at work.

Aly Jansen said...

Forgot to post my times.....

@Jen Osborn - Nice work on the ring dips. Took me forever WITH bands great job doing 2 rounds without!!!

Matt Shannon said...

Waveload was 105, 115, and 125 x 2

Did 6 sets of 5 reps on the chins. 1st three sets played with hand width and found the right one on the 3rd set and stayed with a closer grip. Did all 6 sets @ bodyweight with a hard contraction pause and slow release.

Today’s wod was done 2.5 hours later.


Tore 3 calluses in round three. That really sucked but didnt slow me down. Any advice on keeping that from happening? Ive been feeling a clicking in my right shoulder during pull-ups too. It only happens doing the butterfly and not standard kip. Any thoughts as to why that might be?

The main thing I was fighting was a headache and this weird upper respiratory problem. I think it’s the change in the weather. We had summer heat in the mid to upper 80’s up until about 2 weeks ago. Then it rained for a straight week with temps in the 70’s and the last few days it’s been in the 40’s at night and topping out at around 69 or 70 degrees.

Martin Altemark said...

Amazing times for all of you guys and gals! Thanks for making me feel bad! :-)

part 2:
sub 2k run (not flat) for row: 7:36/105

Couldn't jump rope inside since kids watched TV, and rowing inside running out for DUs seemed crazy. Besides, winter's gonna be here in Sweden soon enough - taking any chance I can to get out in the air (work in office all day).

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

thnx ali! good job urself ...deff not fun!!!!

part 2 ...couple hours later

2k row = 7:29.0 (PR BY 7SEC)
du= 100

determined to get a sub 7 min 2k now! had a lot with 400meters left sooo one day...we shall see!! Du felt funny with the dead legs ..hit a lot @ first but got better

Matt Morales said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joey warren said...

part 1: 10AM

Very sick and headache: my diet has been absoluutely awful, caught up with me today... thanks for that Coach shows I better get my head out of my ass!

Arjuna @ CFN said...

Part 1:

Last set was hangin on for dear life on pullup bar. Got to 12 and was like oh shit...last couple reps were bruce Lee style holding onto bar with 2 fingers.

Chelsea said...

did pt 2 first because of time. im pretty sick and barely sleep now that im back at school. diets been awful, but its never been any different. eating healthy is way too big of a pain in the add while im living with my college friends haha!
felt like i was weezing on the rower. rowed an awful 8:48.3 and my double unders just sucked i got 42.
on a better note, i think its time i focus on fitness and stray away from the frat parties!

Erik Luber said...

Part 1


Ouch. That was fun. Ring dips were limiting factor, was just at muscular failure by round 3. Took me 2 min to finish the dips on last round.

Steve Pinkerton said...

Part 1:
4:40 Pullups Broken/GHD Broken
5:20 Pullups Broekn/GHD Broken

This was a bloodbath. I was gassed and never recovered. Pretty frustrated as to where my Endurance is right now but we talked about this a few weeks ago after the strength cycle and I knew it would be rough incorporating these types of WODS again.

I don't have Jess's times so she can post her own. Krazy and I would have killed her if we weren't paralyzed on the ground after our WOD as we watched her finish and then start doing prowler pushes for the next 15 minutes....humbling to say the least, but I have heard this will build character.

Brandon said...

Part 1
Redlined on rd. 4 and didn't want to push it too hard rd. 5. Did an untimed 5th rd in about 5 mins

2:24 - all UB
3:17 - Dips 14/6, rest UB
3:27 - Dips 12/8, sit-ups 12/8, rest UB
3:54 - Dips 10/5/5, situps 8/6/6, rest UB
untimed - Dips 11/9, situps 12/8, rest UB

Very lightheaded and dizzy. Something in either hydration or carb intake is off...


Sean LeFloch said...

7:17 row
142 Double Unders

Forearms and calves burn out in the max doubles. Lungs felt fine.

Anonymous said...



(No GHD Machine)
-GHD sit ups- feet under bar/back across bench both hands over head.
-Extensions-done on 45 degree machine. Will start subbing good mornings as 45 degree machine is shit.

Everything unbroken until last 10 reps of ghd situps, (5&5)

Finally developed kip for ring dips and squats went really well. Felt like my vo2 has improved a lot.

OPT said...

folks, what might help with these aerobic power session intervals is to keep moving b/t rds like on rower, bike, active brisk walk, etc...the headaches sometimes come from improper fuelling but usually lactate in the head...flushing this better b/t sets will help; i'll post that as rest from now on as well as name the energy system planned for wods to help CCP coaches as well as athletes

Stahl said...

Part I

2:40, 2:39, 3:17, 3:35, 3:33

With a nice headache after. I jogged for for a few minutes afterward to keep moving and it did clear up.

Ring dips slowed me down. GHD was so high I couldn't touch the ground, so just went down as far as I could (one hand reaching).

Hoping to get to part II tonight if work/family will allow.

Chris Castillo said...


It was hard to keep my rythm on pull ups- not fluid. Ring dips are a weakness for me right now.
Last round of pull ups I got 12-5-2-1 lol. Stupid!!
GHD sit ups and dips fuct me up! I had my eye closed for the whole workout, Like a bad haunted house!! Buhahahaha!!
Good shit. Put me in my place too. Depressing kind of.
Gonna make up for it tonight though.

Steve and Jess Pinkerton said...

Part 2:
6:52 Row
176 Double Unders

Part 1:

Part 2:
100 Double Unders

Steve said...

part 2

time = 7:06
Toatl DU's = 180

Rudy Tapalla said...

Coach or any veteran Big Dawgs, If you are behind a day, is it better to post yesterday's training on today's comments? Or go back to the training posted date and back-date it to those comments? Thanks.

Derek said...

Part 1: Did at my school gym which lacks equipment. Did 15 regular ring dips(20 would have taken way to long), subbed Lat pull downs @ 100# for pull ups,did situps on a decline bench, squats were squats and extensions done on a flat bench on my stomach. Ran out of time for 5th set as I did this workout on my prep which is only 45 min.

1. 4:02
2. 4:46
3. 5:26
4. 5:49
5. No time

Part 2(6 hours later)

Row: 8:00 min
141 double unders

Danny Davis said...

Part 1 930-1000

1. 2:57
2. 2:55
3. 2:57
4. 4:20 Bonked
5. XXXX Did not do.

Part 2 300-330pm

7:54 + 82 DU

Joel B. said...

Part 1
1. 3:11
2. 3:09
3. 3:31
4. 4:06
5. 4:30

5hrs rest

Part 2
Row: 7:10
DU's: 151

Ready for rest day after this double following a busy set at work. Pleased with my effort today considering that.

CDE said...

Did part 1 and 2 together but scaled part 1 to 3 rounds. didnt write down exact times.

much harder (as usual) than i thought. PUs are big weakness 12,10,10 and GHDs were really burning by round 3. Dips unbroken which was a nice surprise.

rnd1&2- 3:30 approx
rnd3- right under 4 min

Part 2)
7:31 row, 120 DUs

Feeling pretty gased and welcoming the rest day.

unit said...

part 1
1. 2:24
2. 2:24
3. 2:14
4. 2:14
5. 2:11
total work time- 11:27

2 min rest (yes... 2 min... and the row suffered)

row- 7:49
dus- 161


Brandon said...

Part 2
Row: 7:25
DUs: 37

DUs bad again even with practice


Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2:

Row - 7:18 (PR)
DU: 106

Had to walk around for like 30 seconds to shake the legs out from rowing before i started DU's.

Overall happy with today.

Coach said...

@ Ruddy

Post on whatever day it is currently. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Part1: 6:00 am
Only did 4 sets lack of sleep caught up with me,ring dips UB 1st 2 rnds then struggled with them mostly.

Part2: 5:00 pm

Row 7:14
DU's 94
Row 3 sec slower then last time better pacing
70 more DU's then last time

Anonymous said...

Part 2

6hrs later

Row 7:43
D.U.'s 108

Marcus Filly said...

part 2.
7:18 ; 138
* took about 30seconds to start my double unders after the row

Pete Seguin said...

- BWx4 (Not happy with form on this one)
- 1 inch band assist x 4
- 1 inch band assist x 4
- 1 inch band + skinny band band 5
- 1 inch band + skinny band band 5
- 1 inch band + skinny band band 5

Played around with this one to figure out exactly what my issue was. I was able to get my chest pinned to the bar in set 1 but not without straining my wrist and losing scapular positioning. When I didn't cheat I couldn't get passed 1 inch from my chest.

I thought it was flexibility as well until I tried it with the assistance bands.

Then I was forced to swallow my pride and did the exercises with the bands because with the bands I was able to get my chest pinned up there, with proper form as rx'd.

I would recommend that whoever had issues with this try it out again with assistance bands. Then you'll know for sure if it stregth or flexibility related, or both.

In my case I had to use 2, and I can rep out several chest to bar kipping pullups. Its a definite weakness that I look forward to addressing.

BK said...

Best is 6.55. No spunk this arvo at all even after 2 hour kip(nap)
Looking forward to rest day.

Pfeifdog said...

Part 1:

Was not feeling it today.

Got up to late this morning will do part 2 tomorrow morning

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1
After 3 hours of teaching rock climbing, cut it to 3 sets:
4th set would have dropped off quick
Rest only 2 hours
Part 2

10 seconds and 8 DUs off the 23 Jan Big Dawgs comp. Happy though considering the volume today.

Michael McCabe said...

10 bar dips (comin back from injury, wanted to scale volume back)
everything else as rx'd
2:39, 2:54, 3:07, 3:07, 3:05

8hrs rest (most of which was spent in a daze caused by the a.m. training)

7:03 + 121 double unders

(last time we did this i got 6:57+103 i think)
gave it all i had on part 2 but don't think i had 100% to give after the morning

Christa said...

Part 1

I started out strong then died fast on these!!


I did a double on Sunday to catch up on workouts and felt it today! I had NO ENERGY!

Part 2
Row - 8:27, DU - 40..very sad, couldn't feel my legs by the time I got off the rower.

Alex Duncan said...

2010 Strength and Conditioning Reading List
Dawgs here might be interested in this link:


Chris Dunkin said...

11hrs and 2min later
Part 2:
6:45, and 178du's (....2min didn't bother me so much)

NorCal Chris said...


Row 7:00.5
DUs: 137

Almost bagged on part 2. Part 1 put me in the hurt locker. Just went in at 80%, grabbed the rower and told myself to hold 1:45/500 splits which is what i did. As usual, I'm happy I sacked up.

Stephen B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen B. said...

yesterday's WOD:


notes: range of motion on B was very tough

Jon Sinclair said...

Thought today was rest day so I swam in the morning. Decided to count that as my row then do the rest tonight.

No pullup bar around so I subbed 6 MU's for pullups
Used rings for MU's so subbed pushups on a bosu ball

4:25 (missed a MU which ate up some time)

Rested 5 minutes then did AMRAP od DU's in 5 mins
= 234

Jon Sinclair said...

Couple question for any Canadian Dawgs out there. I'm from Edmonton and was looking at getting some of the "Skins" recovery clothing. Just wondering if there were any places close to Edmonton that might sell them, and if not where is the best place to buy and have it shipped from the states.

Second question out the Skins clothing, was which would you recommend. I was thinking the full pant was the best suited for me, however would take any advice or opinions of you guys.

Thanks a lot

Brent Maier said...

Pre: C&J worked up to x6 sets of 110kg. DL up to 201kg.

Part A: 2:28/2:34/2:42/x/x

Gave blood today and still a little banged up from this weekend. Stopped at 4. Part A was good cardiowise. Dips and ghd SU were starting to catch up with me.

Mike Mishik said...

Part 2:
7:25/ 165 Du's

Thanks to OPT and his crew for a great lecture and wod on Saturday @ CrossFit NYC.

Stahl said...

Part II

7:12 / 140 DUs

Very tired but pleased with how I felt during part II. Like others, wasn't sure how I was going to get through it after Part I.

Brent, DJ, Colin, Michael, Nathan and the other dawgs who competed at the USAW event - congrats! You guys tore it up.

Chris Castillo said...

2k- 6:28
double unders-202

Brian Maier said...

Part 2:

Row: 6:52
D/U's: 152

├╝ber Bania said...

From Mon Oct 4th:

A1. 115x6, 135x4, 155x2, 135x6, 155x4, 165x2
A2. 25x5, 30x5, 35x5, 40x5, 45x5, 50x4

Those pullups were rough. Mental hurdles...

joey warren said...

6 hrs rest
part 2 :430PM

row: 6:59.6
DUs: 194

felt good after the horrendous morning!

joey warren said...

previous best in OPT comp was
6:52+ 193

Matt Morales said...

Part 1:

2:30, 3:20, 4:20, dnf, dnf

Part 2:

120 du's

rowed at 1:55ave

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 1:
6:37 - 11 + 9 pulls
6:24 - 10 + 10 pulls

Crushed me! Knew 20 straight was not happening in last 2 sets.

Rest ~8 hours

Part 2:
93 du's

rwcorson said...

Jon Sinclair,
Drop Ben Kelly a line, he's distributes BSc, which many of us use. ben@crossfitperformance.com

Rudy Tapalla said...

Thanks Krazy.


A1. 95,120,135/100,130,150
A2. BWx5, BWx5, BWx5, 5x5, 10x5, 10x4 (missed tempo hold at the top on 5th.)

Anonymous said...

Part 1)

2:33, 2:43, 2:46 - then I ran out of time. Had to go to work. Was straight suckin' air

Part 2)

Sub 1 mile run - 5:56
200 Double unders completed.

Aly Jansen said...

Part 2:
Row - 8:18
DUs - 58

Was literally SCARED to do this workout because the memory of doing it at the Big Dawg Challenge is still fresh in my mind.
Pleased that I was able to better my times from then....even if it was only by 2 seconds:o) (8:20/50 DUs)
Been feeling like I am a far cry from where I was at the Games 3 months ago so it was kind of nice to see that I just might be being a little too hard on myself. :o)

Sara said...

First time posting, but I've been following since February:

Part 1:

Then hit the heavy bag for 8 rounds. Nothing left in the tank for part 2. Will try to get that done tomorrow if I don't get too beat up sparring

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1:
2:52,3:06,4:06*,DNF after 10ghd su

*This destroyed me today, back cramped/seized up during set 3 of GHD sit ups, and again on set 4, and pulled the pin,very frustrated.

9hrs rest

7:19pr + 64 du's

last time

7:47 + 30, row was better, du's still sucked, though last time I couldn't even do them, so today is worse as I'm decent at them now.

Bring on the rest day, this dawg has his tail between his legs after today!

Heavy Evy said...

Jon Sinclair,

A few of us other Edmonton Dawgs are about to place an order with BK, to get some BsC gear.

Drop me a line, if you have questions.


Bear said...

Stressful day yesterday so I switched rest days. Probably stupid.

Part 1
1 3:45
2 4:33
3 5:32
4 6:28
5 8:08

A few subs and the dreaded twisting PU bar (have to have mixed grip) may explain slower times compared to other dawgs, but not the slow times after the first. Almost 1 min drop each round! Sit ups where hard from the start, nausea after round 2 and dips broken in 3s,2s and 1s after round 3. Have to clean up my diet (pretty shitty after comp), and it wasn´t the best idea to do this right after breakfast, but it´s just bad excuses.

Jesse J WellRock said...

Hello all Happy to post My 1st of many wod's ...Looking forward to the journey and the energy from everyone. And thank you OPT for having an open community that we all can grow from.

Part 1
The dips slowed me down on the last 3 rounds

Part 2

7:18 on the Row
151 DBL unders

Pfeifdog said...

Part 2

Row: 7:21

DU's: 83

My fine motor skills disappeared while rowing, I couldn't string together more than 10 DU's

Anonymous said...


warmed up with one round of part 1. dips continue to be an issue for me. so, that round took. 7:??

Then I did part 2….ugh…
8:35 and 25 DU

Pete Seguin said...

Did this at 430 AM on an empty stomach because I only had a bit of time before work. (Bad idea)
Part 1:
First time puking during a workout, and felt absolutely rocked afterwards. Definitely think my blood sugar levels tanked.
Felt a million times better after a Powerade.

Haven't done ring dips in a long time. First 2 sets were good and then had to break them up quite a bit. Pulls-ups all unbroken. The rest went well.

Still experimenting with the gears and trying different approaches to learn just what 95% is for me at this type of time domain. Conditioning obviously needs some work, but I prefered this approach to going balls out and then crashing.

PTS said...

part 1 8am

Curt M said...


I see what you guys meant about getting a headache.
Typical, pullups slow didn't have to come off the bar til last set tho. And situps just got old, abs fatigue and just grind through. Part 2 tonight.

Bear said...

Part 2 (6.5 h rest)

2 k row: 6:56 min, 4 sec pb, first time sub 7!
24 DUs at 10 min

Wanted to do a "Martin" (that is: 2k row, must be under 7 min + a personal best, and then 5 DUs for time). Fellow dawg Martin Altemark did this last time: http://vimeo.com/8933024 and it was awesome! My "Martin" time was 7:56 min and then I got some more before timecap. The lactic acid in my hammies was the worst, probably should have set damper on 6 instead of 7.

Andy said...

Row 7.12
DU 88

DU are a major weakness of mine, this was quite good for me, probably too much left in the tank after row played it safe PB is 6.41

Dr Lisa said...

F'n Ring DIPS!!

3:32 PUs UB
4:19 PUs UB
4:34 17/3
5:19 14/6 ring dips took 2:18
5:58 ugly all around rds took over 3min!!

Now I too have a brutal headache and i really tried to breathe on the GHDs. It is pretty huge for me to even be able to do 100 ring dips in one session so i guess be happy with small accomplishments.

Anthony Skvarka said...

part 1
1. 3 m
2. 2.47
3. 3
4. 3.11
5 3.57

part 2
7.49 min. +103 DU

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1
Scaled to 15 reps, no squats (seeing doc finally on Friday)
2:42, 2:43, 2:40, 2:44, 3:06
Part 2
2K row 7:58.7 (PR), no DU's
Surprised myself getting a PR after basically no leg training the last 4 weeks.

Unknown said...


Did Part II this am at the gym in our building. Not a C2 rower, and felt like I was working too hard for the pace I was getting.

Anyway, 7:33 and 74 DUs. Really weak on DUs generally, and particularly when already gassed.

Pete @ CFN said...

A1. Seated BB Press Waveload @ 31X2; 6,4,2,6,4,2; rest 3 min (95,105,115,110,120(3),125)

Then 5 sets @ 95%:
20 ring dips
20 unbroken chin ups
20 GHD sit ups
20 squats
20 GHD extensions
rest 2 min b/t sets

2:13, 2:15, 2:29, 2:44, 2:56

PTS said...

part 2
6:58.1 and 113 du's

Siu said...

Part I done on 10/5
1. 4:16
2. 6:51
3. 8:40

Then started R4 with banded ring dips but my head hurt so bad. Something feels very off with the body.

Part II done on 10/6
Row – 8:17
DUs – 77

Ali, I was scared to do this one too given the horrible memories of not being able to pick up my feet last time. I probably went a tad slow on the row this time but traded 16 seconds on the row for 60 DUs.

Brian Gregory said...

Results on 10-8 post

Completed on 10-6 after deer hunting on 10-4 and 10-5

Bad sleep and diet past few days, work and beer was no help today. Gave out quickly