wod 2/9 for feb 10 - 09

high bar A2A back squat - 3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1; 240-360 sec rest b/t sets

post weights to comments


PTS said...

today's performance was a little troubling considering 11 weeks ago I had a 1RM in the squat of 317 using the high bar, not neccessarily A2A but still

today's disaster:
255x3, 255x3
275x1, 265x1, 265x1 (yes i failed on the 2nd rep each time)
275(F), 275(F), at this point I cut the workout short to make it to work

either A2A is much much more difficult than a regular squat or I have a serious degradation issue going on.

Geoff Aucoin said...

SQUATS?!? Flippin' sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Trevor Salmon said...

hey G, does the infamous hall 18 have a squat rack for you?

Geoff Aucoin said...

It sure does, that's why I'm so happy!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Has anyone seen this article in the journal about the CrossFit Strength Bias workouts? Super-cool article with good info.


Gord said...

Workd up to a 240 lbs single.

Very happy with this as my normal squat depth of hip crease just below knee pb is 270 and I only achieved this once. Most times I max out about 250. Have not done alot of heavy squats in a while so I was not sure what to expect.

I have done a2a squats before and the extra depth is usually a killer for me resulting in much lower weight. I think my previous max was about 200 lbs (hope this helps PTS)

It was awesome to see DJ start after I finished. He started his reps of 3 with 270. Good luck hitting the 400 mark DJ. I hope you crush it. Can't wait to see the final numbers.

deejay said...

270/290 x 3
308/328 x 2
338/343/350.5/355.5(f)/354.5(f) x 1
I beat my single from the last time I did a total. I would have liked to get a higher number today and didn't like that I finished with 2 failures, I just seemed to hit a wall. I know I'm getting stronger, maybe I just lacked the technique and mental focus today.

grambo said...

OPT or anyone else have tips on reaching A2A high bar with a tight lumbar curve? I find when I near max weight that I have trouble keeping a tight curve and have back pain as a result. I actually switched back to low bar squats to just below parralel because I find it easier to keep a tight back and go heavier. I'm assuming my problem is tight hamstrings causing posterior pelvic tilt so I'm working on PNF to stretch them out.

Ryan G. said...

198, 220 - x3
240, 264, 274 - x2
286, 291, 296(f), 296(f) - x1

- My first time squating heavy and going to that depth. I'm happy with this, 291 lbs is a PB for me.

Sweeney said...

Holy Sh-t Gouthro....nice work!!!

That's awesome considering where you were 1-2 yrs ago!!!!

PTS said...

Yea Gord I'm assuming the extra depth is what dropped my weight so much. That and I defintely started my sets of 3 too high.

I defintely just underestimated how much of a difference a true
A2A squat make.

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

alot tougher for me coming out of the bottom with the high bar position

Trevor Salmon said...

183/193 - 3
220/230/240 - 2
245/250/255/257.5/260(f)- 1
approx 15lbs off my pr
really focused on almost bounding out of the bottom. Toughest part for me apart from the last set was about 3/4 up and caving at the thoracic area

Chad Action Brandt said...

3's = 200/205
2's = 210/210/215
1's = 220/225/230/235/240

Very humbling! Seems to be a breakdown in posterior chain as form goes out the window when I squat high bar or low bar. When load gets large, I tend to bend forward, butt moving up while upper body lags behind.

Michael FitzGerald said...

301 was the max. Failed twice at 306. The extra depth killed the thoughts of making it any higher.

Rory Hanlin said...

Yesterday's WOD:

Rx'd: 6:23

Looking forward to squatting tomorrow!

bso said...

190x3, 230x3, 250x2, 260x2, 265x2, 275x1, 285x1, 290(f), 290(f), no time for last single.

My personal best late december was 300 for low bar just below parallel back squat coming off of a strength program. Thought my number would be much lower today, but I managed to do 95%... I think that's a good indication that I'm actually getting stronger doing this program... didn't think it would happen but a nice little surprise!

Steve said...

260 New PB!
best squat post ham tear!

Sifton said...

wow you guys are pushing some huge weight.

3's 115, 120
2's 135,145
1's 155,160,165,170,175

Not near a PB for me.

A2A is very tough on me. In reality it is not really A2A more A2 bottom of my shins
Coming out of the bottom my chest looks like a young sapling that is overladen with snow and is going to collapse my face into the ground framed by the plates. Not pretty at all.

Grambo, I am in the same boat, just doing the Squats over time will help with the flexibility issues. Mine is greatly improved, just not to enough for my liking.

Sweeney said...


I made the big jump on the last rep to achieve a long term goal of +300lbs. One of my best moments yet at OPT. I may celebrate with a my favorite cheat meal ;0)

Brent Maier said...

x3 100kg (220lbs)/110
x2 115/120/125
x1 130/135/140/145kg (319lbs)/150x

A2A squats as Rx'd. Previous PR is 150kg (330lbs). Considering how many reps we did working up to it, i'm happy with that.

The crossfit wod looks tough for tomorrow. It's hitting that cardio capacity zone I need to continue improving. Good job today everyone.

Geoff Aucoin said...

WELL I was all pumped up for this one today but the villagers were restless in my district. I even started to warm-up early at about 2:30 so I could really give it a go but then a flurry of calls, including a house fire that wasn't, ate up most of the afternoon. I managed to squeeze most of it in between 3:45-4:30 which is no where near the time I would assign for such a WOD.

I worked up to 280 for 1 on my 2nd set of singles and I had to stop there because I knew I had more but my lower back was getting antsy. That was a tough rep but I think there would have been more on a better day. Happy with that, all the same!

Todd Dyer said...

my experience much like everyone else's.
Very humbling... first time with this position at this depth. Did not expect there to be such a difference to regular but still pretty low squats that I have done before.
3-225, 3-250, 2-260,2-265,2-270,1-275
form was about to go so I stopped the heavy stuff there and finished with 4 sets of 5 reps at 185lb. high bar bottom up (starting with bar at absolute bottom on supports) squats. focusing on proper positioning and accelerating the bar up.
need to work on this more.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Great pic of what we were trying to do!

Garage Crossfitter said...

235,245,255 x2
275x1 - I hit a huge sticking point after bouncing out of the hole, took 2-3 sec to slowly work my way out of that, thought i was gonna pass out

First time squatting high bar and ass to ankles, also used much more narrow stance then low bar squat to ensure proper depth. low bar back squat pr is 310.