show some muscle...

as many rounds in 20 minutes;
2 muscle ups
8 KBS - 2pd

post rounds and fractions completed to comments


PTS said...
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Geoff Aucoin said...

That is a really cute pic, James! Another mini-Leighanne!

Gord said...

13 rounds

started failing at mu's at about the 12 min mark.Needed longer breaks to ensure attempts were made.

PTS said...

haven't practiced MU's in 2 weeks and was randomly able to get my first one so I decided to do the workout

muscle-ups were not from complete hang position they were from a standing slightly bent arm position, so I'm not sure they are considered legit. Rings were at 76 inches. I am 73 inches.

completed 7 rds and 2 MU's using 55lb KB with 10 reps.

Ryan G. said...

2 L-up's
12 Pushup's
8 KB Swings
13+2 total in 20 min.

May have been 14+2, can't remember if I clicked my counter on the last transition. Sub'd due to shoulder.

Chad Action Brandt said...

13 Rounds PR + 2 Muscle-ups
Muscle Ups: No fractions
HSPU: Fractions starting 9th Rd
KBS: No Fractions

New PR for me, old score 10rds

James your daughter is adorable!!!

rwcorson said...

I'm a day behind.
CF total
290.5 BS PR
139 SP
421 DL PR 850.5
This is the 1st time I've gone over 800, so I'm very pleased.

Anonymous said...

subbed in

6 chest to bar pullups for the muscle ups

12 rounds

felt real good

*thanks Steve for the help on the kips

Sweeney said...

14rds + 1MU

bso said...

11 rounds + 2 muscle-ups

I like to sub 34" box jumps for the 2pood kb swings on this one.

PR by 3 rounds

HSPU are getting better, but are still the limiting factor. Tried them with feet over racked bar this time and liked it better than the wall.

Derek said...

Did 8 pull-ups and 8 dips for MU

Pathetic 7 rounds

deejay said...

10 rounds + 2 MU (PR - last time 7 rounds + 1MU in nov 2008)

Brent Maier said...

Today: 14+2MU *PR*
Last PR: 14 (3/18/08)

It's not a PR by much but it is a PR. HSPU's take it out of me.

MUs: Singles w/o failure
HSPUs went something like this:
1-4) Unbroken
5-9) 2's
10-14) 1's
KBS: Unbroken but painful

Brent Maier said...

Oh yeah James, CUTE picture!

Mack said...

6 PU & 6 ring dips for the 2 MU

12 rd + 2 dips

unit said...

couldn't w/o yesterday [on call]... so 2 WODs today...

CF Total [28/M/6'0"/190]
DL - 475 [tried 500, pr is 485]
SP - 190 pr
S - 385 [ugly...]

total = 1050

the following mods...
no adequate rings... did muscle ups on a pullup bar, also, no heavy KB, so used a 70lb DB for the swings...

17rounds + 2 MU, 4 HSPU...


Geoff Aucoin said...

13 full, this could be a PB. I really paced the 1st 10 rounds and I didn't look at my watch until then (over 5 minutes left) so that may have worked well instead of rushing through. MU's turned out at the bottom and unbroken until round 8 (better grip) but everything else straight through. Used 75lb DB for swings, and did forehead to floor HSPU. Yuck.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oops, not a PB but not a bad effort for a firehall WOD. PB is 14 + 1 MU.

Steve said...

Used bar Muscle Ups

12 rounds

*anytime Sean, looking forward to the next one

Anonymous said...

18 + 1

Anonymous said...

Cute picture, love it!

Todd Dyer said...

rounds = 16
felt good

Garage Crossfitter said...

No failed mu's
hspu broken starting rd 8
swings unbroken with 70lb kettlebell

Everything felt real good, especially cardio and swings, but hspu took alot of time for me. touched forehead to the floor.

Gummo said...

13 rounds with 3 ring dips/CTB pullups subs and 1.5pd KB.

15 rounds was my previous best from 2/12/08 but I know I did jumping dips and jumping pullups like a mutha in that WOD. None this time around. Slower, but much stronger.