Thurs, Mar 4th, 2010

early March:
part A:
95#/65# squat clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# hang power clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# split jerk x 5 x 3
(work on speed and intent; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)

part B:
3 sets - 10 chest to bar chin ups
3 sets - 15 high speed squats
3 sets - 20 anchored sit ups
(work on speed of each movement; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)

Running start run; 10 sec on @ 100%, run easy for 1 min x 3-6 sets based on how you feel

late March:
A. Dead Lift @ 12X1; 60% 1RM; 8 sets of 2; rest 30 sec b/t sets
B1. GHD Raises @ 2010; 15 x 5; rest 90 sec
B2. Toes to Bar @ 1010; 15 x 5; rest 90 sec
C. AMRAP Double Unders in 8 min

post loads, reps and notes to comments
good luck to all dawgs competing this weekend, keep us in the loop; we'll be howling from afar


Kevin O'Malley said...

Love the Louie Simmons/Westside Barbell... for the Later Marchers...

Chris Fodera said...

Early posts...AWESOME!

Steve Smith said...

Hello, everyone. This will be my first day back after 5 days off recovering from SFAS. Going to follow the late March cycle and will consider compeeting in VA sectionals in preperation for regionals. Looking forward to training with you guys again!

Goal one from our December post complete - get selected to become a Green Beret.

Once again, Coah, thank you.

PS: Gary - did a little google searching when I got back; congratulations on qualifying for regionals!

unit said...

Steve!... thanks bro!... congrats on making it through selection!... welcome back and look 4ward 2 seeing u back on the boards!...

unit said...

robin... congrats on ur performance at sectionals!... awesome!... way 2 represent the BDs!...

Heavy Evy said...

I'll be in Cowtown Monday the 8th, and Tuesday the 9th, booked some time at OPT, and will be backing up my work truck to load up the swag! Lookin forward to it big time, oh and if any Dawgs are in, be prepared for a ton of newb questions!

BK said...

Power and Speed to all Dawgs this weekend in sectionals...
Tear it up!!

Martin Altemark said...

Good luck everyone, and well done Robin!

A. 110kg.
B1. 15/15/15 (45 degree bench)
B2. 15 (strict-ish), 15 (strict-ish), 15 (kipped)
C. 342

Forearms tired from the start tiday. Cut ant/post part short by two sets bc time constraints. Not happy with DUs, but got a horrible headache halfway through and that hurt performance.

Pete said...

Can't wait to hit this up!

Good luck to everyone this weekend!
Let all the hard work and preparation make it happen!

Mizar said...

A. 245#
B1 & B2. Unbroken
C. 415

Good luck to everyone that is competing this weekend.
Realize that you prepared yourself to the best of your capabilities, now it is time to let go, confront your fears and express yourself to your maximal potential.

rwcorson said...

Good luck to all the Dawgs competing this weekend.
Give it all you have and enjoy!
Congratulations to Robin and Steve.

Gord said...

Did part 2 of yesterday- posted under yesterday.

DL 225
GHD raises- 4 sets unbroken

Mike@CFCochrane said...

A- 205
B1.Completed all reps, played with pad placement.. noticed a huge difference with one notch. Kept close to keeping tempo on all reps.
B2. First sets did AMRAP at tempo: 15/7, then at tempo but multi sets:7,3, then just did all reps at able tempo for rest.
C. 371, 50 was biggest set. Finding it hard to keep focus while skipping lately... mind drifts then I get whipped- wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't found out about these ropes with the steel cables.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A- with 240lbs, felt great

rest 30 sec

B1 unbroken, 3 sets hands at sides, 2 sets hands across chest

B2 unbroken

rested 90 sec

C 340

I messed up and paced myself for 10 min of DU. either way, these sucked today, shoulders toasted and bounce was all over the place. time for rest.

Garage Crossfitter said...


Covino24 said...

A) 220#
B1) Unbroken
B2) "Strict-ish"
C) 221

Baltoe said...

The weekend team challenge lived up to its hype...don't work on the DU's...and they'll be front and centre! Thanks to Cory, we didn't get blown out on just one exercise...If I had had to watch another heat, I was thinking booking out...Hadn't done any OHS, never mind with 95#'s! However, as Chad Action Brandt said, the atmosphere was infectious, and the testosterone statrted to flow. A good primer for the Masters in May.


Lisa M said...

Congrats to Robin, Steve and good luck everyone this weekend go kick some serious ass show them who the Big Dawgs are!!

Any suggestions for sub for DUs calf is fubar'd need to rest it.

Lisa M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dontpanic356 said...

Nice Work Steve!

Erik Luber said...

late march


A. 86 kg
B1. 10 reps/set
B2. 10 reps/set
C. 460

Reduced reps on B, as I am not quite at 15 GHD raises yet, and my abs are pretty sore from the 121 GHD situps on Tuesday. DUs felt OK, used a bit of strategy: start high then a linear taper down to a fixed amount and then just keep cranking out sets at that fixed amount. Rep scheme was 60-50-40-30-20, then the rest were all sets of 20. Picked 20, since I know I can always do 20 Ub, no matter how tired I am. Hit rope once at the 5 min mark.

Mike@CFCochran, if you find that your mind is wondering while skipping, then maybe using a steel rope might not be challenging you sufficiently during training...sure you might get higher numbers, but I don't think that is really the point. After 5 min of DUs it takes me every ounce of mental focus I have left to jump/spin the rope/count at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Late March:

A. Used 195Lbs
B1. All Unbroken
B2. All Unbroken
C. 295

Roch said...

Congrat Robin!

Good luck to all DAWGS competing this week end, make sure your fuel is appropriate and available before, b/t and after events, keep your spirit, focus and effort well dose until the very last seconds. Make sure your guear is ready 2 days before (tonight). Keep your mind clear.

Late march:
c.415 reps.

ruth said...

Can someone please tell me what 1010 and 2010 means?


Michael FitzGerald said...

Ruth...see the FAQ

Ruth said...

Thankyou Michael.....thats exactly what I was looking for...just couldn't find it on my own.

Jonathan said...

Late March
A. 260# on DL
B1. subbed 95# good mornings for GHD
B2. unbroken
C. 413

Lindsey said...

I'm in the same boat-ish. I hurt my knee last week and am not able to jump yet. Although it may be a poor substitute, I plan on biking for 8 min. I may do sprint intervals or just try and keep a challenging pace for the time, depends on how the knee is feeling at the time. That's my only thought... If you come up with any other ideas, feel free to share!

Good luck!

bmizzlle said...

Great job Steve!!!

Lisa M said...

yeah i hurt my knee a month ago and it is just getting better and now my calf is screwed getting old really bites!! i was thinking i might do 5 min of amrap wallballs as they are a serious goat of mine and shouldn't be too hard on the calf, and many of the sectionals have included them so thought i would tackle that. Thanks and heal fast!!

rwcorson said...

A. 252.5
B1. as rx'd
B2. 10/5,13/2,10/5,15,15 I got my kip going in the last 2 sets.

rwcorson said...

forgot - late march
C. 431

Heavy Evy said...

Just listened to CFRadio 108, good interview PTS, makes me want to clean out may garage, and buy some equipment.

Geoff Aucoin said...

A. 231 for all.
B1. All unbroken (arms behind back, ditto, arms crossed, ditto, ditto). Form breakage near 14th/15th rep on last 2 sets.
B2. All unbroken; last 4 sets with pronated grip, which felt better.
C. 441. Different stragegery today; went with max sets with longer rests between rather than many shorter sets of say 25-30. That was working really well (1st 100 unbroken) until I got an insane headache halfway through. Had to start breaking more than I wanted later on with shorter rests.

Corson? Gotcha!

Stephen Flamm said...

Early March with a few subs to work through aspects of this weekend's Sectional at the Arnold...

Part 1:
OHS, 5 x 3 @ 95
HPC, 5 x 3 @ 95
SJ, 5 x 3 @ 95

Part 2:
PU, 10 x 3
Burpees, 11 x 3 with 30 lb. vest
Toes-to-bar, 10 x 3
Sprint starts, 1 x 4 with assorted sandbag combinations up to three bags totalling 110 lbs.

Everything is as fast as ever, and I feel prepared to perform up to my potential. Thank you James, and each and every Big Dawg, for excellent training and support. On a side note, I represent just one of over a dozen athletes at my affiliate who have been following OPT in preparation for this weekend. We are all ready to represent this community and program. I'm looking forward to meeting a few of you this weekend...

Pete said...

A 245
B1 Unbroken
B2 Unbroken
C 371

- First time getting all GH raises unbroken. Arms across chest.
- Toes to bar are feeling awsome these days. Sets of 15 all felt very strong. (Pronated grip with kip)
- Double-unders have improved significantly, but now my right calf needs a day off.

Ali Loach said...

Saw Cuskelly today. Ran to and from the appointment because I knew I would be taking it easy today.
Back at it tomorrow.
Shoulder feels pretty sore but I'm optimistic that it will be on the upswing starting tomorrow.

Marie Rochat said...

Chris Dunkin, thanks for your input on yesterdays comments about prepping for the Oregon Sectional. Looking forward to seeing you at sectionals!

Did early March From last Thursday:

for loads:
A. Back Squat @ 30X0; 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 240 sec
B. Power Clean @ 12X1; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 180 sec

A. 165x3/185x3/195x2/210x2/225x1/230x1
B. 115x2/125x2/135x2/145x2/150x2

Put my belt on in the squats for my second double at 210 and used it for the rest of the workout.

joey warren said...

late march

A. 245lb
B1. all unbroken last 3 sets hands behind head
B2. all unbroken- ez
C. 530- paced myself here 30sec/15sec rest

Jay said...

Sorry guys I wrote this same post on yesterday's workout I was a day behind.

Hey guys I've looked around and I guess I'm just stupid or can't find it in the search function. I currently don't compete in anything I'm just a Dad who likes working out and pushing myself. I've followed the basic powerlifter/bodybuilder workouts for years but my goals have changed. I want to get leaner and more athletic and these are the types of workouts that will help get me there. My question is what workouts should I follow if I never plan on competing? should I just pick one and stay with it each time or vary between the two on a given day? I don't want to mess up the programming so any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Mack Lar said...

Early March:
All completed as RX then worked on Sectional specific movements.(KB Snatches and jumping over the 20' box. Stretched, foam rolled, and ice bath. I'm ready for this weekend. I feel a thousand times more prepared this year than I did last year. I plan to leave it all there and be a positive representative for OPT. Thanks Coach for all you do. I'll post as the weekend moves along. See you guys next week!

Eric S said...

Late Marcher.
A1. 225lbs, as rx'd. Felt good.
B. As rx'd. No issues.
C. 260 (first time breaking 100, great success!)

Alex Duncan said...

Late March:
A. 245# all sets Got my first pair of Oly shoes today. Felt like superman on the deadlifts!

B1. Hands behind head all UB
B2. All UB

C. 412 tried sets of 30-50 with longer breaks

Eric S said...

Late Marcher.
A. 225
B. All smooth and controlled.
C. 260 (1st time breaking 100. Great success!)

Chris Fodera said...

Late Marcher


A. 290#
B1. All unbroken
B2. All unbroken
C. 414

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO: 40gP/45gC (Shake: ReFuel and MRM Metabolic Whey), 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: chicken, asparagus, apple, almond butter

A. Felt fast and smooth all the way through
B1. Felt really smooth today. Was getting to 90 degrees upright without any lower back tightening.
B2. Was swinging a little, but managed to control it by engaging shoulders on the way down and keeping reps slow.
C. Went for a couple max sets and then tried pacing myself. This wasn't that smart of a strategy since I was gassing and dizzy quick. Next time will try timed intervals throughout...maybe Tabata-ish. I definitely think I can hit 500 next time.

Saw the surgeon for my torn right meniscus today. Surgery on the 23rd, followed by 3 weeks in straight leg brace, followed by 4 months of Physical Therapy. I am hoping that I can come back faster than that though. The good thing is that the surgeon thinks he can stitch the tears back together instead of just smoothing them out which should help me in the long run.

Michael FitzGerald said...

A - done with 261
B1. Unbroken - hands on low back
B2. Unbroken - happy with this
C. 540

Geoff Aucoin said...

Chris your description of B2 didn't sound like a 1010 tempo. I kipped the hell out of these suckers and I'd say I'd be lucky if I was 1 second up and down.

Lindsey said...

A. @95 - felt good
B1. Unbroken
B2. Broken but these were much better than usual. Was able to do 10,5 ea round. Used to struggle to get 4. Grip and core strength improving
C. No jumping yet, subbed bike

Lauren said...

A. 205#

B1. Don't have GHD....
B2. Unbroken (!!!)

C. 475

dmarsh said...

A. 291
B1. Unbroken - hands at chest
B2. Unbroken - strict, still not sure how to kip these?
C. 501

Good luck this weekend Dawgs!

Steve Howell said...

Late Marcher

A: 270#
B1: All sets Unbroken
B2: All set Unbroken
C: 490

unit said...

A- 315
B1- harop curls... unbroken
B2- unbroken
C- 537


md said...

a. 225
b1. unbroken
b2. Broken _ sore from ghd situps
c. 629 (pr of 138 unbroken)

LuLu said...

Go big dawgs go!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE it your ALL.

I had fun training today. Mizar and I had a GOOD laugh during our toe to bars and we managed to keep going even though it got Hysterical. SOOO fun!!!!!!!!!!

A1. @ 160lbs
B1. Unbroken
B2. Unbroken thanks for teaching me the secret of the UB T2B Mizar :)
C. 406 you guys BEAT me Roch and Mizar, whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

PTS said...

A. 265- felt really easy. I think a DL PR may be around the corner.

B1. unbroken
B2. 2nd set broken when I slipped off bar. tempo slowed a bit towards final couple reps of last rounds.

c. 490

Adam Rogers said...

Took a page from Stephen's book for today's to focus slightly on the knowns for this weekend

OHS 5x3
HPC 5x3
SJ 5x3 all @ 95

C2B Pullups 10x2
Burpees with 20lb vest 11x2
T2B 10x2

Finished with some sandbag sprint starts, 2x35lbs, 2x65lbs

Felt good, overhead squats sandwiched by rowing is going to be an adventure.

Will try to track you guys down this weekend, I'll be sporting some OPT gear to help you find me. Will be looking for that big beard and monster scores Stephen!

Lisa M said...

A1: @165 easy
B1: unbroken
B2: unbroken !!!!!! huge improvement here these felt easy today

No DUs because of stupid calf so did 16# wallballs amrap in 3 minutes - 65. I am god awful at these my lats/shoulders etc get fried so quickly any tips would be greatly appreciated I am only able to do about 15 unbroken and then i want to start crying :( Being 5'4" makes that 10' a long ways up there

Chris Fodera said...


I see what you staying slow, I just mean that I didn't allow my lower body to swing behind me at the bottom, which it was doing unintentionally when I was trying to knock them out as fast as I could.

It is basically the same issue I have when I try ButterFly Kipping PullUps...I am going for one or two reps and then my body seems to be swinging out of control.

Advice possible without video evidence?

Tyler Smith said...

Everything felt fast and smooth today, no soreness or pain anywhere... runs felt especially fast and easy. Nutrition is the only factor this weekend. Wish us luck Dawgs!!!!

Paul Klein said...

March 7th

A. Felt good
B. Felt good

I only did 4 sets of 100% running

I don't know about you but I tried several methods for the over the box 20" jumps. Laterally ended up being the fastest for me (17 seconds / 12 reps). I tried jumping forward and turning around and jumping forward again, this started very fast but I got wicked dizzy and it ended up taking 20 seconds. Thoughts?

A friend of mine brought a rope to work and we set it up for some climbing practice (I don't have the space for a rope at home). We only had 15' of ceiling height but it worked out ok. I'm no spiderman but I think I will manage.

Any thoughts on the sandbag run?

Again..thank you for all that you have done for me. From the direct comments regarding videos that I have posted, to your excellent programming, you have given so much. I hope to make you proud this weekend.

Good luck this weekend everyone.

Aaron said...

Early March-
Part A- Felt good
Part B- Felt good

Only four sets of 100% Running.

Mack Lar said...

I think its going to depend on how wide the 20" box is. The one I played with today was too wide to jump laterally for consecutive jumps, so I did the jump forward, spin around and jump forward again. I got dizzy as well and questioned how that might affect the rest of the WOD. I have a Rogue Fitness 20" box that I'm going to play with tomorrow. I'll let you know when I see you saturday.
I don't think that theres any secret to the sandbag run. It's going to be 2 sandbags inside of a dufflebag so it should wrap nicely around the back of your neck. Then run like hell! I think that WODs going to come down to seconds so there wont be much room for anything but hypoxia.
I'll be looking for you on saturday. Best of luck.

Brian Maier said...

late March:

A: 275lbs...felt light today
B1: unbroken
B2: unbroken

Been dealing with shin splints for about a week now and not getting better so decided to lay off D/U's today.

Michael McCabe said...

A. 255#
B1. harop curls 10x5
B2. unbroken, lost kip on the last couple of rnd 4 and 5
C. 428... not bad but not good enough. should be 500+

starting this weekend i'm following early march from sat. feb 20 to peak for march 20-1... competition is so soon, can't wait

BK said...

A: 275
B1: UB hands across chest
B2: 15,15,10/5,9/6,9/6
C : 419 stoked!

Derb said...



Brent Maier said...


A: 122.5kg (270#)
B1: Unb
B2: Unb
C: 452

Steve Smith said...

Not my most impressive day in the gym ever.

A. 365 on all sets. Felt good.

4 min rest

B1. All unbroken. Difficult time maintaining tempo.
B2. All unbroken. Hard.

4 min rest

C. 57; Found the thickest slab of rubber that is still called a jump-rope. Very. Hard. Work.

Chad Hall said...

A. 291# felt strong but a little slow, would have liked it faster. Turned into a 1211.

B1. Unbroken. Good tempo.
B2. 4 rounds unbroken, 12-3. Tempo
was more like 12X0

C. 397

Feeling sick today, chest cold. Happy I still worked out as I feel I did alright. Would have liked a quicker deadlift and at least 450 doubles. Did sets of 50 with breaths of 10 in between until 250, then did sets of 25 with 5 breaths.

Chad Hall said...
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unit said...

good luck to all those competing this weekend... paul, mac, yelvi, craig, stephen, adam... etc... y'all are all well prepared so go on and rip some $#!+ up!...


Jacques A said...

A. 260
B1. unbroken
B2. Unbroken
C. 414

david83 said...

deadlift 260
felt pretty easy and fast
for all 8 sets

I did GHD sit-ups by mistake

GHD 20 *5 sets
toes to bar 15 *5 sets

402 double unders- not bad could have went way faster.

thank you

Mike Molloy said...

Late March:

A: 245# for each set.
B1: unbroken
B2: unbroken
C: 500

BEST of luck to all Big Dawg competitors this weekend! Unleash Hell!!!

megs said...

Competing in the mid month sectional so did an early March wod from last week

20 handstand pushups
10 pu
15 hp
20 pu
10 hp
30 pu
17:11 scaled hp because just got them recently. First 5 in a row which is a pr!

Was supposed to run 3k and screwed up how many miles that was!
I am dumb! Lol! Ran 2.25 miles in 18:30

Then 8 min. Of double unders 185
Not a lot compared to most but for me really good! Yay!


Eric Montgomery said...

Late March

A. 255lbs...assumed a 1RM of 430lbs but could've gone heavier

B1/B2. Scaled to 10x3 since I haven't done GHR before.

C. 215 DUs...went downhill after the first minute.

Brent Maier said...

Congrats to all those that have already competed and those going to represent this weekend. You are all well prepared. If the nerves start to get the best of you, remember, you've been through it a million times and have prepared well. There is no workout they are going to dish out that is going to break you. Unbroken Baby! Go and do what you do best! Big howl out to everyone!

Thad said...

A. 220lbs felt good
B1.15,15,15,10,10 no GHD tried Harop curls don't have a great set up for those either, they were difficult and hard on knees I think because of set up.
B2. all unbroken
C. 457

John T. said...

Late Marcher
A. All with 225
B1. all unbroken
B2. All unbroken
C. 353... I'm getting better at these, I managed to string together 87 unbroken ones this time to start, a personal best.

brad said...

Late Marcher

A. 255

B1. 15x5 unbroken
B2. 15x4 unbroken, 1 set broken

C. 352

GHD Raises done with feet shoved under treadmill.

Chad Hall said...

Just want to wish good luck to all who are competing this weekend!

I just got my movement standards and started getting excited for the 20-21.

Use the nerves/excitement to your advantage and rip it up everyone!

Tlaw said...

A. 240, pretty easy. last deadlift 1rm was 400 so i'm hoping this has gone up
B1. Unbroken
B2. 4rds unbroken, 5th round 10-5
C. 438

Heavy Evy said...

B1. UBx5
B2. Ubx3,14/,10/12/14 Mostly kips
C. 277 double unders.

Just about forgot to post tonight, must be the effects of my wife's marble slab ice cream birthday damm good to pass up!

thaczuk said...

A. #255 felt easy
B1. unbroken
B2. unbroken
C. 124 so many misses
Practicing DU everyday but can't seem to break a plateau.

Craig said...

Part 1.
felt good. good technique work.
Part 2.
CTB light and fast.
air squats were fast. haven't done those in a while.
ab mat sit ups.

subbed swim for run. pool day today.

Part 1 was (SCx5/HPCx5/SJx5)x3 with about 60 sec rest b/t.
same for part 2.

Thanks for the support!! Good luck to all!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM
176# BW
A1. DL @ 255#

B1. Rx'd (kepping hips forward more & more each time thanks to feedback along the way)
B2. Rx'd (easy)

C. 280 getting better but 400+ seems a lifetime away

Yelvi said...

Early March

Everything felt good. Pool day today, so I subbed a swim for the run. Thanks to all for the wishes. Craig and I will keep everyone posted on how it all goes up here in AK. Good luck to everyone else thats competing this weekend. Stay strong!

Jenny said...

My son was sick today so I did my workout at home.

5 rounds:
20 kb 24 kg - unbroken
15 ghd rises ( on floor) - unbroken
15 situps - unbroken
one min rest

Did amrap du 8 min today ( friday )

Jonathan said...

210 DL

B1 Unbroken
B2 Unbroken

DU 306...just could not keep focus for the total 8 min. shoulder burn was so strong it would throw me out of focus regardless of how much I was breathing.

Brian G said...


I qualified for regionals last weekend and wondering if following the late March programming would be appropriate for now.

Regionals will be May 28-30 for me.

Any input from others is welcomed also.

Michelle said...

Wanted to say best of luck to those of you competing in Sectionals this weekend!!!! The rest of us will be thinking about you and sending positive energy your way!

Rory Hanlin said...

Good luck to all Dawgs competing. Give 'em hell

Steve, welcome to USAJFKSWCS. Let me know when you get down here and we can link up for some training and laughs.

JimmyJames said...

do chin ups = pull - ups here?

that is -- are you looking for pronated or supinated grip?

unit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unit said...

Brian... congrats!... late marchers would b appropriate... pick a program and stick with it... one that u feel best suits u...

jimmyjames... chin ups unspecified = ur choice... sup, prone, mixed, wide, narrow, covp, cohp, c2b, rings, rock rings, strict, tempo, Kip, butterfly, frog, or whatever...
chinups specified = whatever u need 2 do 2 meet the standard...


Rob Myers said...


Late March

A. 225#
B1. Unbroken
B2. Unbroken
C. 322

Notes: Had 200 DUs by 4 minute mark, so I was hoping to hit 400, but no joy.

will said...

a. 225
b. sub back ex
b2. broken after 3rd set
c. my shoulder is acting up so no dus for me

Dave X said...

Late poster here folks:
A. 240# deads. Felt great.
B1. UNB @ tempo x5
B2. UNB x3, 11-4, 7-4-4
C. 256. Shitty.

I know this is old news, but here's a link to the Metabolic Self Test with a check box format and not the 25 page jobber we got the link to awhile back.

I'm Protein Type.

Good luck this weekend dawgs!


Anonymous said...

A: 275
B1: 10x5 subbed improvised GH raise from floor, feet wedged under the barbell
B2: 15x5 unbroken

C: 400 lots better than the max du in 5 min a few weeks ago.

Bin said...

late march:
A 225
B supersets: went fine, although wasn't able to do the toes to bar very well on account of a torn up hand
C 288; so close to breaking 300

exp. said...

A. 260#…screwed up here…meant to have 270# on the bar (rounded up from 267…60% of my best DL 1RM)…but put on wrong iron plates (2×5# & 2×2.5# instead of 2×10# & 2×2.5#)…anyhow, deads felt strong and fast…

B1. UB, 10+5, 14+1, 13+2, 10+2+2+1…man, I find these tough!
B2. all sets unbroken and fast

C. 487

Melisa C said...

A. 170#

B1. Unbroken (GHD set closer, on eight)
B2. All UB until last round missed the last one

C. 433

Chris Dunkin said...

mid marcher

A. all felt fast
B. c2b's felt tough this morning. squats and situps were fast.

and runs were good. did 3.

see you on the other side.

good luck justin and nathan