Tues, Mar 2, 2010

start early on the ReFuel!

early March:

A1. Press - 3,2,1; 120 sec
A2. 15 CTB chin ups x 3 sets; 120 sec
Run 1K
(1st 200 m @ 70%, 2nd 200 m @ 80%, 3rd 200 m @ 90%, 4th 200 m @ 100%, last 200 m @ 50% effort)
joint mobility work - 30 min

late March:

A1. Front Squat @ 30X0; 3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 180 sec
A2. Seated Military Press @ 30X0; 3,3,3,2,2,2,1,1,1; rest 180 sec
B. 2 hands overhead GHD Sit Ups - amrap in 30 sec/ 30 sec rest x 8

post loads and notes to comments

also post the percentage of highest 1 rep in A2 in relation to your close grip bench press 1RM
(i.e. 300# CGBP and 200# SMP; SMP is 66% of CGBP)
start with arms extended for A2, lower to clavicles, bench @ 80 deg
double on Wed and Sat/Sun for late march folks


Tyler Smith said...

As I embark upon this last training cycle before my sectionals on the 6th-7th I just want to say... Thank you. I feel extremely prepared and focused going into this weekend and I owe it to you and the amazing community of Big Dawgs which follow this program. Many of these workouts have pushed me far beyond what I though I was capable of and I am certain it will pay off when the timer starts. Good luck to all who will compete this weekend and in the weeks to come and awesome job to those who have already competed. You guys/gals kick serious ass and I am lucky to be a part of such a strong community.


unit said...

I love little Aubrey Rose!... Rory, ur one lucky daddy!...

Trevor Salmon said...

Hey Calgary Dawgs. Just wanted to update you on the first day at the World Masters Athletics Championships. I advanced out other prelims and into the semis but now waiting to see if i had a fast enough time to move to the finals. I have the 200m scheduled mid day and and the 60m final hopefully as well. Man there were some fast times. One guy from the US had 7:05 in the prelims

Lindsey said...

Aubrey makes her OPT debut!... Lookin good, girl!...

BK said...

Rip in Tyler and tear it up!
Power and Speed to you my friend....

Anonymous said...

Way to go Trevor!
Have an amazing time

Martin Altemark said...

late March:

A1. 3x80kg, 3x85kg, 3x90kg, 2x95kg, 2x97.5kg, 2x100kg, 1x105kg (PR), 0x107.5kg (left it there)
A2. 3x50kg, 3x55kg, 3x60kg, 2x62.5kg, 1x65kg (f), 0x67.5kg, 0x67.5kg (left it there)

B. 106 reps.

Did "ordinary" GHD with touch floor/feet. Probably did that wrong. McGyver type GHD. Need a real one!
last front squat was to fast, but still Fsq PR. Also too fast on 2x100.
seated press was strange. Never ever done.
percentage seated press vs CGBP = ~76%

Anonymous said...

Did this one yesterday

A1. 65-70-75(F)
A2. 13(PR!),2 – 11,4 – 6,3,3,3

think i was able to find gears outside of slow and top speed

catalyst warm-up

Rohan said...


I am decking out my garage gym. Would you mind letting me know which brand/model GHD you use. Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Late March:

A1. Last set of 2 got 180 and as I tried to go for another I crashed down with the bar. My nervous system shut down. Couldn't finish.

A2. 115 second set of 2, stopped after my crash. Couldn't finish also.

B. 115 GHDs.

I feel weird.

david83 said...

Front Squats and Military press had to be super seted because of time. Also I used dumbells for the press and the heaviest I had was 70lbs.
Front Squats
225-3 235-3 245-3 255-2 265-2 275-2
285-1 290-1 295-1 (F)

Military press -slow tempo
60- 3
70 per hand slow tempo - 3,3,2,2,1,1

thank you


OPT said...

rohan...the choice you makes depends on your economics...my suggestion with equipment that largely differs from others...spend the money up front as it does not pay off over time...hence i'd suggest an Atlantis GHD 9 - http://www.atlantis-fit.com/products/item_img.aspx?prod=D-227&ext=jpg

Chris Dunkin said...

March 13th/14th'er: Going back to last Tuesday and doing early marcher. Posted there

Gord said...

A1. 162/172/176-186/191/196-206/210/216
A2.88/98/110- 110/120/125/- 130- stopped right shoulder was very sore.

Kyle F said...

A1: 185/225/245/265/275/275/275/285/295

A2: 115/135/145/155/165/165/165/175/175

B: 10/11/11/11/10/10/9/9 = 81

Don't know 1RM CGBP.

I dig the picture.

Ang said...

Late Marcher:

A1: 105-3, 110-3, 115-3, 120-2, 120-2, 125-2, 125-1, 130-1, 135-1

A2:60-3, 70-3, 75-3, 70-2, 75-2, 70-2, 75-1, 75-1, 80-1

Didnt have the right bench to do the military press so subbed with strict press. I have the horrible tendancy of arching my back when I am having issues getting the weight up so I played around a lot between 70-75lbs just focusing on tightening my core.

B: 113

GHDs felt GREAT!! Thanks for the tips Roch, it helped a lot!!

Michael said...

A1. 165, 185, 205
A2. Unbroken- fast
Run- felt good
Foam roll 20 minutes, stretch 20 minutes

I want to second what Tyler said to Coach. I train with Tyler and we can't thank you enough for what you've done for us with this program. We look at some of these workouts that now give us not fear and think back if someone had told me to do it a year ago and I would have laughed at them. I'm by far the best shape of my life and feel completely and totally prepared for this coming weekend. Thanks to the community of Big Dawgs here and I hope we can represent well. We are in the MS/AL sectional and we will keep you guys posted. Good luck to all others who are competing this weekend. My scripture I am remembering through this week and weekend is
Hebrews 12:11 which says "For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields(B) the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it."

Bubba Hagood said...


Late Marcher

Caught this on my way to a plane to Narita - had to cut short. Didn't think I would get it in so I did Gwen at 135 yesterday.

A1. 185x3,205x3,225x3,245x2(PR),225x2
A2. 115x3,135x3,155x3,165x1,175x0
B. 15,15,15,14,10,12,10,10 = 101

Front squats felt heavy today - legs tired. Did presses from standing rack since I dont have a bench. These felt good.

GHD Overhead Situps were strict and fine until the last two rounds when my lower back cramped up again. Got a headache (always) and wave of nausea from these. Is this typical?

Covino24 said...

Late Marcher

A1) 165/175/185/190/190/190/195/200/200/205F/205F - all Ass to Grass
A2) 95/115/125/135/140/140/145/150/150

% of CGBP = 77%

B) 11/11/10/10/9/9/8/8/8/7 did ten sets by mistake but very happy with the range of motion and speed of the last 4 sets. usually by then I am alternating hands but I was able to keep both hands over head and focused on my breathing!

200 is a 1RM PR by 10#

So close on 205 got down on tempo ass to grass and got stuck at parallel or at least what felt like parallel and I felt my back start to round out and just dropped it to save myself.

Rohan said...


Thanks man that helps. I really appreciate your fast response.

Erik Luber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erik Luber said...

Late marcher


A1. 115, 135, 135, 145, 145, 145, 155, 160 (PR)
A2. 85, 95, 95, 105, 110, 110, 115, 120(f)
B. 121 (15 every round, 16 on the last)
Military Press/CCBP = 115/135 = 0.85

Felt really fresh today. All sets of FS very challenging after 2nd round. Took me a while to find my weight on the military press. Man my efficiency on these is weird; 115 felt relatively easy, but 120 was way too much. Decided to stop after 8 rounds having hit a PR on the FS and failing on the military press.

Probably could have cranked out a 130 on the GHDs if I had someone timing me, or some kind of a beeping interval timer.

Also, has anyone seen the videos of the Utah-Nevada sectional?...that song they use is awesome, it just pumps me up, but I can't find it out what it is called for the life of me. If you know, please let me know, I must add it to my workout playlist.

PTS said...

A1. 185,200,215,225,235,245,255,260,260

A2. 120,135,145,150,152,152- skipped the singles due to time

B. 114

Geoff Aucoin said...

A1. 196,206,211,220,230,232.5,240,250,252.5
A2. 108,118,128,137,139.5,142,144.5,147,152
B. 15,14,14,14,14,13,14,14=112

Good WOD for me today, had the mojo flowing. % of close grip was 67%.

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...

The TEN TENdencies of a Crossfit Athlete
By: Mario Ashley
Crossfit Redline

1. The stopwatch is your best friend, NOT your enemy.

2. When, dealing with injury (notice I said when, not if) stop what your doing and take care of it. Period.

3. Standards are also your best friend, NOT your enemy. Without them we would never know our true potential.

4. There is no such thing as weakness if you work at them often enough.

5. Know your strengths and keep them that way.

6. Smile: It cost nothing but means everything.

7. Once you have mastered the mechanics of a movement it's your duty and obligation to teach it to others. A great coach is a by-product of a great athlete.

8. If you don't like the Zone Diet then consume 40g of Carbohydrates, 30g of Protein, and 30g of Fat with each meal. Dumbass.

9. Goals: We all have the same kinds of goals just different degrees.

10. Nobody is forcing you to do Crossfit so have FUN with it.


Brandon said...

Late March
A1. 205/225/245/255/265/275/285/300*
A2. 135/155/165/175/185/190/195/200/205f
B. 12/12/12/12/12/13/13/13=99


Notes: Felt really good on the FS, so I tried for a PR and got it on the last set. This was not at the prescribed tempo however, just a max effort on something that I have been working on since September. SMP felt good until the last set when the CNS shut down and I couldn't get the bar back up off my clavicles. Gamed the GHD's to avoid flaring the L psoas that is still a bit tender from last week's GHDs. Good, good day - thanks coach!

Pete said...

A1. 185(3),205(3),215(3),220(2),225(2),230(2),235(1),225(1),205(1)

(87.5% of my CGBP 205)

Subbed toes to bar
-19, 15, 12, 11, 10, 11, 11, 10,

Very happy with the front squats. I hurt my back pretty bad a few months ago doing these and subconsciously I've been overly cautious. I think I've finally overcome that. I scaled back after 235 for 1 because that 1 rep was definitely a maximum a effort.

Military press was awkward to remove from the rack.

Had no GHD machine so I subbed Knees to Elbows.

Coach, is my i rep max on seated shoulder press supposed to be so close to my 1 rep max on the CGBP?

Katrina Burton said...


A1.) 3s@ 95, 115, 125, 2s@ 130, 135, 140, 1s@ 155, 165(PR), 170(f) SOOO CLOSE

A2.) 3s@ 55, 65, 70, 2s@ 75, 80, 80 1s@ 80, 80, 80... need to go buy a couple more 5# iron plates to fill in the gap we have between 80 and 95#. 80# is 80# of my close grip bench press

B.) No GHD so subbed unanchored abmat situps with 2 hand straight arm touch over head. 21, 22, 23, 22, 22, 22, 21, 23

Rob Ottesen said...

Did the push up squat snatch which I turned in clean and jerks yesterday. Found it it will be a while before I get my work capacity back up to big dawg standards.

Today did 5 rounds
275x5 Dl 2poodx10 kbs 15GHD situps

rory aubrey is precious as always hope she is awake next time I'm over.

Lisa M said...

A1: 115/120/130 3s. 135/140/140 2s. 145/150/160 1s
just a note my 1RM was 140 so holy sh%^!!!!!

A2: 85/90/90
105/110f/110f I know I could have done 110 if I had someone to get the weight to the top

didn't rest as long a prescribed due to time constraints but felt amazing today. Went reallly deep with squats knee felt good. No GHD time issues might try and hit them at physio today

BK said...

A1 : 265,275,285,295,305,315,325 PR ,335 PR.
A2 : 135,145, 155, 165,170, 175,180,185 F.
B. 100.



Alex Duncan said...

Front Squats are a big weakness, took this slow and focused on tempo and depth
A1. 185, 195, 185, 185, 185, 185, 185, 190, 195f
A2. 105, 120, 135, 135, 135, 135, 135, 140, 135
B. No GHD did unanchored situps: 18,17, 16, 16, 15, 13, 13, 15

Lauren said...

A1. 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205(1), 210(f) then shut er down...
B1. 75, 85, 90, 95, 100(1), 100(2), 105(f)

didn't do GHD due to time constraints.

Stephen Flamm said...

Early March...

A1: 145, 155, 165
A2: unbroken


1k run


Catalyst warm-up

Presses were easier than I anticipated, maybe 5 lbs. light on all sets. Pull-ups were fast and butterfly. First time running in months since knee issues. Went at 5k pace for all but a 100m stretch at about 85%. Knee felt good during and only mildly irritated after.

rwcorson said...

A1. 157,167,176,191,210,206x1,216f,216,226f
A2.98,108,118,128,131,138,140.5,143, 148f
B. 15,15,15,14,13,12,13,13-110 These were a struggle after the 4th set. I wasn't dropping fast enough.

Wes hendricks said...
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brad said...

Late Marcher:
A1. 245x3/265x3/275x3/285x2/


B. 94

Excited about the FS PR. Esp. with the tempo. GHD's were consistent....but slow.

rwcorson said...

Military press 70% of close grip bench press.
Late March

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM with Gord
BW 174#

A1. 182/201/206, 216/231/236, 242/257/272/. Depth felt great with new Adistar lifting shoes. Thanks DJ
A2. 110/120/120, 125/130/130, 135/140/145. First time @ SMP. Limited by getting it out of cage safely. Awkward angle clearing the rack. Learned skill still to come.

B. 14/14/12/12/12/11/11/12=98

Run like the wind Trevor!

Ali Loach said...

Impromptu rest day......shoulder is angry with me.
Feels A LOT better today than it did yesterday but I figured I should give it one more day of rolling/stretching to try and let it settle down even more.

Grant said...

SMP/CGBP (Feb 10'10)
145/175 = 83%
Not a lot of ddata on either

Ali, looking forward to your Vancouver stories!

Mario "ATP" Ashley (CrossfitRedline) said...





see part 2 here:

Anonymous said...

OPT, I'm new to your blog. I just signed up for the Masters Div at the Regionals in Colorado the end of April. I'm guessing I follow your "late March" WODs since I'm more than a month away, right?


Rainer Hartmann said...

Early March
A1: 105/115/115 (didn't wanna push it due to rotator cuff tear, just trying to make it to Sectionals Sunday)
A2: all unbroken
Run 1K

Marie Rochat said...

Late Marcher:

A1: 135x3/145x3/155x3/165xx/175x2/180x2/190x1/200F/195F
A2. 95x3/115x3/155x3/120x2/110x2/115x2/120x1/120x1/120x1
B. 15/15/15/15/15/15/14/15 Total:119

I don't know my 1RM max for close grip benches. I know I can do 125 for 4+ reps. So my guess is the my 1RM would be around 150ish pounds. Based on this guess A2 was about 80% of my 1RM of close grip bench. However, my A2 were not exactly the military press that OPT asked for. First of all, the way the adjustable bench I have allows for adjustments, I was probably closer to 75 degrees. Also, the back of the bench is so tall that I highest up I could touch was about 1" below my clavicles, becasue I was unable to move my head out of the way of the bar path. I had no spotter to lift out to me for these and they were really awkward to get unracked. I also only have one power rack, so I had to completely strip and reload the between every set to do the front squats and military press.

Really bummed about the two fails at the end of my front squats. The 190lbs. single felt great, so I was surprised I missed the 200 and 195 attempts.

Looking forward to the double tomorrow!

Thad said...

Late March
A1. 3/185 3/190 3/195 2/200 2/210 2/215 f/220
1/220 f/225

A2. 3/95 3/115 3/125 2/135 2/140 2/145 1/150
1/155 f/160

B. 14,15,14,15,14,14,14,14

1RM seated military press is about 74% of close grip bench press

Wes hendricks said...


Late march
A1. 155-175-195-205-215-225-230x-230x-230x
A2. 115-125-135-140-142-145(1)-147(PR)-155(PR)-160X
B. 15 x 8

For A2 I subbed standing military press. I was pretty happy I ended up setting a 10 lb PR at the end of it. Frontsquats I was getting frustrated with my singles

205 CGP and estimate 135 for SMP = .65

Justin Flynn said...

Mid marcher:

Starting today I went back like Chris Dunkin and am doing the early march wods from the 22nd onwards.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 165,185,195/205,215,225/235,245,255

A2 Standing strict shoulder press at the rxed tempo- 95,115,125/135,140,145/150,155,160

B 105 (these felt real good)

Front squat pr for a single is 260, so 255 at 30x0 i was happy with BUT it felt VERY heavy. My front squat is definatley lacking compared to other lifts.

Chris Fodera said...

Late Marcher


A1. 225x3, 235x3, 250x3, 255x2, 260x2, 265x2, 275x1, 285x1, 290x1
A2. 115x3, 135x3, 150x3, 155x2x2, 160x2, 165x1, 170x1, 175x1
B. 18x8

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO: 40gP/40gC (Shake: ReFuel and MRM Metabolic Whey), 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: steak, chicken sausage, apple, almond butter

- Not sure what my 1RM of Close Grip Bench is, but I got 185 for 4 on 20100210 with tempo of 30X0.
- Front Squats felt good on my knee and was getting good depth (far below parallel). Need to work on keeping a more upright back on my ascent.
- Lower back was leaving the bench as the loads increased in Military Press.
- GHDs felt really good...pace was exactly the same for first 15 seconds of every set. Managed to get 144 by keeping 18 throughout. Struggled a little toward the end to keep 18, but was getting it with about a second to spare on the last couple sets.
- Only one GHD and two guys doing this one, so we just did 30 seconds on and immediately switched. May have resulted in the rests being about 3 seconds long on each round.

Grant, nice pick up with the AdiStars! Eric was rocking his shirt today...thanks again.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Kick butt, T-bone!!

Aaron said...

Early March-
A1. 125/140/150
A2. all unbroken

Row 1k. The weather was not going to make for much of a run. The 3 sets of press felt great.

30 minutes of joint mobility/foam roll

LuLu said...

I worked out at the Y today on my lunch break and it was pretty hilarious. I was right beside an O lift class and had some lovely men tell me how much the bar weighed. Then they were kind enough to lift the 70lb padded bar away from the rack for me cuz "it might be too heavy" :) hee hee.

A1. 110x3,120x3,130x2,135x2,
140x1,145x1. Wooohooo my PR in December was 120lbs. I cut this short cuz of time.

A2. 70lbsx3,75x3,80x2,85x2, 90x1,95x1. Did strict press. I am soo close to 100lbs, can't seem to get it yet without severe arch in my back so stopped at 95 :)

GHD's tomorrow. Had not time left.

Lindsey said...

Nursing a knee injury from last Thursday...

A1. Modified to single leg box dips with bar in front rack position. Kept weight to bar only on both legs hoping to prevent further imbalance

A2. 65/75/85/85/85/85/95/95/95- roughly 80% of CHBP

B. 17,18,19,20,20,20,20,21- 155 total - hanging on to the GHD with my legs hurts so modified to anchored on an abmat. Two hand touch top and bottom.

dmarsh said...

Late Marcher

A1. 262,272,282,292,297,302,308,313,315(f)
A2. 155,165,175,185,190,195,200,205,210

B. 104 (13 x 8)

A1. 313 is a PR (previous = 306).

A2. Not sure about best CGBP. Best BP is 294 @ 30X0 and I use a pretty narrow grip so guessing it is not far off from that.

B. Kept these smooth and steady. Felt strong.

unit said...

kick @$$ Trevor!...


late march... A1 60sec A2 180sec

A1- 225/235/245/255/255/255/275/275/275(f)
A2- 135/145/155/165/165/165/185/185/185
B- 105 (12, 13x5, 14x2)



Adam Rogers said...

Early March

A1 - 135,145,155 no problem, maybe heavier start weight next time
A2 - unbroken

A1 - 135,145,155 easy
A2 - first two unbroken, last one broken

B - Run 1k - Road run, struggle in the cold but fun

Mike Molloy said...

Late March:

A1: 155-175-195-205-215-220-225-235-240(f)
A2: (sub strict press, no bench)

B: 119 (15,16,16,15,15,15,14,13)

The abs are going to be toast for quite a while I

Tyler Smith said...

A1. 145x3, 155x2, 165x1
A2. Smooth and fast, kip variations


Runs felt great, the 200m @ 100% felt amazing

Steve Howell said...

Late Marcher

B: Subbed reg sit ups; 24/22/23/23/21/21/21/21

Dave X said...

A1. 195-205-215-225-235-245-255-265-275 Huge PR)
A2. 135-140-145-150-155-160-165-170-175 PR.

B. Skipped off early to work.

DeeJay said...

Can't remember my numbers throughout. Only what I finished on
A1. 301 x 1
A2. 184 x 1 ~ 74% of CGBP
B. 16-15-15-15-15-14-14-13

really having trouble getting up for heavy lifting, especially squatting

Mizar said...

A1: 185(3), 205(3), 215(3), 225(2), 235(2), 240(2), 245(1), 255(PR), 265(f)

A2: 95(3), 105(3), 115(3), 130 (1), 125(2), 130(f), 130(f), 130(f)

B: 18, 18, 18, 17, 16, 16, 15, 17

bmizzlle said...

A1. 205x3/215x3/215x3/220x2/ 225x2/230x2/230x0/225x1/225x1

A2. 105x3/115x3/120x3/120x2/ 120x2/125x2/125x1/130x1/130x1
never done CGBP 1RM...estimated at 175???

B. 11/12/14/13/13/13/14/14=104 reps

A1: felt heavier than normal
A2: very happy with this as my OHP sucks...HUGE WEAKNESS
B. That was fun I love these....... seriously I do

Eric Montgomery said...
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Eric Montgomery said...

Late March

FS: 205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230, 235, 240, 245
SMP: 145, 150, 150, 155, 155, 160, 165, 165, 170F

Breathed at the top of each rep but tried not to rest any more than that. First time I've done this kind of rep timing scheme--definitely hard to stay tight and maintain control during eccentric portion, especially on singles. Failed on last SMP single. Spotter grabbed the bar when it slowed but I don't think I would have gotten it anyway.

GHDs: 12, 13
Only did 2 rounds because I haven't been on a GHD in a few months and rhabdo didn't sound fun.

Michael McCabe said...

FS - 185, 205, 215
225, 235, 245x1
245, 250(PR) - stopped here

SMP - 95, 115, 125
135, 145, 150,
155, 160, 165 (73.333 of CG bench)

subbed knees to elbows for B - 20, 15, 14, 11, 10, 11, 11, 11

Paul Klein said...

March 7th

A1. 140, 155, 170(failed)
A2. All unbroken

The 155x2 felt so easy, I got carried away and went for 170 and missed it.

Run felt ok, I seemed to get really winded at the end of the 100%.

Mobility work felt like a little slice of heaven.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 205(3), 225(3), 240(3)
255(2), 260(2), 260(1)
270(1)PR, 275F, X

A2: 135(3), 145(3), 155(3)
165(2), 175(1), 170(2)
180(1), 185F, X

B: 15, 14, 14, 14, 14, 11, 11, 12
Total: 105

Not sure of 1RM CGBP but guessing around 225. So ... percentage = 80%.


Front squats felt ok, tempo was great throughout. Happy with the 5lb PR.

SMP was good, got up to my 1RM shoulder press.

GHDs - first time I've done over 100, after round 4 was really feeling the stretch in my lower abs ... hopefully tomorrow morning will be alright. Happy with my results though.

Yelvi said...

Early March

A1. 150, 165, 180
A2. Fast and Unbroken

Notes: Thats like a 15 or 20 pound pr for the press and i felt like I had at least 5 more pounds in me. Despite being really sore from push ups, everything felt good today.

Brent Ericksen - CFNasti said...

Early March

145x3, 155x2, 160x1
CTBs unbroken

First presses in months. Need to get that up to par.

Eric S said...

Late Marcher:

A1. 185, 185, 185, 190, 190, 195, 200, 205, 210
A2. 95, 95, 95, 100, 105, 110, 120, 125, 130

B1. 16, 15, 16x6

Don't know my 1RM CGBP, but I was sporting my new Big Dawg shirt today. Very NICE!

Laura said...

Late March;

A1: 103/108/120; 125/127.5/130; 135/137.5F, 137.5F started too low on sets of 3
A2--only 3 sets, was aggravating neck/shoulder 60(3), 70(2), 80(1)--not sure what close grip BP is, maybe 90 or 95 #
B. 4 sets--11 reps each time. 1st time able to do this exercise in a long time due to back pain, so didn't push too hard

Melissa said...

Late March

A1: 125, 135, 145 / 155, 165, 170 / 175, 180 (PR), 185 (PR!)

A2: 65, 70, 75 / 80, 85, 90 (1) / 90, 95(fail), 95 (fail)

90# is 75% of my close grip bench press ( 120#)

B - ran out of time, will have to hit this one during the week.

Sam said...

Early Marcher
A1. 80, 90, 100
A2. Broken
1st 200(treadmill set on 9.5), 2nd(10.0), 3rd(10.5), 4th(11.0), 5th(6.5)

Brent Maier said...


A1: 185-215-235-255-255-255-255-265-270
A2: 135->150

GHD: 105 (18-14-14-13-13-12-11-10)

Short on time and no olympic platform today. Wasn't sure of proper form on military press so sat on bench with no back support. Didn't push real hard today.

Go Trevor! Ouuu

thaczuk said...

A1. 185, 195, 205, 235, 265, 275, 275, 275, 275
A2. 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 140, 145, 145, 145
B. 13, 13, 13, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

SMP #145/CGBP #225 = 64%

Michael FitzGerald said...

A1. made it to 275 (tough)
A2. 160 (~75% of CG BP)
B. 120 in total (15/round)

Jonathan said...


Early March
A1- 110,115,120 (weaksauce)
A2- all CTB unbroken

sub row for run, 1:40-1:33-1:28-1:25-paddle

30+ min hip and shoulder mob

2nd day of OPT, digging the community.

Heavy Evy said...

3's: 205,225,245,
2's: 245,255,265(failed rep2)
1's: 265,265?,275?(Depth?)
3's: 115,125,145
2's: 155,165,175
1's: 175,175,185f
B. 15,16x3,13x4,=115

No idea for my SMP/CGBP, to guess probaly about 80%. Tempo was good through out. All squats were ass to grass except the last 2 reps were iffy on =. Now I've got some good data for some pr's.

Michelle said...

A1. 3s - 125/140/145; 2s - 152.5/157.5/160; 1s - 165/170(f,didn't get out of bottom); 167.5 (f,got out of the bottom then got stuck!)
A2. 3s - 55/62.5/67.5; 2s - 75/80/85; 1s - 90/95(f)/92.5
Don't know what 1rm CGBP is.
B. 20/19/19/18/18/17/17/16 = 144

Hey Stacey...thanks for all your help tonight!

will said...

225,245,265,275,275,280f on 2nd,295,300,305f
didnt have have time for last part

Rob Myers said...


Late March

135#, 155#, 165#, 175#, 185#, 190#, 195#, 200#, 205# (PR)

95#, 105#, 115#, 120#, 120# 120#, 125#, 130# (PR for SP), 135#(PR for SP)

GHD Situps: 10, 10, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7 = 62

Notes: Not sure what my 1RM is for close grip bench press, but I have lifted 185, so for now it looks like 72%.

GHD reps were low, but it was the first time I felt consistent and I didn't feel like I was going to tear something.

Jason Buzzard said...

A1: 155(3), 165(2), 175(1)
A2: unbroken
1K run

Presses felt really good, think I could have got 175 2-3 times.

First time ever that CTB has felt that fast and easy. Where was that when we did the 50CTB/50 burpees?!

Run felt good as well.

Craig said...

A1. 150/160/165
A2. u/b.

ran outside before workout. felt a little winded, perhaps I didn't warm up enough.
A1. felt pretty good. 165 was a fight. 15# pr.
A2. felt light and fast.

Nishant said...

really having trouble getting up for heavy lifting, especially squatting
party video

Jacques A said...

A1: 135-185-205-225-225-245(F= wrist gave out 1/2 up) out of time of 8th set
A2: 95-115-125-125-125-135-155(no time for set#8)

B2: No time

Anonymous said...

A1:165, 185, 205, 225, 235, 235, 235, 245, 255
A2: 115, 125, 135, 135, 145, 145, 145, 155, 165

B: 15, 16, 16, 16, 16,15, 16, 16

Notes: 175 was previous 1rm for press, 265 was previous FS 1rm.

Josh said...


A1. 165x3, 175x3, 185x3, 205x2, 215x2, 225x2, 235x1, 245x1, 250 (F)
A2. 95x3, 115x3, 125x3, 130x2, 140x2, 145x2, 150x1, 155x1, 160x1
B. 16/13/13/13/15/14/13/15 - 112

Anonymous said...

A1. 230x3/240x3/250x3/260x2/270x1/270x2/277.5xf/275xf/275xf
A2. 128x3/132x3/138x3/140.5x2/143x2/145.5x2/148x1/150.5x1/153x1
B. 18/18/18/17/16/15/15/14 = 131

I could tell when i woke up that I was not feeling it today. Had to drag my butt to the gym, and struggled with the front squat, CNS just not willing today. On a good note have not pressed over body weight for approx. 3 years.

Jenny said...

Late march ( kilos)
A2.40/40/40/45(1 rep)42.2/42.2/45-45-45

Did 3 attempts amrap Double unders after..

Bear said...

A1 70 – 80 – 95 kg / 100 – 102.5 - 105 kg / 107.5 - 110, fail – 110 kg

A2 45 – 50 – 55 kg / 57.5 – 60 – 62.5 kg, fail / 60 – 62.5, fail – 62.5 kg
(78 % of Close Grip Bench Press)

B Amrap in 30 sec/ 35 sec rest x 8: 19-16-15-14-14-15-15-14 reps

Shared SU-place hence the slightly longer rest. Did not have any support for my back to the seated SP, maybe I should´ve?

md said...

a1. 165,175,185, 190,190,195, 200, 200, 205(f)
a2. 115,115,125 (2), 125,130,130, 135, 135, 135 (f)

b. 13, 14, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13

Unsure of max on close grip bench?

exp. said...

I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed squatting…managed only singles from 250# on…

A1.Front squat: 205×3/225×3/235×3(forgot about tempo on first 2…silly mistake)/245×2/250×1(f)/250×1(f)/255×1/265(f)/260(f)…should have fought harder for this last one…felt stuck forever, but according to a buddy the bar was still moving…I sure as hell couldn’t tell…


ghds: 16/14/14/14/13/13/13/13…110 total…uggghhhh!

Melisa C said...

A1. 150, 155, 160 for 3s
165, 170 1(F), 170 for 2s
175, 180, 185(F) for 1s

A2. 65, 70, 75 for 3s
80, 90, 90 for 2s
92, 93(F), 93 for 1s

GHDs = 123

Chris Dunkin said...

mid marcher

did these wrong:
1. 155, 165, 175
2. straight thru

runs felt good, and successfully completed 30 full minutes of joint mobility.

Andy said...

A1. 150/160/170
A2. UB/13-2/12-3

Run felt good, beautiful day to do a run here in Texas.

I am going to stretch and foam roll this afternoon.

Justin Flynn said...

Mid Marcher

A. 155-160-170
A2. unbroken

Have a bit of shin splints right now. am going to row instead. dont want to aggrevate it for this weekend at all.