for highest load:
Hang Power Snatch/Hang Snatch/OHS/Snatch Balance
(bar remains off ground in set, warm up all movements well before beginning set 1) x 3; 180 sec b/t sets
5 min rest
as many rounds in 5 min;
1 rope ascent
5 ring dips
5 min rest
Sprint 45 sec @ level 6 incline - 85% effort
rest 90 sec
Sprint 45 sec @ level 7 incline - 90% effort
rest 90 sec
Sprint 45 sec @ level 8 incline - 95% effort
rest 90 sec
Sprint 45 sec @ level 9 incline - 100% effort
post loads for snatch complex, rounds for gymnastics circuit and notes on sprints to comments


Todd Dyer said...

looks like a good one
Question; how many rope pullups= one rope climb?

deejay said...


Chad Action Brandt said...

Morning coach:-)
I was thinking about sprinting in the snow to simulate the inclines for treadmil any ideas? In boots.

OPT said...

chad, great idea...little deeper snow is better, keep the legs like pistons and knees high, focus on 30 sec efforts as opposed to distance covered...

Geoff Aucoin said...

115 for snatch complex, 6.5 rounds (feet missing a lot on rope climbs), for the sprints I kept the speed @ 10mph and the increase of levels was enough to up the % although I ended at 11mph for the last 15-20 of the last sprint. OW!

Gord said...

snatch complex-105, 8 rounds for rope/dips

-felt strong, but 1st attempt at 105 I failed at the snatch as I was not quite low enough (thanks for the coaching Trev)2nd attempt at 105 I lost balance on the snatch balance

Thanks to Aucoin for his....nutritional support? hehe

Gord said...

opps for got the sprint notes

stated at 9.2 and built up to 11.4 for the last sprint

Sweeney said...

Snatch Complex: 110lbs - I weebled and I wobbled, but I didn't fall down.

G-Circ: 8 rds + 1/2 rope climb - grip was toast

Sprints: Started at 9.5 graduated to 11 and flunked back to 10.5 - These were gruelling for me.

Lots of activity at OPT today. Great atmosphere!!!

Trevor Salmon said...

snatch complex 71lbs - snatch balance the limiting factor
subbed out rope climb and ring dips due to elbow issues to 5 check to bar chin ups and 5 bar dips = 6 rounds plus 3 chins
runs at 10mph - first one was a little too easy but on the last one I contemplated an increase but luckily didn't as the last 15-20 sec were brutal.

Mack said...

105lbs. Tried 115, blew it on the snatch balance. Getting better with the squats.....

4 rds. rope crushed me

Treadmill speed 10 / 10 / 10 / 9

Think I messed up on my timing for rd 3 and only did 35 secs .... still wounded me

deejay said...

Snatch complex 145/150/155(fail on SB)
3 rounds on circuit, 4th round I could only get 3/4 of the way up on 2 attempts.
sprints - kept speed at 10mph whole way through

rwcorson said...

snatch complex-120#
rope ascent/ring dips-7 rds + 1 rope ascent + 4 ring dips
run-10mph @ 6, 7 & 8 incline
10.5 mph for 9 incline.
I was very stiff this morning and didn't know how I'd free today. Power in snatch complex felt very good, rope climb were consistent except on the 6th climb I had a poor leg grip. Ring dips were better than expected.
Runs felt fluid & relaxed. I maybe could have pushed up the speed a bit.
The last 3 days were as much a mental battle for me as a physical one. I learned a few things and realized where to focus my efforts. Have a good off day boys.

Steve said...

Snatch Complex
- 95,110, 125 - Fell on the last rep of OHS. Could have finished it.

Did Towel Chin Ups 6 for every rope ascent. 5 rounds.

speed, 8, 9,9,9

Kathleen said...

wasn't getting low enough on snatch complex so stayed at 76# & it started to come together.
8 rnds of rope/RDs + 1 rope & 2 RDs
Used the Aucoin method & left speed at 10 for all 4 inclines.
Thanks for the socks Sweeney!

Chad Action Brandt said...

115# Snatch complex
6 Rounds (I need work on rope climbs, switched to 6 strict rope pull-ups to sub for 1 rope ascent in round 5 & 6.)
30 second Snow High Knee Sprints with 1 min recovery x4.
These were tough, and made think of Rocky IV. It was cool sprinting in the moonlight, the snow in the feild outside my gym was very soft in some spots and hard as rock in others; worked out well!

Todd Dyer said...

snatch complex 125lb
6 rounds 5 dip/ 6 rope pull ups
1. 10 mph
2. 10.2 mph
3. 10.5 mph
4. 11 mph
need a day off

Michael FitzGerald said...

Snatch Complex - 65#, felt good!
ARM in 5 mins:
5 rds. Failed on 2 rope climbs, b/c arms were ceased. Used Sweeney's socks.
Ran at 10mph for 2 rds, then 10.5 for last 2 rds. That was tough.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Are the FitzGerald's new parents again yet!?!

Garage Crossfit said...

snatch complex: 95, 105, 115

7 rounds with subbing 6 strict rope pullups

For the runs i raised my cheapo treadmill to the highest incline setting and set 35lb bumpers under the front and did all 4 sprints at that level, geez that was hard.
speeds at 9.0, 8.7, 8.5 then before the last run started i realized i was only taking 75 sec breaks and last run was at 6.3 then 8.5 for last 15 sec, felt like i was running up a mountain, started to get all foggy on the last run, better breathing needed maybe?

Gummo said...

Felt strong tonight.

Complex: 115 x 2, 125 x1
8 Rounds

Felt good on the sprints-- too strong!