Sunday, Mar 28, 2010

For time:
30 Pull-ups
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
400m run
30 Push-ups
15 Push Press or Jerk (135/85lbs)
30 Squats
15 Front squat (135/85lbs)
400m run
15 Deadlifts (225/155lbs)
30 Pull-ups

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Paul Klein said...

Everyone did an excellent job at the qualifiers yesterday.

Go at it hard again today, everyone here is cheering for!

Jason Anderson said...

Best of Luck to all Big Dawgs.
Second 3-1 cycle felt sluggish need to rotate back into 3-1,2-1.
13:59 Got hit by a bus in the second run. Gonna guess those few glasses of champagne last night didn't help.

Paul Klein said...
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Paul Klein said...

Total time : 14:56

Jonathan said...

this looks awesome...can`t wait to hit this like a firecracker!!!

Just want to say thanks OPT, I used your programming for the Canada East sectionals and I`m very happy with my finish...keep up the awesome work..:)

Elgin Garage Gym said...

Set a pace for 11:00 minutes when I was sizing up the WOD, then had my training partner Kenny shout my times as I went through it. Can't remember the last time I felt that miserable in the end.

Jacob 9:59 Rx'd

Kenny 12:19 Rx'd

Looking forward to seeing some amazing athletes out in Denver for regional's.

Corbin said...

Wasn't feeling the crippler, I had sectionals last weekend so two weekends in a row of competition workouts was a little much for me, so just worked on weaknesses, e.g. HSPU, Ring Dips, Push Ups, Burpees. Ready to get all the way back in next week

Rainer Hartmann said...

Subbed 500 m rows for the runs (knee hurting from the 200's yesterday), Push Presses with 115#, rest rx'd:

Anonymous said...


One of those mornings I had to "just show up". Scaled DL to 205# and Squats and press to 95#. 23:08

Jonathan Burns said...

Is Rx chest to bar for pull ups?

Pols said...


Something has been eating at me all week. Life is busy enough, full time work, full time parent as wife is back at work full time, just finished building a house, and looks like I have to build a couple more houses in the next couple of years to support my wife going back to school full time to get her Masters in speech pathology. Seeing all that was going on with this group leading up to qualifiers, and following what was going on in my backyard in Edmonton this weekend, combined with my results since following OPT's incredible programming, I'm starting to think that it might be time for me to try and compete. As usual, there are a million reasons why not to make this serious commitment to doing my best, but I only need one, and that is the chance to compete with some of you head to head, and to possibly find out what my best is.

I've always used crossfit as a means to an end. I love to train, I love to be fit. I love Crossfit despite of itself. I take issue with some of the people involved with it, random people who think that they are hardcore because they follow it, way too many affiliates whose own ego will not allow them to realize that a weekend long cert class does not make them an expert and does not mean that they are capable of programming properly. There is a lot of BS to wade through before you find the quality. It took me a year and a half to find OPT, and I can't help but wonder what I could have accomplished in that time if I would have started here.

But now I am starting to see CF as more than just a means to an end. It is a process, a transition, a path to find what you are physically and mentally capable of achieving, to see how good you can be. And I think that I am ready to fully commit to this, and I really hope to find the rest of you Big Dawgs at the end of it.

I really regret not making it out in person to see the events this weekend. I really wanted to see the competition first hand.

I also, more than anything, wanted to meet OPT in person.

Either way Coach, I am in Calgary a couple times a year and I will make it a point, if of course you allow drop-ins, to come and learn first hand from one of the true masters of this sport.

I want to thank everyone in this community for providing me with so much inspiration. I look forward to the following year, and hopefully meeting some of you in competition.

Thanks also for putting up with my long, instropective post.

Steve G said...



11:38 with C2B pull ups which is the standard at the Canadian sectionals...

look forward to hearing all stories when you guys/gals get back!

unit said...

jacob... welcome!... c u in Denver!...
Brent, can't wait 2 meet up!...

keep up the work bd's!... y'all r kickin some @$$!...

at work 2day so I'll have 2 hit this one another time... 8^c


Steve G said...

Congrats to all the OPT/CFC guys/gals who qualified for the Canadian championships...Chelsea Miller from CFC won the women's sectional!

Elgin Garage Gym said...

You too Unit, I've seen some of your WOD's on OPT's blog and you're an animal man, way out of my league! I just WOD in my garage with my friends and family, or alone at times, just something that brings us together and keeps me fit.

Denver should be fun... Can't wait!

Brandon said...

Oh my....This crushed me today especially the runs.

18:21 rx'd


Pete said...

Pols, well written man. I share many of the same sentiments that you expressed!

When I first decided to compete this year, in my head, I was simply committing to the actual event that was several months away.

I had no idea, concept, or understanding of what the journey to the actual event would bring me.

Since joining this group, I have learned so much about myself as a person in general, and also about nutrition, food, sleep, rest, discipline, commitment, and balance.

Both my fiancé and I did this together and at times the relationship was challenged, due to fatigue, stress, work, travel, and other life issues(especially on days when the three H's weren't all present, haha), but as a result the relationship has become stronger.

Along the way, I've developed solid new friendships by sharing the experience with my fellow training partners. I find myself surrounded by much more positivity than ever before both in person and through this community. And most important of all, as a result, I have found inspiration. The greatest thing about this is that I have noticed myself giving and sharing that inspiration with others. That alone has brought me the greatest satisfaction and happiness. It truly is contagious.

A subtle transformation has occured over the last few months and I'm happy with the result.

Great job to all the Big Dawgs who represented this weekend. Some solid performances all around!


Pete M said...

everything unbroken, front squats and push press were tough.

Mr.Lundmark said...

16:00 blank.

Changed run into 40 situps, couldn't do anything else since I was doing it in my living-room.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Id like to start following OPT's programming but im not up to big dawg standards yet. Does anyone know if there is a standardized way of scaling these WODs like BrandX does for the mainsite?


LuLu said...


LuLu said...

Hey guys,
Does anyone know if we are starting back on the 30th? Sorry to be a pain in the bum but it would be cool to know so I can work out my schedule. Thanks.

Jonathan Burns said...

14:45, chest to bar on the pull ups.

Going CTB really slowed me down; the first set went 20-6-4, last set was groups of 2 and 3.

Definitely not used to that ROM, have the torn up hands to prove it.

Well done to all the C.C. athletes

CrossFit Coeur d'Alene

Brent Maier said...


Time: 14:06 w/hilly 400

After the triplet yesterday, my legs were fried before I even started on this WOD. Pulled everything from floor. Lost some time on the push jerks, arms were fried. Having just competed last weekend, this was a rude awakening like groundhog day, all over again. Brutal weekend. Great job Dawgs... Nice comeback today Geoff!

Jacob, as RX'd is a strong word around here. I want to see a video of your sub 10. ;)

Unit, I too look forward to living through the pain with you in 4 weeks. See you soon...

Roch said...

Good Job to all Dawgs that competed this weekend and give their best!!

We are 6 athletes from our gym that follow Big Dawgs and made it to regional. We decided to continue with the programing leading to the competition in Calgary with some of you guys in Mai.

It will be a great honor for us all to share that moment with some of you guy!!

I would like to know when the new block leading to regional is starting?


Aaron said...

Had to sub 40 box jumps on 24" box for each 400m run. This was a tough workout. I managed to only have a few small breaks. I think the key for me today was the warm-up. I was fully prepped when I started the watch.

Benorama said...

First time post...

OPT, thank you for your programming and wisdom. I felt so sharp and prepared for my sectional this weekend.

Good luck to all as you continue along with the CrossFit Games season!!

Julian Cruz said...



Nathan H. said...

9am: Heavy weight session

6pm: 10:56 as RXd; PP and FS weight started on the ground. No racks.
Went about 90-95% on this. Saved some in the tank... but no more than a minute or so. Anyone getting sub 9 on this is insane. I broke up my last pullups a lot. My lat is still bothering me, and I didn't want to push it.

Yelvi said...

13: 28

Felt a lot better today with this than yesterday. Push presses were hard. 400's were a jog. Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend. Regardless of how you did, just showing up is more than most can say!

Anonymous said...

Job well done to the big dawgs. I 2nd the props given to Geoff and his move up the rankings after teh Crippler... Damn you Geoff.

Stephen Flamm said...

Just wanted to let you all know that Arjuna Smith, an athlete at my gym, finished 18th in the VA/DC/WV Sectionals this weekend. He has followed OPT programming since January, when he began working out again after having surgery for a severely torn labrum in October.

Chris Dunkin said...

Nice job to all the competitors this weekend. great work Geoff.

Brian Maier said...


All the weights felt really heavy today. Push Press felt like 185lbs. Must have been all the HSPU's I've done last couple of days.

To all the Dawgs out there...freakin awesome this weekend!!!

Pete M....that time is insane!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hey gang, thanks a million for the support. Thanks to James for the programming, too, I've never been so prepared for an event in my life. Now the journey begins to bring my fitness/mental toughness level up to par. I'm going to 'go on' for a bit here but I'm just so full of thoughts and emotion now that I figured I'd just go with it.

This weekend was just another example of why I love this community so much, it was a great event and we represented well in many ways. Just look at our females! Good god they just rocked it out, I was amazed. I really want to congratulate Lisa M and Michelle S for doing so well, they put off the performances of a lifetime. They both just stepped it up and put it all out there; which is incredible because we're talking about 2 moms in their really really late 30's... Inspirational is an understatement.

But it's way to easy to talk about the people that placed, because to the victor goes the spoils, right? I really need to give my deepest respect to the people who SHOWED UP and did it, whether it was their first competition or their last, you guys deserve all the accolades. Bill T, Rob C, Liz, Leighanne, Jefff, Grant & Kathleen etc etc - people who just go out and give it everything they got no matter what. Every day they push themselves and others and it brings up everyone's game PLUS it inspires other people who may have thought they couldn't do it before.

I can't possibly thank Kathleen enough for screaming her lungs out at me for about 600 of the 800m I ran in that last WOD. I swear I was trying to run away from her the whole time. Kathleen, your contribution (and Grants) to the Calgary CrossFit community and OPT is truely immeasurable. If I had half of your heart and drive I'd have Mikko Salo as my butler.

Much thanks to those that came to support us, too (Gord, Darren, Monette, Alvaro, etc, etc). I could hear and feel your voices pushing me on and I needed it. That last workout today was the hardest I've worked since the '08 Games and I'm really happy about that.

I just had the best post-competition supper of my life with my wonderful pregnant wife and our little boy. I'm going to sit in an epson salt bath until I'm a giant prune and then I hope to go unconscious in my bed for 8-9 hours. Massage tomorrow, and probably some chocolate! Thanks everyone!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh and Pete M? 7:32? Really?

Nathan H. said...

Congrats to all the Big Dawgs who competed! This community IS amazing and I feel honored to be around so many awesome people.

And great work Geoff! Youre a beast!


Nathan H. said...

I didn't even realize the WOD posted today was from the Central Canada sectionals. Jeez.. I need to stay up with current events!

I went into the workout thinking, "Oh, another cool WOD from OPT" lol.

will said...

1710 hit a wall. need to change something i havent been up to my potential lately

Connor said...

14:05 RX'd

Chin breaking vertical plane for Pull Ups,

Dave X said...

I certainly don't want to steal anyone's thunder, but I had to update the blog with the results from this weekend.

There were 4 truly awesome performances by the Big Dawgs down in Jersey this weekend. Josh (Garage), Dennis (dmarsh), and Wes (Wes) finished sixth, seventh, and eight respectfully and all literally finished with seconds of each other in the final WOD. Pat (PTS) had a rock solid afternoon and qualified in 21st.

I, on the other hand, had an up and down weekend.

After the first WOD (row/burpee box jump), I was pretty much in the think of things with my time, but in the second WOD (Front squat/double under), I started strong with my double unders however lost the lost the rythmn halfway through and couldn't regain my composure. I finished the WOD which a lot didn't, but I was pretty much eliminated at that point.

So, going into WOD 3 all I wanted to do was finish strong to gain ground and shoot for top half. About halfway through the WOD things got crazy. On the very last rep of 30 toes to bars I lost my grip as I kipped and fell 4-5 feet off the bar crashing straight down onto the floor. As I laid on the floor for a good 10-15 secs unable to breath, I just thought about how I needed to finish this WOD and not to just lay there. I stood up, completed the next two movements and finished the WOD with 30 straight kettlebell swings and only two seconds remaining.

Just like all the other Big Dawgs up to this point, I have to commend James on the level of preparation this programming has given me. While I may be the lone Dawg who didn't qualify, I would say that without the training I've been doing here I wouldn't have been as mentally ready. Physically I could more than handle the workload, but going into each WOD I was relaxed and ready to do battle. "Full Effort, Full Victory" was truly the mantra of the weekend.

This programming has helped me get under 200 lbs, get stronger and get more mentally prepared than anything I could ever imagine. Thanks James.

I'm taking a couple weeks off to get my mind right and to get my body right and I'll be back ready to train again harder than ever.

Josh, Dennis, Wes, and Pat grat job this weekend and I look forward to seeing the DAwgs shred Albany!

Pete M said...

Hey Geoff - you're right with the ?? I must have tapped the timer my watch when doing the push press or front squat and held it up by a few minutes. Sometimes that happens so I normally take it off for workouts that include a rack position like this one. 7:32 is crazy when I look back on it; my apologies for any confusion. Also, congrats on the impressive performance this weekend.

Jason Buzzard said...


Looking back on it after I finished I stayed pretty conservative through the whole thing and should have pushed harder. Legs were sore starting out from Saturday.

Lisa M said...

Wow what an incredible weekend!! I too am very emotional about this past weekend and am about to go on a bit so just skip on if you like but here goes...

I have played competitive sports all my life and NEVER have i experienced what went on this weekend. I was very nervous about the weekend because i really felt that i had something to prove to myself, my family, my friends, and this community - and that was that I am not crazy for doing what i do, and that yes an over 40 mom who trains by herself can still keep up and maybe just maybe kick some ass!! My nerves were quickly abated as i began to meet many of the faces that i know only by their blog name and many whom i have met over the months at the OPT challenges. This community is like no other in the sporting world everyone is so friendly, supportive and genuinley great people.

I want to thank Michelle Savard more than anyone you were my rock, my inspiration and my "co-conspirator" all weekend and you will never know how much you helped my this weekend. I know that i never would have accomplished what i did this weekend without you being there. Melissa C the instant friendship that we developed over this past week made an incredible impact on me as a person and as an athlete and i will be forever grateful to you for that. All the other ladies too many to name but Chelsea, Kat, Ali, Liz, Brit,Kathleen, Laura, Shelley and any that i missed you are all amazing athletes people and are a huge inspiration for me. I challenge anyone to find a sporting event where your fellow competitors care just as much about how well you do as they do about their own performance and in many cases i think care more and want to see others succeed it is truly incredible.

James I know you hear and read this all the time but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You selflessly give of yourself without any expectation in return other than seeing the "fruits" of you labour i guess?? You are a brilliant man and incredible person. Your programming allowed me to go to a place that i never thought possible both physically and especially mentally. I seriously felt like i was having an out of body experience this weekend. I will be forever grateful to you as you have changed my life forever. Thank you.

And to all the boys you are all incredible athletes, inspirations and so helpful and ecouraging it made me feel like i now have a whole other family. Thank you. Your performances this weekend were inpsiring and amazing.

Geoff thank you very very much for what you said i appreciate that more than you will ever know.

Ok I am done and now I will enjoy my week off and then get down to some serious business!!

BK said...

Full respect for every athlete competing on the weekend, phenomenal results everywhere.
First hit out this morning after 7 days rest, been rocked with chest congestion that required antibiotics directly related to crushing pizza,beer and ice cream after sectionals when immune defenses are at their lowest 4 intense WODS in 2 days + inflammatory food=illness.
BS 5X3 @315 ;2 mins
ghd 3x10,be3x10

unit said...

as rx ~ 9:23

congrats 2 all the bd's on a he'll of a wknd!...


exp. said...

14:18 rx'd

mental game lacking big time today...focus elsewhere (school)...tough WOD, but a real blast! front squats much more brutal than expected...

cannot wait to be done this term and degree...

awesome time Unit!