Sun, Mar 14th, 2010

levels of mastery:
blind to it > aware of it > know about it > embody it > understand it > transcend it

part 1:
A1. AMRAP Bench Press - 135#; rest 180 sec
A2. AMRAP Row Cals in 60 sec; rest 180 sec
5 sets

rest 3 hours

part 2:
for time;
Run 400 m
300 double unders
Run 400 m

post reps and times to comments


Heavy Evy said...

Hey dawgs,
Was wondering if I could get a form check for the OHS from yesterday. All tips appreciated.

Littleredhead said...

what if you dont have rower guys?

PTS said...

a1. 26,25,21,17,16 = 105
a2. 28,30,30,29,31= 148

total 253

part 2 in 13 hrs.

Alex Duncan said...

Heavy Evy,

Looks like your shoulders are being pulled too far back on some of the reps.

Nice to see my old gym at CFB Edmonton!

LuLu said...

WOOOOHOOOO MARIE. Good job everyone. Keep it up for today :)

Martin Altemark said...

a1. 21, 17, 13, 11, 10 = 72
a2. 33, 31, 28, 26, 23 = 141

Total 213

Felt horrible after two rounds. Bad fueling and 4-5 hours of sleep night before took it's toll. Halfway through I thought I'd have to quit, but pulled through, even if numbers went down quickly...

Brandon said...

Quick update from SoCal sectionals.

Nathan Holliday and Colin Jenkins are both top 15 going (out of close to 150 men) into Sunday. Workout is a rotation of 6 max efforts (details on CF Games or CFLA site).

ken c said...

checking in with the big dawgs here from the south central sectional. i'm in 11th place after day one.

two tough workouts yesterday. wod 1: 3 rounds 500m row 10 squat clean to overhead 135lbs. and 10 pull ups. got it done in 11:33. wod 2 was a total ringer. 90lb. sled pull forward 50m, 21 burpees, sled pull backwards 50m, 15 burpees, sled forward 50m, 9 burpees, backward sled pull to finish line. real quad killer. done in 4:16.

happy with performance so far. no strategy mistakes. chipper is today at noon. pushing to get in top 10.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 30 20 18 16 14
A2 31,28,28,27,28

240 total

Lots of good rest yesterday, whoooof! awesome job dawgs, tearing it up at the sectionals!

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 21,20,18,18,18
A2. 31,32,32,33,32 (changed dampers, 7.5 was best)

Even numbers tell the tale, rushed warm-up and got more efficient as sets progressed. Felt better as I got into the WOD, last 2 rows were nasty.

Rip it up today, DAWGS!! Nice work Ken C, way to represent the Old Dawgs!

rwcorson said...

Great efforts Ken! Keep it going.

Martin Altemark said...

You competing Dawgs are such beasts! Inspirational!

Been feeling bad all since part 1 (and during), but instead of skipping part 2 I decided to take it pretty easy (Well, that was actually pretty necessary since doing it out in the snow and ice).

part 2: 12:50

Ropes don't spin so good when frozen btw.

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1.
A1: 25,25,22,16,16= 104
A2: 26,25,26,26,24= 127

only had time to rest an hour.

Part 2: 11:22
400m: 1:34
300dus: 7:57
400m: 1:50

Was hoping for sub 10, happy with the du progression, but they still trip me up.

Lisa M said...

Did workout at Crossfitai this morning. We did the Oregon/Idaho Wod that all but 6 women DNF'd:
3 rds 185 DL/20 ring dips/30 24"box jumps
finished in 14:49!!! would have put me in 4th place so very happy with that. Ring dips were definitely the limiting factor for me but Jacob really helped me with using the clock and going every 15 secs and not missing reps. Deadlifts and box jumps felt easy.

Going to attempt the run wod later today. No womens weight for the bench on this one???

Paul Klein said...

Only doing Part 1 today.

Bench 36/25/19/16/18 = 114
Row 33/30/28/29/31 = 151

I had a spotter for the last set of bench and I was able to go to complete failure. On the last row I had the units set on 500M split and I kept it under 1:30 for as long as possible and the calories went way up. I guess I should have been doing that each set.

Heavy Evy, there are few reps that you are rocking up onto the balls of your feet. Stay back on those heels and keep your posterior engaged.

Steve G said...


A1. 32/21/15/11/12
A2. 27/23/27/26/26

Notes: Did no go to failure on first set of BP but I did for the next 4 sets...not sure how going to failure affected reps...

rows were nasty after round 3...did not feel recovered when I went from row to BP...

Stephen Flamm said...

Part 1:

A1. 32, 24, 16, DNA, DNA
A2. 37, 33, 28, DNA, DNA

2 hours rest

Part 2:


I ate an inordinate amount of tuna last night and ended up paying for it mid-row during the third round. Spent the next 10 minutes or so on the toilet.

rwcorson said...

A1. 23,19,14,12,12=80
A2. 31,31,29,28,29=148

rwcorson said...


dan said...

A1 - 19 13 11 9 8
A2 - 26 24 23 22 18

a little distracted through this one, so concentration wasnt quite there. enjoyed the wod...nice one coach.

Katrina Burton said...

Part 1
A1.) 9, 7, 8, 8, 7
A2.) 17, 16, 16, 17, 17
Total = 122

Used 95# for the bench press. One of my weaknesses so I was pleased with the opportunity to work on them today.

Garage Crossfitter said...

part 2

I wanted sub 8 but my rope broke AGAIN (BUDDY LEE) at rep 160 right at the handle, so i did the rest of the reps hanging on to the cord with my left hand and the handle with my right hand. i had to stop every twenty reps to untangle the rope. either way sub 8 easily achieveable. runs were 1:22, 1:34, felt great.

time to start using Cdunkin's handles and rope....

Erik Luber said...

part 1:

A1. 11, 9, 8, 7, 6 = 41
A2. 25, 24, 25, 23, 23 = 120
Total = 161

rwcorson said...

Congrats all the Dawgs who made the regionals.
Ken C, awesome work! The rest of Old Dawgs are proud!

Rainer Hartmann said...

Part 1;
A1: 14, 11, 9, 9, 9 = 52
A2: 22, 22, 22, 22, 23 = 111
Part 2:
Only did one 400 m run, left knee not 100% yet: 1:39

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1:
A1. 18, 18, 17, 15, 15
A2. 28, 28, 27, 26, 27
Not has high as I would have liked but consistent enough.

Rest 3 Hours

Part 2:
Double Unders: 50 Unbroken, then 25 unbroken the rest of the way. Felt really fast, solid breathing/cardio throughout

Tomorrow I am switching back to the March 7th competition posts to taper down for my sectionals this weekend. I want to say a huge thank you to our Coach for the time and effort he gives us to supply such amazing programming. I have improved the way I look, feel and perform, way beyond my own expectations since I started to follow Big Dawgs in October 09. Thanks so much again Mr. Fitzgerald, I feel incredibly well prepared for Sectionals.

Brent Maier said...


Feb 28 Early Marcher (Mar 20/21 competitor)

Pushup/SquatClean WOD: 8:45 as RX'd

The 150 pushups strapped me today but the increasing weight did feel heavy on the last set of cleans. Stretched well today, went easy on my warmup. I've been dialing in the diet the last few weeks. Tapering down to competition foods mid-week.

Dave X said...

Great job to day dawgs!

Personally, my legs are dead so I'm taking a rest day to stretch and chill out.

I watch Up in the Air this weekend. Cool movie and the main character had this quote which I thought was pretty cool (although not meant in the context I'm using it...)

See you next tuesday.

"The slower we move the faster we die. Make no mistake, moving is living. Some animals were meant to carry each other to live symbiotically over a lifetime. Star crossed lovers, monogamous swans. We are not swans. We are sharks."

Steve Howell said...

Part 1;
25/23/22/21/18= 109
33/28/28/29/25= 143

* fell off the seat on last round of rowing but jumped back on and got 2 more cals.

Steve Howell said...

Total = 252

Michael FitzGerald said...

Pt 1.
A1. 20-18-13-10-10 = 71
A2. 33-34-33-31-28 = 159
Gave in on last set of Row. Arms were roasting from bench press.
Total = 230
Rest 45-50 mins (15 min rest/ 25 min active recovery/ 5-10 min running and skipping practice)
Pt 2.

Aaron said...

Part 1:
Row- 26/26/26/27/27

only doing part 1 today, still working back into it after sectionals.

Gord said...

Part 2 -11:07
DU fell apart early

Lauren said...

Part 1
A1. 8, 7, 7, 6, 6 w/ #135
A2. 26, 26, 25, 26, 24

Part 2

Melisa C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melisa C said...

A1 (@ 95#s). 14, 13, 11, 10, 10
A2. 300m, 300, 297m, 295m, 296m.

Messed up on setting up the rower so just counted meters.

Part 2.

Ran .33 miles by mistake on the first round and then .25 for the second.

Lisa M said...

Part 2: 9:48

double unders killed me today for some reason arms were tired must be from the deadlift, ring dips this morning. Runs felt pretty good didn't go 100% just a little cautious of knee and calf but they held up so that is good news!!

Steve G said...

part 2


My attempt to use a short rope for the first time do not go as planned...however I did manage to do 24 sets of 10 consecutive DUs (then whatever I could do to finish 300)...also there were many failed attempts and lots of rest...

Anonymous said...

29 yom 186lbs

Part 1

BP - 30/25/17/17/14
Row - 31/31/31/26/31

4th set of rowing I tried moving my feet down to #3 slot instead of having them up at #1 and it took me down a 5 calories.

TLaw said...

Part 1=
27,21,18,17,18= 101
26,28,28,28,28= 138

Part 2=

rwcorson said...

Part 2 - 7:42

Erik Luber said...


part 2:


Was totally amped on this WOD as I knew it was one of those once a year opportunities for me to post a top time, since running and DUs are probably the only two things I am competitive at around here. Avoided going all out on the first 400m. DUs done in 60-50-40-30-20x6, hit rope once. Pretty satisfied with this...hard to be disappointed losing to Mike Fitz.

Steve Howell said...

Part 2


PTS said...

Part 2
7:35. couple rope kicks cost me sub 7.

DeeJay said...

Part 1:
A1. 25/22/16/16/15
A2. 37/34/32/30/31

Part 2:
12:02 - couldn't skip...nuff said

rwcorson said...

Great effort Erik Luber!!

Anthony said...

Just back from the Florida Sectionals. An outstanding weekend!!!

I did not place but had another great day.

2 PR's this morning..
First on the clean by 10 lbs
Second on the jerk by 5 lbs

Great Job Crossfit Redline

david83 said...

Bench press - 34 33 25 24 25
Row- 26 25 25 27 26
Part two will come tomorrow
I skied all day and got to the gym at 7 pm.
Thank you

joey warren said...



Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1
Bench press- 26, 20, 16, 13, 12=87
Row- 33, 28, 30, 28, 28=147

Notes: Went about 90% effort on first two bench sets, about 95% effort on 3 and 4, and about 98% on 5. For rowing tried a few different stroke approaches...on 1 started with short quick strokes then tired out and went to long strokes about 35s into it. On 2 I started with long strokes then finished with short stroked for the last 15s or so. On 3 and 4 I went with short strokes for the first 15s, then long strokes til the last 12s at which point I sprinted it in with short strokes. On 5 I went short for 10s, then long for 29s, then short for 11s, then long to finish it. I couldn't believe how much I was dreading starting the row intervals for the 4th and 5th rounds.

Part 2 (3 hours later)
1:20 for first 400, 9:40 for DUs, 1:34 for second 400. Seemed like wrists and forearms got tired before anything else.

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1
Bench Press: 21, 21, 19, 16, 14 = 91
Row Calories: 27, 28, 29, 29, 30 = 143

Part 2 after 90 min rest

- PreWO1: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO1: 40gP/45gC (Shake: ReFuel and Jarrow)
- PWO2: 2.5 scoops Refuel, 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: turkey sausage, apple, almond butter

- Could have possibly got an extra rep or two on each set, but was alone and without spotter
- Row felt pretty good and realized after round 2 that I could push a little harder. Definitely a vice for me to not be able to see my pace
- Didn't do part 2 as rx'd because of my right knee. Subbed the AirDyne for running.
- First round on the AirDyne was a minute with an average level of 7.7
- Second round on the AirDyne was a minute and 10 seconds with an average level of 7.8
- Double unders were pretty good until 250 and then I started tripping up. Had to stop and refocus for the finish.

Spent the majority of the day in the garage building Box Jumps (2x16", 2x20", and 2x24"). All the tops (wood and rubber mats) still need to be done, but all that is left for building bases is assembling one 24" and measuring/cutting/assembling the other 24".

Back was a little tight from being hunched over all day, so fairly please with the results.

HUGE congratulations and all my respect goes to those that put it on the line today. No matter where you placed, if you gave it your all and you put it on the line...that is huge.

ken c said...

finished 14th overall. 12:10 on the last chipper wasn't enough to move up. happy about the output though. maybe could have gamed the chipper a little better but probably couldn't have shaved any more than 30-40 seconds off. get to move on to some more torture.

Mike@CFCochrane said...

Part 2: 8:43
awesome day for an outdoor WOD.

ken c said...

geoff and rob

thanks for the nice comments today.


thank you for these workouts the last couple of months of fine tuning. good to hang with the big dawgs so a little bit rubs off now and then.

dale ryan thompson said...

Thanks OPT for the programming! Qualified for sectionals in MD/PA. Went into the third WOD in tenth but completely sh!t the bed! Could not string a DU together. DU are a strong suite too! I blame mindset and nutrition. Any suggestions are what to eat in the 3 hours between WODs during competition. I felt great for the first two but bonked hard on the third. Again Thanks! I forget to post most times but will try more often.

Michael FitzGerald said...

forgot to sub 10 seconds off my time for the delay so the time was 6:43

Laura said...

Part 2 only: 9:37--skipping not great.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
A1. 36/24/14/14/12 =100
A2. 28/27/25/24/25 = 129
Total = 229

Disapointed with the bench numbers, triceps were tired today (snatch yesterday??) and this was the limiting factor, chest never really fatigued and normally I would reach fatigue here in a "Lynn" style WOD.

Part 2

Again a little weird, my legs were fatiging during the doulble unders, metabolically I was O.K., forearms and shoulders were good and runs were realtively fast, but literally could not jump.

Gone to Mexico for the week, happy training.

Anonymous said...

That's some serious rows D.J., nicely done.

Kris Hallee said...

part 2: 10:34 with brett (did not do part 1)

Chris Dunkin said...

Thank you to OPT and the BD community. I felt prepared mentally and physically, and my recovery and fueling strategy was better than it ever has been. The OPT comps have been invaluable in preparing for these last two days. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

I will be assessing myself multiple 30rep sets of burpees for next few months as a reminder of how owned I was by them in wod 3 today. and box jumps yesterday weren't much better, so I'll be throwing them in as well.

Grant said...

Part 1 @ OPT @ 10AM
A1. 20/19/15/12/14 = 80 (damper 5)
A2. 27/26/26/25/28 = 132
total = 212

Part 2 @ OPT @ 4PM
Haven't been up the trench for months

Bear said...

Part 1:
A1: 24 - 14 - 8 - 8 - 9 reps
A2: 35 - 27 - 23 - 21 - 22 cal

Major crash straight away, painful after 2nd set.

md said...

Part 1
1 - 22, 21, 16, 12, 13
2 - 27, 29, 26, 26, 25

Part 2

unit said...

part 1
A1- 44 / 38 / 33 / 28 / 25
A2- 30 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
total ~ 322

20min rest

part 2
7:13 (1st 400m... SLOW!)


Eric S said...

A. 16, 15, 15, 14, 12
B. 27, 27, 28, 29, 28


Thad said...

Part1. March 14 am

A. 20,19,16,14,12=81
B. 27,26,25,24,24=126

Part2. March 15 am
DU's very broken just kept tripping up had 1 set of 83

Anonymous said...

A1: 25, 25, 20, 20, 19
A2: 25, 25, 23, 22, 27

No rest.

Part 2: 12:52

Notes: A1, sub 35 lb weighted pullup. A2: sub KB snatch. Alternate hands each set. Last set changed halfway.
Part 2: 450 meters. KB Snatch + DU = :( forearms. DU 50 first set, sets of 30 and 20 to finish out.

Slater Coe said...

I'm back... Sam, you can continue OPT-stalking me now.

Snatch - 75% (145lbs) x 1 x 3
Snatch pull - 95% (185lbs) x 3 x 3
Snatch Deadlift - 105% (205lbs) x 3 x 3
Front squat - 78% (205lbs)x 3 x 5; follow each set immediately with 3 box jumps

Run 400 m
300 double unders
Run 400 m
Heavy rope tore up my shoulders so I stopped around 200 to keep it "metcon-ish" and dashed the final 400.

exp. said...

Part 1:
A1. 30/25/21/19/17 = 112
A2. 29/27/29/25/28= 138 (damper at 6)
total= 250

Part 2: (runs 450m)
7:57...first 100 DUs unbroken...runs were a good pace but could have been faster...

Rob Myers said...


Part 1

16, 18, 12, 12, 11
27, 28, 28, 27, 25

Part 2


Notes: I don't think I went into the first round of part 1 as warmed-up as I should have been. Ended up being a real busy day and never had time for part 2.