attempt to perform 10 rounds of Cindy in 6 min

A. if you do this, you get 10 min rest and then the chance to perform 30 push up burpees with clap overhead in 1 minute
B. if you fail to do 10 rds of Cindy in 6 min, you get 4 min rest and the chance to perform 30 push up burpees with clap overhead in 1 min

if you get 10 rds of Cindy done in 6 min and 30 burpees done in the minute, the workout is over for you, well done!

if you get 10 rds of Cindy done and miss 30 burpees in the minute, you have to perform 100 hanging knees to elbows for time 3 min after the burpees minute time frame is up

if you get neither 10 rds of Cindy or 30 burpees in the minute, you have to perform 100 GHD Sit ups followed by 100 hanging knees to elbows for time EXACTLY 3 min after the burpees minute is up

1. the path you thought you'd achieve before the wod started
2. the path you took
3. your Cindy, Burpee and if you got to them, the ab times/scores

please stick to the EXACT rest times based on your completion or lack thereof b/t wod's


Geoff Aucoin said...

This is amazing. You are an evil genius, my friend.

Sweeney said...

Not to be sarcastic, but what if we are unsuccessful with the 10 rds of Cindy but we achieve the 30 Burpees in a minute?

Brent Maier said...

Brilliantly evil! The outcome of this "choose your path" arse kicker is going to be comical.

OPT said...

sweeney, then you only do 100 K2E's 3 min after the burpees

Leo S. said...


Thank you for posting these WoD's - great combo of pain and spirit.

Appreciate all the thought and experience put in it

Leo S
CF Evolution

Sweeney said...

Thanks Coach!!

Great way to start the new three day cycle.

Gord said...

wanted to complete both in required time
cindy 5:53
burpees- :49

Geoff Aucoin said...

Gordo, you're the man!

1. Goal was to get 10 rounds, I could see it and taste it, I wanted it bad.
2. I went ALL OUT!
3. I had 2 push-ups and 15 squats left to go when my timer went off and I managed to get 20 burpees in 60 seconds. Push-ups died which sunk the whole deal. Effort was high, output didn't reflect that.

Sit-up/K2E couplet was cut in half as there's no GHD and one cannot hang to do the K2E properly. Subbed V-sit-ups for GHDs.

Time was 13:55. No, that's not a mis-print.

Sifton said...

Gord, amazing.

knew I would be close on Cindy and the Burpees were a ? for me.

8 rounds + 5 + 10 +11
Burpees = only 18. The 4 min rest was tough.

GHD Situps and K2E
time = 16:35

That was with regular situps as the hotel has no way to do GHD Situps. The K2E were f*&^ed up after the regular situps, i cannot imagine the GHD.

Brent Maier said...

Gord, you kicked it today and Geoff, fantastic effort! I've unfortunately got a GHD so I'm going to be giving it my all to complete Cindy.

Team, on the hanging K2E, is it acceptable if I'm hanging where the tips of the toes touch the ground at the bottom of each rep just enough to stop the the swinging? If that isn't acceptable, I'll have to go somewhere with a higher pullup bar.

rwcorson said...

I wanted to get both Cindy & the Burpees.
9 rds = 5 pulls + 9 push ups
push were the limiting exercise. I died on the 8th rd of push ups.
PUB=20 reps. I got to 12 with good tempo then the wheels fell off. I couldn't push up off the floor or jump.
Trevor & I did the 1st two parts together, so we alternated 25 GHD sit ups & 25 K to E. That's going to hurt tomorrow. 18:04.
Gord, you're the man.

rwcorson said...

I meant to say push ups were the limiting exercise.
Brent, you can touch down to stop swinging, but when you start the next rep your feet must be off the floor.

Trevor Salmon said...

1.I wanted to keep a positive outlook but figured it would be tough as my best Cindy when I was crossfitting was 21 rds
2. went hard and head to head with Rob C but my push ups were slow. Perhaps a little guarding on the eccentric portion.
3. 7 rds plus 8 squats 4 min rest(not enough!!) 18 burpees, 100 ghd sit ups/100 hanging k2e with Rob C so we alternated back and forth 25 reps at a time and I started on the k2e in 18:25

Sweeney said...

Given the previous posts, would it be cowardly to admit defeat early, avoid Cindy and the PUB and save myself for the K2E and GHD's?

deejay said...

Wow, looks like I might be in trouble.....

Steve said...

I wanted to finish cindy. For the burpees I just wanted to go as fast as possible.

Cindy 7 Rounds. I started round 5 at the 2 minute mark, then proceeded to die a horrible death.

4 mins later

-20 burpees in 60s. I don't know that I could do them any faster.

3 mins later

- Subbed 13 lbs ball, and decline sit ups. Touch the ball to the floor and then to toes. 100x's. Took 8:15.
- 100 k2e took 15:51
for a total of 24:06 for the 200.

OPT said...

sweeney, sure you "could" do that, not try...and "settle" for 2nd...OR, you could try your ass off, beat Gord and take the prize....your choice

Sweeney said...

Cindy: 10 rds - 5:35
PUB: 30 - 0:56

Thanks for the push Mike

Michael FitzGerald said...

10 rds of Cindy = 5:59. This took all of me.
Did 13 Burpees in 30 sec and gave up!
100 K2E trying to focus on sets of 5 = 10:50. Had no energy left.

Todd Dyer said...

this one was tough
did cindy in 6:25 was sure I miss counted so I waited 10 min and did cindy again! this time was 5:53
waited 10 min, got to 25 burpies when time ran out.
Was tempted to do the burpies again but didn't.
waited 3 min performed 100 knees to elbows in 9:56
competition will make you do strange things

Todd Dyer said...

ps my preplan was to do cindy in under 6 min, probably not make the burpies and do the knees to elbows under 10 min

Brent Maier said...

Team & Coach: I'd give you all a personal victory hug if you all were here today!

1) Read this last night in bed and started doing the math. Needed 35 seconds per round to pull this off. Didn't sleep a wink a good portion of the night. With the postings throughout the day, I thought my odds were very slim but I was determined to hit it freaking hard. Then Coaches post! Blam! Go for Cindy, make a valiant effort on Burpees, and take the GHD's and K2E like a man. 3,2,1 go...

2) I knew it was going to be tight, I brought my brother visiting from Vegas today to time me and make sure no rounds were missed. Full ROM, finished my first two rounds in 57 seconds. The first 4 rounds bought me time for quick arm streches during the pushups in 7,8,9,10. I finished 15 burpees in 32 seconds before arms failed me for the final 3. K2E were just plain tough at this point.

3) Times
x10 Cindy: 5:59:27
Burpees: 18
K2E: 14:02

Chad Action Brandt said...
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Chad Action Brandt said...

10 RDS Cindy in 6min = 5:55
30 PUB in 1min = 26
100 K2E = 12:38
I herd my watch and gave this blood curdling scream, "Noooooooooo!" So Close!
I came in with the mind set of getting both these WODs done with my all!
Great efforts today gentlemen! Very impressive!

deejay said...

This was brutal. Figured I wouldn't get either but I might as well die trying haha
Cindy only got 6 rounds + 5 pushups - Pushups are the limiting factor here
Burpess got to 20
100 GHDSU's + 100 K2E was brutal painfull and slugish, not alot of energy today. 27:XX
These are things I definatly need work on!

Kathleen said...

plan was to get both straight thru
Cindy in 5:47 (on track)
26 Burpies (tough)
100 K2E in 6:36

Garage Crossfit said...

Cindy= 5:42
30 Burpees= 1:07 (pushed 110% on this but just not fast enough, pushup portion died at the end)

100 KE= 5:26

Plan going in was to beat both cindy and burpees, i had a feeling pushups would be slowing me down, ohh well i wanted to do some ab work anyways :)

recovering much more quickly after these wods, good sign.

Gummo said...

Cindy: 7 Rds
15 PUBs
100 GHD sit ups time: 4:46

Tough, tough, tough!

I knew from the start that I would be seeing the GHD Sit ups, but I thought that I could get the 10 rds of Cindy. Just got gassed.