wod 3/9 - feb11/2009

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.
Failure is where they meet, but can’t stand each other."

8 rounds for time;
10 clap push ups
10 db hang squat clean - 45#/h

post time to comments

stand up completely with hips fully extended before placing weights at hang
no worming on push ups - chest to deck, let's hear that clap


deejay said...

14:09 - cleans were straight through but I had to resort to singles on the PU's after 2 rounds.

Ryan G. said...


- A tad sloppy near the end I feel, need to shorten my breaks. This was tough.

Awesome job on 300+ yesterday Sweeny.

Gord said...


great job on the squats boys. 300 Sweeny is amazing. I now have a new goal

PTS said...

17:36 -I may have done 9 rounds- it was a little fuzzy
PU's were smooth and straight through for most rounds

first time touching a DB since may
using DB's for the squat cleans was defintely tough

Sifton said...

20:17 (but I only had 40# DB's)

Geoff Aucoin said...

9:42 - All push-ups were 5/2/2/1 after round 2; cleans unbroken but paced, they could have been a litter faster but I was breathing heavy by round 3. Frickin' smoked after that one.

Brent Maier said...

Wow, looking at the times, it looks difficult. Geoff it looks like you set the bar today.

Oh and great job yesterday Sweeny, your an animal!

Chad Action Brandt said...

Push-ups went 10,10,10,10,5/5,5/3/2,5/2/2/1,5/2/2/1
Only had 40# DB's to use.
Happy with the legs output today, that is where I fight my mind battles the most.
Nice job Gord and Geoff

Steve said...

18:27- Squat cleans were hard still need lots of work.

bso said...

Oops... I mis-read and did hang power clean... dammit! 8:21

Trevor Salmon said...

missing this one as unfortunately both movements painful on the old elbow. It had been feeling pretty good until the snatch workout from last cycle. Back to treatment tomorrow.
Did CFC wod instead.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Trevor, you know I love you, but you gotta do something about that picture of you. It's just about the creepiest picture I've ever seen. You look like someone just walked in on you doing... uhhh... you know...

Message to Corson, my son frickin' loves that Thomas the Train set. He's going bonkers for it! Thanks man!

Todd Dyer said...

time 9:47
aiming for 1 min per round but couldn't keep it up.
long recovery after this workout

Brent Maier said...

Time: 11:42

Very humbling workout. The clapping pushups were brutal. They chopped me down tonight. Driving out of the squats onthe cleans was not an issue tonight.

Mack said...


Trevor Salmon said...

good point G

Rory Hanlin said...

Doing the squat workout from yesterday

315x3 345x3 355x3

365x2 375x2 385x2

395x1 405x1 405x1 415x1 405xfail

I ran out of gas on the last rep of one. The 415 just took it all out of me.

Michael FitzGerald said...

9:32 as rx'd.
Clap push-ups were terribly hard. Only one round clean, then usually 4 fractions per set.

Sweeney said...

Tried twice to perform this WOD today, but I blew my brains out yesterday and strained a quad. No go.

Off to Tower Physio >:o(

Matthew said...

I was hating life during but loving it after. Awesome workout.

Rory Hanlin said...

Rx'd: 11:53

I'm done... Upcoming rest day is definitely needed.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Okay fellas, what's our rest day topic? How about this?


Sifton said...

slow day at the hall today Geoff?
good thing I have lots of time on my hands. Interesting video.

rwcorson said...

DB hpc were slow, but consistent.Getting the wts into the proper position on the shoulders was key for a good rep each time.
Push ups were broken early.

Garage Crossfitter said...

*subbed 115lb Barbell HSC for 45#/h DB HSC *

Clapping pushups hard after round 3, resorted to sets of 2 for last 5 rounds, hands made contact on all reps, some claps were weak.

I was very happy with the HSC, first 5 rounds unbroken and last 3 rounds broke into 6-4 with a short break. Felt very strong coming out of the hole on the HSC, happy with that. Maybe yesterdays ass to ankles squats turned on the postior chain for this wod.