part 1:
10 rounds for time;
105# Power Snatch x 1
105# OHS x 2
105# Snatch Balance x 2
105# Hang Snatch x 1
(bar cannot rest on ground in set from PS to HS, i.e. when you power snatch it off ground, you can rest it anywhere, set terminates and does not count with drop of weight in round, you can lay barbell down after HS after each set as you wish)

break - preferably 6 or more hours

part 2:
for time;
100 double unders
75 anchored AbMat Sit ups
50 chin ups
50 chin ups
75 Anchored AbMat Sit ups
100 double unders

post times for part 1 and 2 to comments


deejay said...

anyone at the gym tommorow night????

rwcorson said...

part 1 - 10:03

PTS said...

couple questions

What are the goals of this program?

Is it too late to start the workouts for this cycle?

Are you using these workouts OPT?

What do the letters at the top of each post represent (W,MG, etc;,)

Geoff Aucoin said...

9:28 as rx'd.

Dropped 1st snatch balance on round 3. Wrists and shoulders crying for this one. Pictured it being faster so that weight is just enough to slow me down. Another gooder.

Geoff Aucoin said...


The goals are to get in wicked-good shape and to peak for our competition in May.

It's never too late for anything.

OPT doesn't do these WODs but I suspect he's done similar ones on his own.

W=weights, M=Metcon (or monostructural), G=gymnastics. They designate what the focus of the day is...

Brent Maier said...

Time: 7:58

The hang snatch was full squat. Almost lost a few snatches in the later rounds.

Sweeney said...


I expected to be sub-10 but I failed on 4 sets.(Rounds 2,4,6 and 10) After I was done cursing and kicking things, I repeated the set. This was tough on the little guy.

Post WOD: Recovery drink, 20min soak in the hot tub and a freezing cold bath.

Gord said...


Failed on set 6 and 8- redid them
Tough one- catching in full squat always a challange.

Nice work gents

deejay said...

if anyone is training at OPT tonight and doesn't mind if I join them, let me know please.

PTS said...

Thank you for the reply.
Couple more questions and that's it I swear.

How are the workouts scheduled? I tried to detect a pattern and could not. (i.e. 3 on ,1 off?)

Will I be seriously compromised without the following equipment:
a rope, C2 rower, DB's? Or without the skill to do a muscle-up. I'm looking to peak in May as well, just looking for some input, thanks.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt. 2 in 16:43.

Pull-ups (esp 2nd rnd), HSPU slow. 2nd rnd of sit-ups gross. I had sub-15 in mind. HSPU forehead to carpet rather than crown of head.

Sweeney, let the big guys have ONE workout out of every 10-15, wouldja?

Rest day begins...

bso said...

Part 1 - 12:18 (failed on 2nd SnBal of 10th round, so I had to repeat that round)

OPT Mommy said...


what time do you want to come at? we will open up shop for you.


Geoff Aucoin said...


3 on, 1 off.

Equipment is not an issue; it's the attitude that matters.

Trevor Salmon said...

Part 1 - 23:45 at a scaled down 85lbs. Started at 95 but failed a few times on set one so figured I better unload a little so dropped to 85# Failed so many times at the beginning I was still on set 3 at about the 10min mark
Performed 1 power snatch, 2 OHS then 2 split snatch balance and hang split snatch.
Part 2 - 18:56 chins slow but steady as were the hspu. The second set of sits slow and a few more fractions on the last set of double unders - I did manage 60 consecutive in the first go.
My body is shot now so really looking forward to rest day.

Gord said...

i'am meeting mike at 5pm

PTS said...

ok im, but i'll be doing some scaling

part 1:
85lbs b/c my oly lifts suck 9:35 no drops

part 2: 19:35 hspus at shoulder height on power rack

Chad Action Brandt said...

Part 1 = 12:45
Drove home today from Trail BC, planned to WOD in Cranbrook. Found a gym called "World Gym", had a gut feeling it would be bad, it was. All Hammer Strength equipment, no room for Oly lifts...so I made room! The bar and weights sucked big time, bar would not spin and weights had the hole hand grips. Kept falling backward on HS! I am still a little pissy about this gym. 5 hours of driving later and I am in Lethbridge going in for WOD 2.

Todd Dyer said...

snatch complex
Time 7:28
Dropped one at the hang snatch, had to repeat the set
DU's etc.

Todd Dyer said...

Did my work out with marshall at work weird combo of embarrasing and motivating

bso said...

Part 2... 19:15 (2nd situps and hspu were slow)

Chad Action Brandt said...

Part 2 = 17:12
After sitting in the car all day along with not eating enough calories, I am just thankful for getting this last WOD done!

Sweeney said...

PtII - 14:29.

Lots of the gang was at OPT this afternoon. Awesome atmosphere!! Watched my twin midget crush my time though. This was a fun day nonetheless. It sort of felt like the competition back in Sept.

For what it's worth, I would like to see Brett post his times.

rwcorson said...

14:53 part II
did hang power clean this am

Michael FitzGerald said...

Pt 1.
8:00 at 65 lbs.
Pt 2.

Gord said...

Part 2- did with Mike and Steve. Great atmosphere
time was 13:21.

Thanks for timing Sweeney.
See you back on middle earth.

Watched dj CRUSH part 1- sub 5min nice work animal

Brent Maier said...

Part 1 - 7:58
Part 2 - 20:39

The second workout did me in. First 100 du's were done in 2 minutes. They are getting better! HSPU's were slow, it was a double rep grind fest. 2nd rnd PU's were difficult but kept churning them out in 3's and 4's. The last 100 du's were pathetic. Kept good form, just lost rhythm working through the arm fatigue.

I'm taking the wife out for some Sushi and a movie tonight! The body needs a break.

Great times today guys!

Todd Dyer said...

Brett's times were
Snatch 3:30 ish
du's etc 9:30 ish
Little bastard

Steve said...

1. 17:43

2. 19:18

deejay said...

Had nowhere to work out untill 5pm so did part 1 - 4:49 and then 2 hours later did part 2 - 28:16. ALOT of work needed there, still feel like I am getting better at the movements, Pullup bar at the gym in Airdrie is brutal and slows me down quite a bit.

deejay said...

I think I got skipping banned at the gym in Airdrie, apparently the "particular rope" that I was using caused unfixable "scuff marks" on the floor, later I was able to get rid of it with a wet finger. Makes me danm glad the Fitzgeralds make their gym available to all of us. Thank-you!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Who is the poor spaz that has to stroll up to DJ and tell him he can't skip? Fight the power, brotha!

rwcorson said...

Meant hang power snatch.

David - Chatt, TN said...

Geoff Aucoin said "The goals are to get in wicked-good shape and to peak for our competition in May."

Does this mean that the WOD posted are just a temporary thing or will they be posted on a more long term basis?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh God, who knows how long it's gonna last so hop on the pain train now and reap the benefits. Any other fence-ridin' voyeurs out there? JUST DO IT!

OPT said...

if my wife and I have anymore children by May, the blog might end then...otherwise, we'll continue to build monsters of fitness as long as we see the need to..

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 1- 7:33 Felt good.

Garage Crossfitter said...

part 2- 14:48
8 hours after part 1

last 10 hspu, 2nd set chins and situps, not good....have to get stronger mentally.