in honour of..


21,15,9 rep rounds for time;
95# OHS

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ass to grass on squats, not ball, full hip extension at top
no racks allowed, bar must be taken from floor
chest to deck on burpees and jump and clap overhead at top with body in upright position


Brent Maier said...

I'm loving the wod choices so far. I'm not sure I've done this one yet. One thing I am sure of is that those pumpkin cookies are fabulous!

Chad Action Brandt said...

Jeremy Time = 5:26
My goal was to not break reps up,
Goal achieved!
Man my legs felt like two pieces of BC soaked drift wood!

Ryan G. said...

Time - 6:41

- My right shoulder is about as solid as a wet noodle at the moment. Used rack and fractioned for the 15/9 rep rounds, just couldn't hold it.

Geoff Aucoin said...

4:50; last time I was at the fire hall and took the bar from the rack, time was 5:23.

After watching some impressive performances I was thinking I could have been under 4:30 but the OH squats were much slower than I hoped. My frickin' legs were on fire the whole time. It's possible I could have used another 15 minutes or so of warm-up but I had to get 'er done.

Push hard, fellas!!

Mack said...


Sweeney said...


Sort of went H2H with Mack and I got my a$$ handed to me.

"herbies" - yuck

rwcorson said...

Nice work Mack & Geoff.

PTS said...

First Jeremy as Rx'd. My OHS are awful, have I mentioned that?

18:15. Not really much of a met-con but I struggled through the OHS and burned through the burpees. Did this as Rx'd just to get a baseline really.

Got a 2 hour crash course in Oly lifts on Friday so I skipped Sat workout.

deejay said...

4:05 as rx'd

Steve said...


Rory Hanlin said...


Damn burpees...

Trevor Salmon said...

95lbs OHS is pretty much my 2 rep max so last time I did this one it was close to 27 minutes. This time I wanted the metcon benefit and still work on A2A OHS so went with the OPT suggested 55lbs.
Very pleased with my squat overall especially the depth which really was butt to ankles.
Glad that I have been able to do the past two wods

bso said...

We had a little boys vs. girls challenge at the gym today, so I did that instead.

Team of 2:
150 wall ball
125 sdhp (75)
100 hang power snatch (65)
75 jumping pullup
50 front squat (155)

Michael FitzGerald said...

8:20, at rx'd load. Exremely pleased with this performance. R shoulder felt much stonger this time around. Previous time in July 08 was 27:56.
Took the bar from the rack, not floor. Pick my battles.
The grass under my ass wasn't very Sweeney!
Thx Michelle.

Michelle said...

6:57 65#
First time I have done this WOD.
Took the weight from the floor. 21 rnd of OHS was straight thru, but 15 was broken into 5s, and last rnd was 6,3. Burpees felt so slow...

Thx for the encouragement Mike. Congrats on the huge improvement from last time!!!!

Brent Maier said...


Time: 5:59 (Snatched weight up)
Last PR: 8:57 (Aug 3, 2008 - Racked Weight)

OHS: 1)Unb 2)7/4/4 3)5/4

Beat my last PR just 6.5 months ago by almost 3 minutes. Snatched weight from the floor. OHS were fast even though I broke them up, just took a 3-4 breath rest to get burn out of legs. Burpees had the most impact on my time.

We'll see if we can keep breaking the PR's.

unit said...


did this after a basketball game... should have done it before... but nevertheless it was awesome...

rory... i need to get some of those oly shoes bro, the OH Squats w/ those were WAY nicer... and by nicer, i mean more comfortable getting in the ATA position...


Rory Hanlin said...

Do Wins are the best 75 bucks you can spend.

You'll never go back once you get them.

Steve said...


Garage Crossfitter said...

4:50 first time for Jeremy

legs were a mess after round of 21, should have wore oly shoes, felt like i was floating all over in my sneakers after the first round.

Gummo said...

6:32 Legs were killing me before this WOD, even more brutal afterwards.