Sun, Mar 7th, 2010

part 1:
for time;
50 double unders
5 thrusters - 95#/65#
40 double unders
10 thrusters - 95#/65#
30 double unders
15 thrusters - 95#/65#
20 double unders
20 thrusters - 95#/65#
10 double unders
25 thrusters - 95#/65#

rest 6 hours

part 2:
for time;
150 KBS - 2pd/1.5pd

post total time for both workouts as score to comments


Covino24 said...

Part1) time: 19:42

All Double Unders Unbroken.. Thrusters killed me..probably could have pushed more but I couldn't get to that level mentally for whatever reason.. first two sets of 5 and 10 unbroken, then I hit a wall and the rest were pretty broken up into 4's and 3's.. Wanted to quit after every thruster so this was a good test for me mentally.. especially when your working by yourself, its very easy to quit or cut reps... very happy about my dbl unders tho.. so a cpl positives to be taken away from a not so stellar time..

Martin Altemark said...

Part 1: 10:51

That's one WOD I'd love to never do again. Thought I'd do this faster, but shoulders got smoked earlier than I thought.

For the first time ever I wanted MORE DUs in a workout, just to get some rest from those thrusters...

Jenny said...

Part 1.

50 double unders - unbroken
5 thrusters - unbroken
40 double unders - 3 - 43
10 thrusters - unbroken
30 double unders - 5 - 25
15 thrusters - 5-5-5
20 double unders - unbroken
20 thrusters - 5-5-5-5
10 double unders - unbroken
25 thrusters - 7-5-5-3-5-5

Time: 7.55

Spider said...


11:18... The wrist is still bugging me, so I subbed thrusters with behind the head thrusters (the clean pos. is the culprit for the wrist). All DU's unbroken and just chipped away at the BTH thrusters

Gord said...

Part 1
no get and go today. Largest set of DU was 10.

MalkyC said...
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Littleredhead said...

Part 1

50 double unders
5 thrusters
40 double unders
10 thrusters
30 double unders
15 thrusters
20 double unders
20 thrusters
10 double unders
25 thrusters

All thrusters after 5 were broken and double unders were very broken...can only go up now!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt. 1 in 8:10, sub-8 if I didn't break up the round of 15 thrusters (or if I went unbroken in the round of 30 doubles). Good WOD, more mental toughness will come as Sectionals approach. Actually thought we'd be running today with the amazing weather we've had in Calgary this week!

Pols said...

hungover and 5 hours sleep, so actually pretty happy. Thrusters crushed me, du felt great. Legs are destroyed now, ran "the bear" from cf calgary yesterday.

Lisa M said...

Holy crap Jenny nice work!!! I haven't done this yet but that is one smokin time.

I will repost from yesterday - just wondering where everybody is staying for Central Canada sectionals is there a hotel that is close to the venue?? Thanks

Good luck today everybody competing leave it all out there!!!

Corbin said...

Part1: 9:19 Rx'd
Rest 6 hours
Part 2: 10:52 Rx'd
Total Time: 20:11

brad said...

Part 1


35/15 DU, 5 THR
40 DU, 10 THR
30 DU, 10/5 THR
20 DU, 8/7/5 THR
10 DU, 8/7/5/5 THR

Tlaw said...

Part 1: 9:31
All doubles unbroken
Thrusters unbroken until 20. Wall in round of 25 where I did 4 sets

Katrina Burton said...

Part 1: 7:50
All doubles unbroken except the 40... I got ahead of myself and started moving to the thrusters on my last double and the rope didnt make it through.
Thrusters got difficult at the round of 20. The 20 and 25 were very broken (sets of 5s and 7s).

Paul Klein said...

Checking in from the NC/SC qualifier.

After wod three: max clean and jerk in 10 minutes.

Mack Lar is up to 5th place overall. CnJ 245

I am up to 17th overall. CnJ 245 20lb pr!

Chipper is coming up.

Brian Maier said...

part 1: 9:20

all d/u's unbroken

Martin Altemark said...

Good stuff Paul & Mack! Congrats to your PR! Keep the updates coming and kick some ass in that chipper!

part 2: 11:37 (games standard)

Total time today: 22:28

That headache that started during part 1 haunted me all day, but was miraculously cured halfway into this.

rwcorson said...

10:35, stumbled on Dbl Unders @ 10 on rd of 20. The restr unbroken.
Thrusters were tough. Better than normal, but I still need to fight for more reps at a time.5,10,10/5,5/5/5/5,1(grip was fucked up)/4/3/3/3/3/4/1/1/2.

Anonymous said...

Benny Ahlstedt

Part 1 as rx'd time: 11,03
part 2 as rx'd time: 11,36

DeeJay said...

8:20 as Rx
DU's were anoying...
First time doing thrusters since '09 games... don't miss them at all

Lauren said...

DU all unbroken
20 and 25 were broken into 10s, and 5s.

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1: 10:26

All Double Unders Unbroken
Thrusters: 5, 10, 10/5, 5x4, 5x5
Started last set of thrusters at 7:19. Last set was brutally slow.

Littleredhead said...

Part 2

150 kb swings 16kg KB


Wes hendricks said...


Part 1:

I am absolutely disgusted with myself right now. I started my last set of 25 thrusters at just under 6 minutes. It almost took me 3 minutes to do 25 thrusters. There was no mental focus at the end there, i am pist off beyond belief right now!

Mike Molloy said...

Wes, your biggest weakness is being too hard on yourself buddy. You just got out of a bunch of stressful exams which will kill performance. Remember, everyone has bad days.

Ali Loach said...

Decided to take advantage of the great weather so I used the 25# DBs I have at home and did this in the park. For some reason my watch stopped at 2:14 so I don't know how long it actually took me. What I do know is I'm glad that spring is almost here.

Second part will be run sprints later. Trying to take it easy on my shoulder and I could use the extra work with my running.

Mike Molloy said...

March 20-21 Competitor:

I have no idea if I should post my times for the Feb 21st WoD here or in that time spot. I'm open to suggestions.

315# Dead lift
Muscle Up

Time- 8:30

rest 1 hour

part 2:
3 sets for total working time:
3 x [1 hang power clean/2 hang squat clean/3 push jerk - 135#/95#/5 burpees/6 cone touches]
rest 2 min

2:25, 2:28, 2:28

Little tired before WoD 1 but got my act together. WoD 2 was good, only felt slow coming out of ass to grass squat cleans.

Garage Crossfitter said...

part 1 7:58

Rest 5 hr

Part 2 11:06
*the kettlebell felt like it weighed 90lbs, disappointed with this time.

Total= 19:04

DeeJay said...

Mike, if you were doing the WOD today would you post your time on this blog?

Steve Howell said...

Part 1


Thruster suck!

Jenny said...

Part 2.


LuLu said...

Did Feb 20th wods yeseterday and Feb 21st wods today. Tried to write stats down on those dates but it did not work. So I will write them here:

Feb 20th Wod 1: 10sets of 3 Power Snatch

65-70-70-75-75-80-80-70-75-75 lbs

These felt much better, form was good.

Wod 2: 3x 800m run @ 100%


Feb 21st Wod 1:
12-9-6-3 DL @ 175lbs and Muscle ups

16:15 all muscle ups were full lockout at bottom and top

Wod 2: 3 sets x 3 rounds of 1 HC,
2 HSC, 3 push jerk @95lbs,
5 burpees and 6 cone touches
(each round was three sets) 2 min break between each round.

12:23 I was happy to do this @ 95lbs, it felt good

Jonathan Burns said...

Part 1 as Rx

Had a few hangups on the double unders. Thrusters were broken up starting with round of 15. Sets of 5-8.

Pols said...

Part 2: 9:33
total working time: 21:10
had to use 75 db with big wide grip, way more uncomfortable than a kb, so pretty happy.

Lisa M said...

Holy mother of god thrusters suck!!

Part 1: 8:31

the good thing all dus unbroken calf and knee felt good YYYYYIIIIPPEEE. Bad thing wow by the round of 15s thrusters got hard real quick was breaking them into 5s from then on.

there are some smokin times out there ladies great job Lauren, Kat, and Jenny you are truly inspirations to keep pushing this old body to keep up - thanks!!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Pt II in 8:26.

Grip was fried. ZERO warm-up, just got to OPT and went for it. 35 straight then many sets between 10-15, didn't want to do small sets because re-starting that KB is death to me.

Brett Marshall, if you don't post it's like it never happened.

Mike Fitz, clean up your weights!

brad said...

Part 2



total time:

BK said...

Part 1: 7.21

DU ;1 Break round of 30 and 10
THR ; 5,10,15 UB; 20(11/9),25(5,5,5,5)
rested too much between reps round of 25.

Part 2; 8.29
25 then 10s all the way.

Jeff B. said...

Hey Guys - A little update, just got back from the sectionals, as far as I could see none of the OPT guys made the final 60 - although I think 3 guys from Stephen's affiliate that were following OPT did. My Sectionals went down like this:

First event, sandbag shuttle:

5 sandbags (20lb, 40lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb) 40m shuttle sprints, so you picked up the bag, threw it on your shoulder, sprinted 40m, dropped it, sprinted back 40m and picked up the next bag. I was in 1st or 2nd in my heat around a 1:10 pace when I fell carrying the 100lb sandbag, having to squat and re-shoulder at that point was a killer, and I ended at 1:22, plus a little embarassment of falling on my face in the first heat of the first event. Dropped me from 8th-22nd place to 136th.

2nd Event:
30lb WeightVest:
7 225lb Deadlift
11 burpees

Rough, but all my DLs were unbroken and easy, 3rd and 4th sets of burpees had 4 reps not counted and finished in 5:24 (58th place / 176)

3rd Event:
2 rounds:

500m Row, 15 95lb OHS (my bane), 500m Row, 15 Toes to Bar.

My goal was to simply finish in the 20minute time limit, 95lb OHS are very hard on me with recent shoulder and lower back injuries, but I toughed it out with a lot of crowd and fellow competitor support @ 18:15 which put me at 163rd for that event. I was proud to finish though, as lots of people gave up on this event.

Overall the enviroment was incredible, and my OPT training put me in a position to where I could've made that final heat had I been at 100% and things gone my way better. But glad to see the true top competitors move on, I have too many weak points that need some serious work. Thank you so much for your training and time, your program is awesome, and now I know what I need to do to push myself to the next level. I am going to come back stronger and more determined next year now that I know what to expect. So glad I decided to sign up, met many amazing people, talked to Stephen a lot, and just had a blast regardless of my finishing position.

rwcorson said...

150 KBS @ 2 pood
10:36 very broken.

Jeff B. said...

Take that back Adam Rogers made the top 60 and finished @ 29th, an incredible finish based on the high level of competition! Congrats Adam

Covino24 said...

Part 2) Woke up for this WOD 11:15 in about 13 sets. Massage tomorrow and then some easy wods and lost of foam rolling to prepare for Saturday! Already starting to get nervous. I wish they would post our WODs early so I could know what it is! Its killing me!! Goodluck to everyone this weekend!

PTS said...

part 1 : 9:47
3 hrs rest
part 2 : 9:45

total time 19:32

grip completley fried. I can barely type.

Geoff, how to bring it today! You smashed those WODS.

thaczuk said...

Part 1
Oh wretched double unders, how I love and despise thee!

Part 2

Brian Maier said...

Did part 2 of saturday's WOD since I missed it.

Row 2K
30 SDLHP - 115#
Row 1K
20 SDLHP - 115#
Row 500m
10 SDLHP - 115#

Time: 17:56

John T. said...

Woke up feeling hungover and achy even though I didn't have a sip of alcohol last night, thought I was out late with the gf for her birthday without taking in enough post wod nutrition after yesterdays training. I went with doing just part one after I got some food in me and water and felt a little better.
Part 1: 9:47 as RX'd

although tired my DU's were mostly unbroken and easy, the thrusters were broken into sets of 5 on the set of 15 and 20, then 5 and smaller on the last set.

Brent Maier said...


So I did Feb 21 workout today and it was a brutal combination. Very intense and I'm glad I ran through it. Coop the owner of Pikes Peak Crossfit joined me on part II. Great job Coop. I didn't have time to check who posted where, so posting backdated today.

Feb 21:
Part I (x30 315#dl, MU's): 9:26
Part II (oly cplx, burp, shuttle run): 9:05 (2:07/2:48/3:10)

Todays workout looked brutal, great job everyone!

DeeJay said...

part 2:

Rainer Hartmann said...

Back from the Sectionals in Columbus. Thanks to OPT's programming I was able to make it through the 3 WOD's rx;d, though not placing in the Top 60.
WOD 1: Sandbag Sprints 1:31 (hurt my knee lifting the 80# bag, not feeling great right now, hopefully not too bad)
WOD 2: Deads/Burpees with 30# vest: 7:35
WOD 3: 14:48, was just glad to make it through the 2 rounds of OHD squats.
Gonna take a few days off to let the knee rest.

Steve Howell said...

part 2:


* both these WOD's kicked my ass today I'm feeling pretty run down as of now.

Geoff you killed it today!

great work on those who competed this weekend way to represent!

Lisa M said...

decided to try and cut my finger off while preparing dinner. Heading to the drug store for some steri strips hopefully because I am not sitting in emerg for 10 hours waiting for stitches. Needless to say no KBS for me. If its not one thing its another.

Great job everyone who competed this weekend.

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 10AM for Part 1
12:07 DUs & thrstrs.
Brutal. Thanks Leighanne for the push. Did I mention brutal?

Part 2 @ OPT @ 5PM
1 $#@^& sec slower than Corson. %@**#@.
20/20/10s to 100/108/115/122/129/135/140/145/150

Gave all I had to give today. Geoff good work. Didn't see you but heard you did great. DJ too!

Lauren said...

9:42, ouch!!!

great job everyone this weekend!!!

exp. said...
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exp. said...

congrats to all those who competed this weekend...

look forward to doing these 2 WODs Wednesday (I'm still following a few days behind)...although, I'd imagine half way through each of them I might not be so enthusiastic...

Awesome times Geoff! Nice Work!

joey warren said...

total= 14:33



DUs broke a few time in round of 30, the rest unbroken
Thrusters all unbroken except rest about 5 times in rack position on last set



70 unbroken to begin, then 25, then sets of 10

Jonathan Burns said...

Part 2
150 2 pood Kb swings
6:32 rx
57 unbroken, after that sets of 10-25

awesome day in N. Idaho

Michael FitzGerald said...

pt1. 6:37
pt. 7:25

Total = 14:02

Thad said...

Part1. 8:42
Had trouble with DU's today all broken except 20 and 10. Thrusters broken from 15 on

Rest 3 hrs

Part2. 11:26
first set 25 then 10's until the last few sets

Total time= 20:08

david83 said...


Part 1
My goal was a sub 8 minute mark, however I had two breaks in the double unders and several breaks during the last few sets of thrusters.I forgot how hard they are....

part 2
The kb I had was only 44lbs or 20 kgs.My grip was fried

Great Times Michael and joey
thank you

Katrina Burton said...

Part 2
8:53 Ouch!!

Total time = 16:43

Nice work this weekend everyone! Lisa - I hope your finger is ok!! Wrap it up good and if you can order yourself some of this magic cream I use for my gymnasts when they tear ( It works miracles for any cut, tear, blister, etc.

Chris Fodera said...


Part 1: 11:40

Part 2: 12:10

Total Working Time: 23:50

- PreWO1: 4g BCAA-G
- PWO1: 40gP/45gC (Shake: ReFuel and Jarrow), 2g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: 3 eggs, apple, almond butter
- PreWO2: 4g BCAA-G
- PWO2: 40gP/45gC (Shake: ReFuel and Jarrow), 2g BCAA-G
- 60 min later: chicken and mushrooms in coconut milk

- Really unhappy with today's (and this weekend as a whole) results
- Hit a serious wall with the thrusters
- DUs were all smooth and easy
- KBS got hard quick for me...I tried to just split them up into even and small sets. Probably should have gone harder longer earlier.

Great numbers put up by everyone this weekend...nice job. And huge congrats to all the dawgs that put it on the line this weekend.

Geoff Aucoin said...

THAT'S the brOPT I know. Way to redeem yourself, Mike!

Steve Howell said...

Joey Warren and BrOPT aren't human!

Michael FitzGerald said...

Thanks guys.

Brett Marshall said...

Part 1 - 6:36
Part 2- 8:21
Total - 14:57

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh my total was 16:36. I was pretty happy about that until Marshall and FitzGerald posted!

Ha, my word is 'mendin'. I'm pretty sure that's on tap for tomorrow.

Stephen Flamm said...

Just returned from the OH/IN/KY/MI sectionals at the Arnold Classic...

WOD1, sandbag sprints: 1:17
WOD2, weighted DL/burpee: 5:41
WOD3, row/OHS/TTB: 12:34

I finished 81st out 170+. Proud of my performance since I haven't squatted in three months or run in six months due to knee and heel injuries. Everything felt good today and still feels good tonight. I would have given anything to make it to the Final WOD, which was 15-12-9 of C&Js @ 155, CTB PUs, and box jumps, finished with a 40m sled pull - right in my wheelhouse.

It was a pleasure to meet Jeff and Adam (who made it to the finals and fell just short). Anytime you guys are in Cincinnati, please stop in.

Also wanted to mention that despite my not making it, two of my athletes who I have had on OPT's programming for the past two months in preparation for the Sectionals finished in the top 20 and will advance to the Regionals:

Dustin Winterhalt, 13th place
Siu Ping Lau, 15th place

Siu was steady through all four events, and after a poor showing in the sandbag sprint, Dustin took 4th in the DL/burpee and 8th in the row/OHS/TTB.

Jonathan Burns said...

Forgot to post my total: 8:23+6:32=14:55. First week on the OPT program- great to have a program to follow, solid community of people capable of throwing down some unreal work. Nice to have people to try and measure up to, thanks everyone, James in particular for putting this out on the interwebs.

Marie Rochat said...

Doing aerly march from last week to peak for sectionals this week. I apoligize that I did not get around to posting yesterday. Here are my results from yesterday and today.

Yesterday (Ealy Marcher last Sat. WOD)

Part 1.

7 rounds plus 5 CTB's and 8 SDHP

Part 2.


The 1k was a lame preformance on my part. I messed around with the damper and set it higher than normal, which turned out to bite me in the butt.

Today (Early Marchers last Sun).


The push ups were deadly by the last few sets. I know I will be feeling them tomorrow.

I am so excited for sectionals. Only 6 days away!

BK said...

Forgot total time 15.50.
Agree... Brett, Joey ,and Micheal, insane times!
But hey, that's why they are the absolute cream of the crop and we are chasing them.
Keep pushing the excellance barrier up fellas, it's what drives us to chase you.
I love training with excellance.

Paul Klein said...

I failed to qualify for regionals. Sorry guys.

Finished 18th overall.

I learned a lot this weekend:
I need to work on my work capacity. The sandbag run and the chipper just crushed me.

I remember a quote from Greg Glassman, Can you get in shape doing this stuff alone in your garage? Yes. Will you get in as good of shape as someone working out with group? No.

Most of the top guys this weekend had regular training partners. I need to get to a box for some regular group competitions.

On a positive note...Mack Lar made it to regionals! He did amazing this weekend. He nearly won the chipper, it came down to seconds! Very exciting to watch. Congratulations Mack. It was great to meet you.

Chad Hall said...

Congratulations to everyone who competed this weekend! I'm certain you represented well!

Unfortunately I had to take yesterday off with an upper respiratory infection ... still hurting a little today but will jump back in on Tuesday.

Dave X said...

Part1: 11:47
Part2: 10:48
Total time: 22:35

Dave X said...

Great job this weekend, Paul and Mack and everyone else competing!

Adam said...

Just wanted to thank you for the great programming. I participated in the Arnold Classic Sectional in Columbus. A group of big dawgs put up a great showing and two of us, Samantha Watson and I, were lucky enough to be in the top 20 to move on to regionals. Thanks for all your hardwork.

dontpanic356 said...

Part 1:

Morning workout...little sleep...did not feel like I had much gas in the tank, and it showed.


Couldnt find rhythm. Kept biffing the the double unders....etc. etc.

Lisa M said...

Thanks Kat I checked that stuff out looks like something that would be great to have in the bag. I did manage to find some steri strips and taped it up good now it is just trying to convince myself to leave it on for a couple of days to allow the huge flap to stick back down!!! I am too curious to see how its doing.

Great work out there to all the big dawgs who competed this weekend we are proud of all of you!!! And Paul i hope that you are wrong that we can't be prepared working out by ourselves in our "garage" - hopefully i can prove that wrong but i fear that it is true it is hard to push yourself when you are alone. I always try and see what the times/scores are from the rockstar big dawgettes and push myself to be close to them. Time will tell.

Mack Lar said...

Back from the North Carolina/South Carolina Sectionals and I'm extremely fortunate to report that I placed 5th overall and will have an opportunity to compete in the Southeastern Regionals in May! I can't say thank you to Coach enough, for the invaluable resource that this blog has become. Everything from the programming, pre/post WOD fueling, warmup routine, and mental preparation were invaluable in preparing me for Sectionals. The Big Dawg Challenges were excellent opportunities to evaluate all of those aspects of competition and modify each to perform at my best. James' theme of Unbroken continually played out in my head all weekend, and undoubtedly pushed me to either complete the movements Unbroken or to take one breath and get back to work. I proudly wore my OPT Big Dawg shirt all weekend, and was extremely proud to hear OPT as my affiliate when the final standings were announced.

Paul Klein represented OPT as well as anyone. He knocked out a 20lb PR in the Clean and Jerk and had one of the better times in the Rope CLimb WOD, a WOD that DNF'd 28 male competitors. There's no arguing the fact that competing daily will make you stronger overall Paul. It's the beasts on this site that drive me in my daily WOD's. Seeing how I stack up against Unit, Joey, Wes, Rory, Brett and the countless other Firebreathers that roam this blog is my daily battle. James said it best last year about this time, when he said that an athlete is not judged based off of his performance on one weekend. On another weekend, with slightly different WOD's you would have surely destroyed the field. It was great meeting you and great inspiration to have a fellow Big Dawg to talk with in between WOD's.
So for now I'm taking a day or two off and then its back to work. As with every time you compete you learn more about yourself, and I certainly learned a lot this weekend. I have a long way to go if I'm going to be competitive at Regionals. Good luck to everyone competing in the next few weeks.

rwcorson said...

Awesome work over the weekend Dawgs.
If you put it all out there, you were successful.
Learn from the experience and put it to good use at the next competition.

Brent Maier said...

I envy you guys... It's over for now! Great job everyone!

Paul Klein said...

Thank you for the kind words Mack, that really means a lot to me.

Lisa M.
Please don't misunderstand me. Your hard work and this programming will have you prepared. My point is, do what you can on your own and push yourself to your limits. But, get to a box every now and then to try set the fastest time when there are a handful of other fire breathers setting the workout on fire. It may be a personality type, but I will always be able to push myself that little bit further when I have a rabbit directly in front of me. Having said that, I have no doubt that if I had been following the mainsite wods I wouldn't have placed in the top 50%. OPT has given me those "virtual" rabbits that I pretend to chase everyday in Mack, Rory, Unit, Joey, Brent, Wes, etc.

So long story short, keep kicking ass on here and when the opportunity comes to have some face to face competition, take it. You will be more than prepared.

Martin Altemark said...

Full effort is full victory, as a wise man said.

Good work guys! You (as the rest of you big dawgs) are my inspiration.

John T. said...

Hey Mike Malloy kevin told me how your going back to feb 21 and doing the early march stuff, I'm gonna follow your lead on that man, see you at the sectionals!

Lisa M said...

I totally agree Paul. The few times that i have been able to get to a box i know i pushed myself way harder. I even find when i work out at my globo i push harder but waiting for equipement and lack of proper equipement make that a nightmare so i don't go there very often. There is a new box that recently opened near me and i think i will try and make every effort over the next couple of weeks to get there just to get used to that atmosphere and try and push hard these last two weeks before tapering.

Michelle said...

Did part 1 of Sunday's WODs on Sunday, but due to lots of 'Timbit' hockey (which was great!!!) didn't get around to part 2...seems to be a theme for the weekend doubles.

Part 1
Working thru some fatigue and mental focus 'stuff' happy to stay with the WOD and happy with focus and size of UB sets for DUs. Thrusters were slow and I desperately wanted to quit after every one in the set of 20 thrusters...walked away from the bar a few times, but came back so it's all good...

Hope your finger is OK Lisa M. Great work on this one ladies. I am inspired by your hard work and your great attitudes!

Eric S said...

Late post. Had to make this one up.

Part 1. 14:47

Part 2. 11:59

Total 26:46

Only rested about 15 mins between.

Lindsey said...

Part 1: 13:59 - still can't jump, subbed stepups on 14" box and exaggerated push press/quarter squat thruster at 65#. Pretty happy with press/thruster movement. Weight felt better than expected, up to 15 unbroken, then 10,10 and 10,10,5. Step ups felt fine just time consuming

Part 2: 10:38 - subbed 75 upright rows to chin @45, 75 back extensions, 75 anchored abmat situps

unit said...

A- 6:29
unbroken till last set of thrusters - 8/6/4/4/3

20min rest

B- 8:28

total~ 14:57
notes... not NEARLY ENOUGH time bw parts 1&2... hard 2 keep the swing... but, alas... all the time I had alotted b4 work...

congrats 2 all y'all this wknd... Paul, Mack, mike and others... makes me proud 2 b a part of this community... way 2 represent!...


Rossco said...

Part I: 12:12
Part II: 10:25

Total: 22:37

Jenny said...

part I time: 7:06

Steve Smith said...

Part 1 - 11:46
- Used big fat jump rope.

Part 2 - 12:58
- Broken like a red-headed-stepchild

First day back for about one month ratcheting up the intensity. Puked on Part 1.

Heavy Evy said...

Due to a rec hockey tourney with my family in my home town, and the shannigans that insued, I didn't get the wods in this weekend,but got 3 games in with only 10 skaters, a silver medal, and some sore groins from not playing any puck this year!

Did the Double Under/Thruster wod Monday morning: 9min flat, dam low roof in my garage kept hitting my rope on it. Don't have much in the hotel gym here in Calgary, and seeing that there are a bunch of doubles this week, probaly shu ther down tonight.....
Goin to OPT tommorow whoohoo!

CrossFit Kids said...
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Bin said...

apologies on the late post:

pt 1: 10:32

rest 1 hour

pt 2: 11:21

jhk said...

Part 1-8:00
Part 2-8:55

Siu said...

Hi everyone!

I don't normally post but felt the need to express my gratitude to OPT for your wonderful programming and particularly, Stephen Flamm for your phenomenal coaching!

As Stephen shared above, I've been following the OPT programming since January and despite some initial reservation, it really prepared me well for the Sectionals this past weekend at the Arnold. It has forced me to work on several "opportunity areas" that I may not have addressed as directly following the main site.

Stephen, you and Brent have built an incredible family at Crossfit Nasti and bred amazing athletes through your patience and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your passion for Crossfit!

Jenny said...

part 2: 9:41 killer!!

Jenny said...

oh yeah, and total time:


Rob Myers said...


Part 1 - 15:31

Part 2 - I didn't have time to do it later, but I had some time before class started, so I waited 10 minutes and did a quick 50 KBS using 2 pood KB ten minutes after part 1:


Notes: Still sick as a dog.

Melisa C said...

Part 1 9.58
DU's mainly UB
Thrusters went into 5's at the 15 round

Part 2 12.33
Goal was to do sets of 15 but at around 40 it got tough. Broke to sets of 10 and the sets of 5 after 75.

exp. said...

part 1:

5 hours rest

part 2:
16:54...what a blast...but holy shit, was not expecting that...reps were strong, but lower back was not havin' it today (pretty good cramping)...last 50 were a bit of a battle...grip was a bit of an issue, but not too bad...controlled the 2 pood well, just need to swing it more...