sir yes sir!

"THE chief"

5 x 3 minute rounds; 1 min rest b/t rounds;
3 power clean - 135#
6 push ups
9 squats

record total rounds for every 3 minute section, including fractions
post total number of rounds to comments
chest to deck on push ups, ass to grass on squats, hips at full extension at top of power clean before bar can be lowered
(i.e. score = 7 rds + 6.3 rds + 6 rds + 6 rds + 6 rds = 31.3 rds as score)

are you OK?


50,40,30,20,10 rep rounds for time;
Double Unders
Sit Ups

sit ups are your choice, as long as top of shoulder blades hit ground at bottom and body is fully perpendicular to floor at top

show some muscle...

as many rounds in 20 minutes;
2 muscle ups
8 KBS - 2pd

post rounds and fractions completed to comments


"CF Total"
Back Squat 1RM
Press 1RM
Dead Lift 1RM

post total to comments
(i.e. highest 1RM of BS + P + DL = total)

..and on the 3rd day...


for time;
75 reps - 75# power snatch

body must be at full extension at top of movement before weight can return to ground
touch and go is allowed
you MUST power snatch is meant to be a light weight high rep exercise session with a "dip" to catch weight overhead and then extend legs to stand...i.e. you cannot muscle snatch

post time to comments

in honour of..


21,15,9 rep rounds for time;
95# OHS

post time to comments

ass to grass on squats, not ball, full hip extension at top
no racks allowed, bar must be taken from floor
chest to deck on burpees and jump and clap overhead at top with body in upright position

the first lady


3 rounds for time;
500 m row
12 Dead Lift - BWT
21 box jumps - 20"

post time to comments

and the winner is....

thanks so much for the never ceases to amaze me the interest this brings in creativity with something we all seem to care so much about...a lot of the ideas were similar...similar in that we all want to make the place bleed CrossFit, be welcoming and be there for the client...i've read through them a some of the things i took from each person:
Chad - mommy hour, and the ideas about day care were sweet!...we WILL be doing this in the new spot in Okotoks for sure!
Josh - love the idea of recording the emotions and workouts together, i always ask that of clients but in the facility it is a great idea
DJ - happy a possibility for there!
Trevor - short term memberships defintely increases the acessibility for teh ENTIRE community, great idea
Brent - "make the community aspect important"...could not agree more
Hixy - love the idea on free technique classes...we do not do enough of this!
Sifton - love the accountability tracking on clients it!
Gummo - "create it like the garage I train in at home"...i think we all could not agree more to remain in line wiht how this was started
Ross Blake - laptops in area for .com or just CF viewing...definite!
Mike Molloy - your atmosphere ideas are bar none spot on...i personally have learned this fron one on one training and into CF classes...well put
Leo S - coffee machine!!!!!!!!
Sterling - love the outdoor ideas...i'm sensing you know our pain in the winter?
dunkie - dig the great e-mail you sent and plans graphed out...serious dude, serious!

but the winner is one of the last entries - Katrina Burton:
reasons why (not b/c others did not say or do this but it was the inclusion of all)
- the marketing ideas - knowing where we are and what we do
- color schemes relative to welcoming atmosphere - what we need, do not need
- blinds for glass area - took the glass into consideration
- rules - love the coaching rules...know who does what!
- kids inclusion - i have a soft part for this
- scheduling...she was the only one who took into consideration the amountof people we wanted and how to schedule it!
- PT before classes..this is another great idea we do not do enough of...great!

Katrina...i know you might have my e-mail...but if not - - send your mailing address here and i'll send you the goods...well done!

Now to the other stuff...benchmark wod's to come...9 workouts....all CF named...starting Sat. Feb 21st...take these as tests...and tests only...tests are done to see where things are, these will be mental and physical...learn from them and move not hold attachments to them...remember to do them with purpose...give 100% for each one...HAVE FUN!

some good info from Sherry Rogers - listen up

wod 9/9 - feb 19/2009

as many rounds in 10 minutes:
25 push ups
25 2pd SDLHP
25 double unders

chest to deck on push ups with full elbow extension at top; when you fraction these, you MUST come to full extension at elbows first before you drop knees to ground to rest
KB must graze ground, elbows higher than hands at top, KB reaches chin level

post rounds and fractions of rounds/reps to comments

wod 8/9 - feb 18/09

OHS - 15, 15, 15, 15, 15

Take as much time as needed between sets.

Post loads to comments.

wod 7/9 - feb 17th, 2009

to start, choose your weapon - 95#,105# or 115# barbell; once you choose at the beginning of the workout, you cannot change for the entire workout

for 3 minutes, perform as many power clean and push press reps
(multiply your reps performed by the weight chosen as your score for round 1)
rest 5 min
for 3 minutes, perform as many power clean and push jerk reps
(multiply your reps performed by the weight chosen as your score for round 2)
rest 5 min
for 3 minutes, perform as many power clean and split jerk reps
(multiply your reps performed by the weight chosen as your score for round 3)

push press is a summation of all joints to overhead at one time without a 2nd dip; push jerk is a 2nd dip under barbell to catch overhead and you must stand to complete rep; split jerk is a split catch and then you must stand fully extended before the rep is counted

add each round together and post total score to comments

winner of "dream a little dream" will be announced on next rest day

dream a little dream

so let's just say you had just been given the opportunity to do it "your way"...a new box, no cost to you, you can work out then whenever you have 1400 sq ft of space in the corner of a strip mall with lots of windows just like the above photos to work with and have to coach 50-70 people per week in classes and of course are paid handily for it...and you were in charge of how this exact space looked and what went in it (inside and out)...what would you do...?
what have you seen and been through to understand what goes into a new place that other spots do not have or should have...dream a your concepts and ideas about equipment, rules, comments...i know there are readers out there who are reading and not putting any info in...go for it...
best design gets a free OPT hoodie and free CrossFit Calgary workout shirt - sent to you at no charge...if you already have these items...there'll be nicer awards to keep you interested

wod 6/9 - feb 15/09

Hang Snatch, 3 sets x 3 reps - using 50% of recent 1RM Snatch. Rest as needed.
For time:
1-10 Overhead Squat Ladder - 110#
Knees to Elbows, 10 sets x 5 reps - focus on speed of movement. Rest as needed.

Post time of OHS ladder to comments

wod 5/9 - Feb 14/2009

For time:
21 Hang Power Cleans - 115#
50 Double Unders
30 Push-up Burpee into Jumping Chin-up - jump to 8.5 ft bar
50 Double Unders
21 Hang Power Cleans - 115#

Post time to comments

wod 4/9 - feb 13/2009

5 sets for total time;
BWT Push Jerk x 7
2pd KBS x 21
15 chin ups
rest 2 min

post total time to comments
use rack for jerk
KBS must go overhead so ears are visible from side view

A Roid

"no i've never used"


"canseco is lying"


"ok, ok, i did use them"

what a complete joke this is..i just find it funny honestly

bigger question it raises is is this harming you? why does it matter to you?

what has he done that really hurts anything?

why not make professional sports....errr...entertainment....err....Hollywood...allow as much drugs as possible...after all, it is entertainment right?

dear i pick on our professional sport hockey and say its not...IT IS...if i pay $100 to sit down and watch had better be called some form of entertainment...

back to the subject at hand...are folks really worried about athletes using drugs b/c its unsafe and harmful?...guess what, they're not...another topic

are folks really worried about athletes using drugs b/c they are not role models anymore?...guess what, they're not role models, role models are in your home and communities...another topic

are folks really worried about athletes using drugs b/c it taints sport?...guess what, its not sport anymore, its entertainment...

so why does it matter so much when cyclists, baseball players, hockey players...the list goes on and on do more to get better at what they do so they can make more money.....if its only entertainment?...why does it matter? you tell me...

wod 3/9 - feb11/2009

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.
Failure is where they meet, but can’t stand each other."

8 rounds for time;
10 clap push ups
10 db hang squat clean - 45#/h

post time to comments

stand up completely with hips fully extended before placing weights at hang
no worming on push ups - chest to deck, let's hear that clap

wod 2/9 for feb 10 - 09

high bar A2A back squat - 3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1; 240-360 sec rest b/t sets

post weights to comments

phase 3/4 - wod 1/9 - Feb-08-09

15,12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time;
Clean Grip Power Snatch - 95#
Chest to Bar Chin Ups

post time to comments

why intensity matters

based upon past comments, it seems that the collective knowledge is not there in relation to why people of all ages and sizes (including grandmoms who love bands and bells and whistles) should perform Crossfit based exercise
i have taught many forms of exercise programs and have designed approx 30-40 program designs per week for the past 10 years... i make this statement b/c the thought process out there is that OPT has just chosen CF methodology b/c its the newest thing... you could not be more wrong, and i'm not sure if its due to ignorance or lack of knowledge into who we are and why we do what we do
along this time...i have always done functional movements, varied them religiously through planning or without and also have a very good concept of thing is that until 3-4 years ago, i never blended them...and THIS is what all other programs miss out on...
the argument is..."well, my mom does not need to be doing 50 box jumps as fast as possible"...and my contention is, you're damn right she does...and if you think we're going to make someone new to us off the street follow the big dawgs workout or smash them just b/c that is what YOU see as CF, you're also very wrong...
the reason why your mothers should be doing the box jumps based on her own intensity for time is that it breeds all the neuroendocrine results we want to see in an exercise program...the instensity portion ensures work capacity...sure, you can get her to do 50 over a period of an hour...but that is just like the Canada's physical activity giude now when they say that you can "spread" your 30 minutes of moderate activity over a day and that will breed long term results
hear me out now...walking and gardening (basically bands and whistle training) DOES NOT get you life long functional fitness....yep, guess what folks, life is hard work, maintaining that over time does not mean being babysat by a trainer b/c you're afraid of box jumps and sweating...that does not cut it...and if you think i'm speaking out of my ass, you also have no idea what OPT is and what we do...we promote CF for everyone b/c we know it creates high levels of fitness AND long term health (that includes grandmothers as well, i should know, i have approx 100 or more and growing clients over 50 years of age)
you have to also analyze your own knowledge of fitness before making an understanding into what people should do...and you're just as wrong if you think that CF is no shirts, loud music, dropping weights and puking...that shows that you truly have no idea about what CF and exercise science truly is...i can understand how you might draw that picture b/c of what you see promoted in the community...but the facts are that there are FAR MORE people with 15 minute Frans using a dowel rod and jumping chin ups than there are sub 5 minute frans as rx'd..sorry to burst your bubble
and the thing is, your grandma will get more out of it with a timer and correct modifications than power bands and step ups and nice smiles....
just as i did, everyone will see over time that they are wasting peoples time with this "other" stuff (i know, i made a lot of mistakes) and if they are willing to have an open mind as i did, they will see that if they follow function and varied movements with intensity, they got it in the bag...then you know what - they're doing CrossFit

WMG - Sat. Feb 6th, 2009

high hang snatch - 3 sets of 3
(work on receiving bar with confidence, light to moderate effort)
snatch balance - 3 sets of 3
(work on catching at complete bottom, locked tight at bottom, light to moderate effort)
10 power snatch - 50% of 1RM Snatch 2 days ago
1 min row sprint @ 90% effort
rest 2 min x 3
12 fast push up burpees
1 min row sprint @ 90% effort
rest 2 min x 3

post 2 things to comments:
1. learnings from the snatch ex's
2. your favourite cheat meal and why

GM - Friday, Feb 6th, 2009

As many rounds in 2 minutes;
3 L ups
8 push ups
rest 3 min
As many rounds in 2 minutes;
10 squats
10 double unders
rest 3 min
As many rounds in 2 minutes;
6 box jumps - 20"
10 sit ups unanchored
rest 3 min
As many rounds in 2 minutes;
10 double unders
rest 3 min
As many rounds in 2 minutes;
5 GHD Sit Ups
8 GHD back extensions

add total rounds for all sets together as total score
(i.e. 5 rds + 4 rds + 5 rds + 6 rds + 5 rds = 25 as total score)
post total score to comments

W - Thursday, Feb 5th, 2009

Snatch - 1RM

take as many sets and as much time as needed b/t sets to get to your 1RM

post that 1RM to comments

30% increase in calories burned!!!!!!!

i guess it all depends on what your operational definition (OD) of fitness is

if the definition is..."good to great flexibility, low power, no stamina and zero strength"...this might be the thing for you

if your goals in fitness are improvements in accuracy, balance, agility, coordination, speed...and a few other might want to ACTUALLY try CrossFit before making statements about it

you'll never hear me saying that this or that is not's pretty simple...i've tried it all...i've kept what was needed and thrown away (just look into my garage, you'll see what's useless) what was not useful to improve peoples performance in if you can show data that people are more fit (using the OD above) using other tools, i'll be the first to hop on board...and will pay easily for you to help me improve my fitness...if these pulleys and dance movements help me overhead squat my BWT 20 times in a row, run 5K in 18 minutes and perform 60 pull ups in a row, i'm in...otherwise...ensure you are making educated comments before assuming what we do and love is "not necessary"

WGM for Tuesday, Feb 3rd, 2009

Run 800 m
rest 10 min
Tabata Mash:
KBS - 2pd
Bench Press - 135#
rest 10 min
5 sets of 10 reps of DB GHD extensions @ 4023 tempo
post 800 m time, tabata total score and highest DB weight to comments
db under chin for extensions, tempo is 4 down, 0 pause at bottom, 2 sec to rise and 3 sec pause at top; photo courtesy of curtis budden - "respect your elders"
look for rest day discussions from now on, please input when you feel the need, everyone will benefit


A. quickly build to 80% of your best clean, take few sets, low rest

B1. squat clean/push press/squat clean/push jerk/squat clean/split jerk - x 5; 150 sec rest
B2. AMRAP Double Unders in 40 sec; 150 sec rest

multiply your highest load in kg in the clean/OH complex by your total double under reps for 5 sets - that is your score; reset quickly b/t reps for complex

post score to comments


100 CTB chin ups for time