For as many reps;
put a 7 min countdown timer on, perform handstand push ups in ladder form; i.e. 1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps....how many ladders can you complete wihout fractioning in the 7 min timeframe? if you attempt a number and fail, the previous number completed is the score - hands MUST be shoulder width apart
Rest 5 min exactly
For time:
a 10-1 push up burpee ladder alternating with a 1-10 knees to elbow ladder….i.e. 10 PUB’s/1 K2E, 9 PUB’s/2 K2E…down to 1 PUB and 10 K2E’s…goal is but speed with movements trying not to fraction anywhere
rest 5 min exactly
10 sets of 10 GHD Sit ups – try to go straight through on all 10 reps for each set, rest as needed in b/t sets
Post HSPU ladder number; time for PUB/K2E ladder and notes on sit ups to comments


JOSH said...
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Sifton said...

HSPU Ladder
Got to 4 rounds, Hands much closer than I have done in the past, right at shoulder width.
Tough one

Burpee- K2E Ladder
All Burpees straight through, K2E were straight until the 9/10.

10 *10 GHD situps, all Straight with :30 rest.

Sweeney said...

I have a couple of questions:
1)How does the ladder work? Do I do 1 HSPU in minute 1, 2 HSPU in minute 2, 3 HSPU in minute three? etc.? If not, help?
2) Can we touch our feet down at the bottom of the K2E's?

Sifton said...


The ladder is to do as many as you can for the ladder in 7min. rest quick on the first 1,2,3 etc then the rest will naturally become longer. The 7 min will go by very fast.

For the K2E, I think that James' idea is to do as many as you can without either touching or coming off the bar (greater Work capacity). Any other interpretations are welcomed.

rwcorson said...

HSPU-6 rds + 4 reps = 25 reps
narrow grip made this extremely difficult.
PU Burpee/K to E - 6:52, PU burpees unbroken, K to E grip was suffering.
10 GHD sit ups - rds 1 to 7 with 1 min. rest, 8-10 1.5 minutes rest btw

Trevor Salmon said...

hspu - 4 rounds plus 3 with the narrow grip
burpies/k2e - 7:54 k2e done in the atlantis rack with parallel grip. reps broken after about round of 5
ghd 10x10 with 60 seconds rest btw.
pre: hang split snatch 3 sets of 2 up to 81lbs
1 set of 10 powell raises pre and post

Chad Action Brandt said...

HSPU Ladder:
This is my nemisis the HSPU, especially with the narrow grip.
4 rounds. Everytime I tried for more I could only get one, or wanted to kip HSPU everytime.

BU&K2E Ladder: 9:28
This was a gooder!
Unbroken BU's
Unbriken K2E until round 8.

10x10GHD 30 sec rest first 3 sets, 1min next 3 sets, 1:30 next 2 sets, 2min last 2 sets.

Nice work you guys, sweet BU&K2E times!

deejay said...

14 reps total on the HSPU's
Burpee/K2E WOD - 7:25. PU Burpees were all unbroken. Really hit a wall on the 7 rep round of the K2E's.
GHD's all unbroken with ~ 1min rest b/w sets

OPT said...

darren, perform 1 hspu, rest as long as you want then (but rememeber the timer is counting down), then perform 2 hsps, then rest,,,then 3 hspu...rest as little or as long as possible...if for example you get to 5 hspu's and you only perform 4 then fail, your score is 4+3+2+1..i.e. 4 rounds

Geoff Aucoin said...

7 rounds of HSPU, got 5 reps of the 8th round. Closer hand position was tough.

7:49 for the Burpee/K2E ladder; burpees unbroken, rounds 9 & 10 broken for K2E. Pull-up bar at hall is at 7' so ROM was wacked.

No GHD so I did 10 sets of 10 V-sit-ups.

giles said...

Nice work everyone, can't wait to get back at it.

Sweeney said...

HSPU: 7 rounds + 7reps
Burpees/K2E: 7:36
GHD: 10 rds x 10, 35 sec rest from 1 thru 8, 1 min rest for 9 & 10.

Gord said...

HSPU- 9rounds + 3
Burpee/k2e-8:15- burpees straight through. K2E were broken early (round of 5)
GHD situps only did 5 sets of 10- my back kills me on these..feels like a knife in the lower back every rep. A combination of poor form/poor flexibility..something to work on.

Michael FitzGerald said...

5rds + 4 for HSPU. Close hand position was killer.

6:46 for PUB/K2E ladder.

10 x 10 for GHD Sit-up, 1 min between

Steve Caddy said...

I don't have a even a full ROM negative HSPU these days so I worked on the partials and handstand holds. I'm getting better at kicking up into the handstand. Worked on going hollow.

In the burpee/K2E ladder couplet the burpees were easy and the K2Es were hard. Singles and doubles the whole way through with variable form: 15:26.

Improvised GHD situps (24" box, outdoor table) started out strong but got really hard on the back by the last set as the front side of the 'core' hit failure.

I think there's a lesson here: abs need a lot of work.

JOSH said...

HSPU Ladder- 8 rounds plus 3, hands shoulder width def more challenging

burpee-KE ladder- 5:34, unbroken, burpees faster than last time

GHD's 10x10 with 1 min break, unbroken

Gummo said...

HSPUs: 6 rds + 3 = 24 reps

PUBs/K2Es: 7:33

10 sets x 10 GHD Sit-ups - Straight throught sets with :30 rest until 6th set. Rested 1 minutes then finished with only :30 b/t sets.

Turned in a shitty workout Monday, but much more rested and powered through today's WOD.