how far can you go on an L pull up ladder starting at 1 with exactly 10 breaths b/t sets?
(an L pull up is defined as a dead hang start with arms FULLY EXTENDED and legs completely straight in front of you BEFORE you rise, legs cannot lower until arms are fully extended at bottom, you cannot kip legs up to start reps)
3 min rest
5 muscle ups/60 sec rest x 4
3 min rest
Clean 50% BWT x 5
Clean 60% BWT x 5
Clean 70% BWT x 5
Clean 80% BWT x 5
(90 sec b/t all sets, work on speed on 3rd pull)
3 min rest
Split Jerk 50% BWT x 3
Split Jerk 60% BWT x 3
Split Jerk 70% BWT x 3
Split Jerk 80% BWT x 3
(120 sec b/t sets, work on staying on heels on dip and foot placement)
3 min rest
50 wall balls to 10 ft, sit to D-ball, unfractioned x 3 sets, 240 sec b/t sets
(you choose the weight, they CANNOT BE FRACTIONED!)

post ladder score, BWT and weight chosen for wall balls to comments

Sunday will have 2 workouts posted that will require time in b/t each WOD, prepare to have at least 4-6 hours b/t workouts, focus on recovery!


bso said...

On muscle-up sets.... I can do 5 in a row, but maybe not for all 5 sets. How should I handle breaking up those sets?

Brent Maier said...

Are we full squatting the cleans?

Trevor Salmon said...

Brent, I would assume so as the notation says to work on the third pull (the pull under the bar)

Geoff Aucoin said...

5 rounds of the ladder (stopped there due to time constraints)

BW is 195 so %'s were 95, 115, 135, 155 for Oly lifts.

Wall ball was 20lbs (that's all we got) and reps unfractioned. Ow.

(MU's were attempted although set up not ideal, I was putting my head through ceiling tiles and my knees were about 12" off the floor at the bottom)

deejay said...

Did this workout partially in Red Deer @ Crossfit Red Deer North. Only 3 on the L-pullup ladder. I only had 45 mins for everything so I decided to leave out the muscle ups since I was nowhere near warm enough to complete more then 2 reps.
bwt - ???
cleans/split jerks - 110/130/150/170/190
Wallballs - used 20lb ball for all sets.

Trevor Salmon said...

5 rounds plus 2 chins
3 muscle up attempts but nothing...need to practice these again as my kip was lacking due to elbow guarding.
BWT 163 - wts for cleans and split jerks - 81/95/115/135 Unfortunately the eccentric portion of the split jerks were painful on the elbow so on the 135 I dropped the weight and cleaned it back to the rack.
12lbs ball unfractioned for the first two only then legs gave out at 26 on 3rd. Again 20lbs caused elbow pain when catching ball.
First time ever doing 50 straight but should have dug deeper in the last set.

bso said...

L-pulls: 6+4
MU's: 5,4,3,3

BW: 180... percentages accordingly, but I did power cleans...

Wall ball: 12#

Chad Action Brandt said...

Trained at Nelson BC Aquatic Center, brand new Globo Gym with lots of rules:-) Love training in Globo gyms, it's like I have this huge bubble around me with a sign on it saying,"stare at me". Love it!

L -Pull-up ladder: 6+5

Muscle ups: no rings. So I did 5 strict Pull-ups super set with 5 strict dips 30sec rest x 4

BWT 180? no scale
%#'s as close as I could get: 95, 110, 125, 145

WBS = 12# unfractioned

rwcorson said...

L-pullup 5+4
Wall ball-20# unfractioned

Brent Maier said...


L-pullups: 6+1
MU's: All 4 sets, 1st was unbroken
Cleans & SJ: 100/121/143/160
Wallball w/20#: unbroken

The last round of MU's was pretty tough, had to grunt through the last 2 transitions. 1st round of wallball was no problem. 2nd and 3rd pushed me mentally and physically in shoulders. Shoulders are smoked...

Todd Dyer said...

L pull up ladder 7 rounds
Muscle ups wanted to get 20 total
1. 89lb.
2. 105 lb.
3. 123 lb.
4. 140 lb.
split jerk same weights of course also easy
wall ball 20 lb ball all sets unbroken
good volume work out

Gord said...

L ups - 5 rounds -always find these tough.

MU -did all 20 -sets were broken 4/4/3/3

BWT- 151 lbs
75,90, 105, 115
used 12 lbs wallball

Steve said...

L-Pull Ups - 6 rounds + 2

Muscle Ups 1 at a time

BW 185 - 95, 115, 135, 155

Wall Ball 10 pound ball unfractioned I think I could have finished the first 2 sets unfractioned with the 12, but not the third

Michael FitzGerald said...

6 rd + 3 rep for L Pull-up
MU's - 5 reps on average took me 70-90 sec. But, that is an improvement for me.
used 95/115/135/155 for O-lifts.
20# Wall Balls - sets were 90-95 sec long. All unbroken...

Garage Crossfitter said...

L-pullup ladder- 6+5, this was difficult because i really focused on keeping my legs straight at the bottom of all reps and not let them lower, tough.

Mu sets unbroken

Bwt 170, used 85,100,120,135 for all oly lifts and did squat cleans. Brain fart, i did 5 reps of all split jerk sets, ohh well

wallballs 20lbs, unbroken, last 15 reps was a big gut check.