Sat, Mar 6th, 2010

i love this sport

part 1:

Clean and Jerk - 5RM
(no more than 3 sec reset on ground b/t reps)

rest 3 hours

part 2:
Row 2K
30 SDLHP - 115#/80#
Row 1K
20 SDLHP - 115#/80#
Row 500 m
10 SDLHP - 115#/80#

post loads and times to comments
SDLHP - bar MUST reach chin height WITHOUT dipping chin downwards


Martin Altemark said...

Go Sweden! Fantastic effort by Björn Ferry in the biathlon there! Thanks for bringing that up again Coach! :-)

Martin Altemark said...

Part 1: 80kg. Used power cleans.

Tech a bit off today (jumping wide), and not diving as low as I should in jerk. Stomach upset because of horrible diet yesterday. Ok - Lesson learned. No binges no more.

ken c said...

so 2 of the 3 workouts for the north texas and oklahoma sectional are being released this morning so i may work on those this weekend. start the tapering next week. side note: last week our gym did christine and after all the rowing and box jumps we do around here i decided to give it a go. 8:54 pr. thanks opt.

Chad Hall said...

I think I'm going to start back form February 20 to prepare for the 20-21 of March for the Ontario sectionals.

Anyone else in the same mindset? Just want to make sure it's a good idea.

LuLu said...

That is what we are doing at my gym. We are going back and doing the Early Marcher wods starting on Feb 20th. If we do that then we will have one more week of intense training, then a week of tapering right before our sectionals. Our sectionals are the same weekend as yours but in Fredericton. I called my coach right now to make sure of this for you :)
He told me to tell you that if your calves are sore from all of the box jumps and skipping then warm them up and stretch them out really well because you will be going super hard the next few days.

Happy training.

Mike Molloy said...

Chad, I'm competing the same weekend (New England) and was thinking of doing the same thing.

Any recommendations Coach?

Covino24 said...

No time today for the rest period.. Had to go back to back on these WODs so I stayed relatively light on the 5 clean n Jerks, rested 10 mins and went right into part 2

Part 1) 175 x 5 - Light

Part 2) Total Time: 24:40

Row times & mins/500m:

2k) 7:54, 1:54/500m
1k) 4:06, 1:54/500m
500m) 1:55, 1:52/500m

I tried to stay around 2:00+/500m for the better part of the 2 and 1K and turned it on at the end. I found this to be the most effective way to have a good row time and still have enough left in the tank form the SDLHP. Last 500m just tried to stay -2:00/500m. a big problem of mine is going to fast to early so this was a great WOD for me to practice my pacing!

Jenny said...

Go Sweden:-)

Part 1.
55 kg

Only 5 min rest in between.. Sorry, couldn´t get somebody to babysit later.

Part 2.
22 min

Michael McCabe said...

Chad Hall and Mike Molloy:
I'm starting there today, as I'm competing in Ontario on the 20-1; I don't think it matters much whether you do that or follow late march this week and then taper the week before the comp, as long as you keep hitting it hard.

Chad - checked out the movement standards for Ontario... think I might work full squat snatches today, as that's what it sounds like they'll be looking for if snatches come up.

Gord said...

Part 1
tried 162(had at least a 5 sec rest b/w rep 4 and 5)
Tried 172(refocused-maintained 3 sec rest but failed on rep 4

15min rest

Part 2

Anonymous said...

Do we control the weight down on 5 rm and not take our hands off the bar or can we dump at the top of the movement with no more than a 3 sec pause before next rep?

Garage Crossfitter said...

part 1- 185 x 5 (power clean-split jerk) pr for 1RM is 230

rest 2.5 hr

Part 2

Row average was 1:56/500m, all SDLHP were in quick sets of 5, not much recovery was needed after this one, maybe i could have pushed this one harder?

PTS said...

part 1 - 182x5 (pc-sj)

1 hr rest

part 2

Geoff Aucoin said...

200 x 5 with push jerks, 208 x 4 with splits.

TONS of time spent in the rack position; had trouble with getting under the bar on the clean and getting comfortable with the jerks (shoulders tight).

Megs said...

I am competing next weekend and decided yesterday with the short training period I had open to work on ohs.
3-3-2-2-1-1 with 240 seconds rest
Huge pr!! 126 is the most weight I have had overhead! 26 pound pr for oh!
I just wanted to thank opt and this community for this great training site!
Since I switched to this program 2 months ago I have gotten a pr 500m row, a huge ohs pr, my first handstand pushups, from one double under to 25!!
Everything feels stronger, faster and more confident!
So thanks!! Good luck to all in the upcoming sectionals!


Tlaw said...

180x5 (power clean and push jerk)

Mizar said...

Since Qualifiers are March 20-21, doing training from February 20th.

Posted results there.

Michelle said...

Part 1
125x5 (power clean and split jerk). Need to be far more disciplined about getting under the clean and the SJ, but PCs were better than usual in that they usually start to fall apart around 125#, but that didn't happen today.
Had consult with James then did this WOD, and couldn't fit in WOD #2 back to back. Not sure that I can get another WOD in today...but will try.

BK said...

A: 195x5 , 200x3.

3 hours

B: 17.43

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

part 2: 19:50... Last SDHPs took 2 mins... Not so happy there. Rows averaged 1:56 with 2k part having slightly faster tempo.

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

First time doing an OPT Wod, avg row 2:00, took awhile on the SDHP

175 5RM


Erik Luber said...


part 1:
50 kg (tried 60 kg twice but failed on 4th reps both times)

part 2:
27:00 @ 40 kg

Felt like absolute sluggish dog crap today. The 60kg should have been easy for me, thought I could do 65...Also just crawled through part 2, no energy. Think I am going to take an extra rest day or two, feeling really burnt out, although I think it is mostly work related than anything.

Good luck to all the dawgs this weekend!

rwcorson said...

Part 1 - 175x5, 181 x 4 Hips were smoked on 181

Lauren said...

131 x 5, 141 x 4.5, failed on last jerk - couldn't drop fast enough

Chad Hall said...

LuLu, Mike, Michael

Thanks for the info I really appreciate! Only 2 weeks away I'm getting super pumped.

So I ended up doing a variation of Feb 20 stuff.

Started out with snatch work 3s and built to a 1RM. Hit 175 (20lb PR).

Should have got 185 but couldn't commit shoulders at the bottom. A lot quicker through the middle than before and better getting under the bar, still need lots of work though.

Then instead of 800 repeats I did 4x400M sprints with a 60lb sandbag. 4 minute rest in between each.
2:15, 2:10, 2:03, 2:01

I was playing with placement of the sandbag and found the best for me was 200m on 1 shoulder then 200m on the other shoulder.

Michale McCabe, since we got our movement standards do you believe that's all the movements there will be? So no cleans, squats, lunges, HSPU, any presses overhead, or rope climbs? I'm guessing we'll have a 1RM snatch 2 metcons and a chipper?

Chad Hall said...

Oh yeah for anyone who wants to build their own sandbag check out this video. SUPER EASY! And cheap!

I made 6 of them for my gym in less than an hour. I made a 60lb in which the bag cost $11 and the 60lb of wood pellets (in place of sand) cost under $10. Well worth it!

Corbin said...

Part 1. 5RM=215# - Full Clean and Split Jerk
Rest 3 Hrs
Part 2. 20:45, kept all the rows under 1:45/500m avg, but SDLHP were about 80m away and no bumper plates only conventional so that definitely slowed me down

derb said...


Part 1: 150x5 (squat clean and split jerk)

Failed on rep 3 at 155

Michael McCabe said...

hey chad, yeah that's what it sounds like... i hope you're wrong about the 1rm snatch for my sake! but it's a definite possibility.

if you haven't been to moss park armoury before, be ready for pullups on a super thick bar.

Brent Maier said...

Chad/Lulu/Mike, I'm going jump back to Feb 20th and work through them up through my competition date on the 20/21st as well. I'll be posting on those days.

dontpanic356 said...

Ran an early morning 5K trail/run event. Lots of people and the very snowy.

Part 1:

235 (power clean and split jerk)

Part 2:

18:22 as RX'd

Lisa M said...

115 x 5
120 x 4 failed clean on last rep need to work on technique

tried a close to max CJ just to see how it might feel since many of the sectionals are having that as a wod. did 135 jerk felt easy clean not so much - need to work on technique of this over next couple of weeks.

I am looking for some advice on something like a max lifting or even todays wod do most of you start with a weight close to what you think your max will be. i always worry that if i do to many reps/sets at lower weights i am going to burn myself out and not be able to reach my max, and then the other side of my brain says i need to warm up the movement first to get a max but should i just do that at a low weight???? Sorry for long post but really need some guidance with this. Oh yeah and how much time do you rest between attempts if there isn't a time limit of course. I always feel anxious that i don't want to get cold and i just want to try again right away... Thanks for any help!!

dontpanic356 said...

Lisa M,

On the days I hit heavy lifts I usually warm up with a light weight to get my form down. Then I dont really mess around at the mid range/build up reps. I might do a rep or two at 80% but I move up quick from there.

I need all the gas in my tank I can get when trying for max efforts. If I am doing Max effort attempts, I will rest 3-5 min between....This depends a lot on 1. If I feel completely recovered from previous attempt. and 2. If I get myself amped up mentally to try another one.

Just my preference.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Pt1. 180 - push jerk
Tried Split Jerk up to 165#. Not good enough there yet.
Pt2. 17:40 - tough

Wes hendricks said...


Part 1:
200 x 3 split jerks + 4 squat cleans

185 x 5 power cleans/split jerks

200 x 2 split jerks + 3 power cleans

Very very frustrated with my performance this morning. I really wanted 200 x 5. After watching my first 200 attempt I was catching the barbell to far forward in my clean and I felt as if I could have been more efficient with my split jerk

Wes hendricks said...
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Wes hendricks said...

This is my first attempt at 200 with squat cleans, any feedback would be much appreciated!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt II - 17:33. Chauk one up for an old dawg. SDLHP were pretty nasty, many many sets of 3's/2's. Energy low before, glad to go under 18 min.

Rest was longer than 3 hours due to work today; that makes up for the 'less than' 6 hours rest day on Wednesday?

Katrina Burton said...

Got up to 130#.

On the last rep of that one the bar slipped out of my hands as I was lowering back down and landed on my shins and scraped them up pretty bad. Good thing I was wearing some pretty thick high socks because if they are this bruised and bloody with them I don't want to think what they could have looked like. Part 2 to come...

Alex Duncan said...

Late March
Part 1: 150 x5 (I also had a very bloody shin incident on this one)

Part 2:
20:59 SDLHP were what got me
Row times: 7:24/3:44/1:52

Chad Hall said...

Michael McCabe,

I'm not thrilled about the 1RM snatch either (...if that's even the case).

Thanks for the heads up on the pull up bars, I was unaware of that.

rwcorson said...

No time, I forgot to start my watch.
2000m row-7:28.2
1000m row-3:45.3
500m row-1:48.8
total row - 14:02.3
I think my watch said 3 hrs 15 mins on chrono when I started, but not sure. Time was approximately 20 minutes.

Lisa M said...

Thanks panic for the advice.

Rested 40 min due to time issues


Wanted sub 20 but my bar crashed into the bench during sdlhp and things went flying wasted some precious time. Sdlhp were hard. Rows kept steady at 2:06/500 this felt like a good pace and wasn't dying coming off was able to take couple deep breaths and right into sdlhps felt like good strategy could have maybe pushed the last 500

unit said...
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unit said...

sweet time on p2 gaucoin!...

keep up the great work all dawgs competing 2day!... everyone seems 2 b in a pretty sweet spot thus far!...


Mizar said...

Hi Mr. FitzGerald,

I would like to thank you for helping us prepare for our respective qualifiers (March 20-21). At the moment, following your comments/advices, Roch and Jacques decided to follow the training program that you designed for the athletes competing this weekend.

It is clear that your work develops strong human beings – physically and mentally.

Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge, it is much appreciated. If I can ever be of any help do not hesitate in contacting me.


Katrina Burton said...

Part 2

That was insanely difficult for me. Could only take 45 min rest after part 1 before doing this one. Off to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D tonight with Chad Action :)

Mike Molloy said...

Chad, I actually just built two of those sand bags myself (45# and 75#'s).

Super easy and super cheap.

Feb 20th WOD:

10 sets of 3 Power Snatch:
All sets done at 135#

800 Meter Sprints:
2:50, 2:52, 2:55

I hate running with an incredible passion.

Rob Ottesen said...

ROBO- 72in 220lbs

First time back hitting an OPT Wod for time. Worked on Snatch instead of CJ bc i did them 2 days ago. After not doing any since Nov Still hit 185 so pretty happy with that.

WOD 2: 19:02

this about killed me this almost made me puked for the first time in a long while.

Good job with all the hard work and dedication all the big dawgs have put in. Wish i was around the last few months i really wanted to go to a Qualifier and rep OPT but o well maybe next year. Good luck to you all.

Thad said...

Part1. 5/165 3/175
Really have to keep working at getting under the bar on jerks
1hour rest

Part2. 22:06
Should have done much better paced the rows to slow
SDLHP's were a challenging weight mostly sets of 5

Steve Howell said...

part 1

part 2

Lisa M said...

Those Dawgs competing in Central Canada sectionals in Edmonton - is there a hotel that everyone is planning on staying at?? I was thining i should probably book something now so i am not scrambling for a room closer to the date. let me know. thanks

Wes hendricks said...


Part 2:

I would say rowing is without a doubt my biggest weakness, and it probably doesn't help I am 5'6. So today was some good rowing practice. All of the rows I kept it right around 1:57-1:59 pace. I was happy towards the end when it started to get pretty painful I was able to relax and compose myself and finish strong instead of fall apart.

Wes hendricks said...

BK, Michael, and especially Geoff sick times today, you guys killed it!

unit said...

A- 185(5) / 205(5) / 215(4) [touch & go]

10min rest

B- 16:19


LuLu said...

Doing feb 20th wod, writing my stats down on that date instead of here ;)

Jonathan Burns said...

Power clean, push jerk @165. Way too light, was pretty much touch and go on these.

Row/SDLHP: 17:12
Held around 6:34 for first 2k, 3:20 for 1k, 1:35 for 500.

Felt ok, a bit tight in the chest, getting over something.

Dave X said...

First of all, Wes you are my personal hero! Squat cleaning 200#!!! Damn!

Part 1: 190#x5 (Power clean and push jerk). 200# x3.

Three hours rest.

Part 2: 18:20.
2K: 7:21
1K: 3:46
500 M: 1:56

Legs are very mad at me right now.

joey warren said...

part 1
205x5, 215x5, 225x4+f on jerk

rest 6.5 hours

part 2


Mack Lar said...

Dawgs, Checking in from the North Carolina/South Carolina Sectional. Great event put on by Andy Hendel and the Crossfit Charlotte crew. I think it speaks volumes of the programming for this event that several of the top athletes from the first event DNF'd the second event. Rope climbs in the second event DNF'd quite a few people. Finally got to meet a fellow Big Dawg in Paul Klein. After todays events I'm sitting in 8th and Paul had a really impressive 2nd WOD to bump him up to 23rd. First WOD tomorrow is 1RM Clean and Jerk. Hoping for a 245, which would be a 20lb PR. As long as I can clean it, I'm confident I can get it overhead. I'll check in again tomorrow.

Tlaw said...

Part 2

DeeJay said...

part 1 - 220-230(failed on 5th jerk)
part 2 - 18:18

Roch said...


Totally on Mizar side, if we can help on anything for the Pack let us know, got a lot of fun doing that with you all.
Also since we are following the early marchers program would you like us to post on the 20th of Feb post or on the present day (how you would like it?

Best regards.

Paul Klein said...

Looks like Mack beat me to the punch. That dude is the real deal! He is right in mix here at the SC/NC sectional.

As for me, I kinda choked in the first wod. It may have been nerves but I just sucked. 42nd

Workout 2 went better and I finished 13th. A bunch of guys had DNFs. So I jumped up to 23rd overall. Time to rest up and dream about big weights going overhead.

unit said...

keep up the awesome work Mack and Paul!... big wts tomorrow!...

Wes hendricks said...

hahaha thanks David, good work with 190. You gotta come down to my place soon, assuming we aren't going overhead or doing pull-ups because my place can only accommodate midgets and your like 7ft something

Pete said...

Going along with the rest of the Dawgs competing in the March 20th and 21st Sectionals. Moved on back to the February 20th WOD today so I'll be posting there.
(Is that where we sould be posting?)

3x800 meter at 100% was just a serious ass kicker!

Good luck to the dawgs competing this weekend. Keep it up!
"May the road rise to meet you, and the wind be at your back"

Lauren said...

used 90# because I didn't want to use the floppy 10#er plates.

thaczuk said...

Part 1

rest 5min

Part 2
2K: 7:20
1K: 3:42
500 M: 1:48
Total time: 20:01

Dave X said...

Great job Paul and Mack!!! Ooooouuuuuuu!!!!!

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1
Power Clean and Split Jerk - 185

Part 2

- PreWO1: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO1: 40gP/20gC (Shake: ReFuel, Jarrow)
- Nothing after shake b/t Part 1 and 2
- PWO2: 40P/50gC (Shake: ReFuel, Jarrow), 8g BCAA-g
- 60 min later: chicken in coconut milk sauce with tomatoes and mushrooms

- Didn't want to squat clean for part 1 with surgery on the knee coming up. Docs think they can stitch the meniscus back together b/c of the nature of the tear; don't want to aggravate it too much.
- Went out too slow on the 2000m row. I remember breaking 7 on the last challenge and then was spent. Finished the first row at about 7:50 and felt like I had done nothing.
- Screwed myself and really not happy with either performance today, but tomorrow I get two chances to make up for it

david83 said...

26/5 11/ 194.5
part 1 -185
This weight was challenging for 5 reps in a row, however I could have done 5 or 10 pounds heavier.

no rest because I skied all day and the gym was not open that late.

part two : 18:03-

Lisa M said...

You will kill it tomorrow Paul. Great job Mack and Paul leave it all out there tomorrow

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 10AM
BW 176#
Part 1 with Corson
130/142/157/167/175/181/186 (f@30)

Part 2
@4PM @ OPT
rows @ 7:45, 3:59, 1:53

md said...

Part 1
150, 155 (3)

Part 2
20:28. SDHP was heavy and slow. Was worn out by the time i got to part 2 today.

Anonymous said...

Part 1: 135#; Part 2: 18:04.

Brett Marshall said...

Part 1 - 195lb.
Part 2 - 18:36

bmizzlle said...

Part 1: 185lb.
Part 2: 22:55

Bin said...

pt 1: Hit all 5 at 185, failed fifth rep at 195

rested 5 min and did a 2k (~8:00) row, had to go to work and wouldn't have time to do the full 2nd workout.

Richard said...

Go Sweden!!

BK said...

Part 2 at CFP:
Jenny Morris 18.35
Julie Magli 21.10
Brian Cilento 19.50.

Rob Myers said...


Part 1:


Part 2:


Notes: I have been sick as a dog this weekend, but I figured I would give it a try. Barely started 5th rep of 135 (75% of 1RM) in time, so I shut'er down. Did a 2k row about 10 minutes later just to feel it out, but today was a wash.

Jenny said...

In the am, did a different workout: power cleans, ctb, kbs.

Rested 7-8 hrs.

Part 2, used 80#

Steve Smith said...

Part 1 - 85# dumbbells (gym closed on weekends).

Rest 4.5 hours

Part 2 - Started warming up and decided not to do the WOD. Still recovering, I guess.

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1:
70kg x 5
80kg x 5 (rested about 5s before rep 5)
84kg x 3

Part 2 (45 mins later):
~7:00 for first 2K
~3:50 for 1K
~1:50 for 500m
lots of wasted time on SDHPs

Rossco said...

Part 1: 185x 5, 205x 5

Part II: No dice.

Jenny said...

5rm c&j: 130

felt very worn out.

Bear said...

Part 2:
30 SDLHP - 52.5 kg
Row 1K
20 SDLHP - 52.5 kg
Row 500 m
10 SDLHP - 52.5 kg
Time: 21.35 min

Tried to pace myself but I kinda cramped in my lower back anyways.

Melisa C said...

Part 1.

130 x 5, 135 x 4.5 (missed the jerk)

Part 2.

exp. said...
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exp. said...

Part 1: 175×5 (PC+J)…these were pretty easy, so I went up a bit too much too fast…195×3x3 attempts…failed on 4th rep of each attempt…was power cleaning the weight when I should have been squat cleaning it…technique got sloppy as hell…O-lifting still needs work…jerks presented no problems...just fuckin love O-lifting!!

despite my initial frustration today, in general, I feel more confident every time I lift…

part 2:
19:24 rx’d…rows all went to according to plan, SDLHP not so much…they were strong but broken quite a bit…had a plan going in, but underestimated SDLHP…great WOD Coach!

Brandon said...

Part 1:
205 PR

Rest 15 mins

Part 2:

Notes: technique on cleans terrible, but power felt really good. power carried over to SDHP. Lungs gave out first which is new (usually shoulders go first). Could've gone a bit harder on the row with more rest.