Sat, Mar 13th, 2010

from Mel Siff - mental prep (autogenic training) before heavy loads:
1. Introductory drills — tuning in to a state of impending rest or calm.
2. Relaxation, feeling heat and relaxation in arms, legs, pelvis, back,
stomach, chest, neck and face.
3. Regulation of respiratory and cardiovascular processes
4. Building confidence, a feeling of satisfaction and a positive attitude
towards heavy loads.
5. Mobilization and working-out of aims in the execution of the planned
training tasks.
6. Arousal.

part 1:
5 sets for times;
15 burpees
10 Power Clean - 65% 1RM
15 CTB chin ups
(rest 3 min b/t sets; focus on speed of movements; no pacing allowed)

rest 2 hours

part 2:
Power Snatch x 1/OHS amrap - 5 attempts for highest loads x reps
rest as needed b/t sets
(score=loads in kg x highest reps achieved for best set; ex. 80 kg x 15 reps = 1200 points)

post times and scores to comments


PTS said...

pc 1RM = 225
pc weight=146

total working time: 14 mins

could not get into attack mode this morning. just weak mentally and would have liked a bit longer warm-up.
going to have to rest 13hrs before part 2.

Jason Anderson said...

Heading Into the Florida Sectional This morning. Just wanted to say Thank you So much OPT for all your work that you have put into this community. You truly are an artist at what you do.
"Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me." He added, after a pause, looking me full in the face: "That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave"

Brent Maier said...

Good luck Jason and to everyone else competing this weekend. Ouuuu, go kill it!

Gord said...

weight used for cleans 143#


total time- 11:24

Paul Klein said...

135# for the cleans


16:42 total time

I had absolutely no thunder this morning. I was sucking wind right out of the gate and I couldn't recover. I don't think I will be doing the double today.

Anonymous said...

Too early for this CNS, could have swore I read power snatch (thought the percentage was little high)

1. 1:24
2. 1:45
3. 2:15
4. 2:22
5. 2:49
Total 10:35
*power snatch at 115lbs.

Not recovering well between sets, but quiting with the bullshit, it is nutrition (or lack there of) related.

Lisa M said...

Tweaked my low back doing back to back burpee bonanza wods have monster migraine and feel like crap so think I might work technique today and hope to be recovered by tomorrow to hit the double. Sometimes it sucks to be a woman!

Mike@CFCochrane said...

Part 1:
1-3:27, B-ub, C2B-4/6/5
2-3:33, B-ub, C2B-8/7
3-4:32, B-9/6, C2B-5/3/4/3
4-4:00, B-ub, C2B-8/5/2
5-4:33, B-ub, C2B-4/2/1/1/1/1/3/2
Used 145# for PC...came out to 72% of my 199PR, but gotta be honest, trying to keep up with Gord with weights- have a long way to go with speed. Nice work!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Used 160# for PC.
1 - 2:23, paced
2 - 2:27, paced
3 - 2:42 - 8/10 PRE
4 - 3:10 - 9/10 PRE
5 - 3:16 - 10/10, nothing left

C2B's were so hard after rd 2. Had zero pull left in the arms. High rep chin-ups in WOD's kill me!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice work Marshall; remember 'measure twice...'

Garage Crossfitter said...

I'm not too sure if im hitting a wod today or not...maybe an active rest day...but just in case...
for part 2, are we looking to power snatch say 75% of max and do lots of reps or are we looking to get towards a 1 rep max power snatch and see how many reps we can get?

rwcorson said...

part 1 - shoulder bugging me, so I did chin over bar pull ups. CNS not there today. 137#
total time - 13:02
Part 2 - 137 x 10 = 1370
failed the power snatch at 142

Mike@CFCochrane said...

P1- 20:05 total time @ 145
P2- 135x8=1080

Really happy with this, espescially considering a new HUGE PR on the PS- this is my current snatch PR (which I repeatedly tried to break ot the Oly seminar at CFC and near took my head off). Part of me didn't want to complete the PS because I had a good feeling my score would get trashed (125x14=1750, 130x12=1560)... then remembered Jason's quote and went for it, and honestly I want PR's right now not points.
Faith and confidence- a powerful blend. Good luck all competitors this weekend.

Stephen Flamm said...

Part 1:


Part 2:

42.6 kg x 16 = 681

Used 145 lbs. for Part 1. Cleans were fast singles, and pull-ups were more broken than I anticipated. I only performed three sets of Part 2 to avoid even moderate volume on the knee. Felt pretty strong though, and finished with a 1RM PR of 190 for the OHS.

Erik Luber said...

part 1:
PC @ 45 kg
total: 17:45

Went all out on the first round...this really crushed me. Never really recovered, both mentally and physically. Something about burpees just drain me..I need to get more comfortable with these.

Go Chris Dunkin and Marie Rochat! They are in first and second place right now. Keep givin'er! OOOOOuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Erik Luber said...

Just a reminder... score in part 2 is kg x reps..not pounds x reps.

Lisa M said...

Great work Marie and Chris and Justin and everyone else we are all thinking about you and know you are putting it all out there!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt 1. - 160lb PC
2, 2:57, 3:25, 3:26, 3:21

This crushed me, I knew I didn't have it from the get-go. I felt rushed (short warm-up) and under-recovered for this and, as evident, my times tanked really fast. I thought if I tried to maintain a competitive pace I'd have similar times but I died hard and fast. Oh well, part 2 in a few.

DeeJay said...
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DeeJay said...

Part 1 @ 185lbs
recovered quicker after 2 set, good sign of poor warm up.

30 min rest due to time constraints

Part 2:
set 1 - 70kg x 16 = 1120
set 2 - 66kg x 21 = 1386
set 3 - 61kg x 28 = 1708
set 4 - 57kg x 25 = 1425
set 5 - 48kg x 38 = 1824

highest score = 1824
read this wrong, thought it was a consecutive score, not hightest single... oh well... clearly a lighter weight for higher reps is the way to go

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1:
120lb PC
2:50, 2:50, 3:20, 3:40, 3:58
Part 2:
43.18 x 15 = 648
Went up to 50kg on the snatch, but only got 11 reps (which would be a score of 550). Shoulder felt pretty tired at that point, didn't want to do any more damage to it.

Katrina Burton said...

Part 1
PC with 85#
1RM PC = 135#

1:41, 1:44, 2:08, 2:06, 2:05

Gripped the bar with my fingers on the pullups so my tear wouldnt hurt. Forearms are toast!

Brent Maier said...


Feb 27 workout (Mar 20/21 competitor)

Part I (5 unb Chest2B/ 10 unb SDLHP) rounds in 7 min:
7 rounds on the button as rx'd

Part II (1k Row): 3:10.3

Notes: So at about round 3 of part 1, I thought unbroken was going to be impossible. Decided to try and stick to it as rx'd today rather than shifting to a grind mode and ditch the unb requirement. I got 7 of these babies and looking back, I'm not sure how I did it. As far as the row, I went in not knowing my last PR and beat it by 1 second. My last pull was at the 20 meter mark and I jsut let it run down. I could have pulled another 2-3 seconds off of the time with one more pull if I wasn't such a wuss.

I've had thoughts racing through my mind on how bad I want this next week. I need to chill the hell out before next week and just have fun. I hope everyone did well today! It's almost over... If your a big dawg, tomorrow is your day to shine. Your used to being abused so while everyone else is licking their wounds come tomorrow morning, your just getting warmed up!

Thad said...

Part1. 140# PC
Total working time=11:16
4th set was much slower due to parenting


Yelvi said...

Resting this weekend to let my shoulder heal up and for some other much needed recovery. Ill be back on it on Tuesday. Good luck to everyone competing in a sectional this weekend. Stay strong!

Mack Lar said...

Coach, Are this weeks WOD's meant for all of us or just the folks competing March 20/21? It was my understanding that the programming as of late has been building towards a 20/21 peak, so I've spent the last few days completing the Jan 27-30th WOD's. If anybody else in the group has some insight I'm all ears. Thanks

Derb said...


Part 1: 115 PC

Part 2
(shut down after 4th set didn't feel right)

Anthony said...

Had a great time today at the Florida Sectionals.

First I am so proud of the athletes from my box who gave it all today...blood, sweat and tears.

Second, to James thank you so much for all you do and have done for this amazing community and for me. Had it not been for your talk with me in November I would have been a judge again and not having the time of my life as competitor and Big Dawg.

This is a great group of athletes and I consider myself very lucky.

Currently in 58th place but had a nice showing on today's second WOD finishing 34th.

3 Minutes max reps Box Jump 24"(you must stand up on the box, no bounding)
1 Minute rest
3 Minutes max reps chin break pull ups
1 minute rest
3 Minutes max rep 115# thruster

Erik Luber said...

part 2:

20 kg x 18= 360
25 kg x 23 = 475
30 kg x 21 = 630
35 kg x 16 = 560
29 kg x 18 = 532

I really enjoyed that experience, it is hard to express how pumped I am right now. At the last BD comp I managed 25 kg x my 15 RM was 10 kg higher.

That Mel Siff stuff coach posted really resonated with me. Totally changed my approach to big lifts, would close my eyes for a full minute, feel my heart beating, get that warm sensation, and visualize the lift. In the past I would do the opposite and try to get all jacked up and raise my heart rate.Dunno if it helped me lift more, but I really liked going to that place. Also changed my post WOD fuel to a bowl of berries and a chicken breast, realized I couldn't bring my blender to the comp...have to say I felt a lot more energized with the whole food post WOD fuel. Lastly, maybe all this thoracic work I have been doing is starting to pay off.

Man, I wish I was at the Oregon sectionals, the BDs are just killing it. Looks like those 30x 185# deadlifts for most of the women was way too much.

Wow, long post...sorry,

Megs said...

I had a great time competing today at the PA/MD sectional. Today was my first time in a the competition state and it was great!!! So exhilirating and fun!! We don't have the final results yet, but I am really proud to have met my own personal goals for the day and the 2nd overhead kb/run wod I really exceeded my own expectations and got very comfortable with the uncomfortable. Thank you so much OPT, the last two months I have spent training with this site has made all the difference!!

Great job to Marie and Chris and all others who were in comp. today!!! Be proud to leave it all out there!!

Steve Howell said...

Part 1

155# PC
total working time = 13:07

andrewromeo said...

Part 1:
155# Power Clean
Total working time = 12:46

Part 2:
points: 827

Part 1 was tough, pushed hard.
Snatch on Part 2 felt heavy, squats weren't bad till the end

rwcorson said...

here's my part 2 in kg
62.7 kg x 10 reps = 627

unit said...

29 / M / 6'0" / 190

part 1... used 190lb PC
1:26 / 2:39 / 2:59 / 3:38 / 2:32
~ 13:14

round 1 unbroken.. this broke me 4 the rest of the WOD... I love it...

part 2... still 2 come

congrats cdunkin and everyone competing 2day!... keep kickin @$$!...


rwcorson said...

Chris Dunkin and Ken Cutrer have faired well in the 1st day of their regionals.
Any other updates would be appreciated.
Good luck tomorrow Dawgs!!

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1
Load: 160#
Times: 2:20, 2:20, 2:33, 2:58, 2:58

Part 2 after 2 hours rest
- No as RX'd...right knee issues

- PreWO1: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO1: 40gP/45gC (Shake: ReFuel and Jarrow)
- PWO2: 40gP/15gC (Shake: Jarrow), 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: turkey chili, blueberries, mac nuts

- Part 1 felt OK until the end of round 2.
- Burpees were all unbroken and about the same pace.
- PCs were in sets of 5.
- CTBs hurt today as I wasn't able to get a single set unbroken.
- Was planning to start really light with Power Snatch and OHS, but right knee twinged with only 95# on the bar, so I changed gears
- Power Cleaned 145 and held it overhead as long as I could. Need to work on this and wrist flexibility/strength and I've been subbing for things like OHS and Snatch to save my knee
- Surgery in a little over a week, so I need to start planning how I am going to continue to work my upper while my lower body is out of commission for a while.

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1
Had to cut it to 4 rounds--still feeling the effects of doing Thursday's running intervals yesterday afternoon and wanted to save something for part 2. Used 63kg for the power cleans.

2:32, 3:03, 3:50, 4:18.

Still having problems with grip--my biggest issue was staying on the bar for both the power cleans and the CTBs. CTB rhythm is getting a bit better, though they got pretty rough from round 2 on.

Part 2 (2 hours later)


Power snatches were a little ugly once I got up to 65--slight pressout on all 3. First time going relatively heavy on OHS in a while so it took me a few sets to start getting comfortable.

Paul Klein said...

Mack, I think you are on the right track following the week after the BD comp. I did part 1 of today and thought I was going to die. I think tapering in is as important as tapering out.

Michael FitzGerald said...

50kg x 15 = 750...tired.
Then did 12 ohs(121), 9 ohs (126). I need more practice with load.

Melisa C said...

Part 1:
Got a blood blister in the middle of my palm in the 6th C2B of the 5th set so had to stop. Time was approx 30m, total working time 18min. Horrible, had no grip for C2B.
PC at 100#.

Started part 2 but the OHS position put pain/stress on the wrist. Did a couple of 85# snatches and called it a day.

Wa wa wa, tomorrow is a new day.

Katrina, you're a beast!! Can't wait to see you throw down and sectionals and take a humble back seat to you.

Geoff Aucoin said...

43.2x37=1598 (ARGH!)

Gamed the hell out of this one because I knew 5 sets of 25+ reps would put me in the ER. 1500 pts was the goal, felt way better for part 2.

PTS said...

part 2:
only had time for 3 quick sets
95lbs x 19
115lbs x18
125lbs x10

52.16kg x18 = 933

quick turnaround for 5am WOD tomorrow especially with hour lost overnight.

Steve Howell said...

Part 2

75kgx12= 900

Grant said...


Part 1 @ OPT @ 10AM

Part 2 @ OPT @ 2PM
up & down in weight but settled on low weight & high rep's
40kg x 31 rep's = 2728

Laura said...

Part 1: 82# PC2:18/2:30/2:32/2:30/2:45 (12:35)
Chest to bar chins really let me down today!

Part 2: many different configurations: heaviest was 38.6kg x 8reps =309, highest points was 20kg x 45 reps= 900 points

Katrina Burton said...

Part 2
36.4kg x 20 reps = 730
43.2kg x 18 reps = 777.6
47.7kg x 18 reps = 858.6
50kg x 11 reps = 550
31.8kg x 37 reps = 1176.6

Very pleased with this one. My last 1RM power snatch was 100# and I confidently caught 110# without any pressing out of the arms today!!
Thank you for your kind words Melisa... I'm just working my butt off to be in best form (mentally and physically) going into this year of CrossFit comps, just the same as everyone else. Keep up the hard work. Will I get to meet you at the Edmonton Sectionals?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Grant, where the frig did you learn math?

Lisa M said...

Kat you never cease to amaze me!!

Melissa where do you live?

Looks like Marie and Becky are killing it in idaho, and it appears that the programming was a little too difficult for the ladies when only 6 of them completed the second wod...I am pretty sure the 60 ring dips would have killed me! Great job lady Big Dawgs.

Feeling better so will hit two wods tomorrow at Crossfitai following your instructions Geoff :)

Nathan H. said...

Hey guys!
Just an update from the socal sectionals:
24th on the stadium wod
5th on the double down
Good training! There are some studs here!

There are some other big dawgs here. I've seen Justin Flynn and Colin Jenkins but don't know there rankings.

Keep the awesome prep training coming! Thanks opt!

Anonymous said...

1. 68kg X 26 = 1773
2. 77kg X 13 = 1005
3. 43kg X 68 = 2936

Wanted to test my body weight OHS so started with this load. Had not done any math on this yet, but started looking at the posts and realized (thanks D.J.) lighter was better for the score, so I did the second set at 170lbs, then totally gamed it at 95lbs as I knew from a previous effort I could put in a good number on reps. Wrists took a beating so I shut it down after this set.

TMar said...

29 yom 186lbs

Part 1 - 150lbs


Wicked headache after this one.

Lauren said...

Part 1
2:52, 2.54, 3.18, 3.14, 2.57 w/110#

Part 2

great job everyone competing this weekend!!! way to represent!!

Lisa M said...

wow looking at the results from the idaho sectionals it is really sad that they had 20 spots for regionals and because of their ridiculous workouts only 6 women get to go because the rest of the field DNFd the second workout. How very sad for all those ladies who worked so hard! Says alot about this training that both Marie and Chris are kicking ass!!

Chris Dunkin said...

Thanks for the comments. cool to meet marie, and bmizzle. Becky Clark (she's been folowing OPT and not posting) from our gym is doing great.
fatigue set in early in the second round of wod 2. dl's unbroken each round, 10s, 5s, and 3s on the dips, and jump,stand-up, step downs for the boxjumps. learned a lot since last year.

DeeJay said...

See what happens when you actually train Brett?? You are scary...

dmarsh said...

Part 1:
1. 1:30
2. 1:58
3. 2:48
4. 3:07
5: 3:06
Total = 12:29

Came out with guns blazing in the first round and had trouble recovering after that. Hurting after this pretty bad.

Part 2:
1. 60k x 21 = 1260
2. 64k x 18 = 1152
3. 70k x 15 = 1050
4. 72k x 12 = 864
Shut it down. Fried.

Wasn't sure if the goal was simply max points, otherwise would've went in the opposite direction with load.

Marie Rochat said...

Day 1 of the OR/ID sectionals

Awesome to meet Chris Dunkin and Bmizzle today!

So far the WOD's have been going good.

5:45 on the first WOD

14:24 on the second WOD.

I am lucky to be reciving some excellent coaching from Rochelle at CF Portland. I don't think I would have been very successful in in the second WOD without her pacing help. It is pretty drastic how much of a difference good pacing can make in a WOD. I am learning a lot. I am having a blast hanging out with all the talented athletes at sectionals. It is like a Marie heaven!

Looking forward to the final WOD tomorrow. Thanks again OPT for the wonderful programming. It has prepared me well.

david83 said...

Part one
215 217 227 255
Total 11 66 clean weight 145

Part two
112 - 12 reps 1344
121 -12 reps 1552
131-12 reps 1572
75lbs -25 reps 1875

bmizzlle said...

Great to meet Marie(who is killing it), and Chris D. (monster btw) thanks again OPT i would not be in 13th if it wasn't for this programming.... guaranteed good luck to all big DAWGS tomorrow OOOUUUU!!!

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1. Used 143#'s for cleans


Burpees UB, Cleans UB except fo 3rd set 6/, CTBs vey hard and very broke.

Part 2.

40kg x 27 = 1080
40kg x 27 = 1080
50kg x 15 = 750
50kg x 16 = 800
50kg x 13 = 650 Just quit, had a few more in me.

md said...

Part 1 -
125 pc
1:40, 2:07, 2:10, 2:31, 2:40

Part 2
105 x 15= 705

joey warren said...

part 1
165lb PC

1:21, 1:32, 2:10, 2:23, 2:22

part 2

1) 61kgx25= 1534
2) 52kgx36= 1882
3) 48kgx31= 1488
5) 61kgx17

Michelle said...

Part 1: 1rm is 137.5...used 90.5.
2:12/ 2:42/ 3:06/ 3:33/ 3:25. CTB were in singles the last 3 rnds!!! Last 2 rnds was around 1:35 when I started them so15 ctb took 2 min.!!! thanks G & K
Part 2: didn't have time for 5sets and not sure I was up to it anyway.
Set 1: 34.55x20=691
Set 2: 30kgx34=1020
Set 3: 31.1kgx33=1026.31

Melisa C said...

Kat, I will be there. Excited but nervous. Anything with rings will crush me. Bring on the heavy weights tho!

Lisa M - I live in Winnipeg, MB.

I have been following big dawgs but 4 days behind, catching up so that I don't mess up the peaking.

Rob Myers said...


Part 1

PC 1RM is 225#. Used 145# for WOD


Notes: Burpess felt good. Finished all sets in about 35 sec. First set of PCs felt easy, but all subsequent sets were a struggle to get 3/3/3/1. Pull-up bar was about 50 sec away up a flight of stairs. First three sets were unbroken and sets 4 and 5 were 13/2.

Mr.Lundmark said...

Only doing part 1. Don't have the time to do part 2 in the gym and I don't want to destroy my apartment with powersnatches+amrap OHS :P (I know that I'll push to fail and fail ohs by dropping my weight).

Part 1 felt like a horrible "fran" x 5.
Times: 3:01, 3:51, 4:31, 4:28, 4:07. Did pc with 65kg. Could only do singles on CTB because the rack at my gym isn't screwed to the ground (WTF?!) so doing CTB's will cause it to walk around which the personel won't allow me to do.

I left the gym with maybe 10 people looking at me with a surprised face and blood-taste in my mouth.

Norm said...

took me 33min for part 1, chest to bar really are hard for me! nice to work on them tho! part 2 went 15 reps with 135, wrist was what failed, mad cause everything else felt good.

exp. said...

Part 1:

1RM PC 215/
140 PC...light, but I haven't done a 1RM PC in awhile
2:25/2:47/2:48/3:04/2:40...felt slow from the get-go the time the last set rolled around, my pull was weak as f$&k...

Part 2:

1)61.3 x 13 = 796...lost balance, but had lots left here...really choked considering it was my first set
2)70.4 x 12 = 844...felt real heavy today...wanted 15+, but no go
3)70.4 x 10 = 704...tried again
4) 43 x 31 = 1333...just had some fun on the next 2 sets and tried to crank out a bunch of good reps
5) 43 x 30 = 1290

exp. said...

on a side note, I hit 163 ub DUs today during my warm-up...stoked!