WGM for Tuesday, Feb 3rd, 2009

Run 800 m
rest 10 min
Tabata Mash:
KBS - 2pd
Bench Press - 135#
rest 10 min
5 sets of 10 reps of DB GHD extensions @ 4023 tempo
post 800 m time, tabata total score and highest DB weight to comments
db under chin for extensions, tempo is 4 down, 0 pause at bottom, 2 sec to rise and 3 sec pause at top; photo courtesy of curtis budden - "respect your elders"
look for rest day discussions from now on, please input when you feel the need, everyone will benefit


Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

Sorry, but what is the weight used for the DB GHD and can somebody explain the Tabata Mash a bit in depth? Thanks!

Trevor Salmon said...

Matthew, the weight is up to you as long as you can do the required reps and maintain the required tempo. Tabata mash is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 time. In this case it would 20 sec of kb swings 10 sec rest 20 sec bp 10 sec rest x 8

Gord said...

800m - 2:55

bp- 69 reps
situps- 103 ( did situps as a sub for kb swings. shoulders/neck didn't like the decending motion)

extensions 15lbs- the pacing makes it much harder. Thanks Aucoin for the tips.

good to be back in it

Matthew said...

Trevor, awesome, thank you so much. I'm new to the OPT site, however I have done some Crossfit and am somewhat familiar. I feel these WODs provide more of a challenge but still need some input. Thanks again!

Geoff Aucoin said...

2:49 on treadmill @ #2 incline.

139 reps for mash-up (bench tanked something awful?!?)

GHD - lots of rest, no weight, only my huge head!

Screwed the pooch on the run, wasn't even out of breath at the end. Oops.

Motivation and energy in the toilet today, what do ya do?

Ryan G. said...

800m Run- 3:14
- I had more to give here...

Tabata Mash- 132 reps
- BP was the limiting factor, hit a wall on 5th set. 70lbs DB swings felt allright.

Extensions- 20lbs
- Timing on the last 2 sets was inaccurate, should have used 15lbs I'm thinking.

rwcorson said...

800m run - 2:33 outside point to point @ OPT
Tabata mash
KBS - 11 each set =88reps
BP - 12/7/6/5/5/5/5/5=50
total 138
Geoff , I couldn't read my chicken scratch at OPT. You got me by 1 rep, #@%&***!
GHD extensions - BWT the 1st three sets, 3#, 5# for the last 2 sets. Rested as needed.

Sam Edwards said...

800m- 3:20
KBS- 50
GHD extensions 15lbs.
once again got smoked by everyone.. really need to work on some upper body strength. im lovin the WODs though. must say yall are freakin monsters

PTS said...

800m on treadmill in 2:40

155 reps for tabata. had to use a 55lb KB though as that is all I have.

GHD exts 2 sets at 0, 2sets at 5lbs, last set at 10 lbs used plates

got a cold coming on so this rest will hopefully help

Chad Action Brandt said...

800m Run = 3:09 Used my car to get the distance of 0.8km
Tabata Mash =
KBS = 11 every round = 88
BP = 15,11,7,7,6,6,6,6 = 64
Total = 152
GHD Ext. = no weight until last set and I tried 10#, but could not keep tempo so dropped it. Need work on these bad.
Nice run Rob! I want some!

Matthew said...

Run 2:41

Tabata Mash 123 total reps

GHD 20 lbs first set then 15 after that...

Great workout!

Rory Hanlin said...

Get some!

800m run: 2:38

Bench Press: 80
KB Swings: 77
Total: 157

GHD: 25lbs the first set, then 20 the second, and 15 the last three.

deejay said...

2:55 run / 136 reps (81kb/55bp) tabata mash / 25lbs GHD. Run was outside and felt sloppy. Bench press crashed after 4 sets.

Trevor Salmon said...

3:05 run outside - sucked
Mash 99 reps 76 swings and 23 BP
was seriously guarding my elbow so speed on bp was slow
25lbs for the ghd ext with 3 min rest btw sets
those hurt and seriously felt shaky after each set.
so looking forward to rest day

Michael FitzGerald said...

2:24 run - 95% effort. Felt good to get onto the OPT track again
KB - 80
BP - 43
30lb DB was highest load for Back Extensions. Took at least 3 min between sets

Brent Maier said...

800m Run @ 2 incline
Time: 2:45

Tabata Mash Total: 138
Kb's: 11 each round
Bench: 15/10/6/5/5/3/3/3

Back extensions: 15lbs

I used 10lbs on the back extensions up to the last round. My Lower back needed that!

Sweeney said...

800m: 2:57

Tabata mash: 123

DB/GHD: 25lbs

bso said...

3:09 @ -27C icy roads and all that jive.

then 133 with 115# bench and 1.5 pood (nothing heavier for kb and sharing bar with brother so went a little lighter)

then 5# for first set and 20# for remainder.... WOW. Fun stuff.

Took yesterday off because, as I suspected, I strained my infraspinatus playing around with some snatches after the pullup wod. Should be back to normal soon.

Todd Dyer said...

brutal day
too busy at work to do this one, classes after work, finally got to it at 10pm
run time 2:39
tabata smash- got halfway through no time to write down numbers and switch exercises, my wife heard the banging and swearing and came down to help.
Waited 2 min and redid the whole thing
Total reps = 148
best weight for ghd raise 12 lbs

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd your day sounded much like mine. Started run at OPT at 10:00pm, could not see turn around in the dark, time was 2:49, distance ????? ankle not quite ready for running.
Tabata = 148
GHD Ext - 35 lbs (with full 3s lock out at top as written), missed 40 lbs by 1 rep.

Brent Maier said...

Hah Todd... When you add a long day on top of having to write down your reps while transitioning makes it a very frustrating experience indeed. Your comments cracked me up. Great job everyone.

Garage Crossfitter said...

800m was 3:00 on treadmill level 2, stupid thing only went to 10mph at globogym, thought it went faster, 12 inches of snow last night, no road running

tabata- 80KB + 59 bench= 139
no ghd at globogym so i subbed 135lb romanian deadlifts with correct tempo, 8,6,4,4,4 reps. Grip was major factor with this one, went till bar slipped out of my hand.