Monday, Mar 22, 2010


rwcorson said...

Geez DJ, you the man!!

Dave X said...

Great stuff!!

Great showing by all the Dawgs this weekend. Now it's my turn to answer the bell!

Mike Molloy said...

Just wanted to post a quick update on the New England Sectional.

I managed to ride a strong showing on the first workout through the rest of the weekend. I also met some amazing athletes that have been following but not posting, and I think I've convinced them to get on board.

On the relaxing 3 hour drive home, I got sick as a dog, so I'm off to rest for several days. Can't wait to get back on board.


Chris Dunkin said...

nice job DJ.

i'll be joining that club by the end of the year.

mainsite wod for me today: 2:18, then ext rot, and powell raises for 3x8 each.

more bees, please.

Lucas Hare said...

Mike Malloy, I told you I would start posting so here it is. I just wanted to say a quick thanks to OPT and the Big Dog Community. I train alone in my garage and have been following the OPT Blog WODs since December but I never posted. I competed in the New England Sectionals this past weekend and placed 19th overall out of 120 male competitors. I felt prepared for the WODs because of the programming that is being given to us here. It was very reassuring to know that I had done multiple WODs in a day and knew when and what to eat. For me sweet potato with apple sauce and protein powder was the perfect fuel. I ate as soon as I was able after each WOD and fit full meals in when I could. I consider my first Crossfit competition to be a complete success. Not because of my place but because on the ride home I knew I had given it everything I had. Mike, it was great to meet you, you fought to the end and showed tremendous heart. I hope we can get a WOD in when you come to Maine in the summer.

Lucas “Clucas” Hare

Jason Anderson said...

Badass That's one of my goals this year. My max DL is 455 and Squat clean 255. HSPU, MU no problems. Snatch PR 190lb on Sat. Love any Tips. The catch is messy yes haha.

Today to brush up did.
5rnds w/20lb vest
10 Burpees,10 GHD Situp,20Du 7:57
Rested 10 min
2k Row - Easy pace 9:05
Some 30 Band Good Mornings@30X0, 30 GH Raises@2040

Gord said...

Nice work beast.

Congrats to all the big dawgs on their performances this weekend.

Roch said...

3 girls and 2 men from our gym qualified at the regional this weekend, they where all following your programing OPT:
-LULU 2nd (same amount of point than the first but the other girl finish 1rst at 2 of the event so they gave her the title)
-Emilie 5th
-Jakie 10th
For the mens:
-Pete 3rd
-Mizar 15th

will get back to work begining April.

Roch said...

Hey DJ solid performance!!!

Erik Luber said...

Roster updated with all the scores from this weekend:

Mike Molloy said...

Lucas! You kicked serious ass this weekend man. Crazy engine on this guy.

I'll definitely get in touch on my first trip to Maine.

Chad Hall said...


Just wanted to give you a big thank you for everything that you do for the community. I've only be following for a few months but I know I've seen improvements already, it's exactly what I need to take my training to the next level.

I qualified with Michael McCabe from the Ontario sectionals so I'll be seeing you and everyone else at the end of May! Thanks again for all the time and hard work you put into the programming, none of it is necessary but all of it is greatly appreciated!

Chad Hall

Pete McIntire said...

Posted late last night, but wanted to follow up to Mike Molloy's post re: New England Sectionals. I finished 8th and this programming (following since Dec 09) and community played a big part in that.

OPT, thank you for sharing your knowledge and I'll be posting as soon as I get started after a few days rest.

Sweeney said...

Impressive work DJ!


Great showing this past weekend.

Do you ever wonder what this site will be producing in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years down the road?

Jonathan said...

Managed to make it through the OR/ID sectionals, and on to regionals- but barely. WOD placing was 16-51(!)-8. Had some bad GI issues all weekend, which turned nasty and had me out of commission all week. Just now able to get back at it, though I still feel pretty whupped.

Was only on the program for a few weeks before the sectional, regardless I can see how the programming and competition from the other big dawgs is great. Very well balanced programming, and strong athletes.

Lots of work to do, I have HUGE imbalances in my abilities.

Jonathan Burns
CrossFit Coeur d'Alene

Tlaw said...

Congrats Jonathan! Have to get a firsthand account of the competition when I get down there again. I'll be looking for your posts

Steve Howell said...

I want to be DJ Wickham strong!

Melissa said...

Dear OPT (Coach)!

I Finished 6th in New England Sectionals (listed as 5th on the 2010 Games site because #1 Heather Bergeron was an automatic qualifier from last year's games)!

I will tell you what made the difference: training with the Big Dawgs created a personal awareness I had not yet experienced as an athlete. I went in to each WOD with data - I knew how many reps at various weights I could expect to do unbroken. I knew how certain lifts under certain circumstances would feel. And I also knew how to gauge "AMRAP -2" in the middle of a round so that I didn't break down later on.

A week ago I decided not to compete in Sectionals because I've spent January - March traveling to Cape Cod every weekend to be with my ailing father. I didn't want the added pressure or stress of competition. The week leading up to Sectionals I decided to compete for the pure love of the sport.

It was an emotional weekend for so many reasons... I cried tears of joy over so many athletes' performances and accomplishments.

And I hugged every fellow athlete with an "OPT - Unbroken" t-shirt on.

Much love,
Melissa Mulligan
Crossfit Performance
Fairfiled, CT

Trevor Salmon said...

Beautifully written Melissa and I hope all goes well with your father.

Lisa M said...

Nice work Melissa I am sure your father is very proud of your accomplishment and wouldn't have wanted it any other way!! I hope he gets well soon and that you continue your journey to regionals.

Melissa said...

Thank you Lisa and Trevor. Means a lot to have the support of the CF community and the power of the Big Dawgs in my corner.