14/30 qualifying as dawgs
Dave X and crew from East
current (Steve Howell) and original dawgs young man and sterling from BC

congrats to all on full efforts
for those moving on from this weekend; lick your wounds, go back in the cave and come back out on Sat, Apr questions
for those who have moved on previously, Tues-Thurs, Sat-Sun is still the plan..will lay out a more formal plan soon - goal is peak for late May - will see how things play out for scheduling to have an early May plan for peak as well
for those who gave full effort but did not advance; use your learnings as fuel; the measure of an athlete is how they respond; REST for a few weeks and DO NOT post back here until you have taken these few weeks completely off; today you will think i'm crazy, as time goes on, you'll understand....too many times i've seen athletes not heed this advice and its 3 years past and they still "just do not have it"; when you jump back in, peak again with everyone for end of May and then mid along...and learn some more

post your ONE favorite moment of your qualifying weekend to comments; this weekend or past; i want to compile them

here is mine...
I try not to single people out but I will; I do this b/c of efforts given this past weekend; I cannot be there to witness all of them; but I did see one moment that captures what we are and what we do; seeing Erik Luber (maybe 135# BWT at best) ask me what he thinks he should do scaling wise for the power clean (155# - his PR for 1RM was 160), burpee, run workout was inspiring....we thought he should squat clean all of them...after discussing a cluster strategy he decided to not just attempt but complete all power cleans at 155# - 25 reps and finish the workout...i cannot say anymore only that he has inspired me...that was my favorite moment
(besides seeing my wife get uncomfortable and learn more than she ever thought she would - i love her for that in itself)


Lisa M said...

I will repost this here as i posted it on yestedays comments. The whole entire weekend was inpiring so bare with me here.

Wow what an incredible weekend!! I am very emotional about this past weekend and am about to go on a bit so just skip on if you like but here goes...

I have played competitive sports all my life and NEVER have i experienced what went on this weekend. I was very nervous about the weekend because i really felt that i had something to prove to myself, my family, my friends, and this community - and that was that I am not crazy for doing what i do, and that yes an over 40 mom who trains by herself can still keep up and maybe just maybe kick some ass!! My nerves were quickly abated as i began to meet many of the faces that i know only by their blog name and many whom i have met over the months at the OPT challenges. This community is like no other in the sporting world everyone is so friendly, supportive and genuinley great people.

I want to thank Michelle Savard more than anyone you were my rock, my inspiration and my "co-conspirator" all weekend and you will never know how much you helped my this weekend. I know that i never would have accomplished what i did this weekend without you being there. Melissa C the instant friendship that we developed over this past week made an incredible impact on me as a person and as an athlete and i will be forever grateful to you for that. All the other ladies too many to name but Chelsea, Kat, Ali, Liz, Brit,Kathleen, Laura, Shelley and any that i missed you are all amazing athletes people and are a huge inspiration for me. I challenge anyone to find a sporting event where your fellow competitors care just as much about how well you do as they do about their own performance and in many cases i think care more and want to see others succeed it is truly incredible.

James I know you hear and read this all the time but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You selflessly give of yourself without any expectation in return other than seeing the "fruits" of you labour i guess?? You are a brilliant man and incredible person. Your programming allowed me to go to a place that i never thought possible both physically and especially mentally. I seriously felt like i was having an out of body experience this weekend. I will be forever grateful to you as you have changed my life forever. Thank you.

And to all the boys you are all incredible athletes, inspirations and so helpful and ecouraging it made me feel like i now have a whole other family. Thank you. Your performances this weekend were inpsiring and amazing.

Geoff thank you very very much for what you said i appreciate that more than you will ever know.

Ok I am done and now I will enjoy my week off and then get down to some serious business!!

Hari said...

My favorite moment this weekend was when I realized three things: that I wasn't fully prepared; that it didn't have to be this way; and that it would not be this way again.

Katrina Burton said...

Favorite Moment of the Weekend:
The Big Dawg crew coming together as a TEAM and providing support to all our pack memebers. As Lisa said, everyone caring about our fellow Big Dawgs more than we care about ourselves.

It was a very emotional weekend for me. So glad to have the support from everyone on this blog. James, I can never thank you enough for what you provide to us here. I have come along way in improving my weaknesses (barbell stuff) in the past few months and if it wasn't for that this weekend would have went quite differently for me. THANK YOU!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Oh James trumped me on this one; Luber's 3rd WOD was a site to behold. A lot of guts on display there and the whole gym was cheering him on.

My word is 'binge' which is what I'd like to do but I've learned that full recovery requires eating smart, too.

Garage Crossfitter said...

The most memorable moment of the weekend was David X's last event. Dave was 1/2 way thru his final wod and on his 30th rep of Toes to bar, fell off the pullup bar dropping 5 feet onto his back. The fall knocked the wind out of him and he didnt move for 10 sec. His wife wanted to run out to him but i held her back knowing he would not quit. Dave stood up and continued to chip away at the wod. He started the final exercise, 30 KBS w/55lbs at 16:10- the cut off for the wod was 17:00 which would have disqualified him from the event. I knew that he was completely gassed at that point but somehow Dave completed all 30 KBS "unbroken" finishing the wod at 16:58, it was amazing to watch.

Another moment I will never forget was the noise in that small gym when i picked up my kettlebell for my last 30 reps and finally collasping after my last rep, laying on my back i looked to my right and watched Wes collaspe 5 sec later, and Dmarsh 20 sec later. Full effort WAS full victory.

Coach the entire weekend all 5 of us big dawgs talked about how prepared we were and that this was just "another day" of training. Thank you for preparing us mentally and physically. Now its time to rest, get in a few A.R.T. appointments and re-focus for the next 8 weeks. Here we come Albany...i can already hear the HOWL!!

Jefff said...

Lots of great moments for sure (Luber was amazing).

My highlight was seeing sHELLy finish third overall in Edmonton. She is extremely humble of her accomplishments, and goes about her business as quietly as she can. Her insane fear of failure pushes her past her own expectations, while avoiding all attention as much as possible. Her quote heading into the thruster WOD was:
"I suck at thrusters. I'm going to finish last". She got 92.

I wish I had what she has when it comes to Crossfit.

Great job to all that competed this weekend in Edmonton, and everywhere else in the world.

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

You guys & girls are all so amazing! Even tho I am a bit disconnected geography-wise it's feels good to be somewhat connected to such an aamazing group of people! Me and Jenny is doing what we can to spread the Big Dawg gospel here in Sweden as well!

Gotta (gotta!) save up time and money to take family to Canada and visit Calgary sometime!

Away the whole weekend, but wanted to to the WODs. So here it goes (terribly, terribly underslept tho - about 3 hours a night fri-sun)...

part 1:
3RM OHSQ: 3x80kg, 2x85kg (damn! Got distracted after 2 easy reps and missed the third)

part 2:
7 min AMRAP thrusters: 80 reps

part 3:
5 rounds 5 PC (70kg), 10 burpees, 30 DUs (instead of run): 10:34

Melisa C said...

I have so many memorable moments from this weekend.

It was truly an amazing experience and one that will not soon be forgotten.

First, having Willie (Albert) there for me, beside me for every event, pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of. He kept me mentally grounded and I tuned out every voice except for his during each event, esp. having him run every lap beside me in wod 3. I have never had to dig deeper in a wod than I did in that one.

And OPT - I just may get sick of hearing your name soon. ;)

Next, being able to meet OPT in person and have him coach and encourage me during a wod. I cannot express in words the impact that had on me; having someone who you respect and admire feed you some of their energy is beyond anything I could imagine.

And of course, being part of the Big Dawgs community. This is an amazing community that anyone outside could never understand. Anyone wearing a Big Dawgs tee was an automatic friend and support. Lisa M - my god you are amazing. I am unbelievably proud of your accomplishments. To train alone in your basement with the intensity that you do, that truly does take a special person. I respect and admire you so much and am so very happy with your placement. You are a beast!!

Kat - you are an inspiration. I loved being in the same heats as you in the first day. Being able to compete alongside you is an honor.

There is no other way train. You are an absolute genius OPT and I hope you go to sleep every night smiling knowing that you have created something amazing and the impact you have on so many peoples life. Thank you.

Sorry this is not as articulate as I would like but I wanted to post and I can only do this from my blackberry today.

ROBO said...

Taking a break from The Anvil today wanted to hit a big dawg workout. so i did the one from yesterday. and good job to all of you. make the big dawgs proud :).

As Rx'd 12:05

Nathan H. said...

Favorite moment from Socal Sectionals:

The last event on Sunday was an 800m Run. I came into that workout expecting around a 2:30!! Something I am capable of fresh... and was certain I'd be able to push through the pain as it was the last event.
As it turned out, that 800m was one of the hardest things I've ever done. And I crossed the finish line in 3:30.

Finishing was a great moment... but not my favorite. My favorite moment was about 3 minutes after the 800m run when I had an epiphany about my training and my progress.

I realized that no matter where I am, I always have something to focus on. Everyone's 'engine' is different, and I didn't fully understand that until that moment. Now I'm working on refining my engine... thinking much more about periodization, peaking and getting more rest than I used to... so I can stay fresh and perform at a high level more frequently.
Because of that moment, I will become a better athlete.


Wes hendricks said...

My favorite moment was when I finished my second WOD of the day(frontsquat/double unders) And it was the first competition workout my dad had ever gotten to see and he was so excited for me, he was jumping up and down. And it was just an amazing feeling to have him see me perform as well as I could have.

Greg Soneff said...


Don't know why it took me so long to put 2 and 2 together but was looking at pictures from the North Europe Sectional on Facebook where you were tagged and all the sudden I remembered the blog. You were my judge for the 2nd WOD (the chipper). I followed the blog for a few months but in December I managed to meet James at OPT and have been following a plan he put together for me ever since. Will you be at the Regionals in Halmstad? Would be great to see you there.

My favorite moment from the sectionals in Stockholm was the guy who completed the final workout by himself on his birthday. The other people in his heat gave up but this guy pushed on with everyone screaming and cheering and completed the workout with the biggest smile on his face. At the end of the workout the ENTIRE place sang happy birthday!! Awesome!! That's what it's about!!

Yelvi said...

My favorite moment was setting a new C&J pr. I went in to the event with a 225 C&J. I ended up meeting my goal of 235 with 1 min to spare, but I felt like I had a little more in me, so I put 5 more lbs on the bar and was able to get 240 up with like 5 sec left. It was an awesome feeling.

Also, watching this one girl, Olivia, squat clean and thruster every thruster rep because she couldn't do more than one at a time was inspiring. That girl showed heart.

Mike Molloy said...

The first workout at the New England Sectional was the one I thought would be my toughest. I'm not a runner. I managed to pace the first 800 well, hit 15 straight snatches on my way to 30 and then survived the last 800 for my top finish out of four workouts.

When I finished, I looked up and saw my mom, dad and girlfriend smiling at me. They told me how proud they were of me for my dedication and the effort that I put forth. That was a pretty special moment.

ken c said...

my favorite moment was at this year's sectional after wod 1. i knew going in that i was prepared and had gone through the workout already so i had my strategy down. did the workout as hard as i could and i'd say the last 5 squat clean to overhead and 10 pull ups had end of fran feel. totally spent knowing i had done the best i could do.

but that's only part of what made it special. when i was done i sat against the wall gasping and was able to watch the rest of the athletes complete the workout and see the crowd there cheering and take time to take it all in. being 45 i'm constantly aware that i may not have many of these competitions left in me. at least not ones were i'm slightly relevant. it was nice to reflect on happy all this stuff is. and that i didn't puke.

here's a some video of the end of the workout. it was shot by the guys at dallas central so the focus isn't on me. i'm the guy in the red shorts against the wall.

rwcorson said...

Favorite moment was watching my wife, Elisabeth Wagner, aka Wanger, have the mental push to sprint out the last 75 m on WOD 3 in the Central Canada Sectional. She continues to amaze me.
Great work Dawgs over the weekend. The support you gave each other and the rest of the community was inspiring.

Paul Klein said...

Again fantastic work this weekend everyone.

Lisa M, you inspire me to push harder, even if I am alone in my garage! Outstanding work.

My favorite moment from the NC/SC qualifier was the triplet workout (275lb deadlift/over the box jumps/rope climb 20'). Only 44 of the competitors completed this workout and I was one of them. It felt so good to know that I was truly prepared for anything.

My word verification is vishindr, I think I went to school with an Indian kid named Vishindr.

Anonymous said...

I'm relatively new around here so reading all of your stories is great motivation. I've got about a month to go before the Masters. This is my first big competition after crossfitting about a year. And Ken, just cause you're 45 doesn't mean you stop being relevant in the competition. I'm 51, can't swing the weight around the way you Dawgs do but I'm out there.

Thanks for sharing all of your experiences and thanks Coach for the programming. I'm only hoping I can keep up my leg of the bargain when it comes my turn.

Pete said...

My favourite moment was seing my fiancé Angie bring intensity that I have never seen in her before. I knew going in to the event what her fears were but come game time her performance was solid and determined.

She comes from a backround of dance and long distance running and this was really the first competitive athletic event (other than a half-marathon) that she had ever done. The first time I ever got her doing interval work, she literally almost had a panick attack because she had never pushed to that level and wasn't at all comfortable with being uncomfortable. She's been Crossfitting for just over 6 months now and her progress to this point has been remarkable.

I'm super proud of her.


YoungManRumble said...

BC Sectionals. Event 1.

Crossfit Football Total
1RM Pwr Clean
1RM Squat
1RM Bench
1RM Deadlift

I weigh 175lbs give or take a pound or two on any given day. I have been dealing with the tendinitis in my patella for the last 3 weeks and it sucks. The weeks leading up to the BC sectionals I could not train with any considerable load. Anything involving a slight knee bend lit my knee up beyond belief.

Got some inspired coaching and had a good warm up and produced the following:

Pwr Clean - 255 PR by 10 lbs
Back Squat - 355 PR by 15 lbs
Bench - 275 * here is the twist.

On my second bench attempt, during the concentric I dropped 295 lbs right across my Sternum from about 12 inches, the spotters missed the bar completely. By the grace of God I was able to walk away unharmed, except for a real good bruise. A little rattled I composed myself changed my underwear and moved on.

Deadlift - 525 PR by 25 lbs

1410 total.

I'm honored to make it through a tough BC Sectional. A 2km row after a full day of competing is something I never want to do again (thank you James for WOD2 of the Big Dawg 3 challenge).

I know the Canada regional will be the toughest test of "athletics" I have ever been apart of. I'm looking forward to it. See you dawgs in May.

I'm pround of my significant other Karolina and training partner Pete K (1st overall in BC) for making it through as well. They rowed unbelievable races and went to places mentally that few would dare go after a long gruelling day.

Jason (YoungManRumble)

Brent Maier said...

My brother Brian flew in to support me for the sectionals. Having my wife, kids and brother there to cheer me on was my greatest victory. I felt WOD#1 was a disaster by my standards but killed WOD 2 and didn't lose ground on the final WOD. I have to say this is the FIRST competition where I had zero regrets about my efforts or execution of a gameplan. What more can one ask for?

The mainsite posted videos summing up both days of the competition for those interested. The Crossfit Calgary shirt got some footage in the day 2 video. Ouu!

Day 1:
Day 2:

Thank you everyone for your support leading up to the competition and all those that post their daily benchmarks so that we can all continue to learn and grow as a team. Last but not least, thanks James!

dmarsh said...

My favorite moment took place during my wife's (Jenn Hunter, a fellow dawg) final WOD, the chipper. The second exercise was 30 CTB pullups. While this is a strength of hers, she was iffey on how to approach it - bang through as many as possible to try to build a lead on the other girls or strategize and pace. The last we spoke prior to her heat she had decided on 10 to start and then sets of 5 from there - perfectly manageable.

Her heat begins and she toys with the 30 OH squats. Jumps up to the pullup bar and rips off 17 straight CTB pullups. It was at that moment that I knew she threw strategy out the window, was completely in the moment and was thinking nothing other than "FULL EFFORT".

She finished 3rd overall and was more physically and mentally prepared than I have ever seen her thanks to being a follower of this amazing program and community.

That goes for me as well. I have competed in the past, and never have I felt so prepared and confident in my abilities as I was this weekend, and I attribute it to the programming and knowledge being shared on this site.

Thanks so much for everything you do James as well as everyone else that makes this community what it is.

PTS said...

My favorite moment was reading these posts and reading everyone else's favorite moments. Awesome stuff.

But before that my favorite moment was upon completing the 3rd and final WOD. I finished 3rd in my heat, which I knew meant I had qualified for Regionals. All the hard work had a tangible reward.

After I found a spot to crumble near the wall, I looked across and saw my wife smiling. I saw my teammate Dave X who had shouted "FULL EFFORT" at various times in the WOD to remind me that
full effort is full victory. I then removed myself from the wall and briefed two other teammates GCF and Wes on the WOD, and then found a spot to cheer them on.

Tyler Smith said...

My favorite moment from my qualifying weekend took place on day two... The WOD was AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 5 HSPU, 7 Full Squat Snatch (95#), 10 20" Box Jumps... I was sitting somewhere around 30th place after the first day, and knew I had to bring all I had in order to advance. I refused to watch any other competitors go before me for some reason that day... Just kind of kept my cool, sat alone and got focused. I have an anterior sublux on my right shoulder, and a posterior sublux on my left shoulder... Needless to say, HSPU, Snatch, and some other things have been my goats for a while. Just because I have been afraid of that position in my ROM. After the 3,2,1 GO! I just erupted... I don't think I paused on the snatches until round 4 or 5 and ended up finishing 8 rounds + some reps. This put me at 7th overall for the WOD and I finished the sectional at 18th. Still didn't qualify but I am damn proud of my effort.
Next year, I will be stronger and more conditioned going to the event. I am taking the next few months to have a hernia repaired, heal some elbow tendonitis, and get very strong on the Oly and Power lifts... Something I have been needing to do for some time. OPT and dawgs, it has been fun and I will return... Until then I will be following performance menu. HOOOOOWWWWL!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite moment was watching Geoff Aucoin compete in the final WOD "The Canadian Crippler" at sectionals. I stood in front of him as he pushed through the lifting with a kind of poise that one can only exhibit when they have put in the consistent, enduring effort that I know he and many of you have to get to the point we were all at this weekend. He was ranked 11th leading into this final event, but there were single points separating atheltes at this point, so it was make it or break it time. Too many times I have seen athletes get to this place and then not follow through. You are always in the game, be it Crossfit or whatever challenge we are currently facing, and the time to give in or give up is never, let the others do that. This is what I saw and I thought it was a cool example. He ended up 8th. Katrina, I know you as well as many others did the same, congrats for that. Super fun to watch!

Lisa M said...

One of the other most amazing moments of my weekend was the moment i pulled my van to the front of my house on sunday - the front door literally flew open and my 7 year old daughter came flying out of the house jumping up and down yelling at the top of her lungs "MOMMY MOMMY you finished in 4th place I am so proud of you that is amazing you must be REEEEAAALLY strong" and then "wait til grandma hears!!"

This moment will stay in my heart forever. The fact that i made my own child proud at 7 years old and that through crossfit i am teaching her that it is more than ok and important as a woman and a mom to be strong, have muscles and be healthy. I think it is an invaluable lesson that she will hopefully hold close to her heart as she becomes her own strong independant woman.

craig said...

The best part of the Alaska Sectionals, for me, was the effort put forth by those who didn't have the strength, skill and endurance to crush the wod's, but the heart to just finish, even if they were last, and one rep at a time. Losing with heart and pride, and knowing you gave it your all weighs a TON.

It was pretty funny though when an athlete quit in the last wod, second round cuz he couldn't be first. He screamed and yelled, threw a fit, and walked out. So be it.

Erik Luber said...

The new and improved/updated big dawgs roster is up. All of the dawgs that qualified for regionals have been added to the new regionals section. I did my best to add any dawgs that didn't email me their info...sorry if I missed adding anyone. Just let me know and I will gladly add you to the roster.

Big Dawgs Roster

My favorite moment was watching Brett Marshall OHS 245x3. Seeing that made me realize that it is not my size that limits me, but my mind more than anything. Never again will I tell myself what isn't possible before I try.

Also just want to say what an awesome experience it was to meet so many of the dawgs. What an amazing, genuine and inspiring group of people. I couldn't have made it through that weekend without you guys at my side cheering and coaching me on.

Coach, it was an absolute honour to have meet you in person. It is hard to express how thankful I am for everything you do.

Ali Loach said...

My favourite moment was after WOD#2 realizing I was in 2nd place. Driving up to Edmonton my husband asked what my goal was. I told him it was to "hopefully" make the top 15.
Seeing my name in second place helped me realize that I am capable of MUCH more than I give myself credit for. I ended up in 6th place and I am proud of myself for putting it all out there and not letting my mind, or what I "think" I'm capable of, get in the way of what I am ACTUALLY capable of.

A close runner up was my husband yelling "F*&% You Burpees" at me during WOD #3. Made me smile and push a little harder to get those damn things over with.

To all the other female big dawgs there this weekend.....thank you for being such a great inspiration. I'm honoured to be a part of this amazing community!!!

Benorama said...

Favorite moment from the NorCal quals: Finishing the OHS wod with full effort and quality movement. With about 20 seconds to go in the wod and 115# overhead, my balance shifted left. I had to step forward to compensate, and faced with the situation, I decided there was no time to step back, re-stabilize, and get reps in. So, I improvised...I just pivoted in place and continued from a diagonal position (relative to the other athletes), nailing two extra reps before time was called. Was also pleased to have no missed reps called on me by my judge. You play like you practice, A$$ to Grass!

Chad Hall said...

I usually workout alone so I don't see all the other firebreathers and Big Dawgs out there. The Ontario sectionals gave me the opportunity to see 90 other guys who have been working hard just like me to try and bring themselves to their fullest potential.

It's easy to loss focus and become lackadaisical when you train alone (at least that's what I find). It was great to see all the competitors out there as it really opened my eyes to the fact that I need to pick up the intensity. Even though I workout alone, there's hundreds of other people working out at the same time as me, pushing for that last rep. And I need to beat them there.

I still don't truly feel that I am comfortable with the uncomfortable. Currently I'm comfortable with hard...but that's it. I still need to learn to push to the edge and even fall off the edge every once in a while. I feel that my sectionals were my first stepping stones to this path.

Favourite moment though would have to be competing in the same heats as fellow Big Dawg Michael McCabe. Only 2 of us there and we were put together and represented well!

Stephen Flamm said...

I was proud to travel with Arjuna Smith this weekend to VA and witness his qualifying performance just months after major shoulder surgery to repair a severely torn labrum and detached biceps tendon. Best moment for me was watching this beast bear down on the final WOD (7:00 AMRAP of 12 BJs and 8 SDLHP) and crush it, knowing that if he broke anything he likely wouldn't qualify. Just two fewer reps and he doesn't make it... Give this kid a healthy year, and he'll be there with the best of them - a true Big Dawg.

Michael McCabe said...

I was just about to write the same thing as Chad... having the support of the big dawgs day to day is huge in terms of keeping my intensity high (as i too train alone), but having chad in the same heat as me at the sectional was awesome, especially crushing that last wod together, trying to power through those snatches.

i'll be in touch man, i may have to take a trip down to cambridge sometime before may!

Thad said...

The whole weekend was great. My favorite part was how all the Big Dawgs showed so much support to each other and really made the whole experience feel a lot more like a team event then an individual one.

Laura said...

Favorite part of the weekend was having Gord cheering for me practically every second--he ran around the track more than anyone I think. Who else could say "Stop #$@#% whining and pick the bar up"--without blinking an eye. When I think I am done--you know I am not!

Shout out to my form police buddies at OPT--Rob, Geoff, Trevor, Michael. Thanks to all the volunteers, family members, etc that spent their whole weekend running the show. As well as to James for running this show.

And finally a big yahoo to all the girls who competed--no one gets where they are without the help and push from others.

Steve Howell said...

I can't really point out a single favorite part of the weekend.

It was just such an honor to meet and compete with all these amazing athletes throughout British Columbia, and to finally meet some of the B.C Big Dawg's was really awesome as well.

Congrats to all the DAWG'S who competed over the weekend and pasted weekends, wheather you moved on or not just the fact that you went out there and put everything you had into it just makes me so proud to have found crossfit and this site.

I just can't thank James enough for what he has done, words can't describe the feeling I have after this weekend.

Mizar said...

This moment for me occurred while encouraging an amazing athlete; I asked her one question that resonates within me... can you walk away without regretting anything?...

Michael FitzGerald said...

My favorite part of the weekend is what is coming out of it. The great moments i continue to have. The fact that everyone did their best is great...but the fact that we as a group of Big Dawgs are creating real change amongst our extended family/friends is the best part. 1 - People willing to volunteer at the Canadian Regionals...people who would not have even thought to do this a while ago. 2 - people who now understand what it is we do, why we do it, why we love it, and how dedication (not your fran time) is the prerequisite to competing in this sport. 3 - how much better the competition is this year around...i can safely say this sport has grown, as this years sectionals in Edmonton hosted at least as good of athletic caliber as the Western Canada Qualifiers last May. 4 - realizing the fact that if I want to be there at the Games this year I need to keep my self together, make priority what should be priority (pie circles James, pie circles), and give all I excuses. I will be there!

Outside of favorite moment was coaching Elizabeth Wagner during the 7 min thruster workout...she gave it all she had, and then some!

One thing I am always reminded of during these competitions is the following quote that comes from a band that not many people at OPT like outside of me "...the way that your heart beats makes all the difference..." It did make all the difference in Edmonton, and it will make all the difference in Calgary!

Michelle said... here is a really long one...
Going to OPT is like going home for me. It's where I started my CrossFit journey. Two months ago I instinctively knew I needed to train there again...I needed to go 'home' so I could feel stronger physically and mentally...I can't begin to articulate how transformative training there again was. Thanks to Michael, Trev, Rob, and Geoff.

Geoff and Rob...I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude for all of your support and caring. I have immense respect for both of you. You both contribute to this community in a way that helps us all be better. Geoff with your high standards for attitude and your integrity, and Rob with your commitment, wisdom and guidance. Rob, I'm not sure you realize the tremendous impact you have on this community as a leader.

Brett, thanks for getting me here, for encouraging me to join the Big Dawgs and for riding out the highs and lows of the journey!!!! ;)

Kathleen, thank you so much for coaching me on that last WOD. The only thing I remember between the push press and going back up the stairs for the pull ups is your voice giving me cues...To tune out the physical pain I just focused on your voice and kept doing what you said...'jump!'... 'just drop'...'focus on the doors at the end of the track'...' when you get around the curve pick up your pace...'when you get to your station pick up your bar and start your deadlift' You got me thru that WOD! Congratulations on your performance this past weekend! To you other CrossFitting very inspiring and so freakin' enjoyable to be in your company this weekend!!!!

My favorite the end of Sunday's events when I was standing in amongst my CrossFit family (CFC, OPT, Big Dawgs) such a feeling of comfort and content arose that I'm quite sure I'll never forget it. Oh, and Lisa M., for a period of that time I was standing beside you. Standing there I felt as though I had known you my whole life...

Big shout out to the organizers and volunteers at CrossFit Edmonton. What a well run event!!!

Thank you Gord, Keith, Rhiannon, DJ's family, Monette, Darren, and Alvaro for your support of the Calgary 'team'...I apologize if I've missed anyone.

James...thank you so much for the programming, for fostering this community, but mostly for encouraging me to live more consciously.

And...thank you Shane, for believing and encouraging...

BK said...

Fav moment without a doubt Jenny 'The Rock 'Morris performing the last WOD on 1 leg .Performing 60 burpees in the final wod with a severely sprained ankle and beating every elite athlete in the house bar 1 ...and only dropping to Heather Keenean by 1 Burpee was not only my 'moment' of sectionals it was the most amazing sporting achievement I have ever witnessed. True warrior grit...but hey ...she is a Rugby Player(:

Scott S said...

I was right next to Dave X during his last event in Nj/NY sectionals. When he fell from that bar on his toes to bar, i stopped...and began to yell at him. "Get up dave, Get the F up!!". I'm not an OPT Big Dawg but i wasnt going to see a friend of mine fail like that. I was seconds away from picking him up myself.

It cost me time i guess, i missed finishing by 4 reps. But this was the best Crossfit contest i have done yet. More to come. I think i'll try some of these OPT contest online. Just for some giglles. Gotta keep up with Dave X.

DeeJay said...
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Adam Killam said...

My favorite moment at the B.C sectionals last weekend was the final lift for each exercise of WOD 1, heavy lifting. The energy of the crowd, the thrill of competing with the other men in my heat, and the adrenaline. It was amazing. Set two new PRs...

The second best moment for me was a new PR on the 2000 M row of 6:59:03 and then watching moments later as Jeremy swept us all by rowing 6:30. It was a moment of learning...kind of an "Aha! That's how you do it!".

I learned so much last weekend, made some awesome friends, competed, improved myself, and found out what the next level in fitness looks like for me- the next level to aspire to.