for time:
30 double unders
10 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
8 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
6 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
4 Dead Lift - 290#
30 double unders
2 Dead Lift - 290#

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Geoff Aucoin said...

Is this how you tell us you're a daddy again?

OPT said...

not yet...thought it would progress things though

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ohhhhhh. Well you could have just called it "Labour" because that's what it's gonna feel like!

Gman said...

Good one Geoff....LABOUR sounds about right.

Gord said...

deadlift felt like lifting a bus. Went to singles after the first 2 reps.
du's were alright-1 fraction on set each set around the low to mid 20's.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Something went off with my watch; I looked at it when I finished the WOD and it said 8:32 so I lay down and when I looked at it again it said 8:33 so that turned out to be the actual TIME of day. I switched to chrono and THAT time just passed the 10-minute mark so I'd gather my time was around 9:15 or so?

Doubles were super tough today, timing was off, deads were excruciating with the metal plates.

Trevor Salmon said...

John O - 12:27
Trevor - 5:43

Trevor Salmon said...

one of my first reponses after " Mike, what's my time?" was
Finally something faster than Gord!

Brent Maier said...

Time: 6:30

All deadlifts unbroken. Got hung up on double unders a bit.

Heading on vacation over the weekend. Have no equipment where I'm going. I'll see you all back on Monday.

Hit it hard guys!

Michael FitzGerald said...

3:44 as rx'd.

Todd Dyer said...

went after it Time 7:12

Gord said...

Nice work boys. some very impressive times...I gotta work on the dead lift. 3:44 fitz is amazing. I think it took me that long to do the first round

Gman said...


Geoff Aucoin said...

I echo Gordo's statement, I was just happy to beat his time but anything under 6 minutes is unreal to me. I'd like to try this one again at OPT.

Nice work out there, boys!

rwcorson said...

I had a brain fart right off the start and did 10 DL 1st. Finished with 30 DU.
All DLs straight thru, DU all busted up into tiny, itsy, bitsy fu*kin' pieces.
Whole body feels it after yesterday.
Thanks for timing & the encouragement DJ/Liz.

Steve said...

- 12:16

Chad Action Brandt said...

Double unders and Deadlifts don't mix. I kept jumping forward on my first few DU's.
Nice time Fitzy!

deejay said...

5:35 - actually pretty dissapointed with this time. The deadlifts felt really heavy today, and even though the sets were unbroken, they were slow with too much pause at the top. Double unders sucked as usual but by the 3 round of 30 I started breaking into sets of 10 after which I did not fail. Anyways, tough WOD! Thanks for the timing/support Rob.

Sweeney said...


I am just grateful to have lifted 290lbs off the floor 30 times. All DL were done in singles(focused on form). DU's were pretty solid. Broke up the last two sets for a little breather.

Glad to have completed this one as Rx'd.

Nice work Mike, Brett and Trevor!!!

Mack said...

Once I lost my breath it was a write off

Garage Crossfit said...

DU's smooth and fast, deadlift all singles other than the 1st set. Next time shorter breaks between singles. Deadlifts were heavy but managable. Sub 7:00 next time.

Gummo said...

Double unders f---ed me again!
The DL's were manageable but I blew a lot of time tripping over my dong!