wod 9/9 - feb 19/2009

as many rounds in 10 minutes:
25 push ups
25 2pd SDLHP
25 double unders

chest to deck on push ups with full elbow extension at top; when you fraction these, you MUST come to full extension at elbows first before you drop knees to ground to rest
KB must graze ground, elbows higher than hands at top, KB reaches chin level

post rounds and fractions of rounds/reps to comments


PTS said...

used 70lb barbell for SDLHP
4 rounds and 22 pushups, didn't have that extra gear today.

Rory Hanlin said...

Yesterday's WOD:

205x12 +3
185x14 +1

I went bust right away.
There was still a lot of residual tiredness from yesterday. I felt like I could have gotten the 205 but just didn't have it in my legs.

Geoff Aucoin said...

That pic looks like another Curtis Budden special. It has the look of an ancient town carved into the side of a hill.

bso said...


I understand that double unders are great for developing agility, coordination, speed, and... to a degree... CV/Resp End.

However, I'd like to hear your opinion on why we use this drill rather than something like a dot drill which develops all of the same abilities but is, in general, a more accessible skill.

Geoff Aucoin said...

4 full + 17 push ups. Hit a muscular/gas wall hard at 5 minutes, felt like s%#t. Time to get diet/sleeping back on track...

deejay said...

3 rounds + 25 push ups

Chad Action Brandt said...

4 Rounds + 12 Push-ups
Again had zero energy going into WOD. Going to tweek some nutritional timing and see what happends.
Hey Geoff what is this word of the day stuff?

Lauren said...

3 rounds + 12 PU
used 55lb bar

Geoff Aucoin said...

Chadly, sometimes the word verification word is so random or funny that it warrants a mention from time-to-time. Right now my word is 'jakerba' and I can't rightly verify that it's a word.

Although, I might be able to verify it if I said that 'Jakerba' is what a drunken Newfie (I'm from the Rock so I can use the N-word) would say he's drinking if he was going hard on the J├Ągermeister.

bso said...

4 rounds, 15 pushups

my word is "sadist" :)

OPT said...

bso, with dot drills and pylons and ladders...all they do is get you better at dot drills, pylons and ladders...they DO NOT improve agility, co-ordination, timing...research on co-ordination and timing (for example on ACL rehab) shows that that the unknown better develops timing and co-ordination than "knowing" the system you have to get better at...
to explain further...if you ran at me and you knew which way to turn before you hit me b/c there were markers down on the ground...that does not develop your timing and co-ordination to NOT hit me...if you ran at me and you did not know what i was going to do before you were inches from me..then you reacted correctly when i put my hand up, THAT achieves co-ordination and agility...the unknown in motor learning is what breeds these skills...double unders for most of us right now (except Ryan, sorry buddy) is strictly stamina based training in b/t other movements...depending on your abilioty, it will certainly help timing and co-ordination b/c of the unknown...i.e. how DU's feel after 2 pd KB swings..THIS is untrainable and therefore brings on adaptation

Geoff Aucoin said...

Bloody brilliant answer to a good question.

'Angsa.' Like gangsta with no gt?

Sweeney said...

4 rds + 25 PU, + 12 SDLHP

Rd 1: PU-25: SDHP-25: DU-25
Rd 2: PU-20/5: SDHP-15,10: DU-25
Rd 3: PU-15/5/5: SDHP-10/8/7: DU-25
Rd 4: PU-10/5/5/5: SDHP-5/5/5/5/5: DU-25
RD 5: PU-8/7/5/5: SDHP-8/4

Shoulders were smoked, but this was a fun one.

Brent Maier said...

Rounds: 3 + 25pu + 25 SDHP

Ate my first decent meal in two days for lunch today and kept it down. I was hoping for 4 rounds today but considering the circumstances at least I got it done.

First round of pushups were unbroken. By the 3rd round I was down to multiples of 2 & 3. Pushups are a weakness, help.

First round of Sdhps were unbroken. Last round it was 7/5/5/4. Steady. Arms started to give out in the end.

All rounds of du's were broken. But I states very relaxed today and they were a lot better. Progress on these is all mental. I'll keep working on them.

Cardio was there but not a factor in this wod. Strength, technique and timing.

Ryan G. said...

Well that was fun...

2 rounds + 7 DU's

I find it hard to stay positive about my DU's. I'm getting better however,( as anyone who has watched me do them can say ) they still frustrate the hell out of me. Frustration does absolutly nothing for my performance.
I need to go back to square one with these.

bso said...

Thank you so much for the great response. Makes me realize the importance of "sport" at the top of the CrossFit pyramid.

So do you think guys like Ryan (or my brother, who joined me today), be better off *practising* double unders in a warm-up and then substituting a stamina exercise (e.g. step ups) to get the right response in the workout?

Is there some benefit to nailing one double under at a time in this type of workout?

Sweeney said...


My advice: do exactly what OPT prescribes, no matter how frustrating it may seem at times.

I hear what you're saying, but there is a method to James' madness and following exacty what he prescribes will make you a better athlete.

Ryan and your brother will get there.

We've all struggled with DU's at one time or another.

Sweeney said...



Sorry for the unsolicited response.

I thought you said: "So do you guys think" rather than "So do you think guys"

My bad...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh BSO Ryan was feeling it after this WOD, he just didn't get in as many round as he would have liked.

Mack said...

4rds 4 p/u

Todd Dyer said...

4 rounds plus 25 push ups
not great

Rory Hanlin said...

4 rounds +25 pushups

Damn double unders....

bso said...

Thanks guys!

Rob Sifton said...

4 solid rounds. That was tough,
had to take yesterday off as I did not have enough time to hit it.
No Break for tomorrow when the
Benchmarks start.
I only get 1 as I head to PVR tomorrow for a week :'(

Oh well I guess I can make something up in between bake sessions.

rwcorson said...

I'm a day behind and I went surfing/boogie boarding with the family today. 3-5 ft and great fun.
I will get back at it tomorrow with "Cristine", subbing SDLHP for rowing.

Garage Crossfitter said...

4 rounds +25 pushups

*used 70lb barbell*
pushups and sdhp getting stronger.