build to a 1RM in the Dead Lift - record highest load in kg
rest 5 min
then perform as many sets of 2 reps @ 90% of this 1RM Dead Lift in 20 minutes on a timer - record total sets
rest 5 min
then perform as many double unders in 5 min - record reps

total score = [highest load in 1RM DL in kg X sets completed in 20 minutes] + double under reps; highest score wins
post total score to comments

you cannot drop DL weight, hands must be on bar for 1RM and both reps @ 90%
you cannot take more than 1-2 sec to reset at bottom for rep 2 on 90% load repetitions
if you drop weight, that round does not count


Trevor Salmon said...


Brent Maier said...

Oh, If I only had a quarter for every deadlift being performed today. Did the GHD raises from yesterday catch anyone elses hamstrings off guard? They are speaking to me and they aren't very happy.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I'm going to use Mike F's new method of scoring these WODs and estimate that I'll get around 4000 points. Whew, that was easy!

Sweeney said...
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PTS said...

max deadlift- 410 lbs = 185.97kg
20 min DL 14 sets of 2 reps at 370lbs., 185.97x14=2603

lot of bar gazing- had 8 sets 8 mins in then had to rest a lot in between., dropped the bar on set 15

2603 + 216 double unders
Total score = 2819

bso said...

Tight on time today...

DL: 156.5kg... 16kg less than personal best??? Just wasn't there today...

DU = 238

Gord said...

DL -149 kg 1rm
134 kg used for the wod
19 rounds

DU's 161

Todd Dyer said...

max deadlift=156kg
140kg dl rounds=12 brutal
tight back tomorrow

Geoff Aucoin said...

Max DL = 163.6
Rounds = 20
Doubles = 226
Score = 2498

Tried and missed 378 three times, the posterior chain (and head) wasn't there for the max DL but I was thankful that I could get 20 rounds at 325lbs.

Boys, post your scores!

Chad Action Brandt said...

SCORE = 1792
DL 1RM = 415#/373.5 @ 90%/ 189kg
DL 20min Rounds = 8 Back blew out on last set, still had 6min left. Feels like I will be out for tomorrow.
Double Unders = 280 made the decision to try even though back was throbbing.

PTS said...

Geoff, check your math.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yeah, I gypped myself like 1000 points. Thanks PTS, I'll be playing the role of Rob Corson today.

Should be 3498. DUH!

Michael FitzGerald said...


Trevor Salmon said...

DL 175.5
Rds 10
DU 238 - rope broke with about 60 sec left and to run and fetch another.
total - 1992.5

rwcorson said...

1 RM DL - 400#/181.82 kg
90% - 360#/163.64 kg
Sets in 20 mins = 11
DU in 5 mins = 260
I felt good in the 1 RM DL portion, but I went out way to fast in the 20 mins. portion, imploding on the 6th set. I failed 2x on the 6th set, on the 2nd rep. After that I rested to make sure I got both reps. I would use a different strategy next time.
Nice work on the DL in the second portion Geoff.

rwcorson said...

Score should be 2260.

Steve said...

RM - 164.1 kg
90% - 147.9

7 Rounds, failed on one, could have been 8.

DU's - 236

Total - 1268.5

Gord said...

opps was tight for time today and in a rush didn't post final score.

max dl- 149kg x 19 +161

score= 2992

Ryan G. said...

Part one:
Best 1RM DL to date: 168.1kg/370lbs
Todays 1RM DL: 161.8kg/356lbs
- Quick build up, I failed @ 366lbs once and backed it off.

Part two:
-I used an estimated 143.6kg/316lbs
-Should have been 145.6kg/320lbs
Total: 19 rounds

Part three:
Double unders: 71
- This is an improvement for me and I will continue to get better at them.

Score: 3145.2 (using todays 1RM DL)
/ 2799.4 (using 90% todays 1RM DL)
-Not sure which is teh right one to use ?

Brent Maier said...

Max: 192 (422lbs) without belt
Reps: 10
DU's: 190
Total: 2110

My max of on deadlift is 195kg. Tonight I felt like I could have pulled 201kg (444lbs) but looked at the 90% and backed down. I thought about stopping a little shy of todays max to up the score but decided to use this to break heavy weight mental barriers. Success and I didn't damage anything I'm the process!

deejay said...

max dl = 214kg(471lbs)
10 rounds at 192kg
DU's - 153
Total score = 2293(posted wrong score on board @ OPT)

Sifton said...

1RM = 296.5 / 134.5kg
# Sets = 23 @ 121kg
Double unders = 281

Total= 3380

Garage Crossfitter said...

max deadlift 345
sets of 2 were going to be at 310 but i tweeked my back on the first rep and instead of trying to be a hero, i decided to go right into double unders versus make the injury worse.
double unders 275, no rythem today.
-I lacked intensity, and the mental mindset needed for a heavy deadlift day. I think i need to look at my warmup for heavy deadlift days because i am def not revving up my cns before trying to lift these weights. disappointed in todays effort but will be back at it tomorrow 110%