Tues, Mar 9, 2010

part 1:
5 sets for max weight used:
Power Clean x 1
Front Squat x 1
Push Press Overhead to back rack x 1
Back Squat x 1
Push Press Overhead to front rack x 1
repeat sequence 7 times; weight cannot rest on ground in set
rest EXACTLY 5 min b/t sets

rest as needed

part 2:
Row Sprints:
60 sec @ 95%
2 min rest x 5
rest 10 min
30 sec @ 100%
2 min rest x 5

post highest load lifted for part 1 divided by BWT in # (i.e. 170#/170# = 1) as well as total meters in working sets in row sprints to comments


Lisa M said...

Question: when you do push press do your feet (heels) in particular for me have to maintain contact with the ground the whole time? I know when the weight gets a little heavier my heels tend to come off the ground slightly does that then make it a push jerk?

Bin said...

Just curious about the programming schedule: with some people going to early marcher schedules in order to get ramped up for their particular sectional (this just seems to be the case for the March 20-21 peope), does this mean that the late march programming that is still being posted is assuming a sectional on March 27-28, or for a later date? Will actual "taper" workouts be posted, or are we expected to step back from the blog programming on our own to rest up for our sectionals?

DeeJay said...

Lisa, as long as you don't re bend your knees or hips after your initial hip drive you should be fine...

Pols said...

Dammit, just did this one 2 days ago.
Stopped @ 175, when I dropped the bar on the back of my neck. Wicked scab. Finished the set, so it counts, but probably could have done 185. Great workout.

Tyler Smith said...

18th overall @ Deep South sectionals! Thanks for the programming coach! Can't wait to get back to it... Later this week when my legs start feeling normal again. Thanks for the support Dawgs!

Erik Luber said...

Updated Big Dawgs roster is posted with all the final scores from this weekend (sorry about the delay)


(also Rob is no longer ranking in at the tender age of 4...)

Yelvi said...

Just wanted to thank everyone on the site for the good wishes for the sectionals up here in Alaska. Both Craig and I were more than prepared and both did a lot better than either of us expected. We both also PR'd in the C&J by 15-20 lbs, so no complaints from either of us. I took 4th and Craig took 5th. Thank you OPT for such an incredible program and such an awesome community!

Jeff B. said...
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Jeff B. said...

Erik - Thanks for updating the PDF, you have done a fantastic job with that!

That being said, man is it depressing looking at my results, that trip, fall, get up, resquat and shoulder 100lb sandbag, cost me so many places (12 seconds separated 136th place and 8th place). I have blown up and framed my 3rd WoD time, and posted it next to my bed, everyday reminding me of my overhead squat weakness that cost me. Next year I can promise one thing for certain, overhead squat will be a strength!

Martin Altemark said...
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Richard said...

Is this for time?

unit said...

richard... to quote coach...

post HIGHEST LOAD lifted for part 1 divided by BWT in # (i.e. 170#/170# = 1) as well as TOTAL METERS in working sets in row sprints to comments


Martin Altemark said...

part 1: 57,5kg (127/167=0,76)

Stopped at this weight as it was very heavy for me today. Felt weak and worn out. Should be able to do more than this... Wicked DOMS from the weekend.

Gord said...

93/100/110/120/130(F-5 rounds)

Body felt good today. The 130# was felt fine and was easily managable. No will to fight when it started to get tough.

Lisa M said...

Great Job Yelvi - I don't want to open a can of worms but it sure looks like two of the "organizers" of the event managed to take 2 of the 3 qualifying spots hmmmm makes you wonder about the programming.

Thanks for the help deejay!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to a safe/managable 135 as I was 'taking it easy' today. Ratio was .69. Warm-up with some light low bar back squats, which I found to be very beneficial.

Didn't think I'd complete part 1 today due to firehall complications and feeling under-recovered lately so I'm pretty happy with 135. My PB with 'The Bear' is in the low 140's, I believe. Right shoulder was sore initially but got better. Middle sets were speedier, 135 was slow with much rest at the top of the back squat.

Started getting a headache during this, which has happened two other times recently, so I need to look into pre-WOD fuelling/caffeine intake etc and time of day.

brad said...


Lost concentration on 4th set. Had a little trouble getting motivated this morning. Will try sprints later.

Chris Dunkin said...

Great job to everyone who competed this last weekend. Great to hear about the surprises, goals achieved, pr's, accomplishments, and camaraderie.

Lisa M said...

Ouch! 65/75/85/95/75

Spent way too much time in rack for 95 but finished round then decided to do a lower weight for speed on last round. If we were going for max weight instead of speed i am thinking i should have started with the heavier weight when shoulders were fresh instead of at the end when they were fried??? Sprints later. Good news slice in finger held up I think, i am behaving myself and leaving the bandage on for at least 4 days.

Lisa M said...

oops ratio was .75

PTS said...

I'm in the same boat as Martin with the wicked DOMS. What does everyone do to prevent or lessen the effect of DOMS?

Any high volume squatting workout and I get them something fierce.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM
BW 175#

Eau Claire Y tonight for rows

Rory Hanlin said...


Count the Anvil team in on the Ancestral Health Symposium. We'll be there, provided that we are not deployed.

Jonathan Burns said...

Part 1


First time doing the Bear Complex with this protocol. Sets were 95/115/125/135/150. I'll try for a bit more next time. Still managed to tweak my left lat a bit, that transition from press to squat is always a bit wonky for me.

Littleredhead said...

used 40kg across the board....has shown up my major weakness of overhead stuff, as FS and BS was way too easy!

Forgot to measure distance, as I was running on road it was difficult to measure anyway.

great workouts

rwcorson said...

Part 1 - 120#, failed @ 125#, 5th set on the 1st PP of the 4th sequence.
Push Press was the limiting movement, especially in front.

Mike@CFCochrane said...

part 1:
1. 95
2. 110
3. 125
4. 130 f at end of r4
5. 130

Brian Maier said...


Last 2 sets, needed to rest in the back squat position several times.

Quads still really sore from all those damn thrusters on Sunday.

155/192 = .81

Mike@CFCochrane said...

oh yeah, BWT 182, so: 0.71
Hard to type, forearms feel like I ate some of Popeye's spinach.

Katrina Burton said...

Part 1
100#... barely made it through that one. Push press from the back was the difficult part. Neck is pretty scraped up from the center knurling on our bar. OUCH!

100/108 = 0.93

Blaine said...

Failed on rep 6 of 135. Neck took a beating on this.
130/160 = 0.81

Wes hendricks said...

Part 1:
145 weight lifted/145 body weight = 1

At about rep 3 or 4 at 145 I wanted to put the weight down but I was able to stick with and fight through the pain.

A little trick I used, not sure if anyone else did this but as I came up from my back squat I reset the hook grip from behind the neck then did my pushpress from behind the neck with the hookgrip already engaged so when I went into my next clean I already had a solid hold on it.

Ali Loach said...

Failed on rep 5 of 110; didn't feel shoulder at all during this so I'm stoked.


Nice Work Katrina!!!!

Steve Howell said...

part 1
*this is 20lbs heavier since the last time I did this workout.


rested 30min

part 2

60sec 280/295/296/297/295
30sec 170/166/164/166/165
tottal meters = 2294

Lauren said...



Couldn't get to a rower after work so ran hills at lunch.

40 sec @ 95% 2 min walk down recovery x 8

Lauren said...

oh ps - nice work Ali and Kat!!! those are some awesome numbers.

Martin Altemark said...

part 2

60 sec: 315, 319, 317, 316, 309
30 sec: 170, 168, 169, 168, 168

Probably used more like 90% in 60 sec. Cannot really feel the gear between 90 and 100. On the 30 secs it didn't have the power to get tempo as high as usual.

Coach or Dawgs, two questions:
1) My 30 sec sprints wasn't at all up with sprints last couple of weeks - should this be like that or am I a bit worn out?

2) Been thinking to ask but haven't remembered - what is your advice concerning post fueling for these kind of sprints?

Mike Molloy said...

You never cease to amaze me Wes. Hopefully you're just as happy with this result as you were pissed at yourself the other day, buddy.

Also, for the people dealing with headaches during the workouts. I used to have the same issues and upping my fat seemed to help for some reason. Just my 2 cents.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 1 135lb

135/183= .737
pr for this wod is 140 or 145. No part two today, im gonna be smart and listen to my body...rest

Lisa M said...

Kat you put me to shame once again nice work girl!!!

rested 2 hours

60 sec: 266/265/267/267/261 = 1413
30 sec: 144/143/144/140/144 = 826

total = 2239

felt like the right percentages worked best at that 6.5 to 7 damper. the last 10 secs were hard muscle fatigue made it hard to get and strength on my pulls. Not sure if i was recovered from this morning but time constraints as usual...

Thad said...

Part1. 95,125,135, f/140, f/140
135#/156# =.86
Rest 6 hrs

Part2. 301,312,302,297,286=1498m
Believe I could do better on both WOD's but muscles still pretty sore from SUN.

Eric S said...

Part 1.
115 / 180 = .64

5 mins rest.

Part 2.
2350 total meters.

Legs were dead from making up Sunday's WOD yesterday.

Erik Luber said...

Part 1:

25 kg, 35, 40, 45 (5+f), 42.5 (6+f)
ratio = 0.64

wanted that last round so bad, but the bar just fell out of my hands on the last clean, absolutely no grip left. Felt more energetic than I have in a while, glad I took that extra rest day.
Lowering bar to back was awkward for me, still not enough thoracic mobility, although I have been doing 30 min of thoracic mobility exercise for the past week, now all I need to do is keep at it!

Benny Ahlstedt said...

Part 1: 50-55-60-50-50kg

part 2: 328-311-320-312-313m

TMar said...

Part 1 - 95-115-125-135-145

Happy with the last set but not so happy with my body weight which is up about 6lbs and its not the good kind of weight gain. feeling a bit tubby right now.

145/187 = 0.78

Part 2 (right after)


TMar said...

total meters = 2416

david83 said...

Part one: felt good today decided to go after this one. I maybe went a little too heavy at the end because I could not complete 7 reps

Warm-up 95 , 115,

Sets: 135,145,150 * 3sets
failed on the 5 rep and 6th rep of the fourth and fifth sets

150/190 lbs= .789

6 minutes rest
Row 1
328,307, 287, 288,300
damper 6
row 2
171, 166,168,162,163
My rowing is not the best, however I feel like it is getting better.
great workout.

ROBO said...

Been working out with the Anvil crew at theanvilgym.blogspot.com trying to get ourselves back into shape. i try to dabble in the WODs on here but still need some time to get back into it. keep up good work big dawgs. will post when i do WODs Rory has us getting back at it slow

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1
95, 115, 125, 135, 140F (failed at 4th Push Press from front rack)
Ratio: 0.77

Part 2 after 1 hour rest
1 min rows: 321m, 321m, 319m, 317m, 318m
30 sec rows: 169m, 169m, 171m, 170m, 170m
Total Rowing Meters: 2445

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO1: 40gP/45gC (Shake: ReFuel and MRM Metabolic Whey)
- PWO2: 2 scoops ReFuel, 8g BCAA-G

- Felt like I could have gone heavier in Part 1 if I had attempted to earlier in the sets.
- Tried the 4th Push Press from the front rack w/ 140 (during 5th set) and it made it to about my nose. Called it quits there.
- Rows felt good, but a little slow/for the effort put forth. Definitely a result of Part 1 combined with lingering soreness from this weekend's WorkOuts.

unit said...

A- 155/190 ~0.82

5min rest

B- 60s on / 60s off x5, 2min rest, 30s on 30s off x5
305 / 304 / 308 / 309 / 314
146 / 151 / 155 / 156 / 164
total~ 2312


rwcorson said...

I tweeked something in the area near my lower left lat on the weekend and it has progressively gotten tighter and more painful.
I thought I had torn an intercostal, but I had some therapy after part 1, and luckily it is not that serious.
I'm going to rest until tomorrow and try to do part 2 then.

BK said...

A. 145 /200 = 0.725
Grip/upper back smoked.

8 hours

B. 319,320,322,321,321=1602
6 mins
170,170,173,173,174 =860

total -2462

Brent Maier said...

I accidentally coupled some nasty DL/LowerBack WOD's back to back from the early Feb 20/21/22 crew and missed the well needed rest day. Back is trashed, I better get it together... so today is a well needed rest day. It helps when everyone is on the same schedule, that's for sure. I feel mentally disconnected now so I may mix and match the rest of this week before focussing on the 5 day taper before game day.

Good job today everyone.

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:
Max Weight - 165#
Body Weight - 185#
Ratio - 0.89

Part 2:
60 sec Repeats - About 380 Meters Each
30 sec Repeats - About 215 Meters Each

Even though I know my work capacity isn't back yet, and while my body hurts (badly), this is the first time I can say that things feel like they are starting to come back.

Steve Smith said...

Forgot to mention that I sub'ed running for the row.

I've got a fitness test for my next course on Thursday which includes a run so I needed to open up the stride.

Steve Smith said...

Katrina - Awesome ratio today!

Rainer Hartmann said...

Decided to only do the rowing part of the WOD due to the bum knee (plus need work there anyway, judging by the Sectionals yesterday):
2086 meters

Michael FitzGerald said...

Pt1. Time Constraint
115/125/135...probably had another 5+ lbs.
BWT = 184. Ratio is .733
All rows between 1:34-1:35 avg
All rows between 1:23-1:25
Highest meters was 180.

Jonathan Burns said...

Part 2, after 6 hrs

60" on 2' off: 349,351,351,351,351m=1753m
30" on 2' off: 184,189,191,187,187m=937m

total 2700m
low avg split on 60" 1:25.4, on 30" 1:18.5

time to eat some food!

Chad Hall said...

Completed Feb. 22
Total Reps 196, 546M

First day back from bad chest cold, still have it so I was pretty gassed quickly but I think the workout helped clear it out a bit.

Focused on getting entire foot on box. HPC felt super fast and easy.

PTS said...

part 1:
132/186 = .71

defintely had more but went a bit conserative.

skipping part 2 as I'm still wrecked from the weekend and sleep has been awful for a week straight. might make it up tomorrow.

Dave X said...

Part 1 (0530):
Misread WOD description and did 7 rounds of 1 RM max of the 5 movements. Worked up to 205#. Felt pretty proud of myself until Garage CrossFitter politely reminded me I'm not Rory, but instead, an idiot.

Rest 12 hours

Part 2:
Total Meters: 2323

Ali Loach said...

60s @ 95%: 276 / 275 / 276 / 277 / 273 = 1377
30s @ 100%: 146 / 146 / 145 / 144 / 144 = 725
TOTAL = 2102
Played around with technique and finally felt like I might have made a minor breakthrough :o)

Eric Montgomery said...

Had to scale a little in the interest of time.

Part 1:
50kg was max load for 7 reps; then tried 60kg but only got 5, 3, and 4 reps. Grip was limiting factor on all.

Part 2 (5 mins later):
321, 318, 309, 306 for 1 min intervals
168, 167, 166, and 170 for 30s intervals

Yelvi said...

Part 1

Made it to 135 by set 3 and tried for 145 but called it after my right shoulder started acting up. Poor recovery this weekend which caused some biceps tendonitis to act up.

135/195= .69

Part 2

Opted to do these as sprints on the treadmill at a 15 incline so that I could rest my shoulder. Speeds for the first five were between 8.0-8.5. The second five were between 9.0-10.

Wes hendricks said...

part 1:
145 weight used/145 bodyweight = 1

Part 2:
60 sec: 301/304/301/302/301 = 1,508 meters
30 sec: 160/161/159/165/166 = 811 meters

I am more excited about part two then part one for today. I felt like I stayed stong the entire time with my rowing. I was efficient and didn't fall apart. On the minute ones I maintained 1:37-1:39 and 30 seconds I maintained 1:28-1:33

Justin Flynn said...

Great job to everyone that competed last weekend.

TLaw said...

Part 1
145, PR is 165 for the Bear. Tried to focus on better transitions.
.74 BW Ratio
Rest 10 min (didnt have any more time)
340m, 298m, 297m, 300m, 287m
RX 10 min rest
170m, 175m, 171, 156, 171

Craig said...

Part 1.

Part 2.
Used a treadmill( icy, snowy, and windy here) to prepare for mountain race coming up this summer.
5 x 60 sec @ 7% incline 10 mph.
5x30 sec @ 7% incline at 11 mph increasing to 11.6

Part 1. Beat my last "Bear" weight by 35#'s. felt good. behind neck push press a little difficult.
Part 2. good push on the run.

Brian Maier said...

Part 2:

321,336,316,320,326 = 1619
179,183,180,175,179 = 896

Total = 2515

Damper at 7

Blaine said...

Part 2:

90%= 1499 m
1:38 pace quite steady
100% = 822 m
1:28 pace quite steady

2321 m total

Chris Fodera said...

anyone care to comment on their thoughts of "gaming" Part 1?

I know that I could have gone heavier had I not worked my way up with the loads. On days like today, which is more important
a. Getting to the highest load you possibly can
b. Doing the most amount of work you possibly can

In A, you could just warm up fairly light and then hit it hard for one or two of the 5 sets. Once you hit that point of failure, you know you can't decrease weight, so you are basically looking at doing incomplete sets from there on out.

In B, you try and figure out where you'll max out at and slowly work to it. This is likely more work, but will also probably result in a lower "highest load" b/c you'll be working with weights all close to each other and therefore wearing yourself down more/faster.

Any thoughts?

dmarsh said...

Part 1:

Failed after round 5 at 145. Didn't have it today. Fatigued and unmotivated.

Part 2:
Total = 2308

joey warren said...

part 1:
170lb/180lb= .94

it took 2:45 sec to complete-long rests on back
Wes I did the exact same thing, seemed to work well
failed on 175lb on 5th round

part 2

1 min rows right around 1:30 pace
30 sec rows right around 1:23 pace

Katrina Burton said...

Part 2
261, 256, 259, 256, 257 = 1289
140, 141, 140, 141, 140 = 702
Total = 1991

Thanks ladies for your kind words today. I'm working my butt off to try to catch you all in the rowing. Your row times amaze ME!

DeeJay said...

Part 1:
153/210 = .73
Every fail was due to grip...

Part 2:
328m (1:31.4)
327m (1:31.7)
326m (1:32.0)
325m (1:32.3)
323m (1:32.8)
182m (1:22.4)
179m (1:23.7)
175m (1:25.7)
178m (1:24.2)
178m (1:24.2)
total meters - 2521m

Brandon said...

Part 1
Part 2

Notes: Crashed hard on last complex, but 185 is a PR by at least 10#. Rows felt great until last 2 30s intervals. Allergies and changing food after Robb Wolf's new seminar messed with the recovery between the two parts.

Steve G said...


95/95/115/135/155(failed on 6th rep)

175 is PR so a little dissappointed...

15 mins later

rx'd rest

Notes: Quite pleased with the 60s sprints however Going into the 30s sprints I was quite fatigued...I also had a hard time staying on the seat of the rower (for the 30s sprints)...probably due to piss poor technique...

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1 at OPT: 88,110,132fail at last pp from FS, 132f,120f


Transfer from FS To PP gave me trouble.

Part 2: 6 hours later back in Etown
95%: 1482m
100%: 807m
total= 2289m

Thanks to Brett, Trevor, and James for all the advice today, it was awesome to learn something in person rather then teaching myself off the net, I'll definately get craking on my shoulder mobility. Can't wait for my next crack at "The Bear"!
Oh don't do the rows right after super.............burrrp!

Erik Luber said...

Part 2:

60s: 302 m, 300, 294, 288, 284
30s: 158, 155, 154, 153, 156
Total: 2246

The 60s sprint really took it out on me...think I went a little over 90% after round 3. Still felt good, happy with these numbers. Wrist is starting to fell better.

md said...

Part 1 - 170/185 bw = .92
Part 2 - 2586

Grant said...

Part 2 @ ECY @ 6PM
60 sec sprints = 1533m
324/307/309/298/295 avg 38 spm. Damper 5.5

30 sec sprints = 818m
167/166/161/161/163 avg 46 spm

total = 2351m

will said...

failed on 145

Brett Marshall said...

Part 1 - 95/133/153/163 (failed on 6th push press back overhead, the 5 minute rest proved too short relative to the time I have normally taken on this WOD, I have rested in the order of twice this previously). Last set backed off and got 158lb.

158/147 (BW) = 1.07

Part 2
1. 314
2. 309
3. 299
4. 289
5. 282
only had time for a 6-7 minute rest
6. 159
7. 155
8. 145
9. 151
10. 147
Total = 1493 + 756 = 2249

Felt recovered in between rows, but did not feel like I had much to contribute with respect to power.

Michelle said...

Nice work Katrina and Brett...those are pretty sweet ratios!

Part 1:
77.5/87.5/95/100 I was done! 7th round in 4th set was such a fight...Didn't attempt a 5th set.
Rested about 50min
Part 2;
290(didn't believe this so checked the rower memory...it was right)

Melissa said...

heaviest load, 95 for a score of .71

dontpanic356 said...

Best set was 170

Ratio was .79

Did not write down row times. Felt good though.

rwcorson said...

Part 2 on March 10 on Airdyne instead of row.
No meters calculate, just time.

Rob Myers said...


Part 1
100/165 = 61

Waited 5min

Part 2
319, 308, 287, 291, 291 for 60's
150, 156, 155, 155, 156 for 30's

Total: 2268

Jenny said...

bear: 72% bw

meters: 2288

Rossco said...

part 1: .6 (135/155)
Part 2:
Round 1: 37, 39, 39, 41, 41
Round 2: 21, 22, 22, 22, 22

Part 1: 95, 115, 115, 125, 135
Sub 2 pd SDLHP for row.

Melisa C said...

part 1: 75/85/95/100/105

105/150 = .70

part 2:


exp. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exp. said...

part 1: 125/135/145/155(3)/155(3)...
highest load achieved 145...145/170=.85

...grip was the primary issue on all sets...should have started heavier and not wasted grip on lighter sets...

part 2:
60 sec rows: 308/309/309/306/309 = 1541
30 sec rows: 167/167/165/164/165 = 828

total= 2369m