as many rounds in 3 minutes:
5 shoulder press - 65#
5 chin ups
3 min rest
row for as many cals as possible in 3 minutes
3 min rest
as many rounds in 3 minutes:
5 push press - 75#
5 chin ups
3 min rest
row for as many cals as possible in 3 minutes
3 min rest
as many rounds in 3 minutes:
5 push jerk - 85#
5 chin ups

add total rounds and row cals together (i.e. 10+55+11+54+12=142), 142 then is your score
barbell may be racked for all overhead work while performing chin ups
post your score to comments


Gord said...

score 137
7 rds + 60 cal +6.5 rds + 58 cal + 5.5 rds.
Look forward to a good recovery day!

Sifton said...


I am so looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

Good work this session everyone!

Trevor Salmon said...

6+56+5.5+51+5.5 = 124
with the following modifications since the wod yesterday ruined my elbow which made the eccentric movements of the presses and chins impossible. Back to physio

round 1 - 5 ghd sit ups + 5 kbs 2pood
round 2 - 5 9kg slam ball + 5 kbs 2 pood
round 3 - 5 box jumps 24" + 5 chins

Geoff Aucoin said...

153. Ow.

bso said...

6 + 66 + 6 + 58 + 6

bso said...

Sorry, that adds up to 142.

rwcorson said...

Happy New Year to evryone.
I missed the last two days of WODs but I did a hell of alot of skiing. Fernie snowed almost 40 cm in the 3.5 days we were there. Great to get out and spend some time with family & friends.
This WOD killed me. I think I went too hard in the 1st row and paid for it in all the subsequent sets.
7.5/72/6.8/61/7.0=154.3 wow my forearms are pumped up and quads are done.

Todd Dyer said...

tough one even with the rest.
145 total

Brent Maier said...

Pushed it hard to catch you Geoff. Not sure if I was sheding a tear or sweating out of my eye sockets on the last row! Mid back pretty sore from day one and two.

Total: 162

Thanks Coach!

Mack said...

8 + 3 sp
(looked at my watch after 7th rd of pull ups and had 45 secs left, did one PP, heard a beep and my watch had reset from my wrist bending, so i just stopped. Hindsight I should have just done two more sets)
5 + 5 PJ + 1 PU

Chad Action Brandt said...

Score = 138.5
Thanks Coach.
Great work guys! Keep it up!

Gord said...

some impressive numbers gentlemen. Way to go Brent- your score is smokin!

deejay said...

7/70/5/69/5 as rx'd
body is telling me to $%#! off haha

deejay said...

score = 156

Gman said...

Nice work every one.

Just got back from trying out snow boarding for a few days in Invermere. What an adventure for a first timer!!!!!!

See for tomorrows WOD.

Brent Maier said...

James, on the off day, can we talk about breathing? Some of the WODs you emphasized how important it is to get oxygen back in the system and slow heart rate down with big deep breaths when the storm is calm.

Breathing can have a significant affect on an athletes performance in any sport that involves any amount of intensity. Do you have suggestions on how to control breathing through various other activities for time.

Fran, Heavy Grace, Burpees, Running, etc.

Garage Crossfit said...

Shoulders smoked

Gummo said...


Committed the cardinal sin of pacing on the rower. Never again.