for total time of 2 workouts today;
for this cycle, all 5 workout times will be added for a total time
lowest time is the winner for the cycle

part 1
for time:
10 Bench Press - 155#
9 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
8 Bench Press - 155#
12 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
6 Bench Press - 155#
15 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
4 Bench Press - 155#
18 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT
2 Bench Press - 155#
21 Squat Cleans - 75% BWT

at least 6 hour rest

part 2
for time;
10 chin ups + 30# DB
9 Back Extensions + 30# DB
8 Chin ups + 30# DB
12 Back Extensions + 30# DB
6 Chin ups + 30# DB
15 Back Extensions + 30# DB
4 Chin ups + 30# DB
18 Back Extensions + 30# DB
2 Chin Ups + 30# DB
21 Back Extensions + 30# DB

add both times; post total time to comments
keep record of this total time, it will be added to next 3 workouts to come

place DB b/t legs for chin ups, under chin for extensions


Geoff Aucoin said...


Brent Maier said...

Squat city tomorrow!

James, it's going to be a trick for me to get in two workouts on Monday with proper rest times. Any chance I can get the doubles in on Sunday?

rwcorson said...

part 1 - 14:14

Geoff Aucoin said...

Part 1 in 17:26, well below my projected finish. 143lbs for cleans.

Today marks the last time I attempt to workout early on an empty stomach. I tanked hard on the 9th rep of the round of 18 cleans and I didn't even feel right from the start. My strategy was to do 3 cleans at a time but I was at singles from that 9th rep onward, only the first set of cleans was straight through. I was just zapped so that's it, time to plan better in the future.

Trevor Salmon said...

Geoff, I didn't even want to consider rolling out of bed and doing this on an empty stomach and since I too started work very early this AM I won't get to part 1 until later in the day. I may be doing a double tomorrow

Chad Action Brandt said...

PART 1 = 16:08
Clean wt = 135# (75%BTW)
Back still tender from pulling it two days ago, but gott'er done!
I hear you Geoff on the morning empty stomach, I don't work the best at that time either.
Nice work Rob!

rwcorson said...

My clean weight was 135#.
Thanks Chad, I hope the back gets back to 100% soon.

Gord said...

Part 1- 11:58

Hey Aucoin I would have shared my food with you!!! I normally try not to eat up to 3 hrs before metcon type workouts. I changed to this last summer after always feeling like I was going to puke during workouts. It seems to work for me. That said I know that I need to eat before a straight strength day as was evident the day you fed me.

PTS said...
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Todd Dyer said...

first one done at 6am
time= 20:42

Brent Maier said...

Time: 21:25

Had to move the bench on and off the platform on this one because of the setup. Not real pleased with the time this morning.

Michael FitzGerald said...

pt 1. 13:13
Cleans at 143#. Got that one done G...

Ryan G. said...

Part 1:

Time- 21:28

Cleans @ 75% bwt = 150 lbs

- I couldn't dump weights from top of Clean in the gym I was at this morning so I lowered from chest to ground every time. This in it self was brutal on my grip and very hard on the shoulders. I went into my last round of cleans @ just under 17m, was a very painful/slow round.

PTS said...
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Ryan G. said...

Can I use a belt with 30lb DB for tonights pull ups or do I have to use my feet?

How do you guys think I'll do if I decided to chew my own shoulders off?

PTS said...

Part 1: 26:49. Squat clean weight was 135#

I had to remove 10lb plate on each side and then move the bar to an open space in my gym to squat clean. This added at least 3mins total to my time, so for scoring purposes I am going to subtract 3mins, for a time of 23:49, if no one minds.

I also couldn't dump the weights.

Hixy said...

Hello OPT

I have a collected a few questions the past weeks and decided to write them to you now. I hope you don't find this too overwhelming.

1. Which diet would fit the best with your program (the one posted on this blog)? I’m currently training after Greg Everetts program in order to gain strength (cathletics.com) thus I’m eating like a weightlifter, and as he recommends: few carbs, >1g protein/lb bodyweight and the rest of kcal in fat to maintain/increase weight, depending on what is necessary.
100g carbs ~400 kcal = 11,4 %.
175g protein ~700 kcal = 19,8%.
270g fats ~2430 kcal = 68,8%.

3530 kcal total.

2. Do you recommend pre-/post-workout meals or shakes?

3. I’ve read about putting 8-9 of the days carb blocks after workout (if at all so many should be consumed throughout the day) and this should help putting on muscle – is this correct, and what’s your experience on the subject?

4. Are heavy days incorporated in the program, or would adding heavy days every 4th workout be a good choice if I want to keep improving my heavy lifts (clean, snatch, bench press, press, deadlift)? I was thinking of doing some of the heavy days from Gregs program – what do you think?

5. By “chin ups” do you mean hands pronated? Or are the terms “chin ups” and “pull ups” used interchangeably by crossfitters?

6. How does one sub the workouts that include a treadmill but have no access to one? I have a nice jumping rope, if that can somehow mimic the treadmill action.

7. SDHP 45 lbs as a sub for rowing is fine, right? 100m row = 10 SDHP, 500m row = 50 SDHP etc.

8. “Bench Press with Bands @ 30X0; 2-3 x 5; 120 sec” What does this mean?


bso said...

Dr. Mr. OPT,

I am writing on behalf of "bso"'s erector spinae.

Was that entirely necessary?

I think you know what I'm talking about.

Thank you and take care.

BSO's results:

Part 1: 20:25
6.5 hours of rest.
Part 2: 9:00

Running total: 29:25

PTS said...

part 1: 23:49 5.5 hour break
part 2: 6:30
total 30:19

lower back is quite sore.

Geoff Aucoin said...

bso, you are funny.

Hixy, that's gonna cost you about $100/question, I'm thinking. How about we help with 1 question each as James has 2 kids and a thriving business to support all while he creates these genius workouts.

Hixy, the answer to #8 (eight questions?) is you are using jump stretch bands (look it up) on your bench bar to make the movement harder at the top of the ROM, you are lowering the weight for 3 seconds and powering it up quickly with no pauses at the top/bottom (30X0 tempo) for 5 sets of 2-3 reps.

Now, where's my 100 bucks?

Mack said...

Knew I was in trouble going into this. 1 rep max prior to this for squat cleans was 132lbs and it was one ugly display. Decided to go for it at 152lbs anyway to get better.

After falling on my a$$ three times, forward four times, and dumping the bar about a million times...... I still could not finish it. Got to the 3rd rep of the 21 set of cleans, failed it 5x and stopped.

Needed alot of help today. Thanks Grant, Mike, OPT, and Trevor for the tips. Got a feel for it now, just gotta work on it.

Trevor Salmon said...

Ryan G - NO BELT
Part 1 - not happening due to elbow issues
Part 2 - 10:40 strict chins with weight between legs

PTS said...

Ill answer question # 5 for you Hixy.

Chinups and pullups are used interchangeably by crossfitters.

Michael FitzGerald said...

5:14 as rx'd.

deejay said...

part 1 - 16:40 (159lb cleans)
part 2 - 6:35
total time - 23:15

Chad Action Brandt said...

PART1 = 16:08
PART2 = 4:57 Strict Chins with DB b/t feet.
TOTAL= 21:05

Brent Maier said...

Part 1: 21:25 w/70kg (154lbs)
Part 2: 4:54

Part 1: Was a freaking bear this morning. Lower back was screaming but legs were crying like a baby on the drive out of the hole on later rounds. Bench was not a problem.
Part 2: I knew my time this morning sucked. All pain went out the window on this one. Had to kick this ones ass to stay in the game. CU's were all unbroken; BE's were broken starting 3rd round.

Gord said...

part 2 - 5:29
total time - 17:27

straight through on chins. Back fatigued early. Broken extensions into losts of sets with short breaks

nice work Brent,Chad and mike fitz

rwcorson said...

Part 2 - 7:39
Lower back ran out of steam on rd of 18...4,3,2s from there on in.

Laura said...

You boys can't have all the fun!! Thought I would try one of the work outs.
Did part 2 as rx'd time- 14:01

All chins done as singles

Todd Dyer said...

part two=7:25

Geoff Aucoin said...

6:10 for Part II.

Drove to OPT after work and did the WOD about 10 minutes after I got there. Felt good but pull-ups were way brokener than I anticipated. Holding the DB fatigues the arms!

Nice work to the sub-6 club for this WOD. Sub-5 is unreal!

Ryan G. said...

Part 2:

Time- 9:09

Running total- 30:37

-Chins were somewhat slow but steady. Back Extensions were good untill the 18&21 rep/rounds, at which point I was in a good amount of discomfort and fractioning in 5's, 3's and 1's

Geoff Aucoin said...


Brent Maier said...

Hey, happy birthday big daddio!

bso said...


Question #7... probably a valid sub when you're going all out, but several workouts denote a certain pacing goal... if you're in an urban center there is bound to be a gym around with a concept 2.

Question #6... if for some reason you can't just actually go for a run outside, step-ups onto a 12" box or tire seem to be a pretty good sub.... 55 = ~400m.

bso said...

by the way, Happy birthday OPT and a long belated congratulations on the birth of Chloe.

OPT said...


nice work! great to see a girl taking on the bog dawgs!!

OPT Mommy said...

oops, posted under OPT

Michael FitzGerald said...
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Sifton said...

Part I = 30:30
Part II = 7:28
Total = a humbling 37:58


Garage Crossfitter said...

5am Part 1- 15:20
used 125# for squat cleans, was suppose to be 127.5 but i do not have the plates for that, being so early in the am with no food i probably weighed 167 anyways, ha. Normal bodyweight has been 170-172 at 12pm.
Workout felt good considering back is still super tight, made me use good form.

Garage Crossfitter said...

part II @ 3:45pm
all unbroken except last 21 reps of back X
Total time for both= 20:49