for total score:
30 sec max squats
30 sec rest
AMRAP Ring Dips
60 sec rest
x 3
total reps of squats and ring dips for 3 sets X BWT in kg = score 1
5 min rest
10 GHD Raises
10 sec rest
AMRAP hanging knees to elbows
90 sec rest
x 5
total K2E reps for 5 sets X BWT in kg = score 2
5 min rest
as many rounds in 7 minutes;
7 jumping chin ups
7 push up burpees
rounds completed X BWT in kg = score 3

add scores 1,2 and 3 together to get total score, winner has highest number
post total score to comments

squats: measure 1/2 distance b/t floor and middle of knee cap WITH shoes on, that is the height you have to squat to, touch ass to object at this height each rep, full extension of hips at top
ring dips: biceps MUST touch rings at bottom, elbows MUST be locked out at top, pushing outward on rings at top DOES NOT constitute a rep, you MUST start each rep from the top at full arm extension
GHD Raises: come to perpendicular to floor at top, hands crossed at chest, if you fraction these reps, you lose 3 reps from your K2E's score on that round
K2E's: you must hang for the start and finish of each rep, you CANNOT touch down to stop mometum, then hang and start another rep, a rep is knees ACTUALLY touching the elbows, NOT the triceps, please be clear on this
jumping chin ups: extend both hands overhead WITH shoulders fully extended upward like in OHS, not depressed downward and then measure bar which must cross at 8" below highest point on hand, arms fully extended at the bottom of each rep, full face must clear the bar at top
push up burpees: chest to deck, jump and clap overhead at top, body must be perpendicular to floor at top of jump, no leaning forward at top


Geoff Aucoin said...

Sweet Jesus, the Mad Scientist of CrossFit is in the house. I love it. I also can't read my frickin' word verification...

deejay said...

Can we kip on the K2E's?

Geoff Aucoin said...

DJ, are you hanging from a bar and are your knees touching your elbows?

deejay said...


OPT said...

GHD Raises are like GHD back extensions EXCEPT your knees flex as you come up at the top so your body is perpendicular to floor at top, they are NOT another name for GHD sit ups...
search elitefts.com or cathletics.com for videos
you CAN flex elbows on K2E's as long as your arms are COMPLETELY straight at bottom of knees to elbows...

Sweeney said...

RD 1: 99/63
RD 2: 57
RD 3: 11

Wt: 71.75

Total: 16502.5

Rd 1 felt good.

Rd 2: I did the first set as GHD sit-ups, hence the clarification from Coach. Subtracted 3 reps from K2E for the blunder.

Almost fainted after Rd 2. The GHD raises really threw me for a loop!!

I almost bailed out on Rd 3 due to dizziness, but I slugged it out.

Tough WOD.

OPT said...

GHD Raises

Gord said...

bwt in kg 68.1818
squats/ring dips 143 reps
score 1- 9750
K2E did 45-3 penalty reps per set = 30 (cann't do the ghd raises as it cause nasty back pain going from the bottom to past parallel-so I started parallel and touched toes -3 reps each set as they were not done as rx'd)
score 2- 2045
12 rounds of jumping chins/burpees
score 3 -818

total- 12,613

Gord said...

opps- just watch video on GHD raises...I did them completely wrong..watch the video if unsure.

PTS said...

RD 1: 97+42=139, 139x 85.366= 11865.87
ring dips still need work

RD 2: 63 K2E x 85.366= 5378.06
sorry hammies from GHD raises, also felt the dizziness from these

RD 3: 8 Rds x 85.366= 682.93

was hoping for 10 rds, 8.5 was all i could get

Total score = 17926.8

rwcorson said...

part 1
squats - 92
Total - 133X81=10773
dips are improving, but
there's still a long way to go
part 2
GHD raises - failed on 10th rep on rds 2 & 5. My form wasn't great on these, hips started to migrate back on later reps of each rd.
K to E - 26/19/15/15/13 minus 6 reps = 82
part 3
11 rds + 2 jpu
score= 11,011

rwcorson said...

I did the wod correctly, but I calculated the score incorrectly.
133+82+11.143=226.28x81 kg=

Trevor Salmon said...

male 47 bwt 73.6kg
1- 8758
ring dips and knee to elbows were the weak link

Chad Action Brandt said...

WOD 1.)
squats - 93
BWT in kg = 81.8kg
Total - 144x81.8 = 11779.2

WOD 2.)Massive screw up. Brain fart and I did GHD Sit-ups! No wonder K2E sucked along with Push-ups Burpees for that matter!
GHD Sit-ups - RQ'd ?????
K2E = 20/12/15/12/12 reps = 71
Total = 71x81.8 = 5807.8

WOD 3.)
10RDS 10x81.8 = 818
Total Score = 18405
My abs are done!

Geoff Aucoin said...

92 squat/58 ring dips/80 K2E/10.75 rounds/86.36kg.

20971. Owie.

bso said...

85 squats / 35 ring dips / 52 knee to elbow / 10 rounds / 80.4kg

Total = 14632.8

Not so good at AMRAP dips or k2e :(

Sweeney said...

Hey Corson,

Have you heard of:

"Measure twice, cut once" ?

I love reading your post(s).

Geoff Aucoin said...

Remedial Rob strikes again!

rwcorson said...

Listen, when you get to be my age something has to give. I can't read, Trevor has no hair & every joint hurts. Watch out, it might be your pee pee that gives out.

Todd Dyer said...

wt.=79 kg
rd. squats=101 dips=42
total= 143x79
rd. 2 k2e =75x79
rd. 3 10 roundsx79


deejay said...

ring dips-23
8 rounds

Steve said...

Round 1 - 129x84.1 = 10848.9
Round 2 - 63x84.1 = 5298.3
Round 3 - 10x84.1 = 841

Total - 16988.2

Geoff Aucoin said...

My pee pee? I don't use that frickin' thing anymore so have at 'er. I've been calling it 'my appendix' since about ohhhhhhh, August 2007?

rwcorson said...

Geoff, "Depends" might be in your future then.

Ryan G. said...

bwt 90.0kg

Part one: 103 total reps - 9362.7
Part two: 50 K2E - 4545
part three: 9 rounds even - 818.1

Total score = 14725.8

Ring dips and K2E are the hold backs for me here. I will get better at them.

Ryan G. said...

bwt is 90.9kg not 90.0kg

Brent Maier said...

6'2"/205 (93kg)

Rnd 1) 99/44
Rnd 2) 73
Rnd 3) 10

Total: 21,018 (226*93)

Ring dips need some work. Started dropping hips back on GHD raises on the last 2 rounds but kept them going. K2E failed because of grip on a non-taped PU bar. And 7 minutes of burpees and JCU's... Well, lets just say I'm glad it's over.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Rd 1 - 12480
Rd 2 - only did 3 rds (17/15/12) b/c I had a client at 3:30 pm, not 4:30 as i thought.
Although, I calculated I would have gotten 19025.45. Based on 10's for the last 2 rounds of K2E's, and 11 rounds of Chin/Burpees.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Sorry I miss calculated WOD1
Squats = 93
Ring Dips = 81
Total= 14069.6
Grand total = 20695.4

Sifton said...

Running way behind

R#1 = 8052
R#2 = 5478
R#3 = 627


Total = 14157

Garage Crossfitter said...

92 squats+66dips x78kg=12324

90 KE x 78= 7020 (ghd raises unbroken)

9 rounds x 78= 702

total= 20046

everything felt good, focused on good form described by opt, the hardest part of this wod was by far the burpees, the pushup at the bottom had no pop and hip were fatigued from ghd raises.