wod 4/9 - feb 13/2009

5 sets for total time;
BWT Push Jerk x 7
2pd KBS x 21
15 chin ups
rest 2 min

post total time to comments
use rack for jerk
KBS must go overhead so ears are visible from side view


Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy strength-bias Batman! Love the early post tonight.

Sifton said...

wish I could do this one tomorrow. Work calls though. It looks fun!

Trevor Salmon said...

hmmm...may have to come up with a more elbow friendly sub for the PJ. We'll see how today's treatment holds up.
Hey Geoff - Jason asked about you. Trusts you are well if he hasn't heard from you.

deejay said...


Brent Maier said...

Sweet! Bring on the pain!

PTS said...

BWT=187 lbs max PJ is 195 so I used 175. Only have a 55lb KB so I did 25 reps for the swings

total time was 18:53

1st Rd was 2:31
last rd was 5:15
PJ's were singles by last RD including a couple behind the necks

this workout was a grip killer

Sweeney said...

18:00 flat.

This was BRU-TAL!!!

I had to call on a higher power to get me through the push jerks.

2 min. rest felt like 3 seconds.

Bar none, the most mentally challenging workout in recent memory....

deejay said...

This workout was very challenging! In the 4th and 5th rounds I was reduced to singles on the push jerks, it felt like I was jerking the world. I really had to rely on my technique and my technique got a lot better the weaker I got. KB swings were straight through on rounds 1,2 and 5, otherwise one fraction. Pull ups were a bitch, by that time my grip was fried. Awesome workout.

Times - 1:47/2:13/3:27/5:31/6:22
Total - 19:20

deejay said...

*205lbs jerk

Geoff Aucoin said...

12:31, BW @ 194.

I agree with Sweeny, mentally that was the toughest WOD of the year. I wanted to quit after every set of jerks after round 1. Only round 1 of everything unbroken, (swings broken in round 2,3,4). Catching the jerks in the rack was just horrible.

Trevor Salmon said...

Hat's off to those that managed this as rx'd
I worked up to a load that was not causing undo elbow pains on the eccentric
used 86lbs for rounds 1-3 then 76lbs strict press for the final 2
KBS as rx'd and only rd 1 straight thru as were the first round of chins. I was scaled and still wanted to pack it in during round 3

Trevor Salmon said...

total time 13:26

Trevor Salmon said...

oh, and now I am even more impressed with Geoff's time.

verification word pressess so could resist another post

Brent Maier said...

I'm still at work and your comments are not comforting to say the least. James must be on diaper duty this week and not happy about it! This is exactly what I need despite what my mind is telling me right now.

Great job so far for those that have already conquered this little bump in the road.

bso said...

BWT 177
Jerk: 145 (177 too heavy)
KB: 55 (heaviest available)

Total: 21:57 (13:57 working)

Ryan G. said...

Oh my god my Push Jerk is ugly.

Time - 24:05

- I can not PJ bwt ( 200 lbs )
started at 80% 160lbs for first two rounds. 145 lbs for rounds 3-4 and 135lbs for round 5. Seriously, 1 in 5 Jerks felt solid. Was a slow painfull process. This is a lift I really need to work on.

Everything else was fine if somewhat slow.

Ryan G. said...

Oh yeah... 24:05 is my time NOT including rest time.

Chad Action Brandt said...

My BWT Push Jerk at 180 is only 10lbs off my PR of 190#, so this was a killer for me. The racking was nasty, but none the less I am pumped I got it done.
All singles and in the first set tried to lower behind the neck a couple reps for rack, but never stuck with this for the rest of the wod.
Nice work to all of you who have those crazy low times!

Todd Dyer said...

very challenging
1. 2:00
2. 2:21
3. 2:58
3. 3:26
4. 3:14
total= 13:59
body wt. 173 lb.
used 170 lb. for push jerk form was all over the place, my split jerk is much better... work on your weaknesses is the name of the game though.
need a little coaching.
kbell and pull ups were relatively easy only 2 unbroken sets of each
great job anyone who attempted this one.

Lauren said...

24:35 (including rest)
w/115lbs (bwt 145)
50lbs DB swings

Brent Maier said...

Time: 19:49 as RX'd w/200 lbs
1) 1:37
2) 2:48
3) 4:10
4) 4:54
5) 6:20

This one honestly almost broke me. I dropped the weight on 5th rep catch on the 5th round. Had to clean it to get it back on the rack. The KB swings were all nonstop except for round 4. Pullups were unbroken for rounds 1/2, then broken into 5's for 3/4/5.

The last two workouts have beat my shoulders, lats and arms to a pulp. I haven't felt like this in a long time.

Gord said...

body wt-152.
Started out well as my first round was 1:37. In the 2nd round of KB swings my arm and neck started acting up. The descending motion of the KB was the problem. Felt like I hit my funny bone on something--nasty stinger. Stopped took a long long break. Did the 2nd to 5th round using the 1 pd kb.

Time was around 10:30 ish in the end. This work out hurt like hell even with only using the 1pd. Hats off to all those who did it as RX'd.

Aucoin's performance was fun to watch.

Steve said...

- bwt 185

- 27:23

that was nasty...

Mack said...

23:32 @ 195lbs
1:44, 2:43, 7:50, 5:40, 5:45
Tried to go straight though on the jerks in 3rd rd, that was the beginning of the end. Dumb move

Anonymous said...

7:35, used 155 for jerk.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Used 155 for PJ.
Forearms hurt.
Brain hurts.

Michelle said...

108# pj's (bwt 120#)
1.5 pood KBS

3:21 total = 16:03
Hey James, thanks for putting my name on that board. Would not have tried this one otherwise...

rwcorson said...

bwt-178#, used 165#, no KB, used 75# DB
total time= 17:15

Garage Crossfitter said...

bwt 170
rds- 1:35,1:46,2:47,3:18,4:25
The first 3 rounds went great, shoulders stayed real strong. Round 4 the jerks got weak, bigtime, i had 5-6 weak lockouts at the top in the last 2 rounds. Pullups unbroken entire workout, swings unbroken for first 3 rounds. Grip not an issue. Lesson learned, need to keep core tight when going overhead to prevent hyperextention of low back (no injuries though)