for total time;
Row 400 m
21 thrusters - 115#
9 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
18 thrusters - 115#
12 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
15 thrusters - 115#
15 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
12 thrusters - 115#
18 chest to bar chin ups
rest 3 min
Row 400 m
9 thrusters - 115#
21 chest to bar chin ups

post total time not including rest to comments

thrusters must be taken from floor, no racking allowed
you cannot shorten the 2nd pull if you pick it up from the ground, ALL thrusters MUST start from a complete standing position with full hip extension and finish completely locked out overhead, not thrown in front

day 1 and 3 of last 3 days in this cycle will have two WOD per day options (i.e. Jan 24th and 26th)....i will also be taking down addresses and sending off calculators and some local students to help with the grade 3 math


Geoff Aucoin said...

Did James hear one of us talking about heavy thrusters or chest-to-bar pull-ups today or something?

My word us 'rownbed.' If I could do that, I would.

Sweeney said...

There are 7 girls in a bus.

Each girl has 7 backpacks.

In each backpack, there are 7 big cats.

For every big cat there are 7 little cats.

Question: How many legs are there in the bus?

PTS said...

This is the kind of workout I feared doing without having a rower.
I guess I'll be using the crossfit sub of 40 SDHP's for the 400m rowing portions. UGH!

deejay said...

I for one made a reading mistake not a mathimatical error, so send the grade 3 english students my way, because I won't deny I need help in the reading department.... Sweeny there are 10990 legs on the bus.

rwcorson said...

I'm not even going to attempt the math question.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I dunno, Sweeney, that sounds like a lot of pussy though.

Gord said...

Time 26:37

Did the crossfit calgary workout last night that included squats (a weakness).
legs were tired. mentally tired. I struggle with thrusters on a good day. That said I liked this work out as it gave me a chance to work on some of my needy areas.
Each round I got faster. I think there was a 2 min difference between 1st and last round (less thrusters and more chins as the rounds go)
Need to start being aware of how the body feels. felt I had little pop today.

Ryan G. said...

Time: 25:42

Thrusters felt good this morning. C2B Chins were tough.

Ryan G. said...

25:52 rather.

Sweeney said...


All thrusters were broken into 4's, 5's and 6's.

PTS said...

Subs and scaled

subbed 150 single unders for rows and used 105# thrusters for last 4 rounds
time was 24:53
my ctb pullups need work

Geoff Aucoin said...


All rows paced at ~1:50/500m, I strategized the thrusters well and the pull-ups what they were, painful. What a smoker.

rwcorson said...

Rows 1:50-1:58/500m pace
Thrusters were painful. This is one of my weaknesses. I tried to hit the following numbers, but missed on the 3rd & 4th sets.
6/5/5/5,5/5/4/4,5/5/5 got 5/5/3/2,4/4/4 got 4/4/2/2,5/4
C to B pull ups were too broken, singles most of the time.
I'm fried and the math wasn't too bad today.

bso said...


No ball on the squats.


Michael FitzGerald said...

16:57 for 4 rounds. DNF on rd 3 due to inability to see/stand-up. So basically had 10 mins between rd 2 and 4 due to lack of work in rd 3. Went way to fast in rd 1 - 2:56 (all reps un broken), and paid for it. Wanted to quite soooo bad after round 2.

Trevor Salmon said...

unfortunately thrusters are a weakness but currently cause way to much elbow pain so after many warm up sets without a decrease in pain I subbed the following
135lbs back squat
total time 23:21

deejay said...

19:58 - found a good rythem in this one.

Steve said...

- 28:57

Rough one. Although firs time I tried amrap 95 lbs thrusters this summer I could only get 9 reps.
First round today did, 8,5,4,4. Which in retrospect was a horrible idea, but at least I know that my thrusters are getting a little better. All the rest of the thrusters were done in 3's.

Brent Maier said...

Time: 19:47
1) 3:24
2) 3:23
3) 4:31
4) 4:02
5) 4:27

Wanted to quit at round three. Thrusters were hardest on rounds 2 and 3. Not to mention tonight I did more chest to bar pullups than I have ever done in my lifetime. This was the roughest 6 days of any cycle for me.

Todd Dyer said...

finally did this one
wanted under 20 min, just made it.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Hahahaha, what a bastard. I love the little addition from James at the end.

Now be a nice Coach and remember I'm at the &@%^@$ firehall for the next 2 days of workouts.

Sifton said...

Well this was a limiter for me physically.
But I did do it as RX's. Happy about that!

Awesome times by everyone!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Not happy with this back is tweeked from the deadlifts yesterday and that made exploding out of the bottom of the thrusters much harder and painful.rows at 1:45-1:52.