for loads;
Power Snatch - 1,1,1,1,1,1; 60 sec rest b/t sets
(this is not a 1RM...build quickly, last 1 will be somewhat tough)
Snatch Pull to navel - 3,3,3,3,3; 180 sec rest b/t sets
(arms locked, focus on extension at top, work hard here)
Hang Power Snatch/Snatch Balance/OHS - 2.3.4 x 5; 120 sec rest b/t sets
(perfect form for all reps)
3 rounds for time;
30% BWT Overhead Squat x 21 reps
30 double unders
post weights and time for met con to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

You know somethin'? Frig this place, this is where I roll now!!


Brent Maier said...

Andrews version of Linda looks brutal with a capital "B". I'll go with you Geoff so I can roll you back out when your done!

Sweeney said...

PS: 130
SP: 198
Complex: 98 (Glute strain)
MetCon: 3:41

Brent Maier said...
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Brent Maier said...


PS: 50/55/61/61/66/70kg (154 lbs)
SP: 70/90/100/111/121kg (266 lbs)
HPS/SB/OHS: 40/42.5/45/50/60kg (132 lbs)
MetCon: 5:49

Don't forget to double knot your shoelaces for the metcon! Legs were pretty smoked going into the second round. Broke the 2nd round of OHS into 2 standing sets, and the 3rd into 3's. First round of DU's were blazing but fatigue on the last round brought me an average of 1-4 DU's per attempt.

Great job on the MetCon Sweeny!

Mack said...

132lb P Snatch
220lb Pull
105lb Complex
4:24 Metcon

bso said...

PSn 65;95;115;135;135;140
SnPull 140;185;205;225;225
Complex 65;80;95;105;115
Met con (55#, 180bwt) 4:13

Geoff Aucoin said...

PS: 145
SP: 235
Complex: 115
Metcon: 3:37 (too lazy to add the 30% so I used 64lbs, big mistake, OH squats died in 2nd round)

Gord said...

ps-120 -failed at 125
sp-201 -thanks for the coaching Trevor
met con-3:19

my word was "dendat" was all

rwcorson said...

Power Snatch-135
Snatch Pull-230
Metcon-3:19 Legs were hurtin' big time after this one. Thanks Trevor & Geoff for the coaching.

Trevor Salmon said...

power snatch - 135
snatch pulls - 225 with straps
complex - 76 snatch balance limiting factor and left shoulder began to give out.
met con - 5:25 with 50lbs by round 2 it was apparent that nothing was left in strength of my left shoulder and struggled to keep the weight overhead.
great workouts

Anonymous said...

Power Snatch: 95/115/125/145(f)/135/135
Snatch Pull: 135/155/175/225/235
HPS/SB/OHS: 95(f on 3 SB)/105/115/125(f on 1 OHS)/105
METCON: 6:41 @ 70 lbs

JOSH said...

Hang Power Snatch/Snatch Balance/OHS - 2.3.4 x 5
-Does that mean i perform 2hps,3sb,4ohs all within 1 set without putting the weight down?

JOSH said...

power snatch up to 155

snatch pull up to 215

No snatch complex, left shoulder aggravated on the previous rest day fooling around

metcon w/50lbs=4:15

Gummo said...

PS: 155
SP: 275
Complex: 115
MetCon: 9:32 (F'ing double unders)