Tues, Mar 23, 2010


A1. Press @ 10X1; 1,1,1; rest 3 min
A2. KBS - 2/1.5 pd x 15; rest 3 min
B. 55% 1RM Dead Lift @ 11X0; 2 reps x 6 sets; rest 45 sec
C. Run 200 m @ 80,90,95%; rest 3 min b/t efforts

post loads and notes on how the weights/runs "felt" to comments


mors vens said...

I don't quite understand the progression for A1 A2. Does that mean we do three sets of KB swings, or in other words, do we do 1 rep press, then 15 kb swings, 1 rep press...and so on?

Thanks. Really enjoying the programming.

PTS said...

A1. press, 150,160,163
a2. all sets unbroken
b. @245, easy
c. runs felt good. not timed as it was too dark to read my watch this morning.

awesome job to all the BD's over the weekend. great to see so much success.

marcusherou said...

Hi. What's the best sub for 100, 200 & 400 m sprints ?

I'll get on the scheme tomorrow

Mack Lar said...

A1 then prescribed rest, then A2 prescribed rest. repeat 3 times before taking prescribed rest and moving on to B. So for today you will do 1 Press at tempo, rest 3 min, then complete 15 KBS, rest 3 min. Repeat twice more for a total of 3 sets.

Off to the garage... wish I had a 2 PD kettlebell, instead I'll be holding a 20lb dumbell on top of my KB.

hbabs said...

A1. 65-70-71
A2. Unbroken
B. 130
C. Ran the first two and then was out of time; maintaining speed a difficult, but it’s still the full effort

mors vens said...

Thanks alot Mack Lar. That is very helpful. Will enjoy this one tonight!

Melisa C said...

A1. 90,95,100
A2. UB
B. 155#, felt easy
C. felt great, hard to hold back and not go 100%

Totally ready for the weekend, anxious for the WODs to be posted!

Lisa M said...

Wow they totally revamped the games site it is waaaaay better and much easier to navigate. I second that Melissa BC WODs are out they look pretty good pretty balanced between strength and metcon. I think it will be pretty brutal doing 4 different 1RMs and then the other two WODs though. And we all know how "fun" a 2k row is - yuck. Will do this later no KBS for me trying to save low back for the weekend

Mack Lar said...

Took a few more days off due to shoulder not feeling well after Sectionals. Back for good now, 3 H's all in place.
Started with some snatch work. Worked up to 175.
A1. 145 for all. Didnt feel great on the shoulder so kept it light.
A2. 72 lbs. Felt light, grip was good for 15 despite holding a 52lb kettlebell and 2 10lb dumbbells.
B. 205 for all. Felt light and explosive.
C. Runs felt good. 95% felt best.

Great work to everyone that has competed. Its fun to watch the Sectional highlights and see all of the Big Dawg TShirts in the mix at every event.

rwcorson said...

Any new folks to the site should check out the FAQ, on the top right side of the page. All of your questions will be answered there.
The CF mainsite also has info regarding substitutions.

Brandon said...

A1. 185/195/205
A2. 70# DB unbroken
B. 275
C. 42/35/32s

Notes: Rack was occupied at the gym, so I cleaned from the ground. For some reason this totally threw me off this morning and the press felt really heavy. Everything else (swings, deads, sprints) felt really good. Entering week 3 of strict Paleo and I finally feel like I am over the hump.

Melisa C said...

Lisa - I love the BC wods, I would be all in on those! Except rings, I curse the rings.

I did notice there are only 25 female competitors for 15 spots. That's not much for competition. Curious as to what our numbers will be.

Lisa M said...

Melissa - yes these workouts are definitely in you wheelhouse as i notice you are VERY strong!! I curse those GD rings too. I was kind of curious why they made BC its own section? Wish we lived there!!

Grant said...

@ OPT @ 7AM

A1. 147/150/155
A2. Rx'd x 3

B. 220# Rx'd

C. 42sec (up the trench)@80%, 31sec@90% on Aspen Rd, 30sec @ 95% on Aspen Rd

SP need to find speed out of the hole but still able to get it without the explosive start.
KBS swing easy after the 150 rep's 2 weeks ago
DL felt great with focus on high clavicle on set-up
Runs felt awesome with new shoes

Brandon, another reaason the presses felt heavey might be that 205# is freaking heavy! Good work.

Wes hendricks said...


A1. 135-140-145
A2. 15 straight up-15 for speed-half straight up half for speed
B. 2 x 6 @ 212
C. 45-36-34

Presses felt a little on the heavy side. KBS swings were super easy, when i did straight up I felt like i had a lot of control. Deads felt pretty easy. Runs were good. I can keep that 80% pace forever. 90 to 95 I have a little hard of a time distinguishing between.
My lower back is a little on the tight side. Lots of ice. And I am getting acupuncture done in an hour. One of the advantages of being a chiro student free adjustments/massage/acupuncture.

BK said...

Having just completed a phenomenal weekend at the NE Sectionals I am going to try to put into words my thoughts , it will be long but I care not......

Personally I finished in 6th place , being super consistant throughout.
First wod - I ran down the 3 in front of me in the final 800 for as sub 9 goal time of 8.52..great start.
Second wod - I chose a small bar which I thought would be great but when fatigued and in need of a longer leaver on CTB ,I couldn't swing efficiently. Whatever the case when all done good but not great time ,end day 1 in 12 spot.
Third WOD- 7 rep squat clean..I battled with a crucial decision to go with a 195 middle of the road starter or a 205 sucker punch. After hitting 200 training during the week a knew I had it but, did I have the legs or will to put it out there.
205 it was.
first 3 reps ..clean
4th rep...elbows drop almost lose it.
5th rep ..clean
6th rep ..in the hole drop to both knees with bar in rack,regain one then two legs to stand breathe and hit the 7th rep.
The utter relief of making the 205 and getting on the board was just an amazing feeling that I have never experienced in all my life. Not making that lift would have painted me into a nasty corner where ya dont wanna go.
Whatever the case I chilled for a few minutes and waited for the clock to wind down to 80 seconds then got up and started a 215 attempt with 40 sconds on the clock. The first 5 were flawless then the 6th had some heavy wobble again but I stayed on 2 pins ,then hit the 7th to sheer astonished joy. 1 guy had 235, 2 had 225 and a 3 had 215...there were many middle roaders at 205.
I am so happy that I put my dusters on the line and went for the first at 205, as intimidating as it was. Big Dawg training and the drive and passion of every athlete that post here daily to push the barriers of athletic excellance pushed me to that lift and I dearly thank you for it.
The 4th workout was gravy after that. It had stones/DL/OHS and burpees and volume ..money in the bank after the stuff we do on a daily basis.
Very happy overall.

My CFPerformance Big Dawgs that qualified.
Jenny Davis 4th
Melissa Mulligan 6th
Jeremy Kosbob 9th
Amy Mandelbaum 21st

To see my athletes do remarkably well with only Melissa Mulligan crossfitting longer than 1 year is so rewarding.
Mel only decide to compete last week with a ill father derailing her training, so her display was brilliant
In without doubt the most amazing sporting performance I have ever witnessed in my life Jenny Davis performed on the 2nd day on a badly sprained ankle and walked the final sandbag 'sprint' and was beaten by 1 burpee by '09 CF Games 16th place Heather Bergeron . She beat every other male athletes time and those in attendance knew they had witnessed something very, very special. You will surely be seeing video of this ...
We are taking 5 days total rest and will be back on the horse Saturday/Sunday with our promise before sectionals to target team Affiliate Cup at regionals in May.
After that CFP is heading to the Ranch 2010!
This year is the best of my life...and its getting better.
Again thankkyou to the Big Dawgs who drive the perfection barrier higher every day..And I love chasing it!

Steve Howell said...

A1: 165/175/180
A2: All sets unbroken
B: 250 - felt light and fast.
C: 38/35/36

*subbed C for rows due to weather again.

Ali Loach said...

Lisa & Melissa,
I agree.....when I saw those BC WODs I was wishin' Keith and I had already moved to Whistler :o)

PS.I think waiting to find out our WODs is damn near killing me....oh and I'm still feeling like I might rip in half from those GHDs.

Stephen Flamm said...

A1. 155, 165, 170; 10 sec rest
A2. all fast and unbroken; 180 sec rest
B. 225
C1. 100m sled pull forward, x 2, 100 lbs.; 90 sec rest
C2. 100m sled pull backward, x 2, 100 lbs.; 90 sec rest

Made a few adjustments for time constraints and to take advantage of the sled.

Mike@CFCochrane said...

A1. 135/140/145- new PR but felt like I could have done more
A2. All unbroken- first set timing got messed up a bit but felt good otherwise
B.175 felt good and light
C. 25-20s just off 200m

All felt good, nursing hamstring a bit but didn't feel it durig workout.

Katrina Burton said...

A1.) 80#, 85#, 90# (PR!)
A2.) Unbroken - felt easy, these have come along way for me
B.) 130#
C.) 80% good, 90% good, 95% urg

Weights felt great! Warmed up with some EROM strict handstand pushups, which seemed to warmup the shoulders really well for presses today.
Tweaked my left calf alittle bit on the last run today. Nothing major but it's alittle sore. Will be rolling it out big time these next couple days.

Chad said...


A1. 145/150/155(pr)
A2. all unbroken with 2pood
B. 225x2x6
C. 37/32/29

Everything felt good. Was really happy with the press. I think the wider grip is helping. Enjoying the active rest days.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to 155 and missed that, KBS easy, DL's felt quick @ 211lbs, runs pretty good but I could be more loose. Had a massage yesterday so I'm feeling more limber.

md said...

a1. 130, 135, 140
a2. all unbroken

b. 205 easy, fast

c. no timer, ran by feel. the 200m is 75% uphill. Felt good to run

dmarsh said...

A. 175,185,195
C. 265
D. 39s,36s,34s

Everything felt good.

195 went up fast and smooth.

Deads were tight and fast.

First two runs were a bit sluggish but third one picked up.

Congrats to you and Melissa as well as all the CFP athletes that competed this weekend. You guys are quality individuals and this community is fortunate to have you.

Hope to see you in Albany!

Brent Maier said...

Every weekend is like christmas around here. Can't wait to see how the Canada sectionals turn out. I posted an update on how the Mountain sectionals went back on the the March 21st blog for those that are interested.

Unit, it's a done deal, we'll be seeing you in 5 weeks!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Dennis!
Hope to see you in Albany or sooner.

Lisa M said...

A1: 85/95/105 PR by 15 pounds!!!!!

Holy crap i needed that so badly i have been feeling really weak and drained and stressed lately so today really stoked me.

A2: no KBS for me nursing low back did unbroken wallballs at 16# instead since they are a major goat for me. Today i did all unbroken and they actually felt relatively easy - woop woop!

skipped DLs save low back

C. Have not run in a very long time so surprisingly these felt pretty good calf felt great knee not so good but i will deal with that issue after sectionals.

Great Day!!!

Dave X said...

The apprehension is killing me. I can't wait until this weekend.

A1. 155-165-170
A2. Unbroken x3
B. 220# light
C. :34, :30, :28

Ali Loach said...

Nice Work Lisa!!!!

Rainer Hartmann said...

Took a week off (except for the rowing WOD I did last Friday), long travel day yesterday coming back from Germany to see my Dad on Sunday, who's been in the hospital for almost 7 weeks now.
A1: 115 - 3
A2: all UBK
B: 245, light
C: Rowed 250 m (knee still not ready for running): :52.2; :51.6; :50.5

Eric S said...

A1. 115, 120, 130(PR) need to try 135 next time.
A2 & B felt good.
C. Sub'd for row: 39, 38, 37 seconds. Felt good.

rwcorson said...

A1. 125,130,135 This is the most I've pressed in a long time. Shoulder's getting better.
A2. unbroken, felt good.
B. 231# felt fast.
C. only 2 runs. I had some major work done on my lat, seratus, oblique and QL yesterday. It's pretty sore today. I took a long time to warm up and the 1st 3 parts felt great, but the arm action sprinting aggrevated it a bit, so I shut it down.

BK said...

Mate, all the best to you my friend this weekend in your sectional, I know you will power through and do your thing.
Big shout out to Wes Hendricks also this weekend...
Tear it up boys!

Martin Altemark said...


A1. 60kg, 65kg, 70kg (PR)
A2. all unbroken and very easy (games standard)

B. easy, but not as fast as usual

C. rows instead of runs (you'd be surprised how much winter it's left over here...): 40s, 36s, 35s (1:40, 1:30, 1:27). Might have finally found that 95% gear!

Considering I did the barbell/situp combo 2 days ago, and a very shoulder centered WOD (first WOD of north european sectionals) yesterday the press PR was extremely suprising, but nice! Thanks coach!

Hungry, horny and happy times!

Melisa C said...

Kat and Lisa - nice work on the pr's! Wicked confidence boost going into this weekend.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 145,155,165 easy
A2 unbroken
B 220lb- fast
C- subbed rows at 90% for 30 sec x3

joey warren said...

Practiced Norcal Sectionals WOD #2 then...

A1. worked up to 165- kept it light
A2. unbroken - back a little tight
B. 225lb
C. Runs felt slower than the other day, my back was a little tight from Sundays deadliift, maybe a little too close to my 1RM, need to rest up cuz I plan on attempting the NORCAL WODS this weekend in my gym

Lisa M said...

Great work Kat and thanks Ali and Mel i soooo needed that as i have been feeling very blah lately I think being injured really takes its toll on a person mentally!!

Wes hendricks said...


Thanks for the shout out it got me all fired up. I am going to do my best this weekend to represent!

BK said...

Huge respect for you we have in our facility . You are spoken about daily with your ridiculous numbers.
All the power and speed we can muster at CFP is being thrust upon you and Dennis to flourish and shine this weekend my friend.

No luck needed mate, your training will take care of everything...... and let the good times roll!

Jeff K said...


A1. 115, 125, 135f 125
A2. Unbroken
B. 175#
C. Couldn't really run outside so did 8 flights of stairs in the Sears Tower, 3x. 21.6 sec, 18.2, 18.5

KBS took some effort. DL's fairly easy.

Thad said...

A1.140,145,150 felt light
A2.unbroken and felt good
B. 205# felt good
C. :38, :33, :30 felt fast

Brent Ericksen - CFNasti said...

A1 - 160, 165, 170F
A2 - 2 pood unbroken
B - 225 fast and easy
C - sled sprints @ 100 lbs

Derb said...


A1: 145/150f/145
A2: UB
B: 185

Besides the one press everything felt light and fast.

PTS said...

wods for NE regional are up.

15 Min Cap
Row 1k
30 Burpee Box Jumps 24" Men/20" Women
Row 1k

Event 2
15 Min Cap
For Time:
10 Front Squats 155#/95# - Bar is cleaned from the floor to a standing rack position. A Squat clean would not count toward the front squat reps.
20 Double unders - Jump Ropes will be provided. You are welcome to use your own.
8 Front Squats
30 Double Unders
6 Front Squats
40 Double Unders
4 Front Squats
50 Double Unders
2 Front Squat
60 Double Unders

Sunday March 28

Heat Assignments announced Saturday night

Event 3
Time Cap - 17 Min
30 OHS 95#/55#
30 Pullups Chest to Bar (chest must make contact to bar)
30 Power Snatches 95#/55#
30 Feet to Bar
30 SDHP 95#/55#
30 Air Squats
30 KBS American 24kg/16kg

We have been well prepared. It's on us now. Thanks Coach.

Aaron said...

A1. 140,150,160#
A2. All Unbroken
B. 205# Felt light and very fast bar speed.
C. :41,:38,:35
This was a great training day. The weights felt light, the run felt strong. Form was on today.

Dave X said...



PTS and I are in the same heat!!!

Big Dawgs!!!!

Pete said...

BK and crew, great job last weekend! Sounds like it was an amazing experience.

PTS, Wes and all other Dawgs competing this weekend, believe in your preparation. Whenever I felt myself getting anxious last weekend, I just kept reminding myself that this was just another day at the gym...Nothing you havent done day in, day out along with the rest of us here! You're ready, so go out there and have a blast.

We'll be keeping an eye out for you!


Craig said...

A1. 155,165(pr),165
A2. 2 pd unbroken
B. 205 fast and light.
C. Rowed x3. 39.6/38.2/36.2
Ran intervals yesterday.

Brian Maier said...

2 new PR's today...Ooouuuuuuu!!!

during warm-up did 119 unbroken D/U's. (previous PR was 110)

A1: 145,155,165(PR),170(f)
A2: unbroken and easy

B: 255...fast and easy

C: 30s,28s,24s....felt good but still dealing with minor shin splints

Eric Montgomery said...

A1. 145, 155, 165lbs
A2. Unbroken 2pdx15 for each set
B. 225lbsx2x6
C. ~36s, 33s, 31s

Notes: Could've gone a little heavier on press but started low because this was the first time doing heavy press since I finished my linear progression. May have underestimated my DL 1RM, kept the DLs smooth. Runs felt good...running into a slight headwind on #1 and #3.

Michelle said...

Congrats on the PRs Katrina and Lisa!
Strayed from Big Dawg programming today, and maybe shouldn't have done that. Worked on C&J/cleans and I had NOTHING!!!!Feeling pretty tired and shoulder is acting up a lot...Oh well...Some days will be like this...trying not to think too much about it.

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 163, 173f, 168f WTF? Couldn't get it up...ha ha
A2. 75#DB UBx3
B. 231 felt good
C. 34s 30s 29s

Erik Luber said...

A1. 40, 50, 55
A2. When super light with 1 pood, but felt good
B. Felt good, 70 kg
C. 44, 37, 32 first 2 felt a bit sluggish, but last round was good felt like I was biting the track

Tweaked my back on Sunday. Was super upset yesterday, wasn't sure if I was going to be good for this weekend, but streched/hot/cold like a maniac. Also spent a lot of time in the sauna/cold shower. Feeling much better today!

will said...

a1, 155,165,170
a2.all unbroken @ 2 pood
b. 245
c. got new shoes and have been working on my pose and it made a world of difference.

Jason Buzzard said...

A1: 165,175,185(f)
A2: unbroken
B: 225

Presses felt really strong, 185 is a 5# PR and didnt plan on going that heavy but 175 felt really good and went up fast. Got 185 about 4-6 inches above my head.

KBS and DL felt fast and easy.

Runs felt good, still trying to figure out my effort %'s.

Rob Myers said...


A1. 125#, 135#, 135#
A2. unbroken
B. 205#
C. 40sec, 38sec, 35sec

Notes: Felt a little sore this morning.

Jonathan said...

1st WOD back after the sickness. Add another H to the 3 H's: hacking cough.

A1. 115x3, felt terrible
A2. 2pd unbroken
B. 225, felt light
c. Our "200m" is probably more like 250, with a hill and turnaround. Felt ok, went 48-43-38". This is where the hacking cough popped up


Pete M said...

A1: 135, 150, 150 (previous pr, felt fast and strong)
A2: 2pd (felt good)
B: skipped this
C: felt good

Bear said...

A1. Press: 1,1,1: 60 - 65 - 70 kg, PB!!
A2. KB-Swing, 32 kg x 15: unbroken
B. Dead Lift 100 kg, 2 reps x 6 sets
C. Run 200 m (2x100 m, turn-around) @ 80,90,95%; rest 3 min b/t efforts: 35-33-32 sec

First time EVER attempting 70 kg, went up fairly easy. Last pb was 67.5 from ca 7-8 weeks ago. Super happy about that!

Some trouble with the math, should´ve DLed 105 kg. Started out way to fast on the run, but it was a nice finisher to the DLs.

exp. said...


A1. 165,175,185(10#PR)...very happy, went up without much of a struggle...last PR (175#) was no problem at all...lifts have been goin real well lately...squats, clean and snatch still need work though
A2. ub,ub,ub...no problem
B.@245#, fast and strong
C. sprints felt great

this programming is just awesome!