W - Thursday, Feb 5th, 2009

Snatch - 1RM

take as many sets and as much time as needed b/t sets to get to your 1RM

post that 1RM to comments


Geoff Aucoin said...

F@#%in' sweeeeeeeet.

Gord said...

115 lbs

new pb for full squat snatch. Very Happy with this. Normally struggle with getting butt low enough. Usually scared to drop and catch high and do a semi overhead squat. That was not a problem today. I did have problem balancing the bar while in the bottom. I think the change of depth caused. Must have failed 5 times with each weight before sticking one.

Ryan G. said...


- failed 150 x3. This is a personal best for me and I am very happy with this result. Thanks Rob and Trevor for the advice, it helps.

rwcorson said...

150# PR by 10# - I'm extremely pleased with the session today. Pulls were consistent today and felt confident getting under the bar. I had a very good sleep last night, which obviously, helped. Nice work Ryan. Once you do a bit more tech work on your C&J & snatches, you'll see some huge gains.

Sam Edwards said...

145. 155(f) pulls felt really good just couldn't manage to get under the bar.

Chad Action Brandt said...

125 lbs
Brutal Oly Lift day. Have not felt this bad for a long time. I was all over the place. Could not move under bar, pulling early, jumping forward. Man would Greg be pissed at me!
PR is 150.

Trevor Salmon said...

pb of 96lbs
failed many times at 81 and 86
The last one was quite the work though as I shifted towards the ball of my feet too much coming out of the bottom so had to run across the floor with the bar overhead. Would still have received the 3 white lights though!
Thanks for the coaching Brett. As the earlier reps I was getting under quicker but the bar was too far out front so I'd loose it. Things got better when I focused more on keeping it closer even if it meant catching slightly higher and riding it to the bottom as Coach Burg would say.

PTS said...

115 lbs
I can power snatch so much more than this. I'm just not comfortable in the bottom at all.

Nice job on the PR's guys.

Todd Dyer said...

max snatch=143 lb.
not great
pull from the floor was good, need to focus on the over head position and lock out. Kept loosing weight forward.

bso said...

Snatching on Sunday after the pullups was what hurt my shoulder. It is feeling really good today but another day or two of rest should do the trick.

So.... I chose 1RM deadlift today to see if I could redeem the one that was quite lame a week or two ago and PR'd at 405 (20# improvement). Good times! I was concerned that I was losing strength on this program.... I think I have lost strength on the squat, but deadlifts are especially precious to me :)

Sweeney said...

135 lbs (pb)

145(f), 145(f)

I had a hard time focusing tonight. I was being a mental midget; I let every little thing distract my attention from the task at hand.

Corson - I want to give you credit where credit is due. Nice work on limiting your typos...

Brent Maier said...

80kg (176lbs)


5kg less than my PR. I just didn't want to commit to the drop. I would call this the first frustrating evening I've had in a long time. Tomorrow is a new day and it's friday!

Man, I was tempted to deviate to do the Crossfit WOD of the day. It looked brutal but I figure James has some pain headed our way.

Mack said...

First time trying snatch since I ended my Physio

Did 125lbs numerous times, PB by 40lbs..... starting to figure out these lifts

Awesome lifts DJ

Michael FitzGerald said...

86 lbs...PB is 135 or 140 i think.
Felt comfortable though. Shoulder felt good when receiving weight in squat. Most I have done in a while.
Played with some 95# power snatch/ohs afterwards.

Anonymous said...

165 lbs.
Had 45 minutes in the gym which resulted in a brutal session. Goes to show how important a good warm-up is for a neurologically taxing lift like this. From 95 lbs went up by 10 lbs until 175 lbs. Had only about 6 minutes left when I missed this lift and then tried to rush it failing another 3X. Have done this before for an easy double, so this was disappointing.

Geoff Aucoin said...

170.5 for a new PB. Don't recall my last PB but it's been ages so I'm quite happy. I had to stop there as I was having some serious left wrist pain after the lifts.

Nice work by DJ, it was amazing watching him nail his lifts today. OPT went dead silent before all of his big lifts. Maybe if he'd taken more that 2 minutes rest between sets he could have gone higher!!!

deejay said...

226lbs (PB by alot)

As Geoff said I may have rushed the lifts a little bit which resulted in several failures at 226lbs but I eventually nailed it! Great atmosphere at OPT, as coach Berg would say "It fired my ass up!"

Geoff Aucoin said...

I just found my old PD from August of '07 and it was 162 so it wasn't a huge PB this time around. I DID want to keep going but the pain I was getting in my left forearm was brutal after the last 2 lifts.

Garage Crossfitter said...

170, 5lb pr, i'll take it.

tryed 175 2x and easily got under it, but lost it forward just like i always do, ahhhh!