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i'm sure Red has asked herself this a number of times...hence the pic...doesn't it look like she's searching?
are you searching?...are you wondering how to take your physical performance to another level? long have you been making the statement - "next time it'll be better, i just need to keep working on the chin ups, or double unders, or heavy thrusters...i'll do more post WOD training on those next time...or maybe i need some personal training on the skill...yeah...that's's the cuing, or the foot position, or time timing..or the rhythm..."
if you're asking yourself this question over and over...or if you've reached a point where you see scores/times/points remain the same over and HAVE TO go against status quo...BUT...let me tell you this, it's NOT in the's in YOU
that's right; what determines improvements over time is improving work capacity and horsepower, NOT spending time searching for the magic trick in a certain skill.
if you want to improve your fitness - take your work capacity to another level...not time spent on searching for that magic trick on a skill...those that have excelled in Crossfit for example over time...[increased work capacity in broad time and modal domains - sound like something you remember?]...for them it did not come from wondering if its the way you do a chin up that will get you there, or the height of your ball on get the drift.
it came from continuous exposure to various sorts of pain and learning how to deal with it, both during the workout - and after...and getting into that pain in many different ways...which is why we see these people improve their times/scores continuously - its work capacity baby and how to get to that
if you want to continuously improve, so must work capacity - how to do that - equilibrium in lifestyle, fuel, recovery...all the little things away from the gym, NOT what goes on in the gym...if you're a beginner, sure you'll see vast improvements...but if you're wondering about your chin up style being the cause of your "tabata something else" score not improving, you need to dig a little deeper.
if you want to go to the next level, it requires a committment, and a committment requires action; action means taking the aforementioned ways to higher orders - life, fuel, recovery to the next level as well!
so the next time you see lack of progress, look further into it; was it the sleep; was it the visualization beforehand (another topic for another time) you lacked - preparedness: was it the lack of fuel days prior; at least you're asking these questions.
now you're more aware! - that's the 1st step

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Trevor said...

great blog as usual but first off I have to say Red is awesome.