for time; throw all of the following movements/exercises into a hopper/hat/underwear drawer/whatever and honestly pick out in the order they come the fashion in which you do this workout; your path is your destiny, have fun!

135# power clean x 10 reps
30" box jumps x 25 reps
10 muscle ups
Row 400 m (10)
25 GHD Raises
50 double unders
25 toes to bar
20 wall balls - 20# to 10ft
15 DB split jerk - 30#/h

post the path and your time to comments
toes to bar - hanging from bar, touch toes to bar with minimal arm bend, bend at hips only, you cannot touch down to reset unless fractioning; full extension of knees at top of power clean and box jumps, body perpendicular with floor at top of GHD Raises (NOT sit ups), ass to grass on wall balls, damper 10 on rower, arms come to full extension at bottom and top of muscle ups


7 rounds for time;
10 db thrusters - 40#/h
10 chin ups

the thrusters and chin ups CANNOT be fractioned, that is, when you start your set of 10 reps, you cannot break them..if you do, you start at 0 reps again for that round on that exercise alone...sit to a D-ball for thrusters, get that chin above bar for chin ups

you can rest DB's on shoulders within thruster set and no where else if you break
you can rest by hanging only for chin up set, when you touch down the set is over

post time to comments
pic taken May 2006, COP 5 peaks race, finishing gruelling 400 m hill at end of 5K X-C race...there was one race per month for 5 months...i entered the first 3 races placing 3rd, 2nd then 1st...i ran on average by my training records i looked over today 5 times per month for 2 months leading up to the racing season along with 1 race per month (CF style only) - the runs were varied b/t weighted vest running, hill intervals in Tuscany and flat out hard as possible for 20 min sessions along with rx;d Michaels, 5 rounds of 400 m and weights, etc...along with numerous 15-20 min pain sessions CF style...bottom line - work capacity gives you everything you need to compete at anything you want...everything!


phase 2, part 2/4

for total meters:
Row Sprint 2 min
rest 600 sec
Row Sprint 90 sec
rest 450 sec
Row Sprint 60 sec
rest 300 sec
Row Sprint 30 sec

post total meters rowed to comments
photo courtesy of my long time friend and traveller Curtis Budden...i had to put it out there b/c it speaks so much to me, it might influence someone else the same


part 1:
for time:
21,18,15,12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time;
Push Jerk - 75#
Double Unders

preferably 4+ hours rest

part 2:
for time:
50,35,20 rep rounds for time;
Box Jumps - 20"
SDLHP - 75#

post times for WOD 4 and 5 and your five WOD total time to comments


WOD 3/5

For time:
Row 500 m
50 pull ups
Row 500 m
50 push ups
Row 500 m
50 unanchored sit ups
Row 500 m
50 squats

post time for WOD 3 and current total time to comments


for total time of 2 workouts today;
for this cycle, all 5 workout times will be added for a total time
lowest time is the winner for the cycle

part 1
for time:
10 Bench Press - 155#
9 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
8 Bench Press - 155#
12 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
6 Bench Press - 155#
15 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
4 Bench Press - 155#
18 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
2 Bench Press - 155#
21 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT

at least 6 hour rest

part 2
for time;
10 chin ups + 30# DB
9 Back Extensions + 30# DB
8 Chin ups + 30# DB
12 Back Extensions + 30# DB
6 Chin ups + 30# DB
15 Back Extensions + 30# DB
4 Chin ups + 30# DB
18 Back Extensions + 30# DB
2 Chin Ups + 30# DB
21 Back Extensions + 30# DB

add both times; post total time to comments
keep record of this total time, it will be added to next 3 workouts to come

place DB b/t legs for chin ups, under chin for extensions


for total time;
Row 400 m
21 thrusters - 115#
9 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
18 thrusters - 115#
12 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
15 thrusters - 115#
15 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
12 thrusters - 115#
18 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
9 thrusters - 115#
21 chest to bar chin ups

post total time not including rest to comments

thrusters must be taken from floor, no racking allowed
you cannot shorten the 2nd pull if you pick it up from the ground, ALL thrusters MUST start from a complete standing position with full hip extension and finish completely locked out overhead, not thrown in front

day 1 and 3 of last 3 days in this cycle will have two WOD per day options (i.e. Jan 24th and 26th)....i will also be taking down addresses and sending off calculators and some local students to help with the grade 3 math


build to a 1RM in the Dead Lift - record highest load in kg
rest 5 min
then perform as many sets of 2 reps @ 90% of this 1RM Dead Lift in 20 minutes on a timer - record total sets
rest 5 min
then perform as many double unders in 5 min - record reps

total score = [highest load in 1RM DL in kg X sets completed in 20 minutes] + double under reps; highest score wins
post total score to comments

you cannot drop DL weight, hands must be on bar for 1RM and both reps @ 90%
you cannot take more than 1-2 sec to reset at bottom for rep 2 on 90% load repetitions
if you drop weight, that round does not count


for total score:
30 sec max squats
30 sec rest
AMRAP Ring Dips
60 sec rest
x 3
total reps of squats and ring dips for 3 sets X BWT in kg = score 1
5 min rest
10 GHD Raises
10 sec rest
AMRAP hanging knees to elbows
90 sec rest
x 5
total K2E reps for 5 sets X BWT in kg = score 2
5 min rest
as many rounds in 7 minutes;
7 jumping chin ups
7 push up burpees
rounds completed X BWT in kg = score 3

add scores 1,2 and 3 together to get total score, winner has highest number
post total score to comments

squats: measure 1/2 distance b/t floor and middle of knee cap WITH shoes on, that is the height you have to squat to, touch ass to object at this height each rep, full extension of hips at top
ring dips: biceps MUST touch rings at bottom, elbows MUST be locked out at top, pushing outward on rings at top DOES NOT constitute a rep, you MUST start each rep from the top at full arm extension
GHD Raises: come to perpendicular to floor at top, hands crossed at chest, if you fraction these reps, you lose 3 reps from your K2E's score on that round
K2E's: you must hang for the start and finish of each rep, you CANNOT touch down to stop mometum, then hang and start another rep, a rep is knees ACTUALLY touching the elbows, NOT the triceps, please be clear on this
jumping chin ups: extend both hands overhead WITH shoulders fully extended upward like in OHS, not depressed downward and then measure bar which must cross at 8" below highest point on hand, arms fully extended at the bottom of each rep, full face must clear the bar at top
push up burpees: chest to deck, jump and clap overhead at top, body must be perpendicular to floor at top of jump, no leaning forward at top


part 1:
10 rounds for time;
105# Power Snatch x 1
105# OHS x 2
105# Snatch Balance x 2
105# Hang Snatch x 1
(bar cannot rest on ground in set from PS to HS, i.e. when you power snatch it off ground, you can rest it anywhere, set terminates and does not count with drop of weight in round, you can lay barbell down after HS after each set as you wish)

break - preferably 6 or more hours

part 2:
for time;
100 double unders
75 anchored AbMat Sit ups
50 chin ups
50 chin ups
75 Anchored AbMat Sit ups
100 double unders

post times for part 1 and 2 to comments


how far can you go on an L pull up ladder starting at 1 with exactly 10 breaths b/t sets?
(an L pull up is defined as a dead hang start with arms FULLY EXTENDED and legs completely straight in front of you BEFORE you rise, legs cannot lower until arms are fully extended at bottom, you cannot kip legs up to start reps)
3 min rest
5 muscle ups/60 sec rest x 4
3 min rest
Clean 50% BWT x 5
Clean 60% BWT x 5
Clean 70% BWT x 5
Clean 80% BWT x 5
(90 sec b/t all sets, work on speed on 3rd pull)
3 min rest
Split Jerk 50% BWT x 3
Split Jerk 60% BWT x 3
Split Jerk 70% BWT x 3
Split Jerk 80% BWT x 3
(120 sec b/t sets, work on staying on heels on dip and foot placement)
3 min rest
50 wall balls to 10 ft, sit to D-ball, unfractioned x 3 sets, 240 sec b/t sets
(you choose the weight, they CANNOT BE FRACTIONED!)

post ladder score, BWT and weight chosen for wall balls to comments

Sunday will have 2 workouts posted that will require time in b/t each WOD, prepare to have at least 4-6 hours b/t workouts, focus on recovery!


10 min row warm up @ 50-100% efforts
(sprint for 15 sec @ 100% effort every 2 min, rest of time at 50% working on pace/stroke)
determine pace X = 1/2 your best 1K row time + 7 sec
(ex. if my best 1K is 3:10, 1/2 = 1:35 + 7 sec = 1:42 which equals X pace)
1K row @ X pace
2 min rest
800 m row @ X pace
1:45 rest
600 m row @ X pace
1:30 rest
400 m row @ X pace
1:15 rest
200 m row @ X pace
3 min rest
5 min row @ 50% effort...get blood moving

post your X pace and your ability to maintain pace in all sets

love at first sight

the past few weeks have of course been eventful..having another person now become apart of the clan as well as the OPT family (as the facility is home right now for Hannah as i'm sure it will be for Chloe) has made me reflect about how fortunate we all are...

having the same flood of emotions as i experienced with Hannah's birth....i'd thought i'd share...

humans are remarkable! please be fortunate that you have life, that you can breathe, that you can exercise, that you can compete with friends...we sometimes lose focus due to the collective energy that surounds us most times outside of OPT (which is why a lot of people like just being around here)...."don't sweat the small stuff" may or may not sit with you...but make it a mantra...in everything you do...I was fortunate (i guess) to have banged into another father (i do not even remember his name)...basically, L and I and him and his wife were in the hospital for the same process, awaiting our time for induction because our future childrens time had come....we parted to different rooms and met up the next morning....the morning that i came back to see L and Chloe for the first time...we met in the hallway...he mentioned how things did not necessarily go as planned and wife and child barely squeaked through...and here i was, happy, healthy (somewhat small and beautiful) child in hand ready for her first bath...and I could see on his face that he had had his life taken away and handed to him in seconds played out before his eyes....

so i pondered, and i pondered some more...i am so god damn fortunate to have friends such as yourselves, to have the power to affect others lives (cause God knows this guy definitely used my words in what i had to offer when we met again), to have witnessed the interaction of siblings for the first time (which is why i posted this video, if you're patient, it's worth it), to possess all that i have, to have mentors (my elders) teach me as i need...i think the word is gratitude...i use it often, so should you, as focusing on that makes it all worthwhile


3 rounds for time;
45 double unders
30 KBS - 1.5 pd
15 chin ups
this is the last day of phase 3/session 1 (high intensity, low volume)
the next session will contain 4 phases (totalling 36 days - Jan 16th - Feb 21st), the 1st being a high volume (containing two WOD a day options) and moderate intensity phase, the 2nd being a single WOD per day, higher intensity, moderate volume phase, the 3rd being a high intensity, low volume phase and the 4th containing CF benchmark workouts to test the waters to see where everyone is
today's WOD is meant to be fast and hard....put high effort in to get the rewards...think finish line
thank you for working hard
there are differences b/t DOMS and stiffness, stiffness is caused by more than these, but here is a good place to start:
1. diet high in inflammatory foods, too many insulinogenic foods will cause stiffness
2. too high of fructose consumption leads to increase stiffness
3. hormonal profiles could be offset (biosig can assess that)...ex. elevated prolactin levels are associated with increased stiffness, and the big daddy - elevated cortisol is linked emperically to muscle stiffness
4. dehydration is often to blame, its cold and dry here...drink your frickin water...half of one's BWT in ounces per day is a start
as well, DOMS does NOT decrease power output or work capacity...i've tested this on myself and MANY others for 10 years now...it just does not...i've seen people with PB's on back squats days after Cindys and Murphs for time now...i saw it first hand in university testing with my research on the interpolated twitch technique and thought that something was wrong...humans are VERY adaptive...VERY...


for reps;
30 sec handstand push ups/30 sec rest x 5
3 min rest
for reps;
30 sec ring dips/30 sec rest x 5
3 min rest
for reps;
30 sec push ups/30 sec rest x 5
3 min rest
for meters;
row as far as possible in 2 min

add total working reps and meters rowed together, that is your score
(i.e. 90 hspu + 70 ring dips + 50 push ups + 650 m = 860 score)
post score to comments


Chloe Anne FitzGerald
11:44 pm
Jan 11th, 2009
7 lbs, 0.4 oz

3 rounds for time;
50 db walking lunges - 30#/h
35 back extensions + 30# DB under chin
20 slam ball - 9kg

post time to comments


for highest load:
Hang Power Snatch/Hang Snatch/OHS/Snatch Balance
(bar remains off ground in set, warm up all movements well before beginning set 1) x 3; 180 sec b/t sets
5 min rest
as many rounds in 5 min;
1 rope ascent
5 ring dips
5 min rest
Sprint 45 sec @ level 6 incline - 85% effort
rest 90 sec
Sprint 45 sec @ level 7 incline - 90% effort
rest 90 sec
Sprint 45 sec @ level 8 incline - 95% effort
rest 90 sec
Sprint 45 sec @ level 9 incline - 100% effort
post loads for snatch complex, rounds for gymnastics circuit and notes on sprints to comments


for time:
30 double unders
10 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
8 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
6 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
4 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
2 Dead Lift - 290#

post time to comments


attempt to perform 10 rounds of Cindy in 6 min

A. if you do this, you get 10 min rest and then the chance to perform 30 push up burpees with clap overhead in 1 minute
B. if you fail to do 10 rds of Cindy in 6 min, you get 4 min rest and the chance to perform 30 push up burpees with clap overhead in 1 min

if you get 10 rds of Cindy done in 6 min and 30 burpees done in the minute, the workout is over for you, well done!

if you get 10 rds of Cindy done and miss 30 burpees in the minute, you have to perform 100 hanging knees to elbows for time 3 min after the burpees minute time frame is up

if you get neither 10 rds of Cindy or 30 burpees in the minute, you have to perform 100 GHD Sit ups followed by 100 hanging knees to elbows for time EXACTLY 3 min after the burpees minute is up

1. the path you thought you'd achieve before the wod started
2. the path you took
3. your Cindy, Burpee and if you got to them, the ab times/scores

please stick to the EXACT rest times based on your completion or lack thereof b/t wod's


30,25,20,15,10,5 rep rounds for time;
Jumping Chin Ups
Double Unders
KB Swings - 1.5 pd

(bar must be 9" below max reach of both hands extended for jumping chin ups, KBS must be completely overhead)

post time as score to comments


for loads:
Clean and Jerk - 5 sets of 1; 240 sec rest b/t sets
4 min rest
AMRAP Chin Ups x 3 sets; 180 sec b/t sets

Total Score = highest weight lifted with clean and jerk in pounds plus total chin ups for 3 sets
(i.e. 235lbs+45reps+39reps+40reps=359 is total score; highest score wins)

post weights/reps and total score to comments


day 1 of phase 3 (higher intensity, lower volume)

for time;
1K Row sprint

post time to complete to comments

a few impt things!
- if you feel you need more after this is done, you're not digging deep enough and may not recognize the power that is needed to be placed into this WOD
- recognize that this is a benchmark workout, treat it as one!
- ensure a great warm up focusing on hip power
- if there are days set aside for PB's, today is the day


as many rounds in 3 minutes:
5 shoulder press - 65#
5 chin ups
3 min rest
row for as many cals as possible in 3 minutes
3 min rest
as many rounds in 3 minutes:
5 push press - 75#
5 chin ups
3 min rest
row for as many cals as possible in 3 minutes
3 min rest
as many rounds in 3 minutes:
5 push jerk - 85#
5 chin ups

add total rounds and row cals together (i.e. 10+55+11+54+12=142), 142 then is your score
barbell may be racked for all overhead work while performing chin ups
post your score to comments