Wed, Mar 10, 2010

is the "ultimate athlete" the fittest?

for reps:

Running Clock CTB unbroken chin ups
rest 2 min
Running Clock Burpees
(once you begin chin up set, you cannot break by coming off bar OR by hanging - i.e. you must be constantly moving; either constitutes a stoppage; chest to deck and jump with arms fully extended straight overhead at top of burpees)

post 2 scores of minutes achieved and reps in last minute to comments
double Thursday


Geoff Aucoin said...

I like pie.

Lisa M said...

I'm confused how this wod works. I think I must be retarded??? Oh I like ice cream more than pie

Heavy Evy said...

So swinging my kip like a madman back and forth at the bottom is ok? If it is I'll vid cause that will look hilarious.
20ub CTBs.......5min swinging on bar like an idiot!!!

Brandon said...

I'm guessing these are ladders (minutes and reps achieved from Coach's instructions). 1st minute, 1 rep. 2nd minute, 2 ub reps, etc...

If I'm wrong, Geoff or someone else will correct us. So glad I practiced the big kips again today!!!

bmizzlle said...

Hello oregon/idaho sectionals competitors! how do you all feel about our WODs this weekend?


5 rounds for time (15 min cap):
1 15' Rope Climb - 15 foot ascent
7 Thrusters (135/95lbs)


3 rounds for time (20 min cap):
10 Deadlifts (315/185lbs)
20 Ring Dips
30 Box Jumps - 24"


For time (25 min cap):
30 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
30 Ground-to-Overhead (95/65lbs)
30 KB Swings (2/1.5 pood)
30 Overhead Squats (95/65lbs)
30 Burpees
30 Ground-to-Shoulder (95/65lbs)

DeeJay said...

Brandon you are right... Lisa, see Brandon's post...

This WOD will kill me...

my word is "compate" like compete but through eating... like I have been comEATing for the last couple of months and that explains my belly

Martin Altemark said...

I wonder when I'm gonna get comfy with these uncomfy things?

death by unbroken CTBPU: 13 full+6 (97 reps). Grip gave up 6 round 14.

death by burpees: 16 full+10 (146 reps)

Fun fun. Burpees where slow motion slow today for some reason.

OPT said...

the chin up has to be "continuous", if you pause at the bottom...or miss your kip timing, miss the bar at top,'re done; once you get on the bar, you have to complete the required reps for that set in "one continuous attempt"
burpees, fraction as needed

Gord said...

11min + 7 (73)

18 min + 15 (186)

Thad said...

CTB chin ups 15min+15=135

Burpees 17 min+ 13=166

Melissa said...

Chin-up ladder, 10 minutes + 5
Burpees, 16 minutes

Catching up on posts and getting back into the swing of things after a rough few days away with an ailing parent.

The mind gives out before the body, that's for sure.

Mr.Lundmark said...

Chin ups: 6 rounds. Failed on hitting the bar on 5th rep on 7th round. = 26 reps.

Burpee's: 14. Physically I could have made 15 but wasn't in the mental state to do it. 105 burpee's I think?

Jenny said...

Did the row WOD from yesterday this morning

Didn´t have much time so I rested 1 minute in between sets.
meters 60 sek row: 282-274-270-268´-265
meters 30 sek ( rest 30 sek )

Chin ups:
10 rounds+7
Not very satisfied..

16 rounds

Heavy Evy said...

Now I get it Death by CTBs, Death by Burpees.

Thanks for the clear up!

Grant said...

@OPT @ 7AM

Poor showing today. Row last night tough. Went to bed late. Hockey today

CTB 12rnds+6
hands still ripped from the KBS on Sunday

Burp's; 13 rnds.

Brian Maier said...

CTB's: 10 rounds + 10 (65 reps)

missed my chest on final rep of round 11.

Burpees: 14 rounds + 10 (115 reps)

burpees slow and painful.

Had no mental spark this morning.

Stephen Flamm said...

Running clock UB CTB: 13 + 9
Running clock burpees: 14 + 9

Geoff Aucoin said...

CTB's-11+9 reps. Hands slipped off the fat bar and lost kip. Wasn't tired but I was getting those headaches during the rest intervals.

Burpees-14+12 reps, no gas here. Crappy sleep last night possibly the culprit. No headaches during rest so it could be a breath-holding thing.

My word is 'agame.' Isn't it, though?

dontpanic356 said...

CTB: 14 + 8
Burpees: 11 + 8

I hate burpees. Plain and simple...the worst (hardest for me) exercise on the planet. Thrusters and double unders are a close second

BK said...

CTB ;10+7
Burpees; 15+13.
Happy with my movement ,feeling strong.

Jonathan Burns said...

Starting my taper for ID sectionals this weekend. Catch everyone on the flipside.

Bmizzle, sectional WOD's seem fine w/me

James, my wife and I are on the mailing list for the Ancestral Health Symposium, hopefully they hook up some CME credit for it.

dmarsh said...

CTB PU: 15+7
Burpees: 15+12

Sounds a bit like an exertional migraine. You can find some decent info online about it. I have suffered from them in the past. Mine were especially set off my pullups, overhead squats and generally anything involving excessive tension about the neck/traps.

First time I simply took 1-2 weeks of rest/light activity and they went away. Second time I underwent 3-4 ART treatments and that eliminated them.

Hope that is helpful.


Michael FitzGerald said...

C2B - 12 min
PUB - 16 min

Did not have all the mental fortitude today. Burpees should have been 18.

Benny Ahlstedt said...

CTB 11 rounds
Burpees 16 rounds

rwcorson said...

I did part part from yesterday this am. Details there.
I will do burpees later this afternoon. No pull ups.

Katrina Burton said...

Pullups - 17 complete = 153
Stopped after 17... a tear is starting to form and it's better to keep intact this close to Sectionals. I had more juice though.

Burpees - 15 complete + 12 = 132
Kept this pretty strict. No wave or knee boost off the floor... the guys up at CF Edmonton who are programming our sectional frown upon the knees touching the floor on a burpee so I decided to practice that here and see how I could manage.

Littleredhead said...

Bollocks! I did it wrong again!! I was not sure what the continuous clock meant....I just did max reps CTB and max reps burpees!!! DOH!

CTB 21
Burpees 30

Pete said...

Hey Dawgs,

I'm in need of an outside perspective and would appreciate any advice or recommendations.

I'm competing on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd so I recently dropped back to the Feb 20th sched.

We just did back to back doubles last weekend and I've been bagged ever since. I really pushed myself hard on the 2nd WOD on Saturday (800m sprints) and can't remember the last time I felt so taxed post-WOD (I even went into a few sneexing attacks). Anyways, I woke up Sunday morning in a fowl mood but managed to get myself warmed-up and had two good WODs on Sunday.

I was absolutely bagged on Monday and still on Tuesday so I took another day off. Mostly experiencing DOMS, lack of focus, I was lethargic, and most of all I had an unsatisfiable hunger. I seem to have some allergies at this time of year so I'm not sure if this is a factor, but I don't think I have a cold.

Anyways my question was mostly in regards to that unsatisfiable hunger. I eat really clean (mostly Paleo) and try to follow the post-WOD recommendations for meals. I'm around 7% body fat. Should I listen to my body and just keep eating (clean obviously) or could this be something else? Did I maybe not fuel enough after the intense weekend sessions? What does this non stop hunger mean? I've always had a very quick metabolism so if I'm hungry should I just keep eating.

I'm trying to get alot of sleep but at times (especially when doing intense WODS or doubles) my nervous system doesn't seem to shut down entirely.

I'm not sure if I'm just fighting a cold or something, overtrained, underfed or just in need of a couple of days off but with my qualifiers coming up very quickly I need to address this ASAP.

I was back at it today (despite still feeling tired) and my performance was good. But post-WOD I feel crappy again.

Sorry for the long-winded message but any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks Dawgs,

Lisa M said...

CTB 10 rds + 5
Burpees 16 rds just finished at the buzzer

Big improvement for chest to bars happy with that. i like burpees but never heard that your knees can't touch always thought chest just had to hit deck hmmmmm must revisit these then. Thanks for the tip Kat and again you are amazing!!!

bmizzlle said...

Jonathan, yea I personally love the WODs I feel the deads are a little heavy for me, but whatevr, Unbroken right....Good luck to all see you Dawgs there!

Pete, whenever I feel crappy after a WOD a big steak always makes me feel better...

Eric S said...

12 + 6 CTBs.
12 + 10 Burpees.

Would have liked to get more burpees, but they gas me out too much.

Garage Crossfitter said...

14+11 ctb (much harder with these rules of moving contantly or lose rhythm of kip)

17+5 burpees, worked on landing with a much wider stance, this worked good for me

md said...

CTB - 8 + 2 (missed the bar, oh well)
Burpees - 18 +15

Just the opposite of don'tpanic. I hate pull ups. I suck at them and they i think they hate me right back. But, ill keep working on them.
Burpees went great. I just needed a few extra seconds of rest after 18.

joey warren said...

CTB pullups
17min + 13

PU burpees
18min + 17

OPT said...

pete, three H's for optimum performance - hungry, horny, happy...if any are missing, you need a break (a break right now will only build the fire, not distinguish it)...only come back when you want to eat the barbell, otherwise, rest up...

Mack Lar said...

Trying to work back into things slowly after Sectionals. Took 2 days of complete rest then did yesterdays WOD today. Only did 5 rounds and kept the weight relatively light. 135lbs.

I am not an expert by any means, but one lesson that I have learned and relearned in the past year is that it is more beneficial to take an extra day of rest than to kill yourself to squeeze all of the workouts in. There's a fine line you have to run between overtraining and pushing yourself through multiple WOD's so your prepared for doubles and triples in competition. If I was you I would eat a lot more(quality foods of course) and do whatever it takes to get 9 hours sleep for a few nights. Hope this helps. Have a good taper and good luck at Sectionals!

Pete said...

OPT and Mack Lar, I really appreciate the advice.

I like the 3 H's of Optimum Performance. Hadn't heard that before.

Well you know I'm hungry, so without getting into the "too much information" category about the other two h's ;) I'll back off for a couple of days and then see how I feel.

My performances are going well and I've made alot of great progress as of late so I've got nothing to gain by overdoing it.

Thanks again,

DeeJay said...

Pullups - 13+8
Burpees - 14+12

unit said...

A- 15
B- 15

a- shut down early bc of tears... freakin pansy @$$ palmar skin
b- all unbroken in each set... shut down early again...
though I felt I had more 2 push as far as number of sets, the quality and speed through the work sets that were maintained unbroken felt great.... felt speed fading on last set of burpees... all in all felt like a gd quality and intense WOD...

I like it... hungry horny happy...

thought I'd share a quote someone told me 2day...
someone told me 2 register for a drawing for a nalgene water bottle at the globo gym 2day, saying I could use one... then another person that works there said 'Garry Martin doesn't use nalgene... he uses a cow's bladder as a water bottle!'
thought that b pretty freakin sweet...
hungry horny happy holstein?...

Mack... congrats again brother... glad 2 hear ur resting up... I took 5 days off (a wk after sectionals) and found it well worth it...


Ali Loach said...

Pullups - 6 rounds
Burpees - 11 rounds

Shut both down early because my shoulder was feeling sketchy.

I'm pretty sure my shoulder and rowing aren't friends.

Alex Duncan said...


Pullups: 13 +8 Could have kept going but I stopped to rest on the bar for a second, force of habit I guess.

Burpees: 14 Sluggish. Probably had something to do with the couple hundred pushups involved in PT at work this morning. Go Army indeed.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Lisa M, did you happen to observe anyone else doing a single burpee when we had our last comp down in Okotoks? My chest happens to touch the floor only because it's attached to the rest of my body, which hits the floor in a painful and loud manner. You need to train with other folks more often, lady!

The 3 H's of optimum performance; James just unleashed that gem because I've never heard of it. Of course, I'm really happy if I'm humping my food so I've got those H's nailed!

PTS said...

CTB- 14+ 11.

stopped at bottom on 11th rep out of instinct to try and gather it up fo the final 4.

burpees 15 + 8.

bball game later tonight.

Mike@CFCochrane said...

CTB Pullups- missed a bar touch in round 5, went on to rnd 7 anyway and missed the bar on the last rep.
Burpees- 12+8, felt really good and quick. Hit the floor on last one and hit a wall, thought I was going to finish that round.

unit said...

geoff... that's flippin hillarious!...

Lisa M...
the standard 4 burpees at the Midwestern sectional was that knees weren't supposed 2 touch... also no wave or worm-like motion on the way back bringing ur feet in reminiscent of 80's break dance moves...


Aaron said...

I just wanted to send a quick thanks your way. I have been following and posting on here since x-mas and have made incredible gains. This past weekend I competed in the Deep South Sectionals and finished 7th overall. I felt very prepared for all of the workouts and remained very consistent throughout the weekend. I will now be heading to Jacksonville, Fl. the last weekend in May for regionals. I plan on resting until this weekend before I start back up. I really can't thank you enough for the programming and the incredible community that you have built here.

Lauren said...

pull-ups - 9 rounds
burpees - 13 rounds
mis read the wod early this morn and thought burpees were unbroken also? not that you could really judge it very well...but alas, all my burpees were 'unbroken' too.

Lisa M said...

Last time i checked my knees were attached to my body and i Have these two bumps (though rather small) on my chest that you would think would keep my knees off the ground but i am sure they still touch - i never had any of my burpees not counted last comp and chad action was judging me right beside James so I am assuming i am doing them up to "standard" smart ass!! and yes i wish i could train more with others life circumstances however do not permit such luxury...

Lisa M said...

I can't dance so should be safe - ha ha

Lindsey said...

A - 5 + 3 - not breaking rhythm is my issue
B - 11+10 (so close!) - subbed regular pushups

Didn't feel I did enough pull ups so did two more ladders of pull ups after the push ups. I never got more than 5 rounds.

MRI results came back- torn meniscus. Surgury scheduled for Monday. I'm ready to stop subbing!!

andrewromeo said...

A: 11 +7
B: 15 + 13

Dave X said...

"three H's for optimum performance - hungry, horny, happy" New T-shirt?

CTB 6th minute. Sucked. Chest missed bar.
Burpees 14th min. Pretty happy. Felt strong and had a burst. Not a strength of mine.

Stern rules.

Wes hendricks said...

17 + 11.....left hand tore at the end of 17 and I just kind of bitched out

PU burpees:
17 + 17

TLaw said...

12+4 CTB
13+7 Burpees

Brett Marshall said...


Rainer Hartmann said...

CTB: 11 + 6
Burpees: 13 + 11

Sam said...

CTB: 5rds+5
CTB are definitely one of my weaknesses =(
Burpees: 15rds

Erik Luber said...

13+9 CTB
13+9 Burpees

Always humbling to post after Brett Marshall...

Kenneth said...

3 reps for minute 6
5 reps for minute 8

bmizzlle said...


Steve Howell said...

Pullups 13+9
Burpees 15

rwcorson said...

6.5 hrs after airdyne intervals
15 rds + 14 reps = 134 reps, not enough will to push for the last 2 reps to get 16.

Brent Maier said...


Feb 23 (Early Marcher):
Part I: 10:23 (60 HSPU/60 CU)
Part II:
x2 2 min sprints @ 11.5 on treadmill & incline 1
x1 5 min aerobic program set at max level on stair climber. Tougher than expected. I sweat more this 5 minutes than I did the rest of the workout.

For some reason the forum isn't accepting any posts that are back dated that far. Tweaked a nerve before my workout a few days ago wheeling the bench over to the platform. Doh... Taking motrin and trying to roll it out.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Never heard of the 'no knee' standard in my life, that's too random for me to think about.

I just got chirped by Lisa, I may have to retire now.

Steve Smith said...

I'm such an idiot. I completely screwed this one up. I should make a habit of reading the posts before I do the dang workout.

A: One set unbroken C2B Pull-ups - 21

Rest two minutes

B: One set unbroken Burpees - 50

I figured today was supposed to be active rest or something.

Oh-well. Will have to try it again later.

Chris Fodera said...


CTB: 11 + 9
PUB: 16 + 11

- PreWO: 16g BCAA-G
- PWO: 40gP/35gC (Shake: ReFuel and MRM Metabolic Whey), 8g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: chicken breast, kale, banana, mac nuts

- Lost my kip rhythm at the bottom on the 10th CTB in min 12. I had more CTBs in me, but rules are rules.
- I went with a regular kip b/c when I use the ButterFly it always screws with my rhythm and I didn't want to chance it with the unbroken parameters laid out.
- I definitely need to get an efficient ButterFly kip down if I want to up my numbers.
- Got a bad headache during the CTBs that lasted throughout.
- Burpees felt pretty good until minute 14 when they got challenging. Really wanted 17, but no luck.
- On duty today so my eating schedule has been really off keel; I was 5+ hours into eating nothing before starting this one and I've noticed that 4 is about my max.
- Long night of duty ahead of me, so tomorrow's double should be interesting.

Laura said...

11+9--missed bar on 10th rep, was thinking more about my grip on the fat bar instead of kipping!

15+15--so close Michael--next time!

Eric Montgomery said...

CTB: 7 rounds plus 6/8 on 8th round. Still struggling on CTB rhythm and grip

Burpees: 13 rounds plus 13/14 on 14th round. Just plain ran out of gas.

david83 said...

CTB - 11 rounds plus 10 just missed the 11 rep,
not bad for me personal considering my ctb are a work in progress at higher repetitions.

17 rounds plus 1 burpee into the 18the round.
not bad today pretty happy

derb said...


Pullups: 10min + 9(lost my kip rhythm but had alot left)

Burpees: 16min +14

Heavy Evy said...

CTBS: 10min+7

Mostly a reg kip, need to work the ctb butterfly, but big improvement on CTBs. Burpees are still burpees, but met my goals today so I'm happy.

Brandon said...

CTB: 8+6
Burpees: 12+10

Complete brain lapse and missed chest in 9th round. Had another couple rounds in me which is a huge improvement. Gassed on burpees and stayed focused until my body wouldn't go.

Michelle said...

Did this WOD in a training session with Brett.
CTB pullups - 8+8 'continuous' as per James' description. Was good to experience was significantly different not being able to adjust for rhythum/ setting up the next kip, etc..Went until I missed my kip timing. Then continued on with 'unbroken' and got to 10+7.
burpees - 16+13

Lisa M...I think you should get bonus points for 'chirping' Geoff!!!

Steve G said...


Lost kip rythym...


Notes: a little dissappointed with CTB...felt I should have been 15-16 rounds at least...

Burpees were good...hit a wall in round 15...perhaps I could have pushed harder but I felt pretty gassed...

Yelvi said...


Soren said...

coming back from knee injury , going easy...

CTB: 14 +10
Burpee: 17+1!!!
Never got back up, most have been glue on the floor

Rossco said...

Chin Ups: 13 min + 6 reps
Burpee: 12 min + 10 reps

Chin broke vertical on pullups, PR rounds by 3. Last time I did it, I got to 10 rounds and they wre broken. woohoo.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Michelle! How quickly you abandon your brother just because you happen to have small chest bumps like Lisa M...

Craig said...

Chin up : 13 tore a callous off so I stopped.
burpees : 17.

Michelle said...

Oh brother Geoff...Wow!!! You really got me!!! Not surprising though...Because you're the funniest guy ever!!! Oh, and clever and witty too...Gosh Geoff, how nice for you that you have so many GREAT qualities to COMPENSATE for your SLOOOWWWW BURPEES!!!!!

Bear said...

Death by unbroken pull-ups (on a trapeze): 13+6 reps
Death by burpees: 16+11 reps

will said...

chin up 13
burpee 12

Paul Klein said...

Done on 3/11/2010

Just coming back after sectionals

c2b = 9
pub= 16+12

lost the Kip in set 10 right out of the gate.

Rob Myers said...


CTB: 9 + 9

Burpees: 14 + 6

Notes: Lost rhythm after rep 9 of set 10, so I am not happy with this number. Burpees could have been better.

Bin said...

c2b - 10 min
burpees - 15 min

exp. said...

**I actually did 13min (+10), but in my round of 11, I thought I was at 10 and came off the bar...f$%kin' stupid mistake...choked...did the rep and kept going...wasn't near failure so I didn't want to the end, grip was the issue with these and will likely continue to be until grip gets stronger

PUB-16 min (+13)...all 16 rounds unbroken, but my pace slowed considerably on the last round...feeling pretty slow today