Thurs, Apr 1, 2010

When it seems like everything is breaking down, the time is ripe for a real breakthrough.
In turmoil there is great opportunity.

When you have nothing left to fall back on, you'll figure out how to move ahead.
What challenges you, improves you.
Whatever challenges you to the extreme can push you into a breakthrough.


3 sets for times:
Run 800 m @ 80%
rest 3 min
Row 800 m @ 80%
rest 3 min

post times to comments
goal is same time for each set of runs and each set of rows

Wed, Mar 31, 2010

Brent Maier - original Big Dawg moving on...

A1. Clean Grip Dead Lift @ 52X1; 4-6 x 5; rest 120 sec
A2. 14" Close Grip Bench Press @ 40X1; 3.3.3 x 5; rest 120 sec
B1. Russian KBS - 30 unbroken x 3; rest 90 sec
B2. Kipping Ring Dips; 30 x 3; rest 90 sec
C. GHD Back Extensions @ 4022; 10-12 x 3; rest 90 sec

post loads and notes to comments
2 training plans starting Sat, one for late May peak, one for early May

Tues, Mar 30th, 2010

These guys are kind of a big deal in Saskatchewan.


A1. Back Squat @ 40X0; 4-6 x 5; rest 20 sec
A2. DB Walking Lunges @ 20X0; 8 steps/leg x 5; rest 120 sec
A3. Weighted Chin Ups @ 30X0; 2-3 x 5; rest 20 sec
A4. Kipping Chin Ups - chin over vertical plane; 20 x 5; rest 120 sec
B. GHD Sit Ups - 2 hands overhead @ 3131; 15-20 x 5; rest 60 sec

post loads and notes to comments

competitor comments i thought i would post:
"One memory from the weekend still sticks with me. I was warming up for
my heat on Sunday upstairs on the mezzanine level. I had my Ipod on and
was trying to get my quads working again. One of the heats started and
all the athletes began doing their chin ups. They finished one by one
and went down the stairs and as they went, the spectators switched their
focus from the chin up bar to the floor below. I continued my warm up
and as I was moving around I realized that every athlete from the heat
had moved down the stairs except one. A woman was still on the chin up
bar trying to get her first 30 chin ups. She was doing singles and
failing more reps than completing. I realized that not one spectator was
watching her, it was just her and the judge. I watched for a few reps
and then felt compelled to move closer and cheer. She struggled with
each rep to get her chin over the bar but never once walked away from
the bar. She would just chalk up and try again. She never did complete
the chipper on Sunday due to the fact that she could not do the chin
ups. It struck me after the heat was over. She woke up that morning as
sore as the rest of us. She got out of bed, fueled and drove to the
event just like the rest of us. She warmed up the same as the rest of
us and when the 3.2.1 GO was announced she began her effort. Watching
how much trouble she had with chins, she must have known that she would
not be able to complete that event but she still showed up and tried.
Anyone who doubts what this community does for people's self esteem
should come to an event and watch as I found ordinary people performing
extraordinary efforts. To show up knowing that in the end you may not
finish 1st or even finish but still be willing to try your guts out is
absolutely amazing!

I asked my Dad his thoughts on the event just before we left to come
back. He had two revelations for me, he said that
these competitors must be the most honest people in the world because he
could not believe that people would leave their purses, bags and
personal items all over the place without a worry that anything would be
touched. He remarked that it showed true focus on why everyone was
there, to be a part of the competition. His second revelation for me
was that I ran like a princess and if I would have run faster I would
have had much faster times. That is my Dad, honest and always willing
to point out the fact that I would have had 4 goals instead of a hat
trick if I would have hit the net on the last shot."

You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it,
the intelligence to make a realistic plan,
and the will to see that plan through to the end.
- Sidney A. Friedman


14/30 qualifying as dawgs
Dave X and crew from East
current (Steve Howell) and original dawgs young man and sterling from BC

congrats to all on full efforts
for those moving on from this weekend; lick your wounds, go back in the cave and come back out on Sat, Apr questions
for those who have moved on previously, Tues-Thurs, Sat-Sun is still the plan..will lay out a more formal plan soon - goal is peak for late May - will see how things play out for scheduling to have an early May plan for peak as well
for those who gave full effort but did not advance; use your learnings as fuel; the measure of an athlete is how they respond; REST for a few weeks and DO NOT post back here until you have taken these few weeks completely off; today you will think i'm crazy, as time goes on, you'll understand....too many times i've seen athletes not heed this advice and its 3 years past and they still "just do not have it"; when you jump back in, peak again with everyone for end of May and then mid along...and learn some more

post your ONE favorite moment of your qualifying weekend to comments; this weekend or past; i want to compile them

here is mine...
I try not to single people out but I will; I do this b/c of efforts given this past weekend; I cannot be there to witness all of them; but I did see one moment that captures what we are and what we do; seeing Erik Luber (maybe 135# BWT at best) ask me what he thinks he should do scaling wise for the power clean (155# - his PR for 1RM was 160), burpee, run workout was inspiring....we thought he should squat clean all of them...after discussing a cluster strategy he decided to not just attempt but complete all power cleans at 155# - 25 reps and finish the workout...i cannot say anymore only that he has inspired me...that was my favorite moment
(besides seeing my wife get uncomfortable and learn more than she ever thought she would - i love her for that in itself)

Sunday, Mar 28, 2010

For time:
30 Pull-ups
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
400m run
30 Push-ups
15 Push Press or Jerk (135/85lbs)
30 Squats
15 Front squat (135/85lbs)
400m run
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
30 Pull-ups

post time to comments

Saturday, March, 27th, 2010

A. OHS - 3,3,3; rest 5 min b/t attempts - this is for a 3RM
B. AMRAP Thrusters in 7 min - 95#/65#
rest 120 min
C. 5 rounds for time:
5 power clean - 155#/105#
10 burpees
200 m run

post scores to comments
(i.e. A - 225, B - 108, C - 6:08)


There is more in us than we know.
If we can be made to see it,
perhaps for the rest of our lives,
we will be unwilling to settle for less.

Thurs. Mar 25th, 2010

Big Dawg Mantra
I know you...
I know you're bigger, faster and stronger than me.
I know your Fran time is lower, your 5k is quicker and your deadlift is heavier.
I know you have 1,000 views on YouTube.
I know you're a "WOD" warrior.

I know you, but you don't know me.

You don't know what's in my head, what's in my heart, what's in my soul.
You don't know that pain is my ally.
You don't know that sweat and blood are my training partners.
You don't know that I'm unbreakable.

I know you train in your temperature controlled gym with the tough sounding name while I'm training in garage exposed to the elements. In the heat and in the cold, in the humidity, rain and snow, I'm forging mental toughness. I'm tempering my resolve. I'm fueling my passion. I'm getting ready for the day that we meet.

I know your 1,000 YouTube views won't mean shit in front of 1,000 spectators. I know when the heat goes up I go big and you go home.

I know you don't know me...but you will. - Dave X

A. OHS @ 30X1; 1,1,1; rest 5 min
B. Thruster skill work - 5 min work on breathing and speed
C. Run 200 m @ 95 percent: rest 5 min x 3

Post loads and notes to comments

"Full effort is full victory"

Wed, Mar 24th, 2010

A1. Back Squat @ 30X0; 1,1,1; rest 3 min
A2. Chin Ups - 20 unbroken x 3; rest 3 min
B. Hang Power Clean @ 11X0; 3 x 3 - build to 80%; rest 2 min
C1. GHD Sit Ups @ 2021; 15 x 3; rest 30 sec
C2. 50 double unders; rest 30 sec

post loads and notes to comments

Tues, Mar 23, 2010


A1. Press @ 10X1; 1,1,1; rest 3 min
A2. KBS - 2/1.5 pd x 15; rest 3 min
B. 55% 1RM Dead Lift @ 11X0; 2 reps x 6 sets; rest 45 sec
C. Run 200 m @ 80,90,95%; rest 3 min b/t efforts

post loads and notes on how the weights/runs "felt" to comments

Monday, Mar 22, 2010

Sun, Mar 21st, 2010

Jenny Jacobsen - 1st at North European Sectionals in Stockholm!!!

the Black Box Summit part 2
"get an experience you'll never forget"

A. Dead Lift @ 10X0; 1,1,1; rest 5 min
- build quick and not to a 1RM
B. Bench Press @ 20X0; 1,1,1; rest 4 min
- build quick and not to a 1RM
C. Run 200 m @ 90%; rest 3 min x 3
- effort and technique high

post loads and notes to comments

Sat, Mar 20th, 2010

"They are not called "treadmills" for nothing. The term treadmill brings to mind the epitome of drudgery. Drudgery began with the advent of agriculture and marked the transition to what we now call "civilization". (See Daniel Quinn's books for the full implications of "civilization".) Drudgery intensified with the industrial revolution and reached its apex with Frederick Taylor's scientific management, a well-intentioned breakdown of human actions into mechanical movements. Workers expressed their humanity and rebelled. But the model lives on in the world's gyms, driven by the seductive appeal of the technology and the precision measurements it produces. How would a four year-old react to being asked to do a 30-minute session on a treadmill? How much fitter, both physically and mentally, he or she would be if given free rein and good company in a forest!" - Evfit

As many rounds in 10 minutes;

Power Clean x 1 - 155#/105#
Front Squat x 2 - 155#/105#
Push Press x 3 - 155#/105#
15 GHD Sit Ups

post rounds and reps completed to comments

Thurs, Mar 18, 2010

Row Sprints:
5 sets of 1 min max effort
(rest 4:00 after set 1, 3:30 after set 2, 3:00 after set 3, 2:30 after set 4)

post avg watts per 1 min and HR at end of each set to comments
set 1 - 380 watts/165 bpm
set 2 - etc...

Wed, Mar 17th, 2010

LOCALS!!! - Grass Fed Meat - quality folks

"to revere pain and fear, to embrace friction, are bedrock skills of survival"


6 sets for times:
15 unbroken chin ups
20 unbroken push ups
25 unbroken sit ups
30 unbroken squats
rest 2 min b/t sets
(work on speed of movements)

post 6 sets of times to comments

Tues, Mar 16th, 2010

what is better than one dawg?
2 of them.
Nathan and Colin moving on...

Nutrient Analysis of an Average Diet for Modernized Gaelics

Calories Food Fat-Soluble Activators Calcium Phosphorus Iron
1000 White Bread Low 0.11 0.35 0.04
400 Jam, Sugar, Syrup Low 0.05 0.08 0.02
100 Chocolate and Coffee Low 0.01 0.07 0.00
300 Fish Without Livers High 0.57 0.60 0.02
100 Canned Vegetables Low 0.06 0.08 0.00
100 Eggs Medium 0.04 0.12 0.00

Low 0.84 1.30 0.07

Price, W. A. Dental Digest, 1933 July; 278.

A. Power Clean @ 10X0; 1,1,1,1,1; rest 240 sec
B1. Back Squat @ 30X0; 2-3 x 4; rest 180 sec
B2. Chin Ups @ 20X0; 2,2,1,1; rest 180 sec

post loads to comments
all singles till last weekend in March

Mon, Mar 15th, 2010

what is your purpose here?

what things are you doing on a day to day basis that is for the greater good? or do you believe that one should sacrifice things in order to make this happen?

i was involved in a good discussion this weekend on what one can do to create change; to change policies; to change the "rules" of the game; how does one go about doing this?...when will one have time to make this happen?

are you willing to compromise, move aside, give order to give in some way?

Terry teaches us how in a small way; with a small vision and glimpse into what can be, you cannot be sure how powerful this can become. I was 8 years of age when i participated in my first Terry Fox Run, i still have the poster....why?...because Terry affected everyone with his glimpse into what can be and his vision for change

what are you doing today for no reason behind it that is making a change?

Sun, Mar 14th, 2010

levels of mastery:
blind to it > aware of it > know about it > embody it > understand it > transcend it

part 1:
A1. AMRAP Bench Press - 135#; rest 180 sec
A2. AMRAP Row Cals in 60 sec; rest 180 sec
5 sets

rest 3 hours

part 2:
for time;
Run 400 m
300 double unders
Run 400 m

post reps and times to comments

Sat, Mar 13th, 2010

from Mel Siff - mental prep (autogenic training) before heavy loads:
1. Introductory drills — tuning in to a state of impending rest or calm.
2. Relaxation, feeling heat and relaxation in arms, legs, pelvis, back,
stomach, chest, neck and face.
3. Regulation of respiratory and cardiovascular processes
4. Building confidence, a feeling of satisfaction and a positive attitude
towards heavy loads.
5. Mobilization and working-out of aims in the execution of the planned
training tasks.
6. Arousal.

part 1:
5 sets for times;
15 burpees
10 Power Clean - 65% 1RM
15 CTB chin ups
(rest 3 min b/t sets; focus on speed of movements; no pacing allowed)

rest 2 hours

part 2:
Power Snatch x 1/OHS amrap - 5 attempts for highest loads x reps
rest as needed b/t sets
(score=loads in kg x highest reps achieved for best set; ex. 80 kg x 15 reps = 1200 points)

post times and scores to comments

Fri, Mar 12, 2010

Thurs, Mar 11, 2010

part 1:
for loads:
A. Power Snatch Cluster - 1.1.1 x 7; rest 3 min
B. 16" Close Grip Bench Press - build to a 1RM; rest as needed
C. GHD Sit Ups - 20 reps x 5 sets; rest 30 sec
(rest exactly 10 sec b/t attempts in A; 3 reps per set)

rest as needed

part 2:
Run 10 min warm up, then..
Interval Runs:
30 sec @ 50%/30 sec @ 95%/30 sec walk x 8
walk 5 min, then...
Run 30 sec @ fastest 400 m pace; walk 90 sec x 3
walk 5 min cool down

post loads and notes to comments

Wed, Mar 10, 2010

is the "ultimate athlete" the fittest?

for reps:

Running Clock CTB unbroken chin ups
rest 2 min
Running Clock Burpees
(once you begin chin up set, you cannot break by coming off bar OR by hanging - i.e. you must be constantly moving; either constitutes a stoppage; chest to deck and jump with arms fully extended straight overhead at top of burpees)

post 2 scores of minutes achieved and reps in last minute to comments
double Thursday

Tues, Mar 9, 2010

part 1:
5 sets for max weight used:
Power Clean x 1
Front Squat x 1
Push Press Overhead to back rack x 1
Back Squat x 1
Push Press Overhead to front rack x 1
repeat sequence 7 times; weight cannot rest on ground in set
rest EXACTLY 5 min b/t sets

rest as needed

part 2:
Row Sprints:
60 sec @ 95%
2 min rest x 5
rest 10 min
30 sec @ 100%
2 min rest x 5

post highest load lifted for part 1 divided by BWT in # (i.e. 170#/170# = 1) as well as total meters in working sets in row sprints to comments

Mon, Mar 8th, 2010

nice adrenal article - like the supps and his take, if folks can understand that it is complex its all good

another perspective on CF

congrats to all dawgs who represented this weekend - remember "full effort is full victory"; be gracious in defeat and humble in winnings

i'm going to this, anyone else interested???? dates to come

my training past few days, some have asked so I'll post it:

A1. Bench Press BWT - 170# amrap x 5 sets; rest 2:30
A2. 30 fat bar chin ups; rest 2:30
x 4 (BP-22,17,15,12), chins complete
(25 shifts - 45-70 sec per shift; 90-120 sec rest)

10 rds on the minute;
175# power clean and jerk x 2
6KBS - 2pd

Sunday @ CrossFit Optimum Performance with some dawgs now out of COP;
3 min rounds:
20 unbroken wall balls
20 unbroken chin ups
20 unbroken double unders
(every 3 min for 5 sets; failed on 20th rep on 5th round, Jay got me and finished rd 5; we were neck and neck in last rd and i pushed it to get done in 5th rd faster thinking i'd force a faster 6th rd for time to determine winner, that and learn; first comp style for me since Games, fun)

coming up in a few hours:
tire flips
heavy axle clean and press
ring skill work

this week for all:
tues - double
wed - single
thurs - double
sat - double
sun - double

Sun, Mar 7th, 2010

part 1:
for time;
50 double unders
5 thrusters - 95#/65#
40 double unders
10 thrusters - 95#/65#
30 double unders
15 thrusters - 95#/65#
20 double unders
20 thrusters - 95#/65#
10 double unders
25 thrusters - 95#/65#

rest 6 hours

part 2:
for time;
150 KBS - 2pd/1.5pd

post total time for both workouts as score to comments

Sat, Mar 6th, 2010

i love this sport

part 1:

Clean and Jerk - 5RM
(no more than 3 sec reset on ground b/t reps)

rest 3 hours

part 2:
Row 2K
30 SDLHP - 115#/80#
Row 1K
20 SDLHP - 115#/80#
Row 500 m
10 SDLHP - 115#/80#

post loads and times to comments
SDLHP - bar MUST reach chin height WITHOUT dipping chin downwards

Thurs, Mar 4th, 2010

early March:
part A:
95#/65# squat clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# hang power clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# split jerk x 5 x 3
(work on speed and intent; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)

part B:
3 sets - 10 chest to bar chin ups
3 sets - 15 high speed squats
3 sets - 20 anchored sit ups
(work on speed of each movement; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)

Running start run; 10 sec on @ 100%, run easy for 1 min x 3-6 sets based on how you feel

late March:
A. Dead Lift @ 12X1; 60% 1RM; 8 sets of 2; rest 30 sec b/t sets
B1. GHD Raises @ 2010; 15 x 5; rest 90 sec
B2. Toes to Bar @ 1010; 15 x 5; rest 90 sec
C. AMRAP Double Unders in 8 min

post loads, reps and notes to comments
good luck to all dawgs competing this weekend, keep us in the loop; we'll be howling from afar

Wed, Mar 3rd, 2010

Robin Lyons - 4th overall - Utah Sectionals


early March:

A1. Dead Lift - 1,1,1 - 70% effort for all 3 sets; 180 sec
A2. Ring Dips - 15,15,15; 180 sec
20 double unders, 5 breaths x 10
5 sets of 10 unbroken knees to elbows

late March:
part 1:
as many rounds/reps in 20 minutes:
Row 300 m
AMRAP Ring Dips
AMRAP Push Ups

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
for time:
30 box jumps - 20"
10 chin ups
30 box jumps - 20"
20 chin ups
30 box jumps - 20"
30 chin ups

post loads, times, rounds, reps and notes to comments
DO NOT add loads to gymnastics met con - goal is speed and high output; if you can do it unbroken, then do it as fast as possible

Tues, Mar 2, 2010

start early on the ReFuel!

early March:

A1. Press - 3,2,1; 120 sec
A2. 15 CTB chin ups x 3 sets; 120 sec
Run 1K
(1st 200 m @ 70%, 2nd 200 m @ 80%, 3rd 200 m @ 90%, 4th 200 m @ 100%, last 200 m @ 50% effort)
joint mobility work - 30 min

late March:

A1. Front Squat @ 30X0; 3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 180 sec
A2. Seated Military Press @ 30X0; 3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 180 sec
B. 2 hands overhead GHD Sit Ups - amrap in 30 sec/ 30 sec rest x 8

post loads and notes to comments

also post the percentage of highest 1 rep in A2 in relation to your close grip bench press 1RM
(i.e. 300# CGBP and 200# SMP; SMP is 66% of CGBP)
start with arms extended for A2, lower to clavicles, bench @ 80 deg
double on Wed and Sat/Sun for late march folks