WOD 3/5

For time:
Row 500 m
50 pull ups
Row 500 m
50 push ups
Row 500 m
50 unanchored sit ups
Row 500 m
50 squats

post time for WOD 3 and current total time to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...


Sub-14 was in my grasp but the squats imploded. Nasty.

Total - 37:49

PTS said...

sub 50 SDHP for rowing each round

total- 43:39

Todd Dyer said...

Time =15:16
Total =43:23

Chad Action Brandt said...

WOD 3 = 14:42
Legs were done hitting the squats. Felt like the OPT Challenge when we all looked like we had pickles up are ass while running! Caught you on video saying that James!

TOTAL = 35:47

Gord said...

I run like that on a good day Chad

Trevor Salmon said...


Michael FitzGerald said...

14:08 as rx'd. Wanted sub 14 min. Chins as usual.
Total - 32:35

deejay said...

17:01 - chins were the only thing that slowed me down.
total - 40:16

Mack said...


Gord said...


I also was wanting a sub 14. My row was steady around 2:04. became a grind

Total time- 31:59

Ryan G. said...

Time- 17:02

- About 30 seconds of confusion when someone snaked the squat rack that I was doing my chins on. He was a good sport and let me go as soon as he was done the set he was on.

Running total- 47:39

Brent Maier said...

Part 1: 21:25 w/70kg (154lbs)
Part 2: 4:54
Part 3: 14:39

Total: 40:59

rwcorson said...

14:35 I need to push for more reps on pull ups & push ups per set, then less rest. Sit ups and squats straight thru, but need to have a faster turn over in the squats.

rwcorson said...

total to date- 36:28

Geoff Aucoin said...

Straight through on the squats!??! My legs were like Frankenstein!

bso said...

I ate horribly today. Went for the puke bucket at situps.

18:10 (should be: 15ish I think)

then... Pukie!... it has been a long time since I met that dude. Would love a round 2 at this one.

Total: 47:35

deejay said...

I'll second that, the squats were brutal, but I also think I rowed to hard.

Sifton said...



Jesus, I feel like I am being left behind.

Garage Crossfitter said...