Sun, Mar 21st, 2010

Jenny Jacobsen - 1st at North European Sectionals in Stockholm!!!

the Black Box Summit part 2
"get an experience you'll never forget"

A. Dead Lift @ 10X0; 1,1,1; rest 5 min
- build quick and not to a 1RM
B. Bench Press @ 20X0; 1,1,1; rest 4 min
- build quick and not to a 1RM
C. Run 200 m @ 90%; rest 3 min x 3
- effort and technique high

post loads and notes to comments


PTS said...
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PTS said...

Coach what days are we working out on in the upcoming week?

Just trying to make some plans for work and travel and that info will help. Thanks

Littleredhead said...

Its usually a Mon and a Fri rest days.


Jonny smut said...

Hi coach. I just want to say a big thankyou for putting your programming on here. I have been following it from just before the new year but never posted.
I competed in the U.K and Ireland qualifiers and finished in 7th place. There was 3 events of which I finished top 5 in the 1st, 1st in the second one then injured my back on the third still was able to do a respectable time to earn me 7th place over all. This now means I'm through to the next phase of qualifiers. I will continue to follow your site and will start posting my times. Thanks again for the free use of knowledge.....

OPT said...

jonny smut, congrats for your efforts and above all the post name...
PTS, mon/fri off next travels

ken c said...

jonny smut indeed. maybe the best post name ever.

to everyone competing today, don't let up! i've seen people gain and lose a lot of ground on the last workouts.

Garage Crossfitter said...

a: 345 365 380-easy
b: 225 240 250
c: :31, :29, :33

Felt great...

Martin Altemark said...

Jenny 1st at North European Qualifiers. Won every single event. Will be harder at regionals, but she's certainly looking strong.

Melisa C said...

a. 240, 250, 260
b. 105, 120, 125
c. .42s, .33s, .36s

As for part b, I am an idiot and had the bar loaded uneven on the 2nd set.

PTS said...

a. 385,405,415
b. 225, 245,245
c. 31s, 29s, 28s

deadlifts didn't feel great
runs felt better as I went on.

PTS said...

also good luck to all the DAWGS today, finish strong!

Aaron said...

A. 275,295,305 With red band attached to bar.
B. 210,215,220 With a fat bar.
C. 40,38,38 Flat run to end of cul-de-sac and back, slightly more than 200m.

This workout felt good and strong.

LuLu said...

News from Canada East

HEY GUYS, woooohoooooooo.
First of all, OPT, thank you soooo much!!!! Your program helped me to a second place finish this weekend. The competition was amazing, with so many strong athletes here. I managed to stay consistant and finish in the top 10 for every event which helped. I got a pr of 20 pounds on my clean and 5 pounds on the jerk, throwing up 140lbs. SOooo happy. The sandbag shuttle sprint was amazing. The first place finisher had a time of 1:02sec and I placed 5th with a time of 1:02.9 which shows how tight the competition was. The deadlift wod just about killed me but I got through it and the wod today felt really good. MU's,front squats and burpee box jumps. So, all in all it was a GREAT weekend. All of the big dawgs from Montreal represented. There are 5 of us heading to Calgary. I am sure they will write all about it. SOooo get ready for some hugs and smiles in May, yeay.
Lisa M, send me your email so we can talk about a possible place to stay. GOOOD LUCK NEXT WEEKEND EVERYONE. Thanks again and keep training hard.
LULU :) aka(Louise Hodge)

rwcorson said...

A. 286,330,374
B. 198,208,218
C. as rx'd, 1st & 3rd into strong wind

Mizar said...

Ladies, and gents,

Competition is over and managed to finish in 15th place; I hence manage to qualify for the regionals!

As Lulu point-it out 5 people from Montreal following this training qualified for the regionals.

I need to recognize that following this programming helped me prepare for this event to the best of my capabilities. I would like to thank Mr. FitzGerald and all athletes for helping push myself beyond my limits… I know it is exposing weaknesses of mine and I am glad that I have the opportunity to work on them.

Good luck to every-one which still need to compete and congratulations to all dogs that have qualified. It will be an honor to meet all of you.


dmarsh said...

A. 444,464,474
B. 278,288,298
C. 35s,34s,34s

Runs were uphill, but felt good

Lisa M said...

Sweeet work Montreal Big Dawgs and Jenny wow great inspiration for next weekend - hopefully the body cooperates and heals up before then. Low back is absolutely screaming at me so I will take a couple of days off and hope for the best.

LuLu my email is and we have two spare bedrooms with their own bath shower etc and all the workout stuff you will need for warmup. I would love to have you and anyone else who needs a place and wants to cut their costs. I live about 15 minutes from regional site

bmizzlle said...

Awesome job Dawgs keep killin' it!!

I'm off to Navy boot then to BUD/S catch you all later.

Thanks again Coach for everything and good luck to all in the coming comp's OOOOUUUUU!!!!

Jenny said...

OPT! Thank you for posting the pic:) Love the t-shirt!!
I also would like to thank you for your program! I felt really strong this weekend! Like Martin said, it will definitely be alot harder at sectionals! But I will give my all and hope for the best! So, hopefully we´ll meet at the Games!
Thank´s again Coach!


Wes hendricks said...


A. 365-375-385
B. 205-210-215
C. 32-29-30

Felt great/strong with everything today. If it was any other day I would have attempted to break 400 on the DL, since 385 moved so smoothly. But doesn't make sense need to be fresh for next weekend.

Pete said...

Lulu and Mizar just about summed it up.

We were all very well prepared for the events not just physically but mentally as well.

Several people approached us to find out what type of programming we had been doing before the games because it showed that we were prepared.

I managed to finish 3rd overall and can't wait to head out West to compete in the Regionals. I'm very proud of myself and of all of our other competitors that blasted through wods like never before.

Thanks again to everyone for the support. And above all thanks to OPT. This programming is second to none!

Now its time for a good stretch of days off. Mission accomplished.

See you guys soon!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 10AM with Corson
A. DL 374/394/399
focus on higher clavicle on set-up.
B. BP 208/218/223
little too slow on lowering. Good X up
C. 200m runs 30/28/28
ran westbound on the road above the OPT trench. Heavy tailwind picked up & felt like a sail.

rwcorson said...

Congrats to all the Dawgs on their performances this weekend. Great work!
I see Brent Maier finished 16th in the Mtn sectional to also move on to the regional. Way to represent Brent, one of the original BDs.

Michael McCabe said...

another big dawg sectional update... chad hall and i just finished up in ontario, he placed 9th and i finished 12th so we're both headed to calgary for regionals!

a thousand people have already said it but it has to be said again: james, thank you for helping us all get comfortable with uncomfortable. your programming is unparalleled. it will be a thrill to meet you in may.

good luck to everyone else finishing up this weekend and competing next weekend. i'll be back in about a week.

Jonny smut said...

Hi thanks for liking my post name. Iv had it for years but that's another post for another time.

Coach the Europeans are on the 8/9 may, should I continue with your workouts (as I know they have helped me loads) or should I be doing something else to get ready for them.
Thanks again...

Ali Loach said...

A. 250/260/265
B. 125/130/135
C. Felt fast......

Shoulder seems to be holding up pretty good.

Core is SCREAMING at me today from yesterday's GHDs, walking around like a hunchback cause I feel like I can't stand up straight without ripping in half :o)
Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow.

Stephen Flamm said...

A. 385, 395, 405
B. 240, 260, 270 (PR)
C. sled sprints, 100 lbs. on sled; 100m, 75m, 50m, 25m

Strength work felt good. 405 on the DL is a recent PR, and went up much faster than in the past. Sled sprints were both horrible and fun.

Steve G said...



A. 315/385/415
B. 185/205/225
C. Not completed...was not feeling best...

Notes: shoulders yesterday and today could not get warm...DL were ok but I think all the PC's in the last week of WODs fired my CNS...

Eric Montgomery said...

Warmup: 3 x (5x135lb clusters, 10x30" box jumps, 6xHSPU, 10x2pd KBS)

A. 170kg - 176kg - 180kg
B. 120kg - 126kg - 128kg(F)
C. ~35s, 34s, 34s

Notes: Deadlift was a little disappointing--before I came off CFWF programming I was pulling 186kg for a set of 5. This was my first time with fairly heavy deadlifts since then so it's probably just as much a matter of regaining NME as it is strength, though the ~20lbs I've lost over the past month have clearly sapped some strength too. Dunno what happened on that last bench rep--126 went up without too much struggle but 128 stalled.

Steve G said...

meant to say fried my CNS

Martin Altemark said...
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Katrina Burton said...

A. 205#, 215#, 225#
B. 115#, 125#, 125#
C. 32s, 31s, 32s

Felt great throughout today.

Congrats to all the dawgs that finished up today! Looks like there was strong showings for all around the world.

Martin Altemark said...

Congrats all Dawgs, you kicked ass this weekend. Really, REALLY regretted not signing up for competition here in Northern Europe when on site (was judging). Both because WODs where very nice for a small OPT-driven dude like me and that it was very hard seeing all other people sharing pain & hardships together and standing at the sidelines. However didn't see me have the time to train properly before and will also help out at regionals so... Next year (35 is no age is it?)!

Jenny represented with an fantastic effort - I think you will make it to Aromas again this year girl!

Anyways - back from the rest/healing up. Finger is healing a bit and rest is hard so did yesterdays WOD + some sprint rows.

barbell complex (70kg), unachnored abmat situps: 7 rounds+1+2+1

3x200m@90% sprint rows (3 min rests): 36s, 35s, 35s (1:29-1:30 tempo)

Trevor Salmon said...

Excellent work to all the dawgs out there!!!!
Looking forward to meeting many of you in Calgary

david83 said...

Deadlift- within 15 minutes built upt to 485 lbs. It felt pretty good
thank you

Erik Luber said...

A. 110 kg, 120, 135 (PR is 145)
B. 75 kg, 80, 82.5 (PR is 87.5)
C. 30.30, 30.09, 30.28

Love the lift heavy stuff + sprint workouts. Deads felt smooth,w ould have liked to try the 150, but held myself back. Bench felt a bit heavier than normal. Runs were awesome, recovery was great. I definitely have sub 30 in me.

Exciting weekend, inspiring work dawgs. It is going to be a Big Dawgs summit a regionals in Calgary. I'll update the roster tonight.

joey warren said...

A. 350, 375, 395 - felt best ever
B. 255, 275, 290
C. 3 x sprints felt fast off start

Steve Howell said...


*subbed for rows due to weather

Evan Johnston said...

Congratulations to all competing Big Dawgs this weekend! Some amazing performances!!

Yelvi said...

A. 355, 375, 395 didn't feel light, but felt good.
B. Called it after warm up because this was aggravating my shoulder
C. Felt light and strong.

PTM said...

First time poster, but I've been following since Dec 09. I haven't posted in the past because of scheduling issues that keep me at least a few days behind, but I'll try to change that in the future.

Wanted to drop a big THANK YOU to OPT and this inspiring community.

I competed in the New England Sectional this weekend and placed 8th. I'm certain that this programming played an important role.

Going to take a few days and then jump back on board.

Thad said...

A 325,345,355
B 3/205,225,230
C :32,:32,:32

Joel B. said...

Congrats to all the strong work out there, Big Dawgs! Once in a while I take a quick peek and try to see how things are going.

I can't wait to start Big Dawg training again once my fire academy is over. 10 weeks down, 6 to go, unless they don't let me have time to train during 4 weeks of post academy district operations. And, my wife is putting her toes in the water here ...which is great!

Thanks in large part to this great program, I am doing fine in a tough academy with no fire experience prior to being hired. Thank you, Coach and community!

Sam Harmer said...

A. 405 - 416 - 432
B. 275 - 286 - 291
C. 28 - 28 - 28

Nathan H. said...

First day back training. Did some Olift before OPT, felt really explosive and fast. Snatch 220 easily in chuck taylors (left my olift shoes at sectionals!!!)

DL: 396/1, 418/1 Felt heavy, and off. Called it there. Looking forward to more strength work ahead.

BP: 242/1, 260/1, 264/1 Also felt heavy.

Sprinted one 200m in 23.1. A little too fast.. probably 95%. I decided to not do any extra to be safe.

Good training day. Felt awesome to be back!

Heavy Evy said...

A. 353, 373, 393
B. 220, 240, 250
C. 29s, 30s, 32s

Felt good, and still had some in the tank as rx'd. Not much of a runner so not sure about technique, tried to not go 100% effort.

Brandon said...

A. 375/405/465
B. 275/315/335
C. 28s/29s/31s

Everything felt really light. Technique solid on deads and sprints. Hamstring tightened on the last sprint and my back is really tight. Definitely need a day off.

Mike@CFCochrane said...

C. 21/23/23... not precise on distance, there and back

Last 2 days had to drag myself out there, lots going on in life it seems.... just in time for sectionals!

Michelle said...

A. 215/235/245
B. 105/115/122.5
Both lifts felt heavy today. Narrowed my grip for the BP on the 2nd and 3rd rep and that helped.
C. Think I finally got the pace by the last one.
Congrats to all Big Dawgs who competed this weekend!!! Inspiring performances!!!!

Anonymous said...

A. 275, 295, 295
B. 155, 175, 185
C. 3 blasts, close to 200m +/-

Jimmy said...

Never done an OPT WOD before. So this is it? This is the whole thing? And I can expect to see some good results from this type of thing (only 3 reps total per exercise) versus a standard Crossfit WOD? Or is this supplemental to a mainsite WOD? Thanks!

Brent Maier said...

Finally got a chance to check up on this weekends comments and it sounds like everyone did a great job this weekend. Great job and congrats to all of those dawgs that competed this weekend! About the only updates I made this weekend was a quick post on facebook. The mountain sectionals had 140 competitors and our first WOD was a crusher.

I took 23 on the first WOD (row/kb/run) with a time of 13:08. Fastest time was 12 something and the difference between 15th and 23rd was a mere 15 seconds. Got called on 2 KB swings in the 3rd round which threw me off my game a bit. There was also some controversy on how KBS were judged from judge to judge.

WOD#2 was max snatch and amrap MU's in 12 min. Warmups were cut short in my heat because the weights were destroying the gym floor and they had to re-organize stations. Worked up to 185# snatch in warmup room then had 30 minute layover. Heat starts, I pulled the 185# snatch and got started on muscle ups. Had 3 muscleups before the first 60 seconds and continued grinding them out for 12 min. Finished with 185# and 41mu's. 13th place in this WOD brought me up from 26th to 16th place.

WOD3 was a grinder with 135# squat cleans/C2BPU/BJ in 10 minutes. Pushed it hard and ended up holding 16th place after completing 5+1 rounds/reps in 10 minutes.

This is my FIRST Crossfit competition where I feel it was a “full effort full victory” with no regrets on how I attacked each WOD. In the past I've faltered on the game plan by thinking pace on WOD's where there is no time to pace.

In the short term leading up to the regionals in 5 weeks, II have to figure out my pre-fueling strategy. I was POORLY fueled for the demands of WOD#1 and questioned it each and every WOD thereafter. In the now and long term, I need more work in the 7-15 minute time domain (aka the long grinders) and running while absolutely fried. I don’t know how much of it is age at 38 but I’m not one to make excuses so lets all keep working hard and continue to get better as a team!

Thanks for everyone’s support and GREAT JOB everyone! Ouuuu. I think I’m going to jump back in and get started on the next cycle starting tomorrow.

Rob Myers said...


A. 315#, 350#, 365#
B. 205#, 225#, 225#
C. 38sec, 37sec, 39sec

Notes: I did saturday and sunday's WOD this morning about 10 minutes apart. Deadlifts felt good, but bench press after the push presses was challenging. Was pretty smoked by the 200m runs.

Chad said...


A. 335/355/375
B. 225/235/240
C. 30/28/28

Everything felt light and fast.

Anonymous said...

A: 295, 345, 395. Easy, 395 is all the weight I have
B: Sub ring dip. 35, 44, 72
C: as Rx. Ran in the dark, so estimated distance and no times.

OPT said...

Jimmy, we're peaking, jump in in in 10 days and ask the same question then

Bear said...

Been of the grid a few weeks, been travelling and instead of going to crossfit-competitions I did a try out for a job as a firefighter. Some running, bit of rowing and a lot of swimming (might surprise a few people). The tests went well and, hoping to hear from them soon!

Todays wod was a perfect comeback:

A. 190 kg, easy! Also did 195 but it was not easy ;) Both PBs!

B. Did 100 kg at prescribed speed and 105 kg (pb) too fast.

C. 2x100 m with turn around: 35-33-32 sek. A bit too fast at the ending, but I raced my buddy so it was hard to take it easy ;)

CONGRATS JENNY JACOBSEN, YOU ARE FRIGGIN AWESOME! Also looking forward to my "Unbroken" t-shirt :)

explicit said...

a. 335, 375, 400...super stoked about this last one...went up real easy...lots of room left...
b. 245, 265, 285...last one was a bit of a battle, but there was room for some more weight
c.29/29/29...lost seconds on the turn around, but runs felt good...