Mon, Mar 15th, 2010

what is your purpose here?

what things are you doing on a day to day basis that is for the greater good? or do you believe that one should sacrifice things in order to make this happen?

i was involved in a good discussion this weekend on what one can do to create change; to change policies; to change the "rules" of the game; how does one go about doing this?...when will one have time to make this happen?

are you willing to compromise, move aside, give order to give in some way?

Terry teaches us how in a small way; with a small vision and glimpse into what can be, you cannot be sure how powerful this can become. I was 8 years of age when i participated in my first Terry Fox Run, i still have the poster....why?...because Terry affected everyone with his glimpse into what can be and his vision for change

what are you doing today for no reason behind it that is making a change?


rwcorson said...

Over $500 million has been raised for cancer research worldwide by the Terry Fox Foundation. A bit more than he had ever dreamed of. WOW!

ken c said...

congrats nathan holiday. those so cal wods looked like some crazy attempt to out hard the rest of the world. anybody split their shins open on those bleachers?

Garage Crossfitter said...

Great great video...

Brent Maier said...

How do you get your heart rate to jump from a resting 60 to 120bpm without lifting a thing? Read your upcoming Day 1 WOD's for your upcoming next week. I'm still shaking! Mountain Regionals, here we come, OUUU!

WOD #1: "Row/Swing/Run"
Three rounds for time of:
Row 500m
21 Kettlebell swings, 32kg/20kg
Run 400m

WOD #2: "Snatch/Muscle-up"
In 12 minutes, reach a 1 rep max snatch
Add 2# bonus for each muscle-up completed in that time

Nathan H. said...

Thanks Ken!

Surprisingly, everyone survived. No one fell or had any injuries that I know of. Coming down the steps after the first set of bumper squats was an interesting experience. Wobbly legs!

I bombed the last 800m run event... about 200m in my body was in complete oxygen debt... It was a great experience though. Learned a ton.

I ended up placing 9th overall. And I know OPTs programming and this community helped a lot. Thanks everyone! And thanks OPT!

My legs are retardedly sore right now. Give me a few days and I'll be back here posting. :)

Erik Luber said...

Congrats to everyone that competed this weekend. Some stellar performances. The roster has been updated with all the scores:


Also, In the spirit of the rest day, thought I would post some links to some really thought provoking talks which I think many of you may find interesting.

About business models, strategy, passion and doing what you love.

About agriculture, fish and the way the world feeds itself today. Given from the perspective of a chef.

About the two very distinct ways in which we evaluate our happiness.

Brent, those WODs looks awesome. You are going to crush them.

bmizzlle said...

Thanks to everyone who I have competed with on this site for the last 3 months its pushed me farther than I ever would've gone before

I ended up placing 14th overall....great experience and it was very cool meeting all the Big Dawgs...Chris Dunkin was especially helpful coaching me through the wods....

I leave for the Navy on Sunday so i'll be gone awhile, keep killing it Dawgs!!!

Justin Flynn said...

This weekends events at the Socal sectionals were tough. Going into the Sunday wod I was in 31st place and had a good chance at qualifying. The first of the six max efforts was a 3 minute row for max calories and I knew I would do well here but also knew how extremely demanding a 1k row can be. I told myself to NOT row all out bc I would be smoked for the other five events. 88 cals was up to that point the top score and I figured anything over 85 would be a top five score and put me in awesome standing. But when I got on the rower and had all of my crew shouting at me and Andy P. shouting my name over the loudspeaker I let my ego get in the way and wanted to post the top row time. Instead of going 80-85% I was pulling at maybe 90-95%. The moment I stepped off the erg I knew I blew it. I was never able to get my legs back under me the for the amrap 275# deadlift which was up in three minutes and likewise I was completely smoked going into the remaining five events.

What did I take away from this weekend? Go into each wod with a game plan and stick to that plan. Do not let your ego or anyone else effect your outcome.

I want to thank James for the awesome programming and this community for pushing me to my limits each and every single workout.

Congrats to Nathan on placing 9th. He was very well prepared and looked focused the entire event.

James a question for you. How long should we rest before we start back up our training here?

Brandon said...

I'll jump on the boat as well. I was a volunteer at the SoCal sectionals and had a great time watching Nathan, Colin (I met you at a KStar gig in your box last year) and Justin (who I never got the chance to meet). You guys killed it and it was incredibly inspiring to watch each of you push yourselves.

Nathan, your preparation was apparent and my goodness 50 OHS after all the other squatting!

Colin, I got a chance to watch WOD 2. Outstanding effort.

Justin, my heart went out to you as you started cramping on the first 400m run. The determination you showed to finish the run was phenomenal.

Congrats to Nathan and Colin who I believe qualified for regionals. I volunteered to work just to give me an excuse to watch you guys represent again.

OPT said...

recovery from weekends;
- if you're moving on, do what you need to do to get back at it after 5-7 days (this is generalized)
- if you did not qualify, rest up for minimum 2 weeks (most do not understand it but it seems that CF is the only sport where most do not take enough time off in order to come back and improve...remember, train to get better, don't train just to train)
- if you have not taken any time off for a while...see this from my athletes post season recovery;
olympic bob sled - 8 weeks
NHL hockey - 4 weeks 1 x/year; 2 weeks another time
professional soccer - 8 weeks
sprinting - 8 weeks
5K'ers - 2 weeks 5-7 times/year
10K er's - 2 weeks 3-5x/year
IM - 6 weeks 2x/year
..i could give you more

hope this might give just some insight as opposed to answers...but my adage is this; you should only come back when you feel like you are ready to chew bees, and someone is basically stringing you down...along with posting feelings of high libido and happiness when you get back at it..otherwise, rest, find peace, lay low, refocus...

Heavy Evy said...

Congrats to those that competed this weekend.

I took the liberty to set up some dicounted room rates at the Edmonton Westin for the CND Central Sectionals, rooms will be $99/night. And the link to book them is below. Its a small block so I don't know how long they will go until they are filled.

Paul Klein said...

The Terry Fox story is very inspiring. My dad has been battling stage IV lung cancer for 2 years. He is currently doing small seminars at churches in which he talks about faith and attitude. I think he started doing them as a way for him to cope with the disease. But in the process he has helped and motivated so many people. A friend of mine went to see him speak and she can't talk about it without tearing up, she was absolutely moved by it.

I suppose that like all things in life, if you put all of your effort into something and do it the best of your ability, you will affect change.

James, I will take your advice and rest. I only took three days rest after sectionals. I will spend more time the next week just playing. Thanks for the advice.

Congrats to everyone that competed this past weekend. To those didn't make it, remember..."full effort is full victory". (that gave me comfort after I missed regionals)

Nathan H. said...

It was great competing alongside Colin and Justin. I wouldve like to mingle a bit more but that will have to happen next time.

Brandon, didn't get to meet you, or maybe I did? The weekend was a blur, but I appreciate your kind words. Maybe we'll do some training together in the future.

Both Colin and Justin were strong competitors. I met Colin in line before the double down WOD -- he's a stud, and performed well across the board. And I briefly spoke to Justin before the final event. Rowing 95cal in 3 min is freaking amazing. I rowed close to as hard as I could while keeping a bit in the tank and got 81, 95 is crazy to me.

This community is awesome, and the guys are first class.

I look forward to seeing you guys in the future.

Brent Maier said...

I just got a chance to watch that video. Ironically, our sense of purpose was something they talked about at church this week. Inspiring but very sad in the same respect.

Nathan H. said...

James -

I just want to extend my gratitude for your excellent programming. It really helped and I feel my overall fitness has improved greatly. The SoCal sectionals didn't have a lot of heavy short stuff, heavy olifts or max singles (what I consider some of my best areas) and without this site I wouldn't have done as well as I did.

Other than my legs feeling sore today, I'm extremely eager to start training after this weekends events. Regionals are in 53 days for me; and I can't wait to get in the gym despite my legs. Should I still take extra days off?

Thanks again!

Roch said...

Terry Fox, show a great lesson that if we would give for free just a little or more to our surrounding this world would become one big machine working all in the same way for everybody's happiness and health.

Good luck to all competitor this weekend believe in yourself you guys have been well prepare, do your best and have fun!!

OPT said...

Nathan, start again next Sunday or will thank me for this 46 days after that...

Becky said...

hey opt.
thanks for letting us use your insight in to training. i do believe it helped.
i passed on to regionals in may.
i felt good through the weekend with my effort and the results.
WOD 3 on sunday really got me.
so, hope to be back at it on saturday or sunday.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can get the full length DVD of Terry Fox's Documentary?