phase 2, part 2/4

for total meters:
Row Sprint 2 min
rest 600 sec
Row Sprint 90 sec
rest 450 sec
Row Sprint 60 sec
rest 300 sec
Row Sprint 30 sec

post total meters rowed to comments
photo courtesy of my long time friend and traveller Curtis Budden...i had to put it out there b/c it speaks so much to me, it might influence someone else the same


Trevor Salmon said...

where is that picture from?
looks like another math test

Garage Crossfit said...

Where in upstate NY do you live?

Gord said...

total meters row- 1544.
Very interested to see how the rowing monsters( Aucoin, DJ, Mike, Rob--now refered to as Orb) do

PTS said...

Garage: I live in the Binghamton area. Are you a fellow upstater?

Question to all: I just got some rings and am struggling with the muscle-up. What is the best way to train for the muscle-up and do you think it would show up in the qualifiers?

Subbed SDLHP(45lbs) for rowing again. 219 total reps. Did some squat clean training as well.

Garage Crossfit said...

30 min east of syracuse

bso said...

2:00 - 627
1:30 - 480
1:00 - 316
0:30 - 165
Total- 1588

bso said...

PTS, check this out:


I'd encourage you to try to stick to getting a strict muscle-up for your first. I've seen some ugly mistakes happen from guys overkipping while trying to get their first. Some resulted in minor injuries.

Geoff Aucoin said...

1672, tied with the big dude DJ.
I couldn't squeeze out one more meter!

Damper 9, 9, 9.5, 10. 9 a bit high for the first row. Used Corson's numbers for motivation. It worked.

Mike, it's on.

rwcorson said...

total-1638 m
2 min @ 8 damper - 649 m
90 secs @ 8.5 - 491 m
60 secs @ 9 - 328 m
30 secs @ 10 - 170 m
I didn't go hard enough in the 2 min. set. I was trying to pace it too much so I wouldn't die to early. Other sets were all out.

Ryan G. said...

Total: 1647

Damper @ 7-8

- I cant help but think I could have squeezed a few more meters out of rounds 2 and 3. All in all this felt good.

Gummo said...
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Gummo said...


Where do you train in Binghamton? Two of my buddies live there and are interested in CrossFit, but they don't have the space to set up their own equipment.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Total - 1690m
Know I can remember the feeling of my last 2k attempt...awful!

Steve said...

Damper 8 for all
feet at 5, 4, 4, 5
Should definitely have moved the damper up for 60 and 30.

1. 606
2. 467
3. 320
4. 168

Total - 1561

Trevor Salmon said...

611,459,311,161 = 1542
missed Gordo by 2 lousy meters
damper 8,7.5,8,6.5 respectively
first one fried me like never before. I dropped the damper down for a easy flush prior to the last row and didn't push it up high enough in hindsight.

Todd Dyer said...

held between 1:37 and 1:34 average for all sets with damper at 9 or 10

Sam Edwards said...

1462 damper at 10...

deejay said...
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deejay said...

1672 as rx'd

Geoff your a big fat copier!

bso said...

I don't really get the damper thing. I always set it at 7.5.

How do you know which to use?

Brent Maier said...

2 min @ 9 = 691m
90 sec @ 9 = 509m (1:33 average)
60 sec @ 8 = 347m (1:34 average)
30 sec @ 9 = 195m (1:30 average)

Total: 1742 meters

Groundhog day again to Rehab by Rhianna. Gord, you fueled the fire today when you excluded me on you rowing beast list. :) I did the math against michael's time today and didn't think I stood a chance. The first portion of round one was at a 1:24 minute pace. I forgot to grab the final average on round one. Great first day everyone and thanks for the inspiration picture today coach.

Mack said...

652 / 478 / 309 / 171

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice work today, boys! Way to go, Mike, and Brent?? Wow, you crushed it.

PTS said...

I train in my garage.

Sifton said...

2 min = 585m / F-2, D-5 / 1:42
rest 600 sec
90 sec = 435m / F-2, D-7 / 1:43 (mentally failed on this one)
rest 450 sec
60 sec = 306m / F-2, D-9 / 1:37
rest 300 sec
30 sec = 162m / F-2, D-10 / 1:32

First round just about killed me. Pukie was peeking around the corner at me. The rest went by really quickly
Total = 1488m

Garage Crossfitter said...

total=1687 on my trusty model B

Felt good, recovered quickly after each set and felt good when wod was done. back to normal 3-4 min later.