for loads;
A1. Snatch Grip Dead Lift off 4" blocks @ 52X1; 5 reps x 5 sets; 120 sec
(use straps, keep low back arched at ALL times, 2 sec at bottom to reset)
A2. Bench Press with Bands @ 30X0; 2-3 x 5; 120 sec
(concentric is explosive)
5 min rest EXACTLY
for time;
95# thruster ladder - 1-10
(you have to pick up weight from floor for each set; you cannot go from one set into another without placing weight on floor; you cannot fraction each set; you have to drop the weight after each set is done; if you attempt a set (say 6 reps) and you fail on the 6th rep, you start over on the 6 rep set again; time the entire ladder)
5 min rest EXACTLY
"fast and nasty"
3 rounds for time;
15 KBS - 2pd
20 wall balls - 20# to 10ft
(make your best attempt to go straight through, this is the opportunity to test it; time it!)
post weights for A1 and A2, time for ladder and time for met con to comments


bso said...

Could someone please explain this part of the instructions?
@ 52X1; 5 reps x 5 sets;
@ 30X0; 2-3 x 5;

OPT said...

bso, 52X0 means 5 sec to lower weight, 2 sec rest on floor, X means explode off floor and 1 sec pause at top
30X0 means 3 sec to lower and 0 sec at bottom of movement, X means explode in concentric movement and 0 sec pause at top
superset both movements, taking 120 sec rest b/t movements

Gord said...

Snatch deadlift- 193
Bench press- 203
thruster ladder-4:58

I did not anticipate that this one would kicked the crap out of me the way it did. When it was time to do the metcon I had nothing left in the tank. Not happy with today's performance. Not sure if it a nutritional thing or if the intesity of the work outs has increased and my body is adjusting. Time will tell

Mack said...

Snatch grip Dead Lift: Worked up to 218lb. Felt better as the weight got heavier. Last set felt the lightest. Need to start heavier next time.

Bench Press with bands: Worked up to 212 X 2 with the bands on. New one for me.

Thruster Ladder: Went a$$ over tea kettle on the 6th rep of the 6th round. Lost a pile of time from that mentally and physically. Tried to rush it.

Metcon: Did one set of swings, 2 wall balls and my back was screaming. Hit the showers.

Todd Dyer said...

Hi James
band bench press... how do you set this up?
I have the same atlantis rack as you.

Brent Maier said...

When do you guys sleep up there? I'm off this week and going to get an early start this morning.

- What strength band should we be using for the BP?
- On the thrusters, is a standing 1-2 sec active rest considered fractioning the set?

OPT said...

todd, set up bands attached to the floor and attached at top to the bench, the eccentric should be easy and the concentric should be quite challenging as the bands increase in tension as you explode out of bottom...idea is to excite CNS and high threshold motor units
go to here, DO NOT listen to what he has to say but see how the bands are set up...


OPT said...

brent, use 25-35# jump stretch bands if you have them..we have the specialty ones from BFS set up on the floor on the rack
for thrusters, fractioning means you had to put the bar down to the floor to rest in the set...and of course is not allowed when in set

Geoff Aucoin said...

Well it's only 90 minutes to 12pm here in Calgary so all the best and good luck to the FitzGerald clan today!!

deejay said...

Metcon-7:50(did 15 kb swings and 20 wall balls straight through and then hit a HUGE wall)

bso said...

Don't know whether it was the chiro or the dentist, but for some reason I had a headache.

Sn: 135,185,205,225,245
BP (no spot, kept it moderate): 135, 135, 145, 155, 155

Thrusters - delts were in bad shape, low back started getting tired during 8. Took awhile to recover for sets 9 and 10. 7:56

Met-con - with low back exhausted I really struggled through this. 9:30

Chad Action Brandt said...

A1.)SGDL 4" Blocks = 245#
A2.)BP = 200 Took it easy on shoulder
Thruster ladder = 6:40
MetCon = 5:43
Happy New Year everyone!

Bob Cook said...

Great workout! Had trouble with the snatch deadlifts due to grip and no wraps, did pushups with 100lbs in back pack for bench, and 12lb ball for wall ball (heaviest I have).
Deadlift 365x2 Failed on 3 down to 315 x3 more.
Pushups 5, 8, 12 rep build
Thrusters 5:16
"Fast and Nasty" turned to "slow and ugly" 8:58

Thanks OPT for the workout!

Brent Maier said...


Snatch Deadlift: 91/101/111/111/116kg (242lbs)
Started feeling the lower back on set 3. Focused on maintaining good back arch under load. As they say, I kept the bucket tipped on majority of the reps. The last round was actually my strongest.

Bench Press w/Bands: 70/75/80/85/85kg (187lbs)
The negatives had an impact on my explosion as I hit the 3rd set.

Thruster Ladder: 4:11
I had to increasingly dig mentally every round starting round 7. I emptied the tank on this one!

MetCon "Fast and Nasty": 6:11 First round was unbroken. The second round on was broken. Back was screaming on KB swings and cardio/legs on WB. The SnatchDead had a hand in the outcome of this workout.

Great job everyone! Tough day...

Brent Maier said...

Snatch Deadlift conversion was wrong: 116kg (255lbs)

Sifton said...

A1 = 125
A2 = 150 (2)
Ladder = 8:02 (watch was not set properly so I am guessing a bit on this)
Met Con = 11:03 That just thrashed me.

Best New Years WOD I have EVER done.
Bring on 09!

Happy New Years all!

Trevor Salmon said...

what a way to end the year.
snatch deadlift - 205 (still had some left though)
BP - 162 unfortunately eccentric movement makes the elbow scream.
now for the suck - 17:15 for the thruster ladder. A little too conservative at the beginning maybe as the 1-7 were actually very easy and my confidence was high. Rd 8 decidely tougher then I failed to lock out the left arm and dropped it on rep 8 of the 9 so had to rest and redo. Then just plain F*&%#ed up on the rep 5 of the round of 10.
Wanted to pack it in so badly at this point but didn't want to finish the year knowing I gave in so rest a little longer to get the final 10
Metcon 9:05 only the first 15 kbs were straight thru. On survival mode at this point.
Lot's of positives to take away for 2009.
Happy New Year everyone

Geoff Aucoin said...

Well this WOD was a lost cause but I did my best.

DL up to 205, no straps so I played with it. Stood on shakey wooden blocks.
Bench to 190x2

Ladder 5:06, that got hard really fast.

MetCon I got a call at wall ball #10 of the second round, the watch was in the 3-somethings.

Right butt cheek tweaking here!

Geoff Aucoin said...


(I mean, "bullytor"!!)

Sweeney said...

I'm in Weyburn for New Years. I just never get tired seeing an old farmer drive his John Deere tractor to the liquor store for a bottle of whiskey....

SGDL: 215
BP: 185(no bands)
Ladder: 4:18 - left it all on the floor here 'cause I knew I wasn't doing the metcon.
Metcon: no medi balls, limited DB's, the smoked turkey was calling my name.

All the best to everyone and Happy 2009!!!

Hope everything went well with the grand entrance of Chloe FitzGerald!!!

Todd Dyer said...

first post
snatch deadlift=265lb
band bench press=200lb for 2 with 25lb. bands
thruster ladder= 3:50
metcon=4:11 ceilings only 8ft. so wb's not full height

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh, I didn't mention I had to use an 80lb DB for the swings. Boo-urns.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Snatch DL - 253
BP - 185
Thruster Ladder = 3:48
MetCon = 5:00. This killed me, and exposed how untuned my diet/recovery have been over the holidays..i.e. on the floor for 5 mins, followed by the awful crossfit headache!

JOSH said...

snatch deadlift=185, standing on 4" blocks made this feel like such a different movement

bench with wife simulating band pressure=185

thruster ladder=4:46

*used 55lb db for 21x, all swings unbroken and only first round of WB's unbroken, 2nd and 3rd round broke into 2 sets, shoulders were blown away.

Gummo said...

Snatch Deadlift: 310
Bench Press: 165
Thruster Ladder: 5:14
Metcon: 5:17