30 sec @ 90% treadmill sprint - level 2, 90 sec easy jog x 5
(work on pace, posture and comfort at 90%, take notice of stance phase at different speeds, ensure that foot placement is under you for maximal pulling and not braking)
5 min rest
5 rounds for time;
2 Rope Ascents
12 Ring Dips
24 Double Unders
7 min rest
30 sec @ 90% treadmill sprint - level 2, 90 sec easy jog x 5
(work on controlled breathing during work set, and deep breathing for recovery set, and notice the difference b/t the two; this helps for met con run workouts...learning how to breathe hard after weights and gymnastics and then running and getting the breathing back to where you feel comfortable)
post time for triplet to comments


for loads;
A1. Snatch Grip Dead Lift off 4" blocks @ 52X1; 5 reps x 5 sets; 120 sec
(use straps, keep low back arched at ALL times, 2 sec at bottom to reset)
A2. Bench Press with Bands @ 30X0; 2-3 x 5; 120 sec
(concentric is explosive)
5 min rest EXACTLY
for time;
95# thruster ladder - 1-10
(you have to pick up weight from floor for each set; you cannot go from one set into another without placing weight on floor; you cannot fraction each set; you have to drop the weight after each set is done; if you attempt a set (say 6 reps) and you fail on the 6th rep, you start over on the 6 rep set again; time the entire ladder)
5 min rest EXACTLY
"fast and nasty"
3 rounds for time;
15 KBS - 2pd
20 wall balls - 20# to 10ft
(make your best attempt to go straight through, this is the opportunity to test it; time it!)
post weights for A1 and A2, time for ladder and time for met con to comments


lowest total working time for all 5 sets wins:
set 1:
50 push ups
9 clean and jerk - 135#
Row 250 m
rest 3 min
set 2:
45 push ups
12 clean and jerk - 125#
Row 250 m
rest 3 min
set 3:
40 push ups
15 clean and jerk - 115#
Row 250 m
rest 3 min
set 4:
35 push ups
18 clean and jerk - 105#
Row 250 m
rest 3 min
set 5:
30 push ups
21 clean and jerk - 95#
Row 250 m
post total time to comments


for loads;
Power Snatch - 1,1,1,1,1,1; 60 sec rest b/t sets
(this is not a quickly, last 1 will be somewhat tough)
Snatch Pull to navel - 3,3,3,3,3; 180 sec rest b/t sets
(arms locked, focus on extension at top, work hard here)
Hang Power Snatch/Snatch Balance/OHS - 2.3.4 x 5; 120 sec rest b/t sets
(perfect form for all reps)
3 rounds for time;
30% BWT Overhead Squat x 21 reps
30 double unders
post weights and time for met con to comments


part 1

running clock push up burpees

(chest to deck, one hand touches object 12" above max reach with that ONE arm overhead at top)

5 minutes rest EXACTLY after last PUB set

part 2

how many sets up to a max of 30 sets of 5 reps of chest to bar chin ups can you do with EXACTLY 10 breaths b/t sets?

5 minutes rest EXACTLY after last set

part 3

10 sets of 10 GHD Sit Ups; 30 sec ONLY b/t sets; score this by how many sets you can do without resting at top or bottom in set...keep performing all 100 sit ups even if you fraction, just remember which set was broken for scoring

post PUB minutes and reps, sets of CTB chin ups and sets of GHD Sit Ups as scores to comments


for time;
1K Row
21 power clean - 155#
750m Row
15 power clean - 155#
500m Row
9 power clean - 155#
post time to comments


1-10 chin up ladder warm up
10-1 push up ladder warm up
1 min rest
Build to a tough 1 rep in snatch balance…
3 min rest
Snatch 60% of 1RM snatch balance x 3 reps x 5 sets; 90 sec b/t sets
5 min rest
As many rounds in 5 minutes;
5 chin ups
10 wall balls – 12kg to 11 ft
5 min rest
Tabata bottom to bottom squats x 4 sets of 20 sec on/10 sec off – rest is taken at bottom; hands in front, hip crease below knee cap, you cannot rest with hamstrings on calves, no ball allowed; low score only
Post highest snatch balance and snatch weights, rounds and low score for tabata to comments (i.e. 145#, 87#, 8 rds, 12)


day 1 of phase 2, 9 workouts total

7 rounds for most points;
1 min row for cals – damper 8; 0 sec rest
AMRAP double unders in 1 minute; 120 sec rest
(if you get 3 x the amount of cals you rowed in double unders in that 2nd minute, you get an extra 10 points for that round; i.e. if you row 20 cals and perform 60 double unders in that minute – you get 10 more points – 20+60+10=90 points; if you get 59 double unders, you get only 59 double unders + 20 cals = 79 points for that round)
use a 1 minute timer on repeat for row cals and for quick transition into double not use timer on rower and then start another timer for double unders
Post Total Points for entire workout ONLY to comments



For time;
Back Squat BWT x 21
50 double unders
9 ring dips
Back Squat BWT x 15
50 double unders
15 ring dips
Back Squat BWT x 9
50 double unders
21 ring dips

Score = BWT divided by total sec for workout
(ex. 165 # divided by 420 sec (7 min) = .39)
highest number wins!


3 sets;
15 fast push up burpees - jump and clap overhead
Run sprint 45 sec on treadmill @ level 2 incline @ 95%
Rest 3 min b/t sets and 5 min after all sets
3 sets;
Sprint Run 60 sec on treadmill @ level 2 incline @ 90%
15 chin ups
Rest 3 min b/t sets and 5 min after all sets
Sprint Run 5 min for as many cals @ level 6 incline all out!
Goal is speed and efficiency for sprints and gymnastics work and getting used to running while gassed
Post notes/observations and Run cals to comments


Warm up with 2-3 sets of the bear with a light BB – power clean/front squat/push press/back squat/push press, repeat x 7 w/o rest in set, 1 min b/t sets
Power Clean/Clean/Hang Power Clean/Hang Squat Clean/Clean; x 5; ONLY 120 sec rest b/t sets, regrip for split second only on ground b/t reps if needed
Rest 5 min
Build to a tough 1 in the push jerk, not a 1RM, just one that is challenging, leave some there…
80% push jerk x 2 reps x 3 sets; 90 sec b/t sets
Post clean complex and jerk weights to comments


30” Box Jumps x 10, 30 sec b/t sets x 3
3 min rest
Tabata box jumps – 20”
Total Reps x BWT = score
3 min rest
A1. Bench Press @ 30X0; 5,4,3,2,1; 120 sec
A2. Chin Ups @ 10X0; 1,1,1,1,1; 120 sec
3 min rest
How long does it take you to do 25 double unders for 10 sets…you CANNOT fraction sets…i.e. if you are on set # 5 and you get 15 reps…you start set # 5 again…goal is obviously no breaks and correct rests
Post BWT, Tabata score, UB weights and DU time to comments


Build to a true 1RM for the power clean; this should be 66% of your 1RM high bar back squat, rest as you need b/t sets to get CNS recovered b/t sets
3 min rest
Use 80% of that 1RM for sets of 2 reps x 5 sets with perfect form/speed in hips, rest 1-2 min b/t sets
3 min rest
3 rounds for times;
50% Dead Lift 1RM from WOD GW just days ago x 10
250 m row sprint (damper 10)
2 min rest
Row pulls are powerful, not paced, make the transition from DL to row quick!
Post clean weight and percentage relative to your back squat 1RM and DL weights and times for 3 sets to comments


For as many reps;
put a 7 min countdown timer on, perform handstand push ups in ladder form; i.e. 1 rep, 2 reps, 3 many ladders can you complete wihout fractioning in the 7 min timeframe? if you attempt a number and fail, the previous number completed is the score - hands MUST be shoulder width apart
Rest 5 min exactly
For time:
a 10-1 push up burpee ladder alternating with a 1-10 knees to elbow ladder….i.e. 10 PUB’s/1 K2E, 9 PUB’s/2 K2E…down to 1 PUB and 10 K2E’s…goal is but speed with movements trying not to fraction anywhere
rest 5 min exactly
10 sets of 10 GHD Sit ups – try to go straight through on all 10 reps for each set, rest as needed in b/t sets
Post HSPU ladder number; time for PUB/K2E ladder and notes on sit ups to comments


Take 10 min to work on your double unders for speed maintenance; that is, pick a number you like that you can maintain for multiple sets and work at that for 10 min…i.e…pick 20 reps, perform them perfectly with great breathing, position…then rest for 10-15 breaths…not sec…and try for 20 perfect ones again..a great way to improve efficiency
Rest 5 min warming up the jerk, then..
5 sets for times;
80% BWT push jerk x 7
20 chin ups
Rest 4 times the amount of time it took you to do the set…ensure you go hard each set…goal is no fractions and high power endurance!
Post notes on DU’s and times for each set to comments


Build to a 1RM in the Dead Lift – do not take too many sets to get there, just quickly get to where it’s heavy, no PB’s today...or maybe if the pot is hot
5 min rest
3 rounds for time;
10 Dead Lift – 115% BWT
25 box jumps – 24”
Score = weight used in DL divided by seconds it took to complete workout (i.e. 190# DL/240 sec = .79)
Highest number wins
Post DL high weight only and score to comments


day 1 of phase 1, 9 workouts total

Take 20 sec off your best 2K row time, divide this number by 4; this is how many sec per 500 m you are going to average on 6 sets of 500 m row sprints with 3 min exactly b/t sets; use a moderate damper and a lower number on the foot pad to ensure power, not pacing.
(ex. If you have a 2K row of 7min, your 6:40 score divided by 4 gives a 1:40/500 m average for 6 sets; if you have a 7:20 2K row best, then you’ll be averaging 1:45/500m…)
post your best 2K score, your ideal avg for today’s wod and your times per set to comments

get to bed!

Sleep prevents you from trudging through life like a mindless drone; but did you know a good night’s sleep is also key for maintaining the proper weight? There’s a very significant relationship between sleep and obesity.

Researchers at the University of Chicago restricted a group of healthy men and women to four hours of sleep a night. After six days the subjects’ metabolisms and hormone levels were so out of whack that their bodies had a hard time processing glucose in the blood – a problem common in overweight diabetics (this is seen in higher upper back and love handle body fat scores for the general population as well). In a follow-up study, the researchers examined "normal " sleepers as well as a second group of people who slept fewer than six hours a night. The sleep deprived group needed to produce 30 percent more insulin to process their food, a trait that predisposes people to weight gain and increases the risk of obesity over time. (along with this, hyperinsulinemia is a MAJOR player in peoples self esteem, mental acuity and just plain old day to day energy - VERY impt to control this!!!)

Study after study has shown that sleep deprivation can disrupt your metabolism, wreaking havoc on the body’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. Why? Fat cells produce a hormone called leptin, which helps the body keep track of how much potential energy (i.e., fat) it has stored. Leptin production peaks when you’re asleep, and that spike can be interrupted if you deprive yourself of sleep. This leaves your body with an unreliable measurement of how much energy it has in reserve and ultimately causes it to end up storing calories rather than burning them.

Another drawback from not sleeping enough? It’s easy to confuse feelings of fatigue with feelings of hunger, so you end up eating when you’re really just tired. Shoot for the ideal of eight hours a night. Depending on you’re body, you may ultimately need even more; preferably in a VERY dark room out of sight of the alarm clock.

My emperical data agrees as well with what alternative medicine practitioners have seen before, that sleeping more hours BEFORE midnight accounts for more recovery sleep than hours after - that is - a general concensus from clients I ask about this would be that if they sleep from midnight till 8 am, they are not as well recovered or show as much insulin control as those who sleep from 9 pm till 5 am...both 8 hours but much different in recovery and energy balance.

If you're wired and tired at night - it could be from working out too late in day, consuming caffeine too late in day, eating too many grains and sugars at supper or late snack or just plain anxiety about something...the first few parts can be taken care of..with respect to anxiety...WRITE IT DOWN...journalling has worked well for a lot of folks to get things out of could be this:
- nice day, seemed long, gotta get those charts ready for boss tomorrow early AM
- looking forward to OPT workout, will tackle that when i get to it
- i am very grateful for my health and surroundings; i decide upon all that comes my way

This works, believe me, it may turn into a nightime ritual of acceptance and gratitude...a good step in the right direction off topic...but charting how you feel each day is good as you'll see balance in how you perform physically and spiritually each day as it relates to sleep/recovery

Play with foods later in PM as well to see how you sleep and track it...some have found that higher amounts of fats and protein later are fine for sleep....i recommend full fat organic dairy and berries to those who can handle dairy fine as later snacks and this seems to help a lot - its the milk protein and low sugars creating a nice slow digestion as well as some serotonin like effects that does the trick...for others, play with things EXCEPT grains and see how you do...sidenote...on personal observation - a large DQ blizzard does not work for that milk protein thing - it only causes waking at 2 am wondering if you're having a heart attack.

another level

i'm sure Red has asked herself this a number of times...hence the pic...doesn't it look like she's searching?
are you searching?...are you wondering how to take your physical performance to another level? long have you been making the statement - "next time it'll be better, i just need to keep working on the chin ups, or double unders, or heavy thrusters...i'll do more post WOD training on those next time...or maybe i need some personal training on the skill...yeah...that's's the cuing, or the foot position, or time timing..or the rhythm..."
if you're asking yourself this question over and over...or if you've reached a point where you see scores/times/points remain the same over and HAVE TO go against status quo...BUT...let me tell you this, it's NOT in the's in YOU
that's right; what determines improvements over time is improving work capacity and horsepower, NOT spending time searching for the magic trick in a certain skill.
if you want to improve your fitness - take your work capacity to another level...not time spent on searching for that magic trick on a skill...those that have excelled in Crossfit for example over time...[increased work capacity in broad time and modal domains - sound like something you remember?]...for them it did not come from wondering if its the way you do a chin up that will get you there, or the height of your ball on get the drift.
it came from continuous exposure to various sorts of pain and learning how to deal with it, both during the workout - and after...and getting into that pain in many different ways...which is why we see these people improve their times/scores continuously - its work capacity baby and how to get to that
if you want to continuously improve, so must work capacity - how to do that - equilibrium in lifestyle, fuel, recovery...all the little things away from the gym, NOT what goes on in the gym...if you're a beginner, sure you'll see vast improvements...but if you're wondering about your chin up style being the cause of your "tabata something else" score not improving, you need to dig a little deeper.
if you want to go to the next level, it requires a committment, and a committment requires action; action means taking the aforementioned ways to higher orders - life, fuel, recovery to the next level as well!
so the next time you see lack of progress, look further into it; was it the sleep; was it the visualization beforehand (another topic for another time) you lacked - preparedness: was it the lack of fuel days prior; at least you're asking these questions.
now you're more aware! - that's the 1st step

Ryan G

thought i'd give an example of another great story...Ryan G...he met with us after his boss said he had to come...upon assessment (using biosig testing, nutritional analysis, muscle evaluation, movement profiling and some physical tests) we figured that he had some work to do...with a pec score of 16 and scores from upper back to belly button calculating to 80 (20.83% bodyfat) a prescription of testosterone producing exercise, insulin management mainly while he worked and some lifestyle changes for cortisol management all more specific of course discussed outside of this he sits at 12: body fat with 15# more of muscle to go with the fat loss
at the start he could overhead press 110#, dead lift 230#, 2K row of 7:40, 1 mile run in 10 min, bench press 155#, 2 chin ups and a 3 mile run in 34 min
now he can press 160#, dead lift 300#, 2K row in 7 min, Bench Press 115# 22 times, 22 chin ups, plus do 30 push ups, OHS 115# 5 times...and will run 3 miles on a beach in Mexico as i write this for a well deserved time also marks a big changing point in his life...
his forst workout here at OPT was:
as many rounds in 10 min of ...(and i'm not joking here)...5 assisted chin ups @ 90# assistance, 10 push ups and 15 squats...the comment from the trainer was ..."got 1 round done and started feeling dizzy, nauseous at beginning of round 2...cut it off...rested for 5 minutes and returned to NEW workout (the same 5,10,15) but this time with 60 sec between rounds..and he only got 1 more round only"... Ryan and i had a good laugh at this as he is currently on pace when he gets back to perform 20 rounds of Cindy in 20 minutes...big change starts with big aha's...
his written goals when we started was decrease body fat, increase energy and vitality and perform chin ups...
it was tough making the transition from his day eating behaviours.....carnation instant breakfast, chicken on rye sandwich, Subway, granola bars, a decent supper and another granola bar before bed....along this day were 2 coffees with cream and sugar..
his workouts were designed at first to mainly stimulate androgens, but not tax cortisol too much along with allowing his pancreas to relax for the first time in 20 was to test the new blood and cells with some higher effort sessions along with taking the food past insulin management and onto higher food quality....then onto performance training mixed with high energy eating (the real fun).
Ryan has always followed and listened to every word, tried his best most times...not withstanding some bumps as everyone faces, and has come out a more confident, whole person...who can now smash it here at's to Ryan, another example where all it takes is committment


2 kids, husband, busy life, chronic bad back to start, afraid of running and box jumps due to knee pain, couldn't do a chin up...pissed off at lack of performance due to poor food choices...then she does a chin up, then 3, then 10, then kipping chin ups x 30, then Fran in 4:43, 17+ rds of Cindy...then 2 years of dedication to good food choices, major mental changes in perspective...and you get this!
well done Michelle - Grace in 4:05 - 95#

the 100 day "no burpee" Challenge

i thought i'd throw a twist to this current challenge by colleagues....
for the next 100 days, for only one time in the day, i want you to remove all negativity from your's a start to a large much needed change

let me give you an example..someone starts up a conversation with you about's about their clothing choice, hair, etc...and you inmmediately mention "how nice the sky is today"...this will in turn totally floor them but like all changes that need to be made, it might allow them to understand that its not accepted around here..

why do this?...well, little things go a long way.
when these thought patterns enter your mind - any negative one at aware of not judge it, just be an observer...take a "fake it till you make it" attitude towards change

and no, do not worry, there will not be a "serenity now" moment down the road for all negative emotions you've been saving will eventually pop out...the practice of positivity will give rise to room in your head to be "present" and more aware...this is powerful stuff

here's the challenge, one good thing at a time, give it a try!
write it down, one day at a time..with a start date, end date and acomplishments along the way...we've tried to enforce this here at OPT and it has made huge changes in staff, community and clientele...give it a go!


Evan Solomon, host of CBC's "Sunday" had a piece - on yesterday...i actually watched with interest (nothing outside of Thomas Train and the Wiggles are getting me into TV lately)..
Dr. Servan-Shrieder has written a book on Anti Cancer about how food may play a part in decreasing cancers and chances of....he gives a personal insight into his brain tumour, the following changes he has made in his food to prevent it from reoccurring and how people can fend off this disease by eating well, exercising and not relying on drugs to save them...
Evan hosted Dr. Robert Buckman on the show after to "chat" about his book and Dr. Buckton...a resident oncologist and "specialist" in Toronto offered his views...mentioning that the doc who wrote the book has a "nice human story" but no research to back up his thoughts of how food or lifestyle can prevent cancer....
he went on to say that Doc Shrieder's comments on how sugar is the main cause of diseases including cancer if totally well as argued against his claims that exercise vs. drugs is almost as good in prevention of breast cancer re-occurence....and the main point of his argument was that Doc S did not tell us what kind of tumour he had in his head...WTF???
am i totally out to lunch here or are we still seriously arguing that food does not help prevent disease...i cannot type as fast as my brain is wanting to right now so bear with me....(doesn't anyone remember how they figured out scurvy - oranges and lemons - whoa!...what a novel idea!)
Dr. Buckton even had the audacity to mention that it is not sugar that causes issues but it was obesity (well how in the hell do people get fat?), he went on to exlain how glucose is needed for the brain and day to day functions (all along this i am thinking - this guy is in a university teaching our next "doctors to be" about how pepsis are fine along with cookies in getting carbs per day) he said exercise yes...but do not stop with Pepsis (i am serious as shit here)....i'll say it again, he said OBESITY causes these cancers, not sugar...seriously everyone...wake the @#$% up...if anyone believes that this is true I ask you to do this..
for the next 25 years, drink 2 pepsis per day, add 2 tsp of sugar to your coffee and tea 2 x per day, and ensure you have 2 cookies after each supper and lunch (just to ensure you get that glucose that the brain needs)....oh wait, i almost forgot, don't forget to exercise...after all, that is all that is needed to prevent cancer...sugar does not matter
i'll see you in 25

Project Salo update

an update:
shelagh ran her victoria marathon - she ran a 4:16, goal was 4:10...she was quite pleased with the race due to a bug she was fighting at race time...she mentioned afterwards "i could not believe how well i recovered the next day, must have been the squats" (before pic facing right, after pic facing left)
our goals were a 4:10 marathon, 2:10 500 m row, 30 sec static hang, squat to parallel, and 10 push ups...she did a 4:16 run, 2:12 500 m row, squat ALMOST to parallel, 23 sec static hang and 4 push ups (previously pic above not even close to parallel squat, 10 sec hang and 1 push up 2 months ago)...not bad...we'll keep updating, well done shelagh!
sidenote, this was also done running ONLY 2x/week (speed work on Thurs and pace runs on Sun) and conditioning/skillwork for 3 other days of the week...well rounded fitness DOES get you somewhere!
onward and upward!


so there are many people who question CrossFit and its meaning, purpose, safety, origin...yada yada seen in recent posts/forums (i.e. Mike Boyle and Gray Cook vs. CrossFit) and in the latest t-nation article question of strength October by Charles Poliquin....

those who know me and my background understand that a lot of Charles' concepts and training methodologies have helped me achieve a much braoder concept of performance...and the "little things" that go with that...i am forever grateful for his patience in allowing me to learn about his principles and training programs..

he recently had this to say about my sport;

Question to Charles: What do you think of that Crossfit stuff?
Answer: I have no clue what the hell that is. Is that one of those systems that's a mish-mash of everything?
Wait, I saw on article on that in Muscle & Fatness. Looked like a bunch of cachexic fitness-model wannabes searching for their souls in the weight room.
It reminds me of a Hungarian proverb: "If you only have one ass, you can't sit on two horses." If you try to do everything in your workout, you get nothing.
Another way to look at it is to think of Tim Ferris's example of wearing your underwear over your pants. It's different, and maybe even fun for some people, but it's not very effective.
No athlete has ever gotten good training like that.

funny for sure...Charles always had a way of invloving humour in place of this case, it hits home...

my stats pre CrossFit on Charles philosophies (i'll just use a few to give you an idea) - bwt avg - 180#, 5K Run - 21:25, DL - 451, Bench - 245, 1RM chin up - 80lbs attached, BF% - 8% average...that was working on an arms, legs, off, torso, off split as well as energy system training on odd pm's ( i ran a 11.58 100 m in this phase)...and if you think it was a mish mash, you're wrong - those who know me know i'm a soldier, when i'm on a program, i'm on a program, no miss wishy washy was tight...for years (within this time i alternated b/t Staley, Westside, and Chek the saying goes, keep what works, throw away what does not, i obviously stuck with Chuck)

my stats with Crossfit as my template - bwt avg - 163#, 5K - 18:15, DL - 459, Bench - 246, 1RM chin up - 110 lbs attached, BF% - 6% avg...and as you know, i have been at that religiously for 4 years on a 3 on, 1 off schedule with constantly varied sessions...and as mentioned, keep what works, throw away what does not...

the intention of the post is not to critique Charles' comments but to give folks an idea that you CAN have fun, be a good athlete, and go AGAINST the comments of "if you try to do everything, you get nothing"....if i was in Charles' position and if the question was asked to me, my answer would have been "i'm not aware of it and what they do, so i cannot comment"...easy as that

but this just fuels the with time comes will still take some time but we at OPT are making people more fit than ANY other exercise program can WITH CrossFit methodology...BUT, and here is the big clients who are joes and janes are becoming more fit than my athletes...(and not just judging by Crossfit's definition of fitness, we're talking science - anaerobic threshold tests, lactate testing, urine/saliva testing...) and this is while on CrossFit, not another program i can see why people hold on to previous beliefs about periodization and strength training and performance if that is all they knew....i have always been open minded and know what really works for most and what does not...and this skill of having CF as a tool combined with a science background and great coaching will be a lethal combination that all athletes as well as normal rec lifters will be climbing over each other to get at soon..its happening...but it takes time and patience, numbers....Greg has done this on .com for years, we're develping it as well at Crossfit Calgary and OPT...

soon we'l have athletes on the podium and in magazines and on the sides of buses wearing CrossFit gear...then they'll ask that question again in t-nation...and EVERYONE will know the answer....EVERYONE!

soy what?

Which Soy Foods DO Have Health Benefits?

The few types of soy that ARE healthy are all fermented varieties. After a long fermentation process, the phytic acid and antinutrient levels of the soybeans are reduced, and their beneficial properties -- such as the creation of natural probiotics -- become available to your digestive system. The fermentation process also greatly reduces the levels of dangerous isoflavones, which are similar to estrogen in their chemical structure, and can interfere with the action of your own estrogen production. So if you want to eat soy that is actually good for you, following are all healthy options:

Natto, fermented soybeans with a sticky texture and strong, cheese-like flavor. It's loaded with nattokinase, a very powerful blood thinner. Natto is the highest source of vitamin K2 on the planet and has a very powerful beneficial bacteria, bacillus subtilis. It can usually be found in any Asian grocery store.

Tempeh, a fermented soybean cake with a firm texture and nutty, mushroom-like flavor.

Miso, a fermented soybean paste with a salty, buttery texture (commonly used in miso soup).

Soy sauce: traditionally, soy sauce is made by fermenting soybeans, salt and enzymes, however be wary because many varieties on the market are made artificially using a chemical process.

top of the world

what's the real reason behind your conditioning program? ask yourself this over and over, even out loud to see the real meaning behind the efforts given forth...
asking the question may reveal some answers you might not be prepared for or it might enlighten you to maintain motivation behind what you are it to act as a role model for your kids (if it is, is it healthy chatter about exercise or obsession about scores) it to maintain fitness forever (or are there underlying thoughts about bodyweight) it to create self awareness (or is it to enhance self esteem)....asking the question is even in fitness we can get caught up in "automatic mind" and forget about the process, the journey, the true meaning
sure there are medals to be won, trophies to be given out...but in the end...YOU have to be at peace about the process....the struggle to survive, to maintain good health, to persevere...
this is where Nancy Stals and Wayne Clark, 2 OPT soldiers (Nancy in Peru in above photo) discovered why they do what they do...they set out a goal of climbing this thing, and put forth an effort worth writing a meaning behind their exercise that i really like when people answer that question of why they do it - "because i want to be able to do whatever i want to do whenever" - awesome answer!

onward and upward

congrats to Chad Brandt, one of our affiliate friends out of Crossfit Lethbridge ( for his PR here on Fran....Chad's intensity was superior, form on some thrusters can be improved but intensity was there

on that topic, we usually allow little room on form when the athlete has form dialed in and can coach these movements well....Chad will improve more on slightly missing a few lockouts on thrusters here than lowering the intensity and trying harder to lockout, lowering intensity in this workout and not benefitting from "knowing" and "experiencing" the have to get there to better it!

Chad is one of OPT's online clients....we have been doing this program for a few years now without others knowing about it so here is the chance to give someone you know some benefits of OPT while not being here...we usually set up an initial phone consult, then some homework for you to do, then we coach you per day, week or month on daily wod's and progression...and then if the chance arrives like it did for Chad, we meet and train and discuss the future...Chad's goals - CrossFit games 2009...this workout was day 1...onward and upward!

contact Leighanne at for more info

girls don't sweat

Ali here is an example of females we are breeding here at OPT; strong, confident, powerful...we are creating an atmosphere of intensity where gender is not considered in what we do and how hard we do it...the mixing of males and females in exercise within the Crossfit paradigm has certainly lifted our training to another level...where once it was not well accepted (only ellipticals, small dogs, low fat diets and HR zones were) it is ON here and now!

how fast can you lift 95 lbs overhead 30 times? - Ali - 5:58

breaking it down

our first sweat angel on the new floor, thanks to Ryan G...

question from a friend:

friend: You got anything to say about this? I'm sure much of it is vegan scare-tactics but I'd like your 2 cents if you have the time.

OPT: sure i have something to say about this..this paragraph in particular - And meat in any form is not good for humans. We do not have a digestive system designed to assimilate protein from flesh: We do not have the teeth of a carnivore nor the saliva. Our alkaline saliva is designed to digest complex carbohydrates from plant food, whereas saliva of a carnivore is so acidic that it can actually dissolve bones. The digestive tracts of carnivores are short, about three times the length of their torso, allowing quick elimination of decomposing and putrefying flesh. All herbivores have long intestines, 8 to 12 times the length of their torso, to provide a long transit time to digest and extract the nutrients from plant foods.

when it comes down to recommendations and the constant question of what is good?, what is bad?, which is best? always comes back to "every person is different and needs to be treated that way to ensure proper LIFELONG development and performance"...the last word being the most depends on what you want to do...

bottom line is this, stress (physical and emotional stress causes breakdown through oxidation and tearing, think about this, is stress less today?) - protein helps in this noticed when beginners to working out experience more of a need for protein as well as what they give high trauma patients - glutamine - amino acids...its if the stressors are low...i.e. walking, easy hiking, steady state exercise, toe touches...sure the protein requirement and stress relieving is less required...but when you want to run a mile under 5 min and dead lift 400 lbs...i question and see under all my evidence how one is to survive long term under theses stressors without a full array of amino acids and VARIOUS proteins...i mean all humans we have evolved (and that humans cannot digest meat is a statement made by someone who does not understand physiology and digestion) and can break down MANY things and use them for fuel...we have teeth for both purposes of tearing and grinding...etc...

hemp is a good protein, so is meat protein, so is egg protein, so is milk protein..yada, yada....the question you have to ask yourself when someone trys to connect dots b/t meat usage and cancer rates is WHERE the meat came from....if someone can produce a long term study - 20 years of organic free range meat usage and higher incidences of cancer...then we'll chat, until then, if you want to perform at elite levels of performance - eat your protein - ALL KINDS, as you know just with exercise, you leave anything out or too much of one thing over another, and you'll get left behind...i have results to show this

if you want to live long and prosper with performance being scored a 5th or 6th in terms of importance...then control your blood sugar and you got it in the bag...(side note; i do not know many people that get involved with exercise that over time are not excited about improving the amount of chin ups or push ups they can do...)

there are ways to fine tune of course in examining a little closer how well you do break down and digest cerain foods/protein to know which is best - see my doc - Jeoff Drobot (403-270-WELL) first to know which is best....then fine tune it based on:

1. how you feel - number one indicator of performance - energy, vitality, clear head in respect to food choices...and you have to test it to find out, take some time to tweak the food and take notice of these things (#1 and #2)...what a lot of people still do not do well...track scoring and progress and how they are feeling..."awareness is lost"

2. NUMBERS/scores - are you increasing performance? - do your benchmarks under times of change and see how you perform...and if you're not getting better, evaluate food and lifestyle 1st, NOT the timer, the space b/t ex's, the shitty chin up get my drift

some good reading so you can form your own opinions:

Metabolic Diet - DePasquale

The China Study - Campbell and Campbell

Healing with Whole Foods - Pickford

the Scwarzbein principle - Schwarzbein

there's more......

under recovery

Dr. Doug McGuff looks at exercise stimulus from this perspective. ....With regard to the stimulus, the basic issues to be identified are the concentration of the drug and the dosage of the drug. Analogous issues in exercise would be the intensity of the exercise and amount of exercise performed per session. With regard to response, our researchers would wait to record the desired response and note at what point in time this response occurs. The amount of time it takes the response to occur is what dictates an optimum dosing schedule. The key when designing a therapeutic drug is to optimize the concentration so that minimum dosing is required to produce a maximum response. Likewise the key in exercise training should be to optimize intensity so that minimum exercise duration and frequency is required to produce a maximum growth response.

i love this when a scientist finally says something that makes sense but its funny that they never implement it seeing that most athletes are still overtraining all the time...UNDERSTAND his last statement - the least training possible to get the best results!

one of my mentors mentioned this to me years ago...and he stated "NEVER be afraid to over train athletes"...b/c if the nutrition/lifestyle/training stimulus is dialed in, the human body can adapt to unbelievable stressors...

what i now know is that emotions are the first sign that overtraining or under-recovery can occur...when you do not feel that you are ready to smash it, my suggestion is to still do it but understand that you can still focus on movements and not the clock...if you still over some time have low vigor, higher than normal AM heart rate (this is not overly valid for those who carb load but sometimes worthwhile), and do not feel like even training, listen to the body, take 5 days off (walk instead, breathe some more, nap, sleep well, eat well - i repeat; this IS NOT A TIME TO EAT LIKE SHIT!!!)...if after this time you come back and do not have it w.r.t. times/scores/weights but sense that you liked training again and "being there"...this is a good thing that NO science can assess

i frequently do saliva/urine/blood analysis for life long health as well as performance purposes and there is ALWAYS a correlation b/t the testing there and how i feel emotionally in connection to my training...listen to your body! (below is a printout from one of the many times i've been tested at )

Hormone Status Result Range Units Range Applied
Estradiol Within range 3.7 2.0 - 6.0 pg/ml Male estradiol endogenous
Testosterone Within range 76 43 - 135 pg/ml Endogenous testosterone male < 35 years old
DHEAS Within range 7.5 4.0 - 15 ng/ml
Cortisol AM Low end of range 2.8 2.0 - 11.0 ng/ml Sampled within 1 hour of waking
Cortisol Noon Within range 2.7 1.0 - 7.0 ng/ml Noon cortisol
Cortisol PM Low end of range 0.7 0.5 - 3.5 ng/ml Sampled prior to evening meal
Cortisol HS Within range 1.1 0.2 - 1.3 ng/ml Bedtime sample

the positive side here is that just like decreasing volume but keeping intensity high before competitions you will get an uptick interms of intensity when you return if you are not burnt too much, so will it happen after a return from a perfectly prescribed layoff (the only way to know is to try) in the end, don't be afraid to go to the dark side, you learn a HELL of a whole lot about your limits (i remember Gonzales saying in his book DEEP SURVIVAL - "to revere pain and fear, to embrace friction, are bedrock skills of survival")...its not fun over there but the other side sure is...


man...i look back at when we started this thing in my basement of my house years Leighanne and I had to basically scrounge to find money to fulfill my dream of coaching under my own rules in my own spot....12 months later and then OPT phase 2 here on Aspen Dr.
when i think about the mornings of gruelling workouts, the conversations that i have had at my desk, the ideas and emotions that have been shared within these walls makes me emotional.
i am SO fortunate to be surrounded by people who have enjoyed what i have see others benefit from it is truly inspiring...
sometimes its hard to put into words how much this place and this haven i have built means to me...
those who are close know...we are currently at a crossroads at OPT...our design, make up, and you see above, our face may change, but the love we share for progression of fitness will not, we will continue to share that to the masses to teach what is right...
my favorite moment(s) at OPT:
the many, many, many 4 am workouts, just me and the iron, unforgettable teachings
share yours to comments of your best times/memories...

Liquid Fuel

i won't jump all over it...i'll save it for another time we go - chocolate milk as post workout fuel, even writing it gets my blood hot...
another example of a research study where the examination of 2 options allows chocolate milk to come out on top...therefore it allows EVERY frickin' health magazine to write about it and explain how it is the next best thing to patented amino acids and golden maltodextrin for post workout fuel...
as mentioned, i will not go too far into it as there really is not enough room on this blog for it...but think about this..let's say i told you that minor amounts of antibiotics and hormones which are KNOWN to be carried in milk and ARE in every bit of milk that you drink in small amounts...and let's say you have 3 gruelling workouts per week, for 52 weeks per year (156 chocolate milks)...would you then question based on how poor most humans excrete toxins from their body today that they MIGHT hold onto these deadly pieces and somehow it might have a playing role in later diseases and dysfunctions...just think about it...think hard...i'll let you come to the conclusion...
i'll touch on another topic within that...milk itself...another time 2 give you another reason why it is possibly next to licorice and safeway pepperoni meat THE WORST option out there for post workout fuel..

i can't just leave you there without a nice option for a smoothie...albeit NOT a post workout option but a concoction drawn up by our mad scientists Mike and Steve...i can't hold it from you any longer, but beware, it's like crack...well that is, if you've used crack you'll's REAL good!

3 cups ice and water total
3 cups frozen spinach and brocolli
3 scoops Muscle Milk chocolate
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp flax
4 tbsp nut butter

and i'm tellin' ya, after hearing the ingredients i was skeptical as a comment after you have fallen in love...serving for one person only for as many servings as they want, as sharing it is not an option with this

never, never, never, never give up

there are times when it so easy to give in to it...the thought passes through your brain over and over..."pain is temporary"...the thought lingers....
there are SO many benefits to perseverance, courage and strength to do the things you do not think are possible, get deep into the storm, experience it, not give up on it and come out the other side...the results are not what matters, its the experience
we speak of this EXPERIENCE at OPT quite often...what we mean is intent, put forth an effort and you shall be rewarded...when those times arise where you are questioning why you should go on, why you should finish (whether it be a workout or life task), it's all the same - keep thinking to yourself - "never, never, never quit" say it over and will linger



for time:

400m run/50 CTB pull ups/400m run/50 elevated push ups on push up handles/400m run/50 GHD Sit Ups/400 m run/50 squats - 15:30

little bug past few days, knew this would be off...killed me breathing wise, good challenge


8 rds for time:

1 Power Snatch/1 Snatch Balance/1 OHS/1 Hang Power Snatch/1 Hang Snatch with 95 lbs (bar cannot rest on ground in set) - 3:40


4 rounds for reps: 20 sec on/40 sec off (Row for cals/Push Jerk - 95 lbs/Abmat sit ups)

Row - 11/11/11/10

Push Jerk - 9/9/9/9

Sit Ups - 17/18/18/18


5 rounds:
5 chin ups + 30 lbs
12 push up burpees
no time, just a race b/t us 2
5 sets of 8 KB swings - 2pd
8 sets of 6 toes to bar

a pic of myself and one of the best; too bad he's here for only a few days...i'd sense a big change in my intensity with more of his travels Dutch

"Fall into Fitness" OPT challenge

On Saturday, Sept 13th, OPT hosted it's 2nd Annual Fall Fitness Challenge. Congratulations to Kathleen Davis and Michael FitzGerald for their first placing! Thank-you to Lululemon and CF Construction for their 1st place prize donations of a full outfit from Lululemon and a Dynamax ball.
The events included:
morning event (WOD 1):
For time:
Row 500 m
30 SDLHP (men - 95 lbs, females - 65 lbs)
30 chin ups (females - jumping)

mid-day event (WOD 2):
For time:
100 squats
Run 400 m
30 Wall Balls (men - 20 lbs, females - 12 lbs)

late afternoon event (WOD 3):
For time:
50 deadlifts (men - 135 lbs, females - 95 lbs)
50 double unders
50 anchored sit up's

Female results: (in alphabetical order)

Ashling (7th) total time: 21:5.2 (6:53.1; 8:30.4; 6:21.7)
Jackie (2nd) total time: 14:25.1 (5:17.6; 5:20.7 3:46.8)
Kathleen (1st) total time: 14:05.3 (5:24.7; 5:10.3; 3:30.2)
Kim (4th) total time: 16:00.8 (5:22.8, 5:37.4, 5:00.6)
Laura (3rd) total time: 15:48.5 (4:44; 6:34; 4:30.5)
Linnette (5th) total time: 16:36.9 (5:37.4; 6:09.8, 4:49.7)
Whitney (8th) total time: 25:44.3 (6:49.9, 11:28.4, 7:26.1)
Yasmin (6th) total time: 20:31.9 (5:39.4, 7:31.3, 7:21.2)

Male results: (in alphabetical order)
Alvaro (15th) total time: 23:06.2 (8:18.7; 6:09.0; 8:37.6)
Chad (7th) total time: 13:05.5 (4:29.9; 4:56.7; 3:38.9)
Darren (4th) total time: 12:29.5 (5:26.5; 4:10.8; 2:52.1)
Don (5th) total time: 12:43.7 (4:43.8; 4:40.4; 3:19.5)
Geoff (2nd) total time: 11:23.9 (4:12.3;4:06.0; 3:05.6)
Giles (6th) total time: 13:02.1 (4:25.5; 4:52.0; 3:44.05
Gord (10th) total time: 15:07.6 (4:59.1; 5:09.7; 4:58.8)
Grant (11th) total time: 16:28.0 (5:48.3; 4:26.9; 6:12.8
Ian (12th) total time: 18:36.5 (6:14. 0; 5:57.8; 6:24. 7)
Mack (9th) total time: 13:21.4 (4:40.9; 4:55.5; 3:45.0)
Mike F. (1st) total time: 11:11.9 (4:30.7; 3:55.2; 2:45.9)
Mike S. (14th) total time: 20:57.7 (6:03.9; 5:33.9; 9:19.9)
Rob C. (3rd) total time: 12:01.2 (4:55.2; 4:03.1; 3:02.9)
Rob S (8th) total time: 13:10.6 (4:47.4; 5:18.9; 3:04.3)
Shane (13th) total time: 19:13.9 (7:56.3; 4:58.6; 6:19.1)


one of my favorite post workout i was able to share with one of my colleagues Dutch Lowy after our workout today...yams in apple sauce and Spolumbo's turkey cranberry sausages..
OPT WOD - "Rhiannon" - as many double unders in 10 min:
Dutch - 587
James - 531
600 is the time



5 rounds: 100 ft walking lunges/15 HSPU - time: 6:58

did this one when i started in 2005, took me 26:27...yikes


30 sets of 5 chest to bar pull ups, 20 sec rest b/t reps, none broken

post high octane workout fuel options:

choices depend on a number of factors

> body fat distribution (as where you store your fat determines how well you will use sugars; for example males below 10% use sugars way better than males over 10-12%, therefore the meals/fuels have to vary to that)

> how hard the workout was - there are many equations for this but if it smashes you, you need more than if it does not...bottom line, we have specific ones at OPT; but the quality and options are more impt first than the nutrient ratios

> food sensitivity - a high level method to determine how well you use foods ( ) works really well as you'll discover that sometimes foods you think you're using is slowing you down...

> pancreas age (human age) - that is age of the person determines it as well, younger humans we work with use sugars really well post exercise without too much of a sugar funk after the meal

> there's more - most times you want protein and carb only (most times, there are exceptions)...LOTS of research to show that certain prot/carb combos are best, i've seen otherwise...for example, research will say that liquid is better (i will argue against that as my results over time will change that)...and sometimes folks cannot handle the kinds of sugar imposed in liquids...some starter examples are apple sauce and whey protein, lean poultry and yams, lean protein and fruit, liquid meal combos like recoverite that we use here b/c of the higher glutamine base in it...yada, with it, it takes tinkering!


find your back squat 1RM, it's worth your time, the definition is hip crease BELOW bottom of knee cap when looking from side view
times that by 1.25 and that is what your 1Rm dead lift should be
times that by .85 and that is what your 1RM front squat should be
times that by .66 and that is what your 1RM power clean should be
times that by .51 and that is what your 1RM power snatch should be
where are your numbers?

OPT WOD - inspired by

split jerk - 5 sets to a 1RM - 215,220,225,230,235 - new rack position makes BIG difference, thanks to coach Everett for that one, taught me last year, i finally got it (


clean and jerk - build to 1RM - 195,205,215,220,225,230(f),230(f) - CNS pretty much done by 225, will get 245 with new rack position, excited...


so excited that i got ahead of myself and forgot that i had lifted about 3500 lbs in 90 minutes and tried some tempo 800's at 90%...well that turned into 3 x 800 m POSE method at 80% speed but 95% effort (2:42/2:48/2:50), 3 min b/t sets....felt nice to get in the sun after anyhow....


today's wod:
5 rounds for time:
30 double unders
30 wall balls - 20# to 10ft
3 rope ascents - 13'

..and that's about as much as i can type right now


had a good conversation with one of the soldiers today regarding handling behavioral traits for peers/friends/employees who are characteristically "kaibosing" themselves when it comes time to "take it to the next level"and how to help those...that is, we all know someone who has consistently at many points/times in their life got to a point of somewhat success with something, and then they throw in the towel completely (this can be done by finding a way to get injured, taking on too much, reating more work than is needed, procrastinating on has many sides to it)...and then ironically move on to some other venture and do the same thing...just in another suit (that is, with fitness, work, relationships...) i see it sometimes with traits in folks who experience this in trying to achieve the path to higher levels of fitness

what i have found that has worked with folks is to first bring them back to discussing the "emotions" they are feeling around the time they decide they need to "throw it in"...and really work together on discussing these times and what they are feeling, this allows a "noticing and awareness" of what is going on at the time...sometimes it allows the person to then DETACH themselves from the moment completely, giving it a new owner so to speak...and secondly, then go away for a while and think about why these feelings are really coming up, what has brought them on...i usually get reports back of some really powerful indications of fears of failure and success and what usually accompanies this (most times from some things that have shaped them from a young age)...sometimes people are just not ready for in life, it becomes a learning

but if you have to hold people accountable for their actions that are close to you and are experiencing these happenings, listen and listen some more, ask questions about how they are feeling at these times, and help them understand what's going on...when they become aware, it'll help everyone

OPT WOD today:
3 sets for times, 3 min rest b/t sets:

10 row cals, 20 chest to bar pull ups, 30 push ups
15 sets of 10 GHD Sit Ups
15 sets of 10 Double Unders, 5 breaths b/t sets



back squat - 5 sets of 3 (265, 287, 309, 319, 329)

felt good, first back squat since May, felt nice, o-lift work has kept hips strong


video wod with Rob and "fun Bobby"

5 rounds: 10 thrusters - 30#/h, 20 KB swings - 20kg x 5

Bobby - 5:30, James - 5:55, Rob - 6:30 ish...good times

my top 3 snack choices for this time of year; make them at night for next day, cut all in half and have at mid am and mid afternoon (basically leftover protein from supper, a seasonal fresh fruit and raw nuts, i'm hungry...)

1. free range organic leftover chicken, a fresh BC organic peach, raw organic macadamia nuts

2. local organic ostrich jerky, fresh BC organic apple, raw organic walnuts

3. free range organic turkey, Eden dried cranberries, raw organic almonds

got some other options?


my friend C2
how many times can you average under 1:40/500m on 3 min rest
goal - 5
scores - 1:39.4/1:39/1:39.5/1:39.4/1:39.7/1:39.8 - 6 repeats
fell on floor after 6th, guess that was a sign it was over...b/c when i got up there was only 20 sec left on split of 3 min....tough metabolic WOD...good mental tests there, know what pain i need to endure now for a 6:40 2K
10 sets of 5 hanging knees to elbows, no kip


Murray, another OPT soldier...

before - 53 years old, an OK golfer, biker, hockey player, softball player, 18.5% BF, OK fitness

2 years later - great golfer, hiker, hockey player, softball player, 13.5% BF, 4 lbs lean mass higher, 55 years of age

just another example if the right attitude is mixed with balance!

OPT WOD today;

AMRAP BodyWeight Overhead Squat - 170 lbs - reps: 14,12,11 (oh so close to 15 again, did 15 months ago at 165 lbs, will do it soon, love the OHS, such a core exercise!...a true one!)


for time;

50 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/40 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/30 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/20 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups/10 back ext's/20 GHD sit ups - time - 7:14

(hips were smashed after that; all i'll be able to do is stand upright tomorrow)

want a real core workout, there it is...



how many times can you put 135 lbs locked out overhead from the ground in 10 minutes;

score-55 reps


10 sets of 10 CTB chin ups and 10 double unders alternating

CNS was done after 135 lb power cleans and push jerks...the fatigue in my legs brought back ugly pain feelings from the games...nightmarish.....uugghhh, tried to keep form tight, Grace practice i guess..although when you know its for 10 minutes it's a grinder, not a race....did chin ups on new bar after, felt nice and tight (the new bar that is)

so there's an uproar happening in my hometown of Wabush/Lab City, NL ( read about health care system, lack of doctors, basically they cannot keep doctors, there are more people needing doctors, there needs to be a new hospital..

let's just say, besides being hung out to be burned at the cross at one of the local churches, that i came home and stated this to the people looking to hire more doctors; i.e. looking for a solution...let's just say that they find a doctor for 6 months only, pay him/her $100,000 to take care of the back log and allow the fine docs i remember there (Dr Tom, we still love you) to have a break every now and then...and they pay a personal trainer $250,000 per year to work his or his ass off in training/educating/creating progress through mass classes like Crossfit, creating policy on by laws of poor food choices and selling of processed foods (why 250K?...well they deserve it for what it does to the system, it creates a LONG TERM strainless position for those in charge of finding moneys for the current DEFAULT plan, they would have classes, set up 3-4 CF facilities which house thousand per place, hold everyone acountable for attendance)....imagine the load it would take off the docs for visits based on lacking blood sugar control (seen as depression in most cases, hint, it's the cookies at 2 pm, not your life), flus and colds (strength training creates less sick days, emperical and researched data shows that), ...and let them take care of the EMERGENCY situations outside of the trainers control...craziness you say...well if you're just as blind as those looking to add to the DEFAULT system...more doctors and nurses WILL NOT help the problem....making people to pay taxes (higher taxes) for NOT taking care of themselves (smokers, those who drink, those who do not ATTEND CF classes and sessions) well as paying trainers (and i mean real trainers, not babysitters)/innovators what they are worth....interestingly enough, you know one question that is NEVER asked of a client when i meet with them over and over (and i see thousands per year) that is part of our system..."who is your family doctor"...interesting that it is NEVER mentioned

i hear a lot of talk about what there is NOT there, and not about what they COULD have....they have power in an unbelievable community, with an atmosphere that would welcome a new perspective...all it takes is belief that preventative means is the way to go, and the only way to uphold a growing society


2012 olympian swim hopeful Curtis Lutsch began his off season journey last week at OPT...his dedication and willingness to learn about "cross-training" and what it means to his sport will be a major player in his progress...we will keep updating his progress throughout the year...i'll throw some stats your way when i dig them up about his times in the H20...
Curtis' WOD today:
power clean - 7 sets of 3
amrap BFK chin ups x 3 sets
(speed, power, co-ordination, accuracy, agility...all mixed into one)
hang power snatch from knee cap - 95,115,120,125,130,133,138,138 x 3
(last 2 sets of 138 were not the best, 133 was smooth and easy)
3,4,5,4,3,4,5,4,3 reps, 15 breaths b/t reps - 95# hang power snatch - met con style
2 x 400m on OPT track @ 95% (doorstep take off) - 1:13, 2 min rest, 1:13
4 sets of 30 sec on/30 sec off high knee rope jump


last wod in BC:
burpees on the minute - chest to deck, jump and clap overhead
17 min
5 sets of 10 Janda sit ups
15 sets of 20 sec on 10 sec off - try to complete 12 jump squats per 20 sec


a big congrats to Graeme Donald, Irene Foster and Dave Tainsh (in pic) for representing OPT at Iron Man Canada...all three performed well..Graeme had a calm swim, a strong bike (that included a few flats which slowed his time tremendously, our goal was 5hrs 10minutes or thereabout...the flats slowed him - finished with 5:39) and a sweet marathon at the end of this of 3:35; he was well on his way for a sub 10 hour (what i thought he would do) but finished at 10:28 due to the wheels...all together a great effort!
Irene's 1st experience at the big one was well put together, she struggled all year with confidence and "trusting" the program and finished at 12 hrs 38 minutes, well within the goals we had shot for...nice.
and to the winner goes the spoils; see pic here of a VERY happy man; someone who was a soldier for OPT, who had done everything that was asked, and dedicated one last year for the big show and he did it, with a 1 hr 7 min swim, a 5 hr 19 min bike and a 4 hr marathon; it got him a qualification for the world IronMan championships in Kona, Hawaii in Oct...well done Dave!

Everyone at OPT understands what true fitness ironmen and ironwomen does not change the perspective we have on true fitness...believe me, they know it as well, triathletes are not truly fit...mark that down, tell your friends, challenge me as you wish...they are specialists of three sports of a cardio respirtatory nature - specialists...meaning lacking in agility, power, strength, stamina, co-ordination and a few other areas...and what i mean by these traits are TRUE definitions of them...i do not consider biking up a hill at high watts powerful, i consider it a skill...true power across many domains is what i am talking about..

these 3 folks have experienced increases in fitness while still specializing...i do not claim to have a hold on it yet...but i can say that in years to come we will have triathletes winning, 10K'ers winning...and other endurance athletes winning at their sport and they will not train 25% of the time they thought they might have to and STILL wait, it'll happen, but the infiltration will take time due to the almighty old school methods of long distance useless miles on swimming, biking and running that kills people long term, and promotes a DECREASE in fitness that folks still hold on to...if anyone out there is willing to do it right, stop by OPT, we sell true fitness and endurance results.

todays WOD:
OHS - 95,115,135,155 x 5 - 70% effort, 30 sec rest b/t sets
hang squat clean - 135,145,155,165 x 3 - 70%, 30 sec b/t sets
push jerk - 135,145,155 x 3 - 70%, 30 sec b/t sets
snatch balance - 65,75,85,95,105,115 x 3; 30 sec b/t sets - 60%
SA DB Power snatch - 6/arm x 3/arm - 55,65,75# - 80%, 30 sec b/t arms
db thruster x 5 - 25,35,45# - 30 sec b/t sets - 60%

felt great to throw some weights around, kept it light, found some other fellow crossfitters in the gym doing Nasty Girls - (god that sucks with chin ups and dips) - well done Sean and Ron...keep it up; we are moving forward.


BC WOD @ globogym in westbank:

AMR in 20 min:
15 double unders
15 box jumps - 25"
6 L ups
rds - 10.25

had to walk distance for l pull ups, was a nice rest, wanted 10 or more rounds so this sufficed...long day, then travel, great to get a wod in right away.

my muscles are always on fire when i come here, the training is always top notch due to a number of factors:

- altitude
- low cortisol
- no committments, grandparents love Hannah
- wod's in globogym, different setting, different CNS response

the last statement everyone can learn from; seems i have been mentioning it to a number of clients that was passed on to me by one of my mentors, Charles Poliquin; i'll never forget at one of my first meetings with him, we spoke of elite training principles vs. what the "norm" is out there and the difference...and he said "neural drive leads to anabolic drive" first i did not have a clue what he meant, but it meant so much...elite training basically is determined by the ability of the CNS to work at high adaptation levels...coaches can instill this in correct nutrition and training principles but when a human "feels" ready to stir it up (as globogyms do to me, it seems as if i feel like i'm entering a cage full of people that want to step on me - it in other words "fires me up") this leads to a big CNS happened today in this workout; there's something more to it than narcicism that makes me want to do well at these wod's in these gyms...

thanks Charles.


first of all, wanted to congratulate Mark Davids, our OPT athlete of the summer...everyone has an athlete in them, Mark's sport is life...over the summer he has learned to live well, live a bigger life and take fitness/health seriously...we decided to honour him and his successes @ OPT for his dedication, willingness to show up and give it each time...and within this period of time we discovered a true athlete that was dying to get's a clip of him below dead lifting 329 lbs easily for his last max effort of the summer...some other accolades include from June to August beginning to end:
1K row - 4:17......two 1K row's in one workout - 4:07 and 4:05!
walking fast (difficult)......5K run in 51 min (first time ever)
DL - 251 lbs 1RM......DL 329 lbs 1RM
200 m run/walk - 1:14......200 m run (in a workout we might add) - 57 seconds
no confidence in fitness......a warrior and a TRUE OPT client

congrats Mark!

thruster - 5 sets of 5 @ 80%: 98,108,118,128,138
5 rds 4 time;
21 KB swings - 1.5 pd
21 GHD sit ups
21 double unders

wanted less than 2 min per round, got it, felt good



clean - 5 sets of 1, build quickly to tough 1RM - 210,220,230,240,250

haver to be a little more patient on 2nd pull, pulled little early and had to jump forward to catch it...when you do it right as i did at 240 (vid is 250) it was if it was in slow mo like i was slowly pulling myself under the bar and watching it go by...weird


for time: 10HSPU/2 CTB chin ups/9HSPU/4 CTB chin ups/8HSPU/6 CTB chin ups/7HSPU/8 CTB chin ups/6 HSPU/10 CTB chin ups/5HSPU/12 CTB chin ups/4HSPU/14 CTB chin ups/3HSPU/16 CTB chin ups/2HSPU/18 CTB chin ups/1HSPU/20 CTB chin ups - time:10:15

i did this G workout in Aug 2005, took me 31 minutes...nice

max clean felt nice today, can do 265 (goal for a long while; will do on ME day coming soon)

a client had posted a ? re: a now famous swimming olympian and here is what he "apparently" has to chew on for fuel, you never know, he may say this for competitive purposes and as a joke on the media but i thought it was interesting...

Breakfast: Three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise. Two cups of coffee. One five-egg omelet. One bowl of grits. Three slices of French toast topped with powdered sugar. Three chocolate-chip pancakes.

Lunch: One pound of enriched pasta. Two large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread. Energy drinks packing 1,000 calories.

Dinner: One pound of pasta. An entire pizza. More energy drinks.

from this site.

Now, you do not need to be a scientist to understand that the fuel provided here is nothing less than absolute crap, and ANYONE, i challenge ANYONE to mention why otherwise....but it gives you a perspective if this really is his fuel about how freakingly talented this machine is "for now"..and i say for now, as most may think the old adage like our moms used to say..."well, he's burning it off"...well...errr...Mom, you were never right; there are certain SERIOUS side effects for long term exposure to these low nutritonal value, highly toxic foods

the BIG problem lies here, i have swimmers showing up to my door now looking to become the next champ and they throw this meal at me..."well this is what the champ eats, why can't I....i burn so much"...side note, most swimmers that i have ever seen are WAY TOO overtrained (we call it spun down) on top of this the last thing they need is more stress to the system, they will do much better as we infiltrate the system on less volume, more correct conditioning and better fuel choices - (don't get me on the chocolate milk thingy, it's coming...)...

so to finish, should one eat like this to become a champ - NO; one needs MAJOR physical talent, size 16 feet and gills; if you or anyone suggests this is the way it has to be, you'll turn out a chump...


today's WOD:
1 min POSE @ 95%, 3 min walk x 6 with my dog on the burm
150 m row sprint (5.5, foot 3) in 28.2,27.7,27.5,27.2 sec, 2 min b/t sets

feels SOOO good to run outside again with my buddy Red, calves are less tired now, feels nice...those trying to POSE and learn it now; beware that running efficiency has SO much to do with breathing as well, this must NOT be get the breathing and timing down 1st, THEN and only THEN compare for 400's and 800's in efficiency....not'll feel deflated if you test a new car without learning how to drive it.....

articles/chat to come this week before i head to BC:
- OPT IM athletes Graeme Donald, Dave Tainsh and Irene Foster complete their journeys with "success"
- Mark Davids - OPT athlete of the summer
- chocolate milk as recovery? there are MUCH better options
- project Lutsch - 2012 swim olympian hopeful starts the journey at OPT
- why high profile athletes can eat like shit and perform...for now
- emotional attachment - new learnings from work by Dan Seigel

project salo

Shelagh Salo
age: 56
sport: endurance running
stats - best marathon - 4:12 Phoenix, static hang - 10 sec, push ups from toes - 1, 500 m row - 2:12 (35 s/m), squat - 25-30 deg above parallel, vertical jump - 9 inches
goals - 4:10 October Victoria Marathon (Boston qualification), 30 sec static hang, 10 push ups, 2:10 row (30s/m), squat - parallel, vertical jump - 10 inches

Shelagh and i decided after years of conversation (more of me saying "running is only one component of fitness - cardio endurance") that we needed to create some measurable fitness goals OUTSIDE of just benchmarks in running to keep her accountable to her LONG TERM fitness as well as her running prowess...she has run Boston and a BUNCH of other races (30 since 1999)...we have always had some good chats about running vs. true fitness and this sill be one of many examples where improving all OTHER aspects of fitness like power, speed, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength...etc...and less of ones that you are good at (cardio only) will help the ones you are already good at...and to make things better, you'll live longer! how about that!

by the way, she is only running on Thursdays (400's, 800's and time trials) and pace runs on Sunday, and training OPT style 3x/week (bodyweight, strength training) as well as her own skill training on flexibility on 3 other days...

we will update on her progress as we go as well as provide before and after squat photos and stats AFTER the Victoria Marathon...she'll be a glowing example of what you can do when you INCLUDE ALL aspects of fitness in your training.


AMR in 9 min;
10 pistols
15 sit ups
score: 9 rds + 5 HSPU and 6 pistols, wanted 10 (video to come)
chest to bar running clock chest to bar chin ups practice - 15 rds easy
10 sets of 15 walking lunges - 10 sec b/t sets

last wod at cabin, beautiful setting today, all outside in mild temp's with just bodyweight, lotsa fun...first wod was great breathing practice for Mary...chest to bar chin ups will make that lady MUCH harder in the future, will definitely have to mentally get prepped for that one....

working on the feeding as well pre wod's up usual, making the gut almost completely empty (i.e. no eating 4-5 hours before) ensures a high powr output workout for me...again another shot against science, as is usually prescribed by the aerobic based university science to have "complex and slow releasing carbohydrates 2-2.5 hours before THEN some carbs up to 30 g pre exercise"...if i did that, which i have done in the past, i canot survive on high intensity over time i changed it and tested it more and more...that is, got further away from the workout time...i remember my PB's like Murph with vest at 31 min and change, i did not eat 6 hours prior...this week i played with some PFC balancing and some little fuel about 2 hours prior and STILL no change, funny how things remain the same...last few WOD's (thurs and fri) were much BETTER feeling de to nothing in gut...problem with this is that it is tough for those willing to try it to ensure you get enough in your gut after without over tipping the insulin i have found that ensuring your first meal is higher in protein and carbs (more carbs to protein if met con dominant and more protein to carbs if weight training dominant) and then within the next hour to 90 minutes following get another meal that is more PFC balanced (lower on carbs if you're training for weight loss)....then follow on as usual works well
when not done in waiting for the gut to empty, then training, then eating big, then waiting another few hours is that you'll eat your face off for the rest of the day...
if it's early am training as i have done many times it works fine...if mid am or noon as it was here this week then big AM meal - 5 blocks of prot/carb and 12-15 blocks fat, then waiting 5 hours ensures high for me as well as others...give it a try, it'll take some time to get used to but it works....
remember "food is ONLY fuel"!!!!!!!


WOD - "Chloe"
for time;
30 DU's
10 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
8 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
6 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
4 Dead Lift - 290#
30 DU's
2 Dead Lift - 290#

most wod's are named after females based on storms that are painful to get in and get out of...Chloe is in honour of our newest development to the Fitz clan...maybe she'll have a sweet grip as mine was basically shot after the 8 Dead Lifts...i expected to go through most of them easily...this quickly turned into fractioning in the 3rd double under i guess it was a tough storm as i did not expect that (note to self, heavy dead lifts and double unders go together as well as back extensions and kipping chin ups)... (will add video when i get home)

looking back (if anyone wants to add a story of this nature go ahead and log in under comments), the most painful storm/female CF workout i have even been through in my memory was Linda when i did her for the first time at OPT (it is 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 rep rds for time of 1.5x BWT DL, 1 x BWT bench press, 0.75 x BWT clean); funny thing is that i did power cleans instead of squat cleans....i was good at DL's so i flew through them, and when i got to rep 8 our of 10 on the bench press and started to fail, i knew i was in trouble, then trying to clean WITH HORRIBLE form 3 years ago made my back light up....i can remember completing it in 30 minutes i think (PB to date is 13:01 with squat cleans and BWT-163) and laying on the carpet from 5 am when i had finished it till 5:45 am (i kid you not) looking at the ceiling fan spinning around and around, i think it was the only thing keeping me from reaching for "the light", i was grey, and had my vision "closing in" on me for hours after, i think i must have eaten 5000 kcal that day....
anyhow, as Geoff would say - "good times!"
what's your favourite story of your own female storm (that you can remember that is)?


W - PC/PP/SJ - 135,155,165,179,189,195,195(x)
2nd last set at 195 was not smooth so tried again and rack was not good for PP on last set so shut it down there; rack position and heel drive much more efficient this year than same time last year when Greg introduced me to my a little more practice on the O-lifts and i'll have it..
then practiced with 135# - PC/PP/PJ/SJ x 4 sets, wanted it to feel smooth and easy and did
then FS - 135# - practicing 3 reps x 3 sets for depth
5 rounds for time:
M - 300 m row (damper 5.5, foot pad 3)
G - 30 push ups

avg'd 1:40/500m for each 300 m split, happy with that, push ups fractioned on last 3 sets slowed things a little..rowing and push ups are always a good mix...i prescribe row and upper body pushing often - and with the right prescription can really get the blood flowing (what do i man by this??)...well MANY crossfit programs i see written are using sustainable energy as the energy system and if not prescribed correctly can end up basically being a 30 minute light weight aerobic session - and furthermore no different than any other "class" at a globo gym....when the correct prescription and mix of movements are done so that a high lactate point and fatigue without compromising form is reached - a HUGE hormonal shift occurs which is FAR MORE effective than work done over 30 minutes with a sustained HR...let me give you an example of some workouts i've seen designed consistently:
7 rounds for time:
400 m run
30 push up burpees
30 thrusters
30 chin ups
30 sit ups based on energy systems, let's say a faster human does the 400m in 1:30, and the 30's in 6-7 min..times that by 7 IF and only IF all rounds are 8 min long equals 56 min of it IS a crossfit workout because it is varied and functional, but it is not the right INTENSITY, they would by the 2nd round be fractoning everything and turning it into a strength workout, with short rest periods as opposed to a high intensity workout sessions....if we took a normal joe/jane and had them do instead:
for time:
sprint 400m, 15 burpees, 15 thrusters, 15 jumping chin ups and 30 sit ups and it took them 4:20 to do all this (and they were coached to do it all out!), they actually will get a better recovery of cortisol and GH/a higher IGF 1 release/a higher lactate threshold and a "gassed" feeling as opposed to a completely "wiped" if by chance you are creating programs, ensure you vary the energy systems for sure, BUT please ensure that the INTENSITY is not just there but there correctly...
there are times for big ones and some benchmarks, lots of time best done as groups and MAYBE 1x/month, not every day or even 1-2x/week, this will not make folks stronger...only at the aerobics/sustained work system and not the short wave or "ugly" waves of energy...
more to come on this one..


if you did not have the chance to see the finishing kick of the men's triathlon at the Olympics last night, i'll give you a recap...."GUTS"...there it is; it explains everything as that is what it took our Canadian hopeful Simon Whitfield on the last 600m to the finish...very inspiring....he was in a pack of 4 out in front for the last 5K, then he backed off a little before the last 1K and everyone including his former coach thought he was done...that is until he threw off his hat like a cowboy ready to get dirty and caught up to the other 3, passed them with speed with 600m to go...if you have ever been in races like this (i have and know the pain) are in immense pain for a long while, then to kick at the end is a BIG RISK, he put it all on the line, came up in 2nd as a younger German with a little more spunk caught him and passed him like he was walking on the last 100m, but kudos to Simon, i tip you my hat...that takes balls - big ones, i've been in the same position at the first CF games and tried the same thing and got passed on the last 100 m as well; and you learn from it but it took everything i had to do that, everything...well done Simon..well done!

today's WOD - "Nicole-ish" - AMR in 20 min: 400m run, max chest to bar pull ups
107 total pull ups; 9 rounds + 100m (20/15/12/10/10/10/10/11/9)

first 20 min workout in a long while; add heat, CTB pull ups and POSE running to that and you've got a man with sore calves, a torn hand and visions of carbohydrates running in his head

sidenote: speaking of carbs, watched and laughed at a commercial today for a certain female diet program (hint - rhymes with "many leg"); this movie star was selling this program b/c she had lost 20lbs and can still eat "fun things like ravioli and meat balls and pizza and whatever else she wanted"...i'd love to know when foods became so emotional to folks, and why do most feel the need to eat based on points and not on how it makes you feel - there should be a point system based on foods that give you muscle and help improve performance, that would really shake things up...i got it, a new food program - the "opt in nutrition program"

testimony 1:
"i've gained 5 lbs in 4 weeks, i wake up and feel like working out, my butt is bigger from lunges, my arms are more muscular, i can dead lift more than my husband (actually i CAN dead lift my husband) and i eat all kinds of fatty foods like avocadoe, full fat milk, all kinds of nuts and my wasteline is slimming down every day....and add to that my workouts last only 8 min on average"

...err..wait now, that won't sell